Sunday, April 17, 2011

Girl hates me, but Seagull and I end up having food with her after

Saturday night, Seagull and I were all over the place.  I was surprised that I was inside my head a lot at the beginning.  It's probably cause part of me felt I had to duplicate recent results, but I'm aware enough to tell myself I need to just be happy with approaching and pushing my comfort levels.  We discovered this place called "English" near the Rock n' Roll McDonalds.  I had heard that the RSD bootcamp hits that place so I wanted to check it out.  It is a good venue.  It has three different floors.  There were a ton of girls and some really hot ones too. 

Not nervous with a smoking hot blonde:
These three weeks of beast mode have really taken away any anxiety I feel while out in the field.  Sure, when I push my comfort levels, I'll feel a little uneasy, but that almost never happens on approach and early in the set.  I opened these two sisters that were sitting on this covered pool table.  The one I was talking to had awesome legs and was hot overall.  I felt like I was talking to any other girl.  The only problem was she wasn't that responsive.  At least, my internals were right.  I think I started to qualify myself by just plowing with too many stories.  I tried getting her to talk but she seemed to be boring.  I'm not sure if that's a result of her actually not having much of a personality, or because I just hadn't hooked her. 

What I would have done differently if I could repeat the set was more kino and more breaking rapport tonality.  It was early in the night so I wasn't totally warmed up at this point.  I never was really busted out and maybe I should have plowed some more.  Seagull and I were debating whether or not to leave the set but we ended up leaving.  The set hadn't popped but maybe it would have if I kept kino escalating and pushing. 

Eating Portillo's in another pizza place:
I had to deal with some social pressure.  I wanted a combo sandwich and Seagull wanted a slice of pizza.  I decided to bring my beef to the pizza place and eat it along with a drink from the pizza place.  When I was almost done, the owner came up and said, "Are you almost done with that?  This is X pizza place and not Portillo's."  For a second I caught myself qualifying myself,  "He wanted pizza so where here.." and then I just stopped.  I knew it was cool what  I was doing cause I gave the guy good margins on paying for his pop, and my buddy was eating pizza here and giving him that money.  He also had a point though that he didn't want all the customers seeing someone else's food so I just replied, "I understand man.  Cool."  I finished the sandwich and threw out the bag but I did feel some pressure at the time but handled it.  I mention this because prior to the game I had a hard time dealing with situations like this and might have been afraid to even bring the sandwich in. 

Off To Wicker:
Orginally, we were gonna try to meet up with G, but the venue he mentioned had a really long line.  In fact, when we got to Hubbard, there were lines for everything there too.  Theory wanted $10 cover.  The place is cool but not worth that cover.  I'd rather pay $20 for a real club if I'm gonna pay cover.  Seagull and I decided to hit Wicker Park early (this was about midnight).  Nothing really eventful happened until cans.  There was this high energy set dancing to the Britney Spears song that was on.  I danced by them and then opened.  I liked how I created the male to woman conversation right off the bat and was really in her personal space.  The girl and I shared a love of food.  I tried to number close her but she wanted to take my number.  I know that is usually shitty but I didn't know what else to do.  I think she is gonna google me cause she asked for my last name, which probably means she's really not gonna call me, but whatever..

Harpoon Time:
I had a blast telling people it was an hour till "Harpoon" time.  I says it's when I lower my standards and go to pull any female home.  (I guess the ruder way of saying it is that I lower my standards and go for the fatties.)  The guys loved it. I even said to a girl set, "One hour till harpoon time."  They asked me what that meant and I just said, "That's two hours until closing time."  I'm gonna try it again when I'm out and field test saying, "It's that magical time of night when both guys and girls lower their standards for going home with someone tonight." 

Couldn't choose a target:
I opened this set at Nick's.  It was a 2-set at the time.  One was this really cute brunette and the other was this girl who had reddis hair but wasn't at cute.  I wavered on choosing the target.  The redhead seemed to be higher buying temperature and was touching my necklace.  The brunette was way cute.  I chose her.  She mentions she's moving to Denver cause her boyfriend was there.  The one thing I noticed though is that I turn down game when girls mention boyfriends.  I shouldn't do that.  I know how this works.  I should keep escalating regardless.  Seagull did well with the friend.  He isolated her in back to "show her the trees."  My girl showed some resistance when the redhead said that's why they were going in back, but I tried to help it along. 

I learned about second Fridays at the art galleries in the Pilsen area.  I love learning about new events in the city.  While I was talking to my target, this girl and some dude showed up.  The third girl wouldn't acknowledge me, but I kept trying to plow anyway.  It was the art gallery talk that finally opened her up.  I ended up getting up to work other sets.  Seagull said he blew the set cause he caused discomfort by not going for the kiss close when she obviously wanted it. 

That girl hates me:
I opened this girl with a blue sweater on at Flatiron.  I remember that she just didn't like me.  She tried to tell me some other girl was her "girlfriend (as in lover)" and I told her I knew lesbians since I hung out with one at Green Dolphin and I knew she wasn't put out that vibe.  I kept plowing but she just didn't like me.  Later, near closing time, Seagull and I were talking.  I was ready to just push to try to close something fast.  Seagull spotted that same girl. I told him the girl hated me but he should try as she might like him. 

He's in the set for awhile.  Around closing time, I'm outside, and this art guy, this brunette, that girl and Seagull end up standing outside the entrance.  I almost get the art guy busted cause we started talking about the art studios upstairs.  He says, "My girl has a fashion studio up there."  Seagull's girl asked, "Your girlfriend?"  The guy made up some BS but it was obvious he had been caught.  He was trying to pull the other girl.  We think he ended up doing it anyway but it was funny.  I tried to venue change everyone for food. 

Suddenly, Seagulls girl walks off without really saying anything.  Seagull says the girl told him she'd come eat if he paid for her.  Now, we both hate paying for shit, but $5-6 for a food extraction didn't seem that bad of an idea.  He ran after her, which I commend him for.  I would have felt creepy doing it, but he was able to get her to come for food with us.  I was wondering how this was gonna go down cause I remember her not liking me. 

The thing is, it's the old community adage about girls living in the moment.  She didn't like me when I opened her, but she was cool with eating with us.  That's how it works.  That's why you can approach girls again even if they walked off on you earlier. 

Pushing for the close:
I can just tell that I'm gonna get a ton of pulls this summer for food or home because I just push for it now.  I almost never pushed for it before.  It was too cold for street game after closing time; there way literally no one outside.  Everyone headed to their cars or got in cabs right away.  Right around last call, I approached sets with the purpose of showing a ton of intent and escalating right away.  I found this chubby blonde.  I did Jeffy's, "OMG, you're awesome.  I love you."  I didn't go for make out immediately though.  The girl was drunk and high buying temperature.  My face was so close that I accidentally touched her cheek with my mouth at one point.  I kept pushing for the food extraction but she resisted.  I tried saying, "Tell you're friends you're coming with me."  I ended up talking to one of the other girls and tried to sell her on the pull. 

My original target didn't want to go.  At one point, she grabs and orbiter guy and tries to tell me it's her boyfriend.  I make a big joke out of it cause I can tell it's not her boyfriend.  I tell him, "Dude, can't you see she's giving you the 'rescue me' eye code.  You know, when you talk to girls, and they give the other girl a look, and that girls sweeps them away to the bathroom or bar?  She's doing that now."  The guy started laughing.  I then left cause the girl didn't seem to be buying my pull attempt. 

Seagull and I were talking about how though Division has sucked lately, it will be cool when it's warm again.  There are so many people just standing on the streets while the bar is open and after closing time.  That's the perfect place for the Jeffy line and going for the instant makeout.  It's also a great place to work on dealing with AMOG's and stealing girls off other dudes.  I can't wait. 

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