Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kclosed, grinded with some girls, & Seagull's mom would be proud

Tonight was a fun night, but I worry that it's cause of the alcohol. I wasn't even planning on drinking but dropping this promoter's name to get into this club netted me 4 free drink tickets. Later, I opened this set and some guy in the set bought shots for all the girls and I got a shot too. At the end of the night, this Polish girl gave me a Corona. She kept forcing it on me so I finally took it to shut her up and then I just threw it out. I don't find anything wrong with drinking, but I really don't want to be a party guy that gets drunk every day. As I tell Sidegames, I want to sarge and not get wasted.

Alcohol does get me in state faster but I don't want to have a rely on that. What works drunk or sober is that momentum. Those sometimes awkward warm up sets at the beginning really help get things moving. A few bust outs of successes and I find myself in state ready to open any girl, no matter how hot or tall. Again, I was opening girls on the dance floor too.

The kiss close:
Early in the night, I was dancing upstairs at this club. There weren't many people on the dance floor. This large, half Polish girl walked by and I stopped her and her friend. The friend was better looking. They danced by me for awhile and then I wandered off at some point. Later, I saw her again downstairs in the lounge area. She seemed happy to see me again. I started talking to her. I think I had her sit down and then she said, "We should dance over there." She was pushing me to isolate her far from her friends. I already had her isolated about twenty feet away, but she wanted to go into the other room. Obviously, I knew this was a good sign.

We started grinding out there. The best part was when I was standing against the fall and she was rubbing her ass on me. Yeah, she was fat, but girls asses rubbing on my cock just give me party dong. It's funny how I used to fear and hate dance floor, but my married friend was right back in the day when he tried to push me into dancing. Being able to work the dance floor is a short cut to kino as RSD Ozzie says, and I'm glad I'm now able to open girls on the dance floor with dancing when in the past I would have had a harder time. I lost track of how many girls grinded their asses on me on the dance floor. I think it was 4, but it might have been 5.

I was kino escalating a little more. I'm starting to understand how to try to make things more intimate on the dance floor, but I still have a long way to go. I think about Jeffy Show 2, where he shows the dynamic kino when you're really doing man to woman conversation. (As I'm writing this, I realized that I need to be more dynamic with that when I'm just talking to a girl. I get too static.) I go from having my arms on her waist, to holding her hands. I put the girls arms around me or on my shoulders and at the same time, I around her so my hands are together right above or on her ass. I'll slow things down and put her head into my shoulder. That is when she's facing me. When she's facing away and grinding her ass on my cock, I grab her hands sometimes. I put my arms around her and have them meet in front, eventually having them right below her breasts. I try to have her lean her head onto my shoulder. I sometimes move her hair away from her neck or ear so I can blow air there. When I turn her around again, I try to get our faces close and have strong eye contact. I sometimes put my arm on the back of her neck and caress her there.

I was doing all that with this large girl. I decided to move her back to a seating area as I was starting to get sweaty. We sat down, and we talked a bit. I held her hand and I later switched to stroking her hair and face. I believe I had tried to kiss her once on the dance floor but she turned away. This time, as I was stroking her hair and looking into her eyes, I felt the moment was right and I leaned in. We kissed. I pulled back. Then we made out for a bit.

Over escalating:
I know I need to kiss close more cause I need to practice calibration for afterward. Besides figuring out logistics, you gotta maintain her buying temperature. You gotta keep her horny and keep the sexual tension. If you don't do enough, she'll lose interest. You can also do too much. There is how I fucked out. Her logistics were decent. She lived sort of near me, on the northwest side of the city. I figured all that out. For some reason, I went back to the dance floor. I don't even remember why. We were grinding again, but I started to escalate too much. I put my hands in her pockets which I had learned from a friend of mine. She seemed to like that I was stimulating her like that at first. I think the move was fine, but I had to pull it back. It's the old kino advice: two steps forward, and one back. I kept pushing it and then she got uncomfortable and walked away. Damn!


It felt like I was in sets nonstop. The rejections were funny to me. I had so many sets that at least liked me off the bat that when some girl just waved me off or shit test me, I just busted out laughing. I opened some hot blonde by the bathroom. She responded postively and then said, "Hey, can you give me a few dollars so I can buy a drink?" I laughed in her face and said, "I don't buy girls drinks." I actually wish I had used the Jeffy make out line.

I enjoy trying to stop moving sets with the claw. One time, this black girl and her Latina friend were walking by me on the dance floor area downstairs. When it's more than one girl, you have to stop the engine (the first girl) or the train of girls won't stop. I stopped the Latina girl and started talking to this black girl. I write that Seagull's mom would be proud, cause he told me she was talking to him last week about how she wishes he'd go for more black girls. I'm not attracted to many black girls so tonight was rare to me. I also don't like Asian girls. My favorites are redheads, blondes, and tall girls. Besides this girl, I know I opened some other black her and dragged her to the dance floor.

I actually should talk about that set briefly cause it's an example of persistence. She was sitting down and looking bored. I opened her. She was by a girl friend and a guy friend. I wanted to isolate, so I grabbed her hand and told her to come dance. She resisted. I then said, "Come on, let's go" and actually pulled on her arm like RSD Ozzie's says to do in his book. She stood up and started to follow. I see how I'm supposed to lead her. Her guy friend started cheering her on. I danced and grinded with her for a bit but then she got bored and eventually left.

Back to the 2-girl train. I stopped both girls and started talking to my girl. She seemed to be into me. The Latina girl ran off and my girl kept saying she had to go follow her friend. I pulled her back into me as I was holding her hand and said, "You can find them later. It's you and me tonight (RSD Tim's line)." I talked to her for a bit and danced with her. She walked off eventually.

I saw her two other times and opened her again. At one point, the Latina friend was with her again. The Latina friend kept cockblocking me. This time, I put my arm around both of them and starting just swaying to the music. The Latina friend tried to get me to buy drinks. I said we can go to the bar. We walked to the bar and I started dancing with my girl. Latina girl tried to ask about drinks and I said, "The bars right there." She eventually got herself and my target drinks. She started talking to me girl and I sensed the dragaway, so I did the claw on both while swaying to the music. At one point, I had things going well. The Latina girl was facing my girl. I was behind my girl and she was grinding her ass on my cock and we were all dancing together. I made sure to try to dance with the Latina girl but she didn't really want to dance with me.

Somehow I lost her again. I think it was because I saw this half white, half black girl I had sarged at one point when I lost this set initally. I ran into this set and third time and my girl said she was leaving. I tried to push her to stay. "Tell your friends you are staying with me." She didn't want to stay and wouldn't give me her number. I knew I had needed to kiss close her before she would be willing to do this, but I went for it anyway. Again, I want to get into the habit of going for the close and sometimes it'll work even when you haven't set things up properly. I needed isolation with this girl away from the friends, but that Latina chick cock blocked every move I made basically.

Mixed girl:
The black girl I really liked must have been half white as she had about an Obama complexion, or even slightly lighter. I opened her when she was in a two set. She seemed really shy cause she was into me but it was hard to get her to talk. I think I even accused her of being shy and she said she was. She kept gazing into my eyes as we talked though and she seemed cool with my early kino escalation. I lost her at one point and I ran into her when I was working on the black girl with the Latina friend.

Dance floor opener really opened:

The other black girl I really liked I opened on the dance floor. She was dancing near this wall. I was walking by and moving with the music as I walked. I tapped her shoulder and held my hand up for a high five. She gave me an enthusiastic high five and then she did something that hasn't happened to me yet with that opener. She immediately got close to me and put her arms around me and started dancing with me. We were dancing and grinding until her friend pulled her away. I introduced myself to this other black girl and a third Asian friend. I danced by myself for about a minute and then I pulled my target back into me. We danced some more until the dragaway happened again. I think I had tried to move her downstairs but she didn't want to go there as she claimed she liked this music better. (Upstairs is techno music, which strangely I don't mind dancing to now, and downstairs was Top 40 music).

I saw her later when I was on the dance floor downstairs. I tried to stop her but she was in a 3 person train with her friend and they had moved by quickly. I only got to tap her on the shoulder and she didn't even look over. I suppose I should have followed them and opened her again.

DJ Girl:

I opened this girl with reddish hair in a white outfit. We talked for a bit and she told me she was a DJ here. I thought she was bullshitting me so I said, "There's already a DJ up there." She said she was going DJ later. She ended up walking away. At the end of the night, I saw her DJing. I gotta say I was turned on seeing her up there.

OMG, you are amazing:
Of course, closing time was time for the Jeffy line. I still am trying to get more comfortable with the instant makeout. I used the "You're amazing, I love you part" on this fat blonde by the bar. I talked to her for about ten minutes and kept trying to set up the kiss close. She kept backing off when I tried to escalate things so I finally lost her.

I opened a tall blonde Polish girl. When I said, "You're amazing, I love you" she put her arm around me. She said, "You are too short." It probably wasn't the best answer, but what came to my mind at the time was, "You're one of those volleyball girls. I can't really play that but I'd beat you at tennis."

This was when I got the free Corona. I saw her looking at the couch area and I introduced myself to the friend. This is when I found out they were Polish as the seated girl was Polish. I clawed her right away. She kept pushing this beer on me which I finally took. I should have stuck with the tall girl and she seemed to respond to my kino better than this one. They ended up leaving when a 3rd friend came. I had tried to push for a venue change with the seated girl but to no avail.

The other memorable set with this opener was just as I was walking out. This blonde with a nose ring said to the opener, "Why am I amazing?" I sat down and told her, "You're cute but I want to know who you are." I started to kino escalate but she said her boyfriend was here. I said "Really, you want another one? (RSD Tim)." I ended up leaving. There weren't really any sets on the sidewalk. I need to wait another month for that to be more common. I walked by another bar on the way to my car but no sets waiting in the sidewalk there either.

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