Thursday, April 14, 2011

Opening on the dance floor, grinding with a tall blonde

By the realistic expectations I set for myself tonight, I had a blast and I didn't even drink that much.  I always have fun at Cadillac Ranch.  I get there early and pay no cover and I get to warm up by sarging the room.  The problem was there were two good 2-sets.  I never seem to get those when I have a wing.  I ended up talking to this black girl that was by herself for most of the night. 

Grinding with some tall blonde girl:
This story didn't really involve any game but it sticks in my head cause I learned something important from this set.  I spotted this girl on the dance floor early in the night.  She was really tall and has the body that I like.  Thin with the small ass I like and very tall.  She was grinding with some dude who I thought was lucky at the time.  It turns out this girl must have been on something like "E."  That or she's just a crazy exhibitionist that loves to be the center of attention.  She grinded with a ton of guys and like getting in a position where every one was watching her.  She'd bend completely over and grind her ass right into guys cocks.  Some guys would be turned off by this slutty behavior but I don't mind it and maybe I even get turned on by it. 

I was hoping I'd get my chance as I wanted to feel her ass cause she has the type of ass I like.  Later on the night, I was dancing by myself and she just grabbed me.  She tried to lead the show, but I made sure to lead her too.  The way I was leading her is of course how I need to lead all girls.  Well, Brad says that you have to be especially dominant with Eastern European girls and Latina girls.  Anyway, it was like a free lap dance.  She grinded her ass on my cock.  I've never had a girl on the dance floor that really tried to get you to really grind her.  Like she bent over as far as she could and kept working it so her pussy would get the most stimulation from the grinding.  She even reached over with her hand and brushed by my balls.  Awesome, and yes she's just using me and any other guy to get everyone's attention and to stimulate herself but I'm not complaining. 

I wanted to try to be different so after a few minutes of this I pulled her off the dance floor.  On a side note, it's funny how this fat girl was a total hater.  She came up to me as I'm grinding this girl and  said, "Hey, you're blocking the show."  I moved the blonde and she asked what was up and I said, "Don't worry, it's just haters."  The show was the hot blonde with the hula hoop and the go-go girls on the stage.  Of course, the show was me and this girl as everyone was staring at her when she was doing this shit. 

I lead her off the dance floor and tried to game her.  She followed which was cool.  She asked me what I was selling.  I just gazed into her eyes for about 5 seconds.  I guess I could have tried for the kiss close.  It all happened so fast.  The thing I was happy about was  I tried the isolation move cause I knew grinding with her all night was the move as that's what every guy was doing.  I also was happy that I didn't feel nervous at all.  I can look into a tall girl who's totally my type and not get nervous.  I  think I'm getting this down. 

Long set that goes nowhere:
I got myself stuck in this set for over an hour even though I knew I was wasting my time.  I had fun talking to the girl so it's not a total loss.  I was kinoing a lot but she mentioned a boyfriend and it didn't really feel on.  We went to the dance floor several times and grinded but I could tell how she'd avoid getting face to face that she didn't want things to escalate.  The finally telling sign was how she didn't really hold my hand as I lead her around.  It still was fun.  I ran the set like I'm supposed to do in terms of moves.  I moved her to the dance floor and off several times.  I lead her outside.  My experience with her on the dance floor helped me build momentum for tackling my sticking.

Opening on the dance floor:
I made more moves to open girls on or near the dance floor and to drag girls to the dance floor than I ever have before.  I realize it really isn't a big deal.  It was all in my head.   Trying to dance with girls on the dance floor is just like opening off the dance floor.  Some girls hate you; here it means they just wave you off when you get near.  Other girls are more receptive.  They dance by you and let you get close but they might stop you when you start trying to make it more intimate.  Some are cool and let you grind with them. 

Jealousy bust out:
When I first got to the bar, I opened this 2-set.  There was this larger blonde but I was attracted to her.  She was really high energy.  I kinoed a little but it was still early so I didn't want to ramp it up too much.  They went out to smoke and I met the other 5 people in the bar including the black girl who was by herself, a few dudes, and this other 2-set.  I was at a loss for what to do as I was in short set mode.  I remember a few times a cool song came on and I dragged this slightly chubby but attractive blonde to the dance floor.  I didn't really get close at the time cause I felt it was too early.  Maybe I should have.  I ended up hanging out with that black girl and then the bar filled up while I was in that set.

After the black girl left, I got on the dance floor.  I saw that same 2-set from earlier.  I was dancing near them.  This guy grabbed that chubby blonde that was my original target.  The chubby blonde had a really cute face and great energy.  The friend had a nicer body but her face wasn't nearly as cute and she was low energy when I met them. The chubby blonde was dancing with some dude, so I started dancing with the friend.  I guess I had more confidence from grinding with the black girl so I started dancing really close to the friend.  The friend was liking it.  Some guy started grinding with her as I'm doing this.  I could tell she liked me better cause she grabbed my hands and seemed to pull into me.  I spun her around at some point and that guy left cause I sort of locked him up. 

The chubby blonde came up and told me to stop dancing with the friend. I shrugged and then the chubby friend went back to the guy she was dancing with.  The friend kept dancing with me.  Then some other fucking guy came in and starting grinding her again.  She seemed cool with being sandwiched between us.  This guy was trying to bust me out though.  I kept holding her hands as I knew that was key last time.  Suddenly, the chubby friend gets in my face and tell me to stop dancing with the friend and go away. 

I was puzzled at the time, but I guess  I figured it out.  Obviously, the chicks were cool with me.  I had opened them before and the chubby blonde had come to dance with me two times earlier.  I fucked up cause she got jealous.  The funny thing is that I wanted her until I starting dancing with the friend.  I'm supposed to dance with both girls but it was hard when aggressive dudes kept coming in to grind with the friend while I was there.  I should have stuck with the other blonde.  Maybe I didn't push my comfort zone as instead of trying to dance with the chubby blonde while she was with some guy, I danced with the friend who had no guy with her at the time. 

Yes, the chubby blonde must have liked me and got extremely jealous when I focused on the friend instead of her and that's why she kept busting me out like that.  She was really pissed at me. 

Big step and contrast:
I'm proud of myself that I was able to get over Tuesday night's BS and go out and have fun.  As I said at the beginning, I seem to always have a great time at Caddy.  I think the dance floor means that I'm constantly pumping my state.  The place has a lot of sets so I get several hours to keep sarging.  Also, the place doesn't get so ridiculously crowded that I can't move on the dance floor.  The last three weeks, I've always had enough room to really dance without people constantly bumping into me.  The Apartment gets way to packed and there's no room to work.  I remember reading that dance floor game in that situation is just caveman right off the bat. 

Tonight I really pushed my comfort level in the dance floor.  I'm not gonna claim to have it solved.  It's a work in process but tonight was the most I've done on the dance floor.  I opened girls and was willing to risk bust outs by getting close and transitioning to grinding and more intimate dancing.  When I was dancing with that jealousy girl, I really got a feel for how close you get and how you start to lead her so she's moving at my pace instead of hers.  I'm sure I won't be completely comfortable with it yet, but I won't be scared like I used to be about opening and dancing with girls. 

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