Friday, April 1, 2011

Short night filled with stalled sets

I started out late.  By the time I walked into my first bar in Lincoln Park, it was about 11:15PM.  I went to this place O'malley's cause it has a $2 cheeseburger and $1 burger special and $2 drinks.  I sat by myself and ate and saw a bunch of mixed sets in the place.  I knew I wasn't gonna stay there to sarge.  After I ate, it was shortly before midnight when I walked into Lion Head/The Apartment.

I opened several sets early on in Lion Head.  The girls seemed to like me off the bat, but the first set had friends show up that were ready to leave.  Another two set seemed to be going okay but the obstacle didn't like me.  There were two highlights here, I guess.

Opened this hot fresh 21 year old blonde:
I remember going to the bathroom downstairs.  As I was walking in, I spotted two sets I could work with.  One had this average looking blonde and a darker girl, and there was also this 3-set with this really cute blonde.  When I came out, I almost went the set that seemed easier, the 2-set, but something clicked in my head.  I told myself that I go for the girls I really want.  This would reinforce why I should always do that.  I went up to this adorable blonde and she seemed to be into me right away.  She seemed flushed from the direct opener, kind of like this tall girl I opened last Friday.  It was like her face was flushed when I opened her and she kept smiling.  I had briefly talked to the friends, but I guess I didn't win them over enough. 

I sat down at the table and I seemed to have mini-isolation with my girl as the other two girls were talking to each other.  Suddenly, one of them says she wants to go to the bathroom.  I got a huge IOI in that my girl didn't want to go.  Bathroom girls asked her several times and my girl finally said they'd wait for her here.  About 30 seconds after that girl finally went to the bathroom, my target felt bad about it or something, or I had allowed the set to stall cause of this BS, and she said she had to join her.  I was left with this cute girl who still had braces which I thought was hot actually.  She started talking to me, but then she decided to go to the bathroom too.  WTF.

I've gotten the bathroom blow off countless times in my  days but I felt like my target and the braces girl liked me.  I guess I just didn't hook that 3rd girls.  It was obvious that at least 2 of the 3 girls didn't want to leave me but felt the social pressure of that 3rd girl.  Maybe I should have tried to isolate my girl upstairs to the dance floor right off the bat. 

2-set, picked wrong target:
I opened that 2-set.  I ended up spending a good amount of time in the set.  They had this beer tower thing that holds 100 ounces of beer.  It's a deal on Thursdays cause it's only $10.  Not as good of a deal as Joe's on Tues, but still good.  They gave me some free beer.  I decided to go for the blonde chick, which was a mistake.  She was Polish so I liked her, but it sounded like she was in love with some guy later on.  The darker chick was Albanian and actually was pretty cute, even though she wasn't the type I usually like.  I mentioned one of my wings.  It's a trick  I think Style used to use.  You accomplishment intro your friends even if they aren't there cause you sound cool if you have cool friends.  She seemed like she wanted to meet him.  She obviously is looking for a guy.  I felt like I chose the wrong girl cause ultimately the blonde wouldn't give me her number.  I think if I had focused on the Albanian girl, I might have succeeded there.  

I was happy with this set cause I tried several times for the venue change, even when I saw them outside.  That's the shit I need to be doing consistently.  It's not a big deal whether they accept or not.  I love putting it out there.

It's on, but dance floor approach anxiety rears it's ugly head!
I went to after hours.  I got on the dance floor even though I didn't like the music.  There was this blonde that in a white dress that I found really attractive.  She had a little baby fat as she had a small stomach that you could see, but she was sexy at the same time.  I'm normally not into breasts, but her dress really highlighted her probably "C" cup boobs.  I'm not really into round asses, I generally like them a little smaller, but she had a nice round ass.  I guess you'd say she had a few extra pounds, but most of it was in the right places.  The black dudes kept staring at her cause that's what they generally like.  The friend was bigger and not really attractive. 

Those two were on the dance floor.  I was out there, but I didn't really open anyone.  This chick I wasn't attracted to at all started dancing close to me, but I didn't respond.  In retrospect, I should have danced with her and used that social proof to dance with the cute girls on the dance floor. 

I saw my 2-set by the bar.  Too bad I hadn't spotted them sooner cause I approached at a bad time.  They were ready to go outside.  My target responded very well.  I used the Intent Intro opener, "You are adorable, I wanted to meet you."   As I shook her hand as we exchanged names, she held onto me hand longer than most girls do.  I had picked a bad time, though, as she was putting her coat on as I opened her.  BTW, she thanked me after the compliment and smiled as we looked into each others eyes.  She said they were going outside.  She caressed my shoulder as she followed her friend. 

They came back on the dance floor, and I felt dance floor AA.  Prior to them coming, I was on the dance floor as I didn't want to be standing by the bar waiting for them to return.  These two Latina chicks were dancing near me.  The shorter one kept getting close to me and I kept thinking about opening, but fear just kept holding me back.  She moved pretty close to me several times but I didn't do anything and they eventually left.  Then, my set came onto the dance floor.  I pretended not to notice them.  Of course, I saw them.  I know the move, I guess.  I needed to start dancing with both girls.  It seems so hard when I'm actually out there.  I guess I can picture in my head how to do it.  I start dancing near them and start making eye contact and then I follow what Playersupreme demonstrates.  Since it's a 2-set, I switch off between the girls.  I couldn't open so I just high fived my girl and kept dancing by myself.  Unfortunately, they left the bar shortly afterwards.  

No regular AA:
As there was nothing at my usual spot, I checked out this Irish bar around the corner.  The only set I had to work with was this mixed 3-set.  I almost didn't open them but I figured I walked in, so I might as well do it.  I used the cologne mixed set opener and I quickly had my own conversation going with one of the girls.  She didn't seem to be into me.  Part of the problem was I didn't get close to her and show intent.  I guess it was a mixture of the presence of the guy plus, she wedged between two chairs.  I thought about how the Community wisdom is not to have a girl feel trapped.  For example, you don't talk to a girl where she's wedged in a corner.  I felt this was similar though I guess next time I should just move the chair.  She didn't respond to my verbal game and the guy and girl joined into our conversation.  I guess I could have kept trying to work things but I stalled out and left.

There was this decently cute chubby girl that I had to squeeze by just before I opened this mixed set.  She was smiling at me when I talked to her briefly but that was a mixed set also.  Maybe  I could have worked that instead of going for the mixed set above.  I looked for this girl after I Left the set above, but couldn't find them.

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