Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I need to start burning sets to the ground or get laid

I feel like I'm pushing my comfort zone more than ever but I'm so frustrated by how some of these sets ended. From Sunday night, I was happy with how the Swiss girls set ended. I felt like I had tried everything possible to get further with the girls. I'm bothered by the Detroit tall girl. Especially knowing that she was leaving the next day, I should have pushed the set to the ground. Instead, I left doubt. I would have rather pushed things and had her tell me to fuck off than leave it like it was.

State Crash:

I ended up having a state crash at the end. I think I had basically opened all the sets anyway. I felt like I had a shitty night but after 8 days in a row, I was due one. Tonight was a shitty night but it's probably because deep down, I had higher expectations. Latina Nurse texted me and she said she was gonna stop by. I know she's always flaky and that's the main reason I stopped talking to her. She gave me her email, full name, and birthday to put her on the list yet she still didn't show. Next, I was meeting this blonde here. I knew it wasn't that good of a setup as she was gonna be with her friends, but I thought things would go better than they did.

The blonde talked to me for a bit but she kept walking off. Later in the night, I saw her again and she said she was leaving. I hugged her. I saw her upstairs as she was about to leave and hugged her again. She said, "I'm sorry for being mean to you." She didn't know that her not talking to me that much wasn't that big of a deal as I was busy opening sets. I guess she didn't like me if she felt she had been mean to me.

I got too drunk:
That was part of the problem. I sobered up by the end of the night but I was pretty drunk cause I drank 5-6 beers in less than 40 minutes. I remember opening this blonde. She left and then I opened her at a table downstairs when I was drunk. I didn't recognize her. I probably could have plowed then but I just left. I saw her a third time and sort of recognized her. This was around when I was having my state crash. I just said, "Hey, what's up?" She said, "Again?" I replied, "Yeah." She said, "Get away from me."

I gotta give myself props though. I saw her a 4th time as I was sitting by myself. I tapped her on the shoulder and showed her four fingers to signal I was opening her a forth time and just smiled. That actually motivated me. The fact that I would do that means I should be able to open. I opened a few other sets but I pretty much had worn the place out. I ended up trying Flat Iron, but there were no sets in there. Division was an option, but it was raining and would probably be slow. I ended up just going home early. We left at 1:30am, which is really early for me.

Asian set I should have kissed closed and more:
While I was drunk, I was huddled in a corner table with Sidegames. I opened this bored looking Asian girl. After a few minutes, I dragged her to the dance floor. She wanted to get another drink and I just left. About two hours later, I saw her walk past me as I was waiting in line for the bathroom. When I grabbed her hand, she seemed enthusiastic.

I saw her walk by me about ten minutes later upstairs. I pulled her into me. She was drunk and high buying temperature. We hugged. I held both of her hands. I hugged her again and then she said she had to get another drink.

That is where I screwed up. Instead of hugging her the second time, I should have just starting a kino stack for a quick kiss. Chances are that she would have been into it. Another thing I could have done was go with her when she went to the bar. Jeffy's move would be to say, "Drink time" as if it were my idea. I saw her talking to this orbiter by the bar and getting her drink. I had a chance to approach her again.

Instead I waited and was hoping to see her again but she must have left shortly after she got that last drink.

Burn the sets to the ground:

Ozzie and Brad use the Ancient Greeks as an analogy. The story is that their burned their ships during the Trojan war so that they'd have to win the war or die. There would be no retreat. I need to push these sets as far as I can every time. I either will get laid, or the girl will walk away like that girl I tried to kiss close way to fast on Saturday. This regret about not finishing the sets is really bothering me. Had I followed through with the uncomfortable feelings I was getting from some of the sets this weekends, I probably would have gotten at least one make out and maybe I could have gotten laid if I pushed all the way to the end. Instead, I took the easy way out and didn't push when I started to feel uncomfortable.

Maybe I'm too hard on myself:
I think tonight is gonna reinforce that "push it to the limit attitude." Still, maybe I am too hard on myself. It's not like I take the easy way out and don't escalate. I've been putting myself into situations I would have avoided even just three weeks ago. I'm dealing with mixed sets. I did matrix style with all those AMOG's with PedNurse. I went for that kiss close several times at The Apartment two Thursdays ago. I isolated and went for a quick kiss close on Saturday. I just feel like I still leave too many unfinished sets. It's a work in progress. I can't expect to be perfect. I'm gonna try harder tonight. I was hoping to get a Day 2 with PedNurse, but I'll likely be at Joe's.

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