Friday, April 22, 2011

I was wrong, she called us

As right as I was about most things tonight, I missed completely in my analysis at the end. I really thought she had gone home with the English dude. In retrospect, it makes sense that she didn't. I imagined she had started to make out with him in the bar after and then the pull was assured. Maybe the dude had fucked her in 20 minutes, but what happened after wards lead me to believe nothing happened.

We walked in the rain to our car. Sidegames and I began our debrief. I confirmed what I always new; that Sidegames has the talent for this. Besides being outgoing and a good conversationalist in general, he has the same analytical mind that I have when it comes to games. I analyzed poker moves and he analyzed stocks. When we played Risk or Twilight Imperium, we were always thinking of new strategies or reviewing how we played. (On a sidenote, my married buddy would also be awesome at this cause he analyzes stuff just as we do). Sidegames also surprised me by how he recognized some aspects of the game just intiutively. I know all my stuff from reading some much theory over the years and from extensive field experience, but Sidegames already knows some moves without having read anything about pickup. In addition to that, when we talked, I realized he had replayed all the situations he was in earlier in the same way that I do. He thought them over and thought of how he could have done things better or differently.

I'm gonna text her:
He sent her a text as we were driving home. I said that she wasn't gonna respond cause the English dude had pulled her. He started to believe me and she didn't reply. Suddenly, as we are pulling in the the garage here, his phone rang. It was her. She didn't hook up with the dude. I guess she could have as it was about 20-30 mins, but the way she was acting makes me think that was unlikely.

Where are you guys:
If we lived close, we could have both went over. She was asking us where we were and it seemed like she wanted us to come over. I swear that if we lived like 5 mins away, either one of us could have walked over. Heck maybe we could have both walked over and escalated on her and made something crazy happen. I knew from the beginning when she came out alone that she was high buying temperature. She was horny and calling us.

It's still a weird dynamic. Sidegames passed her over to me and I could barely hear her so I just said we'd see her later. I remember the disappointment in her voice when she said, "Oh, okay."

Sidegames said that obviously I had been wrong. He said that I had busted out all those dudes and even though I thought we had lost, she had called us when she got home. I'm guessing that she hung out in the bar till they fully closed and the employees left. They know here there as she's a regular. She got home and was horny and called us. Sidegames said it was perfect. She had to work the next 3 days so she won't be going out and getting sarged and we could meet with her when she's off again.

He was right, but then it struck me. She's horny now. I wanted to make something happen. In all the time we spend debating and me texting, I could have driven to her place. I shouldn't have hung up earlier. Even if I did, instead of taking the easy way out and texting, I should have called her. I started feeling her out with texts. Strangely she replied and then also called Sidegames. I guess she likes him on some level too.

She took a few mins to reply to my text. Finally, I decided to try a bold move, but I should have done this from the beginning. If I had started driving out towards the city and had called her instead of text, I would have been by her place in the time it took me to finally call her.

Still, I felt good that I lived up to my own standards. As we were talking about meeting her again, and Sidegames actually said he wanted to help me get her now, I realized something. If she's drunk and horny, she might call the black dude or some random guy to come satisfy her needs. I decided to try to go over there.

I know you can't just say, "Let me come over and fuck you." Well maybe you can seomtimes, but I felt the move was to make an excuse for coming over. She knew Sidegames was already home but I wanted to make an excuse for still being out. I got in my car and started driving so it would sound like I was on the road and not sitting at home. I had sent her a text, "Do you want some frozen pizza?" She didn't say, "No" but instead had said, "Where are you?"

I interpreted that to mean that she wasn't opposed to the idea but my distance was a problem. She was probably tired and also there was ASD. She would feel slutty if I drove 30 mins to come over there. I told her that I had dropped Sidegames off and was at a 24 hour McDonalds in the city cause there are none by me. I said, "I called you cause it's dangerous for me to keep texting and driving." I said, "An egg mcmuffin and hash browns have your name on it."

She wouldn't agree to let me come over so I just drove back. I figured this would probably be the outcome but I'm so glad I tried. If I hadn't, I know I'd be writing about how I wish I had made the attempt. It feels good to live up to my standards of action once in awhile. She said she had to work tonight and again talked about meeting up with us again when she's off.

I need to figure out a better game plan for then. Sidegames and I want her to bring a friend so there's not this weird 2 guy, 1 girl dynamic. I think we should pregame at her place so we have an excuse to be there at the start and so it's easier to return later. Time for me to go to bed.

These field reports took forever and I know the AMOG was on way too long. I just wanted to get them down as there was so much valuable reference experience tonight.

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