Friday, April 29, 2011

Screwed up with dance floor jealously plotline or failure to isolate

I want to start off by saying that it's amazing how momentum works. I got about three hours of sleep Thursday. I was out all day and I was tired when we got to the dollar burger place. Sidegames couldn't make it to Edzo's so I told him he should eat the dollar burger. We went next door to the usual Thursday spot and it was dead except for one two set. I was gonna open them but they had food and then we ended up getting food. I pushed Sidegames into opening this 2-set of Latinas. They didn't look that cute and I wanted to warm up with them before opening this big breasted girls close to us.

I came in and winged Sidgames and the set was on. If he hadn't left, he might have been able to sarge one of the three friends that ended up showing up about ten minutes after he left. My kino escalation was slow, but she seemed comfortable with the stuff I did. I clawed her a few times. I held her hand briefly (which used to be for one second, but did here for about 5-8 seconds at a time). I even touched her leg a few times and tickled her side one time.

When the friends came, they were wondering how we knew each other. I used my roleplay that I've been testing out. RSD Tim uses the example of, "You're my girlfriend for the next five minutes, or we just got married." I've been experimenting with saying, "She was my secretary but she got fired for wearing really short skirts all the time. I was fired for watching too much internet porn on the work computer. Now we can be together." When I first started using this, I'd only put in the part about her, but I figured that just made her seem slutty so I added my part so it just makes us both look like perverts. My theory is that it's a playful roleplay and introduces a sexual element into the conversation. Anyway, it's worked okay the few times I've used it in the past. Today, the girls were giggling when I said it.

I helped create a bubble later when the last friend showed up. She asked how I knew my target and my target said she'd only known me for about 5 minutes. The friend thought my target was messing with her. I put my arm around my target and said, "See, we make a good couple. Your friend can't believe you just met me."

I really should have number closed this girl early. She loved burgers and really wanted to try Kuma's. When she said that I said, "We've gotta go to Kuma's sometime." I could have just aid, "Give me your number and maybe we'll go sometime." I guess I wanted her to say, "We should" as most girls do so I didn't ask for her number. Later, I found out she loves travel. There was some other activity we both liked that I can't remember at the moment. I don't know why I kept stalling the number close. I just felt like this set was on and I was gonna seal things when we went upstairs.

Isolation move?:

I got too comfortable just hanging at the table because I was getting mini isolation with her and working the friends. One of her friends was one leave for the Air Force so I guess I felt weird isolating my target away from a friend she hadn't seen for awhile. I should have made an excuse to isolate her, though. Perhaps that was my mistake. I let the tension between us die down instead of isolating her and revving it up and going for the kiss close during isolation. I could have asked her to come to the bar, or I could have had her come upstairs with the pretense of checking out the dance floor for her friends.


I thought I was okay. My target had changed seats so she could talk more to the Air Force friend. I started to talk to one of the friends. I figured if I talked to all the girls, then I really would have cheerleaders for later. I also went to the bathroom and just said hi to some random girls walking by.

We finished the beer stand thing and we had mentioned going upstairs to dance. Here I have to admit I wussed out. I should have grabbed my targets hands and lead her upstairs. Instead, I kind of walked a little in front of the group. When we got upstairs, there were 4 girls on the dance floor and that was it. I liked the song so I immediately started dancing while my set went to the bar area.

I love the empty dance floor. I guess I like the attention I get by being one of the few people out there. I know people are looking at me. I used to be self conscious about it. Then, I got to the point where I didn't care what people thought. Now, I feel like it DHV's me because girls see that shit and know I'm confident. I even high fived the 4-set and joined their dance circle. I think I even spun this hot blonde in the set. I then backed away and this chubby blonde started dancing by me and started to move closer. I danced with her a bit and started talking to her. She said she remembers me from Joe's. It's funny how I keep running into girls that remember me from somewhere. I have a hard time remembering girls I met the same day unless they were really hot or there was something about our interaction that was memorable. Heck, I feel stupid because I opened two of Chino's girls from Tuesday tonight and didn't recognized them. I introduced myself and one of the Chino's girls said, "I know." I was like, "Huh?" She said, we were just talking about Chino and you. My dumb ass opened them again when they were seated at the end of the night and then I realized it was Chino's girls again. Fuck.

Anyway, I left the dance floor and took a piss. I came back and found my 5-set with my target in the corner of the dance floor. I high fived everyone and started dancing with their circle.

I actually don't remember the exact sequence of things here. I know I danced by the girls and hip bumped a few of the girls. It might have been here where my target seemed colder to me now, or it might have been later. If I remember Ozzie's Transformation video, I guess I'm supposed to dance with all the girls. He says grind them all and I guess I wasn't confident enough to do that. I need to think back on how Chino was doing that Tuesday, but he also knew the girls we was doing that with. For future dance floor situations with multiple girls, I gotta dance by all of them and eventually try to grind all of them and then focus on my girl.

Cold shoulder:

Again, I'm not sure if it was when I initially found them again that my target acted cold. For sure, the second time she was acting different. It was weird. Part of me thinks I remember that I tried to high five her and she had been even cold to that whereas her friends were totally cool with it when I did with them. Later, I saw her dancing with a guy briefly, and I started to get that sinking feeling of losing out to another guy, but he busted out. When I saw her dancing with some dude, I tried to approach more girls on the dance floor.

On a sidenote, I'm getting better and better with opening on the dance floor. I still need more practice so I feel confident doing it all the time. There are times when I'll dance by them and start spinning and getting close to the girls right away. Other times, I'll dance by them and keep stalling. I'm getting both positive and negative reference points (girls dancing with me briefly, and girls waving me off) so I get more comfortable every time.

My boyfriend is here:

She told me that the last time I tried to dance with her. She was full of shit. Her boyfriend wasn't there. I just said "Okay" and never came back. At first, I believed her cause I remembered that guy she danced with, but I knew immediately that she was lying. She just didn't like me anymore. I had fucked up somehow.

Isolation failure or jealously plot line:

As I wrote above, I think I should have made the isolation move when the kino was on and we were connecting. I thought I had time to work this, but I have to strike when the moment is on. Part of my mind kept thinking about a long isolation and I felt uncomfortable doing it. I needed ot just move her for a few minutes and try to escalate and kiss close when things were starting to feel on. Perhaps that was the mistake.

I think it was still salvageable though. I needed to be the man and lead her upstairs by her hands. Then, I should have dragged her onto the dance floor instead of getting there by myself and dancing with the other girls.

I think the jealously plot line might have triggered something bad in her because of a conversation I remember earlier. She had mentioned that she had to start her life all over. Later, I heard her telling some friend that she was stuck with this big house payment. It's possible she had some bad breakup with some guy cheating on her or maybe she had even been married. I don't know. I didn't ask, but it's possible I'm piecing that together right. I keep thinking this Mystery jealousy plot line is gonna help me. I suppose it will with hot girls. I think about how PedNurse just started walking away when I opened that hot Latina last week. I also think about how Mystery even said that when you do jealousy plotlines or takeaways, the girl often can be cold to you when you return.

I let her coldness bother me, I guess. Off the top of my head, I think I could have tried just hugging her, or pulling her aside and giving her a Statement of Interest.

The other move would have been, again, to just lead her upstairs. Even if I hadn't lead her, I could have danced by myself and then went to the group and tried to pull my girl out with me.

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