Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Open on the dance floor & super fast escalation at closing

Tonight was another frustrating night, but I know I'm again just being hard on myself. I need to remember that I should be happy with my night if I opened, pushed my comfort zone and worked on my sticking points, and had fun. I did all three things. Joe's on Weed St was super packed. My Latino buddy who I'll call "Chino" from now on was there. He had got there at 6:30PM and the only spot he could get was this little space on the bar. It was playoff mania with the Bulls and Blackhawks having games. I got drunk off the $2 pitchers and ended up wasting too much money on food. They didn't have half price pizza so I decided to order something else and I ended up spending more than I would have ordering a pizza at regular price.

When the Blackhawks lost, I decided to start sarging. The dance floor was ridiculous cause there were more people that usual. Chino was grinding with these three Latina girls he was friends with. I suppose I could have danced with them but I didn't know their stories so I just danced by them for a little bit and wandered off. Perhaps it was a mistake not to work them as it's always easier to sarge through social circle than cold approach. It was clear which girl Chino wanted so the other ones were probably fair game; I also could have just asked him which ones were available.

Dance Floor:

I'm getting more comfortable opening on dance floor though I screw it up a lot. My first attempt was a success. I was dancing by this 4-set and I high fived this one girl. The friends told me it was her birthday so I high fived her and we started dancing. She got close to me really fast. I started with my had on her shoulder but quickly moved my hands to her waist. She said that her friends probably won't like her dancing with me. I probably just have just shrugged but I said, "It's okay. I'll dance with them too." I started grinding her a little. She shit test me by saying, "Are you gay?" I replied, "Are you bisexual?" She said she only likes guys and I said it was too bad because I like bisexual women.

I thought about her question. I think she wanted me to escalate even faster. She knew I wasn't gay because I had party dong (as Jeffy calls it) and it had rubbed on her neck a little. She got sick of me though and went back to her friends. Some random dude must have seen her grinding on me cause he grabbed her right away and started grinding on her.

Later, I tried a few dance floor openings but I was a little timid. I tried to spin this girl and the only time it seems to not work is when I'm thinking about it too much and I look too serious doing it. I also have a harder time opening when the dance floor is too packed. If there is more room, I feel more comfortable getting closer to them and then starting to dance with them. I've mentioned before that I remember reading that I need to caveman right away when the dance floor is crowded. I guess I have to work on that.

I feel like it's too much, but I know it isn't. I see dudes get right up on girls and often times they are cool with it. Girls just bust out guys right away too but it's no big deal. Even when they grind with dudes a little, they often bust them out shortly after. I must as well try it.

Back to Chino's girls: I probably should have grinded with them. Chino was focusing on one specific girl. One of the other girls would grind with him too. They wanted attention. I just wasn't comfortable dancing with them at the time. I remember this random dude grabbed one of the girls hands. She looked to see who it was. I wonder if she was seeing if it was me. When she saw it was some random dude, though, she just waved him off so she might have been waiting for me. She knew it wasn't Chino as he was right in front of her.

Fast dance floor isolation:

I opened this seated set and I opened with strong intent and faster kino than usual. I was holding her hands less than thirty seconds in. The set seemed like it was going well. Her friend walked off and she mentioned that and was getting ready to follow her. I actually pulled her in and then told her to come dance with me. I had made a good impression cause she followed me. I lead her near the dance floor but it was so crowded that I was on the outskirts of it. I started dancing with her and she got close to me. It wasn't as close at the birthday girl, but I was getting turned on. I had party dong again but this girl must have either been a "Haha.. but no girl" or the sexual presence was just too much for her. Not long after my cock had rubbed on her leg, she ran away.

Pushing for quick close:
I used to tell Seagull I was gonna fast escalate fat girls. Back then, I didn't have the confidence to actually do it. When I want to be disappointed with myself, I have to think about how I'm making way more effort to kino escalate quickly and push for extraction. I wanted to leave at 1:30 as I felt I had worked all the sets and nothing was happening. I forced myself to stay and I actually tried to fast escalate girls.

I opened this cute brunette and kinoed right off the bat. I was holding her hands. I'm still a bit surprised how most girls are comfortable with this cause I used to be terrified of grabbing a girls hands. It's easy to tell if they are comfortable. When they hold my hand like a dead fish, they aren't comfortable. It was near closing time so I started to ask what they were doing. She asked what I was doing and I said, "I'll see where the party takes me." I tried to sell food and after hours but she said she had to go with her friends. I mentioned all of them venue changing and she didn't go for it. Then, for some reason, I tried for a quick number close just for the heck of it and then she gave me the boyfriend excuse which was probably BS. I'm glad I made the effort though.

Jeffy super fast escalation opener:
I tried Jeffy's late night street opener at this other club. I was walking to the train when I saw that Hogs and Honeys was open till 4am. I walked in figuring that there were gonna be no sets. There were a few girls grinding with dudes. Later a 4-set walked in and I tried to open one to no avail. About three minutes after I walked it, I saw this cute, but large brunette. I immediately looked at her and said the opener, "You are amazing. I love you." I hugged her, but I didn't go for the immediate make out like I'm supposed to do for Jeffy's opener. Instead, after i hugged her I just pulled back a little. I grabbed both her hands and looked at her and she said, "Why?" I said "You are really cute. Are you fun, though?"

I say that line a lot. She replied, "What do you mean fun? Are you propositioning me?"

I can't remember my exact reply. I suppose I could have just went the apocalypse opener way and said, "Do you want to come home with me" or "Do you want to get out of here?" My reply didn't deny it but made it sound like I was still screening her. I think I said something like, "Maybe. I'm still trying to figure that out."

She was into me, but she said, "I have 5 kids." I felt a ring on her finger since I was holding her hands and I asked, "Are you married?" She said she was and she just out with a friend.

I think I screwed up here. I could have just complimented her and then went for the kiss. If she were willing to cheat on her husband, she sure isn't gonna do it when I bring him up.

She did seem interested in the offer and if she were not married, this would have been at least a make out if not a possible pull. The thing is that I should have just went for the kiss either right away, or after she said the kid thing.

Doing the right things:

I know I'm being hard on myself. If I keep on doing the things I've been doing, and I'm opening on the dance floor, opening with strong intent and kino late in the night trying for quick make outs and extractions, then I will get laid. The progress is slow even when I'm going out every day. Every day I do seem to expand my comfort zone a little bit more. The alternative of playing World of Warcraft and not going out sure isn't gonna get me laid. At least I know that I can continue to train my skill and improve. Tyler/Owen says somewhere that the path is laid out here for us. We're gonna get it. If it takes 10 years, so what?

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