Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Owen/Tyler in "Transformation" addresses my situation

I watched Tyler/Owen's piece in Transformations cause I know he discusses situations similar to what happened to me.  He says that this stuff is gonna happen if you go out.  I'm lucky that I didn't feel like I really had a connection with this girl or I could imagine how much more it would have hurt.  Owen says in the video that the three experiences made him realize that it is the alpha male who gets the girl.  I guess I proved that on Thursday with this girl.  I got her by stealing her away form that chode.  This time I was the chode: I wasn't alpha this time and that's why I didn't get her.  As I keep saying, I should have found her right when I walked in the club. 

Owen goes on to say that he realized the guys that took his girls in the stories he tells there were just better guys than him at the time.  They were more fulfilled, funnier, cooler or whatever it was.  He says the experiences cut off his delusion belief in his mind that he could get hot chicks while still being his wounded self. 

That's the big lesson here.  I have to completely cut off that inner AFC.  That inner AFC is the same thing that's holding me back from grinding with those other girls tonight or really being dominant and leading with girls.  I have to transform completely.  I have to be that guy who leads and dominates.  I have to be that guy that acts decisively with no hesitation and just does not care.  I've come along way when it comes to just not caring.  I can dance by myself on the dance floor.  I'll open sets and not worry about what people think.  In fact, I've internalized that so much that I don't even notice people watching me or my pickup.  I need to just take it a step further. 

If I truly let go, I would have made out with that fat chick at Leg Room.  If I truly let go of that inner AFC, I'd open so many more girls on the dance floor.  I'd probably isolate more and so on. 

I knew Owen's video here would help out. I'm gonna watch it again.

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