Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hanging out with a lesbian & Man to woman conversation

The title of the post is cooler than the actual story, but I did hang out with a lesbian for most of the night.  I started off the night at McGee's.  Had this $1 slider (mini burgers slightly larger than White Castle burgers) and a $1 drink.   I met up with two guys from Joe's that don't have nicknames.  I guess I'll call them the Anime guys.  It's two of the black guys from Tuesday that hang out with a group with two other black guys and this cute blonde girl.  I opened a 2-set for warmup but I actually should have tried to sarge the one girl.  I opened a 3-set that came in but got busted out right away, partially cause I didn't sit down in the open seat.  Then we went across the street and I met a cute Polish chick but didn't really click. 

The two anime guys said they had to get up early.  I was trying to push them to come out to Green Dolphin Street.  I had read that the place is busy on Mondays.  I got in for free as people had posted online.  You have to get there early to do that but the place is dead early.  Fortunately, this 10 set of good looking girls walked in about 20 minutes after I got there.   I was intimidated at first as they were all on the dance floor.  I ended up opening this lone wolf that was standing watching the girls.

I opened here.  My kino was still weak comnpared to what I want to be doing but I did do some.  We vibed pretty well but then she mentioned she's a lesbian and I just stopped most of the kino.  It wasn't a shit test.  She really was a lesbian and she said she was in a committed relationship.  Maybe I could have kept trying to escalate, but  I did enjoy talking to her.  She was friendly, outgoing and open minded.  We watched the 10-set and I tried to figure out which one I wanted to open.

Man to woman conversation:
Jeffy explains that when you are talking to a girl, it should not be a friend to friend conversation.  That's what he describes and standing like a foot away from her.  It's basically what I did for my of years of sarging.  To create a man to woman conversation, you have to show intent.  You have to get really close to the girl.  You have to get up in her face and kino escalate quickly and dynamically.  I went to open this girl that had a dress that made me think of Tabasco sauce cause it had a triangle shape on both sides.  I did the direct intro-coversation.  For some reason, she thought I wanted to dance, so we started dancing.

A friend saw us and dragged her away.  I'm more confident and aggressive now so I went over to them and introduced myself to the girl that did the drag away.  Then, I went back up to my girl.  She was standing against this wall.  I got up really close.  I used Jeffy's line that I love now.  I'm gonna be using it a lot.  I grabbed her hand and told her, "Do a spin for me.  I want to see what I"m working with her."  She complied.  We talked for about 30 seconds and then she told me she was engaged and showed me her ring.  I guess I should have looked for that considering I had several other attractive girls to choose from in that set.  I told her congratulations.  We talked for another minute or so and then I ejected.  I told her that I can appreciate if she's ready to settle down but I told her I want to be single for like ten more years.  I think I could have asked her which of her friends were single but I didn't.

Target Starved environment:
There weren't that many sets out.  This place has a lot of gay people and cross dressers.  I saw this cute redhead on the main dance floor.  She was from that 10-set.  I was dancing next to the lesbian and I saw this girl next to me.  I opened her and said hi cause I didn't want be dancing there and then try to open her.  I just stopped talking after that.  I should have kept talking to her and tried to isolate.  I think I felt weird cause it was a girl from the same set as the engaged chick, but now I realize that was a stupid excuse.

Pushy bathroom attendant:
I hate bathroom attendants.  I think it's just a fake job that the bars created.  I don't tip most of the time.  The only time I would tip for sure is if I used the cologne or took a mint.  Sometimes I tip if I'm in a good mood or the guy is cool.  This guy was lazy.  He didn't give me soap and didn't turn on the water.  He handed me a towel.  I started to walk out and he yells, "Hey!" and points at the tip jar.  There was no fucking way I was tipping after that rudeness.  It's called a fucking tip and not a bathroom charge like you see in Europe.  I feel like maybe I should have done that, but also I probably shouldn't create a scene if I don't want to get booted out of the club.  I just told him maybe I'd get him later and walked out.  I bet most people would have tipped but I can handle social pressure now. I learned how to deal with social pressure from all this sarging. 

Maybe I should have opened more sets:
I think I did a great job with the way I worked that engaged chick.  That's how my interactions should be.  If I would have opened with less intent, she probably would have let me hang around.  This is why you push hard.  You force those girls who would waste your time letting you entertain them to bust you out because you are escalating.  Save you time in finding the girls that are available and into you.  Also, escalation and that masculine presence helps create attraction.

There were other girls but they were all in difficult sets.  Big mixed sets, mixed 3-set that stayed on the dance floor the whole time.  I suppose I can redeem myself Tuesday.  I should have pushed my comfort zone.  There was this black guy that was sarging and he opened a lot more sets than  I did so I guess I wussed out.  His move was to try to open them on the dance floor.  He was dancing with some girls but he didn't really get anywhere.  He tried though.  I usually do.  I don't know why I was more hesitant today.

Why keep pushing it:
The place was open till 4am but I left at 2am.  I know I'm going to Joe's so I figured I should just rest.  Sure there were a few sets I might have been able to work but there weren't really any girls that I really wanted.  The girls were scarce and I might as well be rested for the target rich environment that is Joe's.  

Tried to # close the lesbian:
She left and we hugged and held hands.  I tried to number close her cause she was fun to hang out with.  She didn't want to do it which is fine.  The thing is that I really was just trying to close her as a friend.

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