Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just read Tyler's old post "Stealing Horny Chicks"

I had read this post years ago and it's helped me at various times.  The answers to my night where right there. I couldn't find the original post as I guess it's in the archive, but I found this link from some lair:

I probably wasn't in the right head space to do all this but here it goes.   Again, I should have found them right away.  I should have burst right through the guys and hugged my girl and said something to pump her buying temperature.  With the situation I was left with, I should have just hung out with the sister and the guys.  The sister was low buying temperature last night.  The dude that was there next to her was like a few feet away and she was alone most of the time.  As TD says in that article, the key to the woman in the peer group.  I get the sister to like me and I'll have a better chance than the dude who's gaming my girl. 

I just be chill and let the other dude pump my girls buying temperature.  If I hung around, I'd get introduced to him.  Then I just alpha him in my normal way.  I can pepper in some TD lines later depending on how he acts.  I also slowly mention to the sister how the guy is a bit creepy so she starts to frame him like that.  If I were really money, I bring over the blonde Mexican chick as a pawn/social proof. 

If all goes well, the dude does something to bust out, or I slowly start to eclipse him.  The big problem was I was in a needy, shitty state so I probably would have failed, but at least I again understand the game plan.  Again, what I shouldn't have done was gives the guy free reign to sarge without any interference from me. 

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