Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm not alpha and dominant enough & "I don't buy bitches drink"

Today was a total shit night as I'll explain in my last post.  There were some good moments, but more importantly, I think I'm on the way to learning the huge lesson I need to really step up my game.  It's like all this BS happened for a reason: this is the only way I was going to learn this lesson.  There were these moments tonight where I hesitated about making a move or I tried in a way that wasn't dominant enough.  Then, not long afterward, and a few time almost instantly, I saw someone else make that exact move.

High buying temperature blonde:
I have the tendency to be too hard to myself.  I'll focus too much on the negative.  I'm still opening with intent, kinoing, and escalating faster and harder than ever before.  I opened a bunch of sets including ones that seemed like the would be hard.  I can be happy with my effort tonight and that applies even to the screw up I'll describe later.  There was this cute blonde by the bar that I noticed.  I didn't approach her immediately, but at least I didn't hover near by.  I could see her from far away and I when I decided to go in, I went directly up to her.  It turns out she was a Mexican girl that colored her hair blonde but I found her very attractive.  I was up close to her right away and of course I put my arm around her.  I kept feeling a bit self conscious, though, cause of the other BS I was dealing with.  Also, it was a 2-set so I knew the other girl was bored and I kept fearing a drag away.  That was an unfounded fear as I'd see later.

This chick told me she was married and had a 6 year old.  Unlike with the engaged chick  at Green Dolphin, I just let that roll by and kept close.  I somehow mentioned I liked her hair and I wanted to stroke it.  I normally would have just done it but I guess the married part made me hesitate.  She said, "Do you want to touch my hair?"  I started stroking it.  I felt like it was one.  She said she likes to go out a lot.  I bet it's cause her husband is boring and she probably hooks up with guys.  Could have been me.  I was escalating right but then  the isolation move that came to my head was the dance floor.

Here's my lesson.  I said "Let's go dance" and I tugged at her hand a little.  She said some BS about having high heels.  I said it didn't matter.  We talked a bit more and then she had to go to the rest room.  Of course, I don't stick around for that.  About ten minutes later, I see some big black dude talking to her.  He pulls her to the dance floor and dances with her for like 10-15 minutes.

Obviously, I'm not leading properly.  I have to believe that the girl is gonna follow me and lead her.  I guess it helps to be in state.  That's how I lead that one blonde so easily last week at Cadillac Ranch.  Besides that, I can try to move the girl to another part of the bar instead of the dance floor.

I should grind with these girls:
I opened this 3-set at the same place.  Thinking back on it, there was similar situation like this in Joe's.  With this 3-set, the two girls were grinding.  The third one starting dancing when she was initially just standing there.  I introduced myself to them and then I was dancing near them.  The third girl started grinding with the other girls.  She was shaking her ass and I was thinking, "I should get up on her and start grinding."  Of course, I'm too chicken.  About twenty seconds later, some dude does that exact move.  She was cool with it for about a minute and then he left.

The Joe's incident was there was this 4-set dancing in a circle.  I was attracted to this girl with glasses.  I was just dancing by myself as I liked the song.  I wanted to open her or start dancing with her. As I'm debating it, some dude starts grinding with her and she seems to like it.

That girl is looking to go home with someone:
 After my shitty night, I really just wanted to go home and soak in my sorrow.  I made the extra effort to go to Division as I was hoping to still try to make something happen.  I knew I'd feel better about continuing the night and I do feel better for making the effort.  I prepared myself mentally for blowouts though considering my state.  I went to Mother's and chatted up with this White Sox fan. He was cool and I recruited him as a wing.  Unfortunately, every place was shitty and had no sets except Leg room.  The guy was cool and pushed me to go in there.  He couldn't get in cause they didn't like his shoes and he had a hoody on.  The dude pushed me to go even though I'd have to ditch him.

When I was there, it seemed like there were no sets.  All the girls were making out or grinding with guys.  It turns out there was this fat brunette available and this tall black girl.  I met this cool dude.  Just talking to him made me feel better.  He had an intuition for sarging.  It didn't seem like he studied pickup but he was more aware than your average natural.   He pointed out this fat girl and said she wanted to go home with someone.  Even then, I felt his analysis was correct, but I kept making excuses.  Later, she walked by again and was ordering a drink and he told me that I should go up to her.

I finally did and I was money for the first 10 seconds.  I opened her and clawed her right away. The thing was I screwed up because she hadn't finished paying for the drink.  I got the shit test that I haven't gotten in ages.  "Why don't you buy us these drinks?"

"I don't buy bitches drinks."
 Jeffy's comeback for that shit test has been in my head since I watched the Jeffy Show again three weeks ago in preparation for my comeback.  He tells girls, "I don't buy bitches drinks.  I tell you what, I'll buy you a drink only if you make out with me, and only if it's any good."

This is gonna sound retarded, but I swear she was ready to do it.  She looked into my eyes when I said this.  All I had to do was hold the sexual tension and I could have even leaned in to get things started.  The thing is I had heard the bartender tell her the total for the drinks.  $25.  Fuck that.  I'm not paying $25 for a makeout basically.  My dumb ass pulled back in a way that I knew was gonna fuck up the moment and make her not want to kiss me.

The thing is that  I should have tried to make that make out happen.  I could have told her it was shitty, or if it was actually awesome, I could have just bought her one beer.  I never said  I was gonna pay for the drink order.  I think I fucked things up by ruining that moment.

You need strong intent for late night sarges:
I was still in mid or early game mode.  When girls are drunk and looking to go home, you have to game less.  You show more intent and go for quick (like almost instant make outs).  Jeffy says his street opener right when the bars have closed is something like, "Hey, look at you.  You look amazing.  I love you.  (Hug her and then go for make out)."  I could tell I was still trying to talk too much which isn't good for this time of night.  I think that's why this fat girl wasn't responding as well to me.  I could have maybe had the make out if I didn't pull back after using the Jeffy line.  When I opened her again, I wasn't kinoing.  I needed to caveman her.

Besides that, the natural dude told me the move and he was right.  She went over to one of her girl friends and she was grinding with them.  The dude told me to go start grinding on her ass.  I started laughing cause I knew he was right but I wouldn't do it.  I realized I still care a bit too much about stuff.  I should be comfortable with going for that.  I need to take that lesson from tonight.  

That guy didn't want her and wanted me to get her.  Well, maybe he was just trying to justify it to himself that she was worth hooking up with.  She was really large but I would have fucked her.  I just didn't tune my game properly for quick pulling.  He started talking to her later and he was grinding with her when I left so I guess he changed his mind.  If I had listened to him or to myself and done the proper intent, caveman game for late night, I probably would have had a chance to go home with her.

Tall Black Girl:
I kept making excuses not to talk to her.  The natural dude suggested I go open her but I was too scared to do so on the dance floor.  I finally did open her, but I caught her as she was getting ready to leave.  I realized I was still playing my slow game with the way I opened her.  Besides that, she was actually cute and I should have opened her sooner.  Fuck.

I gotta get over it:
If I want to get really good at this, then I have to get rid of that little bit that's holding me back.  I've made a ton of improvement and my game is so much better than it has been in the past.  I still hesitate and care too much about certain things: namely dance floor moves.  I also am still unsure about myself when I try for the isolation.  I have to remember how I felt that day at Cadillac Ranch.  I remember when I moved that blonde there was no doubt in my mind she was gonna follow me.  

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