Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kclosed, grinded with some girls, & Seagull's mom would be proud

Tonight was a fun night, but I worry that it's cause of the alcohol. I wasn't even planning on drinking but dropping this promoter's name to get into this club netted me 4 free drink tickets. Later, I opened this set and some guy in the set bought shots for all the girls and I got a shot too. At the end of the night, this Polish girl gave me a Corona. She kept forcing it on me so I finally took it to shut her up and then I just threw it out. I don't find anything wrong with drinking, but I really don't want to be a party guy that gets drunk every day. As I tell Sidegames, I want to sarge and not get wasted.

Alcohol does get me in state faster but I don't want to have a rely on that. What works drunk or sober is that momentum. Those sometimes awkward warm up sets at the beginning really help get things moving. A few bust outs of successes and I find myself in state ready to open any girl, no matter how hot or tall. Again, I was opening girls on the dance floor too.

The kiss close:
Early in the night, I was dancing upstairs at this club. There weren't many people on the dance floor. This large, half Polish girl walked by and I stopped her and her friend. The friend was better looking. They danced by me for awhile and then I wandered off at some point. Later, I saw her again downstairs in the lounge area. She seemed happy to see me again. I started talking to her. I think I had her sit down and then she said, "We should dance over there." She was pushing me to isolate her far from her friends. I already had her isolated about twenty feet away, but she wanted to go into the other room. Obviously, I knew this was a good sign.

We started grinding out there. The best part was when I was standing against the fall and she was rubbing her ass on me. Yeah, she was fat, but girls asses rubbing on my cock just give me party dong. It's funny how I used to fear and hate dance floor, but my married friend was right back in the day when he tried to push me into dancing. Being able to work the dance floor is a short cut to kino as RSD Ozzie says, and I'm glad I'm now able to open girls on the dance floor with dancing when in the past I would have had a harder time. I lost track of how many girls grinded their asses on me on the dance floor. I think it was 4, but it might have been 5.

I was kino escalating a little more. I'm starting to understand how to try to make things more intimate on the dance floor, but I still have a long way to go. I think about Jeffy Show 2, where he shows the dynamic kino when you're really doing man to woman conversation. (As I'm writing this, I realized that I need to be more dynamic with that when I'm just talking to a girl. I get too static.) I go from having my arms on her waist, to holding her hands. I put the girls arms around me or on my shoulders and at the same time, I around her so my hands are together right above or on her ass. I'll slow things down and put her head into my shoulder. That is when she's facing me. When she's facing away and grinding her ass on my cock, I grab her hands sometimes. I put my arms around her and have them meet in front, eventually having them right below her breasts. I try to have her lean her head onto my shoulder. I sometimes move her hair away from her neck or ear so I can blow air there. When I turn her around again, I try to get our faces close and have strong eye contact. I sometimes put my arm on the back of her neck and caress her there.

I was doing all that with this large girl. I decided to move her back to a seating area as I was starting to get sweaty. We sat down, and we talked a bit. I held her hand and I later switched to stroking her hair and face. I believe I had tried to kiss her once on the dance floor but she turned away. This time, as I was stroking her hair and looking into her eyes, I felt the moment was right and I leaned in. We kissed. I pulled back. Then we made out for a bit.

Over escalating:
I know I need to kiss close more cause I need to practice calibration for afterward. Besides figuring out logistics, you gotta maintain her buying temperature. You gotta keep her horny and keep the sexual tension. If you don't do enough, she'll lose interest. You can also do too much. There is how I fucked out. Her logistics were decent. She lived sort of near me, on the northwest side of the city. I figured all that out. For some reason, I went back to the dance floor. I don't even remember why. We were grinding again, but I started to escalate too much. I put my hands in her pockets which I had learned from a friend of mine. She seemed to like that I was stimulating her like that at first. I think the move was fine, but I had to pull it back. It's the old kino advice: two steps forward, and one back. I kept pushing it and then she got uncomfortable and walked away. Damn!


It felt like I was in sets nonstop. The rejections were funny to me. I had so many sets that at least liked me off the bat that when some girl just waved me off or shit test me, I just busted out laughing. I opened some hot blonde by the bathroom. She responded postively and then said, "Hey, can you give me a few dollars so I can buy a drink?" I laughed in her face and said, "I don't buy girls drinks." I actually wish I had used the Jeffy make out line.

I enjoy trying to stop moving sets with the claw. One time, this black girl and her Latina friend were walking by me on the dance floor area downstairs. When it's more than one girl, you have to stop the engine (the first girl) or the train of girls won't stop. I stopped the Latina girl and started talking to this black girl. I write that Seagull's mom would be proud, cause he told me she was talking to him last week about how she wishes he'd go for more black girls. I'm not attracted to many black girls so tonight was rare to me. I also don't like Asian girls. My favorites are redheads, blondes, and tall girls. Besides this girl, I know I opened some other black her and dragged her to the dance floor.

I actually should talk about that set briefly cause it's an example of persistence. She was sitting down and looking bored. I opened her. She was by a girl friend and a guy friend. I wanted to isolate, so I grabbed her hand and told her to come dance. She resisted. I then said, "Come on, let's go" and actually pulled on her arm like RSD Ozzie's says to do in his book. She stood up and started to follow. I see how I'm supposed to lead her. Her guy friend started cheering her on. I danced and grinded with her for a bit but then she got bored and eventually left.

Back to the 2-girl train. I stopped both girls and started talking to my girl. She seemed to be into me. The Latina girl ran off and my girl kept saying she had to go follow her friend. I pulled her back into me as I was holding her hand and said, "You can find them later. It's you and me tonight (RSD Tim's line)." I talked to her for a bit and danced with her. She walked off eventually.

I saw her two other times and opened her again. At one point, the Latina friend was with her again. The Latina friend kept cockblocking me. This time, I put my arm around both of them and starting just swaying to the music. The Latina friend tried to get me to buy drinks. I said we can go to the bar. We walked to the bar and I started dancing with my girl. Latina girl tried to ask about drinks and I said, "The bars right there." She eventually got herself and my target drinks. She started talking to me girl and I sensed the dragaway, so I did the claw on both while swaying to the music. At one point, I had things going well. The Latina girl was facing my girl. I was behind my girl and she was grinding her ass on my cock and we were all dancing together. I made sure to try to dance with the Latina girl but she didn't really want to dance with me.

Somehow I lost her again. I think it was because I saw this half white, half black girl I had sarged at one point when I lost this set initally. I ran into this set and third time and my girl said she was leaving. I tried to push her to stay. "Tell your friends you are staying with me." She didn't want to stay and wouldn't give me her number. I knew I had needed to kiss close her before she would be willing to do this, but I went for it anyway. Again, I want to get into the habit of going for the close and sometimes it'll work even when you haven't set things up properly. I needed isolation with this girl away from the friends, but that Latina chick cock blocked every move I made basically.

Mixed girl:
The black girl I really liked must have been half white as she had about an Obama complexion, or even slightly lighter. I opened her when she was in a two set. She seemed really shy cause she was into me but it was hard to get her to talk. I think I even accused her of being shy and she said she was. She kept gazing into my eyes as we talked though and she seemed cool with my early kino escalation. I lost her at one point and I ran into her when I was working on the black girl with the Latina friend.

Dance floor opener really opened:

The other black girl I really liked I opened on the dance floor. She was dancing near this wall. I was walking by and moving with the music as I walked. I tapped her shoulder and held my hand up for a high five. She gave me an enthusiastic high five and then she did something that hasn't happened to me yet with that opener. She immediately got close to me and put her arms around me and started dancing with me. We were dancing and grinding until her friend pulled her away. I introduced myself to this other black girl and a third Asian friend. I danced by myself for about a minute and then I pulled my target back into me. We danced some more until the dragaway happened again. I think I had tried to move her downstairs but she didn't want to go there as she claimed she liked this music better. (Upstairs is techno music, which strangely I don't mind dancing to now, and downstairs was Top 40 music).

I saw her later when I was on the dance floor downstairs. I tried to stop her but she was in a 3 person train with her friend and they had moved by quickly. I only got to tap her on the shoulder and she didn't even look over. I suppose I should have followed them and opened her again.

DJ Girl:

I opened this girl with reddish hair in a white outfit. We talked for a bit and she told me she was a DJ here. I thought she was bullshitting me so I said, "There's already a DJ up there." She said she was going DJ later. She ended up walking away. At the end of the night, I saw her DJing. I gotta say I was turned on seeing her up there.

OMG, you are amazing:
Of course, closing time was time for the Jeffy line. I still am trying to get more comfortable with the instant makeout. I used the "You're amazing, I love you part" on this fat blonde by the bar. I talked to her for about ten minutes and kept trying to set up the kiss close. She kept backing off when I tried to escalate things so I finally lost her.

I opened a tall blonde Polish girl. When I said, "You're amazing, I love you" she put her arm around me. She said, "You are too short." It probably wasn't the best answer, but what came to my mind at the time was, "You're one of those volleyball girls. I can't really play that but I'd beat you at tennis."

This was when I got the free Corona. I saw her looking at the couch area and I introduced myself to the friend. This is when I found out they were Polish as the seated girl was Polish. I clawed her right away. She kept pushing this beer on me which I finally took. I should have stuck with the tall girl and she seemed to respond to my kino better than this one. They ended up leaving when a 3rd friend came. I had tried to push for a venue change with the seated girl but to no avail.

The other memorable set with this opener was just as I was walking out. This blonde with a nose ring said to the opener, "Why am I amazing?" I sat down and told her, "You're cute but I want to know who you are." I started to kino escalate but she said her boyfriend was here. I said "Really, you want another one? (RSD Tim)." I ended up leaving. There weren't really any sets on the sidewalk. I need to wait another month for that to be more common. I walked by another bar on the way to my car but no sets waiting in the sidewalk there either.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Making a real effort to try quick pulls at end of night

I keep getting down on myself. I think about how this set seemed to be going well. I was handling a 5-set and while part of me worried about upstairs, I also felt more confident than ever before concerning dance floor game. I felt like I could dance with her for a few songs and be fine. The whole train ride back (which is over an hour) I kept trying to replay things back in my head. I even sent Herschey a text. He sent me a text telling me I overanalzye, but I explained to him that is how I get better. That's why I write all these entries. I figure out where I went wrong and try to correct it next time. I told him that I'm not thinking about moving chess pieces when I'm in set; it's only after, especially on a long train ride, that I get in analytical mode.

Part of me is still frustrated that I lost this set. That part tells me, "How do I keep screwing this up?" Of course, I know, as I seem to write every night, that this is just a process. Yes, I screw up, but I'm still learning. Even guys who are really good will lose sets and screw up. If I keep taking action, I'll get better and I'll get more results.

How far I've come:

I thought about the end of tonight. After my original target gave me that boyfriend BS, I developed the "fury" that RSD Tim talked about. I started trying to open more girls on and off the dance floor. I remember there was this cute blonde that walked by me. I clawed her into me. We made eye contact. I grabbed her hands and we were looking at each other and smiling. I immediately sensed high buying temperature but she started walking way. I persisted, "Hey, you can't go away! I'll be sad (Tim's line)." She said she had to go to the bathroom.

Normally, I would have left it at that, but I starting dance in a spot where I could scope out things. I wanted to grab her again when came out of the dance floor. I saw her again and she smiled. I started dancing with her again but she talked about finding a friend.

I tried to persist again and it worked initially. She stayed and danced with me some more. About two minutes later, she walked off. I found her again in a few minutes. I opened some sets in the meantime and didn't get anywhere. She was with this Indian or Pakistani guy. I started talking to him. The dude was actually really cool. I was having fun talking to him for a few minutes. She disappeared for a bit onto the dance floor and then she came back. I wasn't sure what their deal was, but the dude starting goading me into dancing with her.

I danced with her more and was just talking to try to get her more comfortable. I'm still new to this dance floor stuff. She said she was all drunk. I guess I should have tried to escalate more but I thought some talk was good too.

I remember mentioning how the place was gonna close soon. I talked up big Stuff (the giant pizza slice place down the street), but she didn't want food. I didn't have my car so I couldn't push an after party at my place. I asked her if she had liquor trying to set up an after party at her place, but she said she didn't have any.

I think she walked off again and I found her again. I really made a strong effort. Before I used to just give up too easily. I tried just saying, "Hey, let's get out of here." No go.

I love my effort. Part of her must have wanted to go, but I just couldn't seal everything. I guess I should have focused on esalating more. I was too busy trying to formulate words. Instead I should have gazed more into her eyes and tried to get closer. I should have tried to start stroking her face and hair. If I could get the makeout, things might have happened.

Still, as I'm doing this more and more, I'm getting my verbal down. It will start to just be autopilot and when I get the kino escalation right, which I'm always working on, then this has to start yielding results at one point

Closing time:

Just two weeks ago, closing time meant, "Oh shit. I guess I failed." Slowly, I started to just try for venue changes. I remember Seagull and I trying for a few at The Apartment one time to no avail. Now, I have a completely different mindset. I start really trying to zero in on girls that have high buying temperature. I've been doing Jeffy's line more, though I still am not going for the instant make out enough. At closing time, I've been cavemaning girls off the bad and trying to extract them. I guess tonight and Saturday, I should do the same but instead of pushing for the food or venue extraction, I can be even more direct. I can say "Let's get out of here" or "Do you want to come home with me?"

The later is obviously gonna be low probability, but even with enough attempts, it will eventually work. There was a post on mASF that had a good point: most guys don't get any lays because they don't actually try to do it. I want to get into the habit of trying. Besides that, the rejections build momentum and reference experiences. When I get comfortable going for instant make outs and just asking girls to come home with me at closing time, then I'm going find it way easier to kiss and try to pull girls that I've actually had time to build a connection with throughout the night.

Screwed up with dance floor jealously plotline or failure to isolate

I want to start off by saying that it's amazing how momentum works. I got about three hours of sleep Thursday. I was out all day and I was tired when we got to the dollar burger place. Sidegames couldn't make it to Edzo's so I told him he should eat the dollar burger. We went next door to the usual Thursday spot and it was dead except for one two set. I was gonna open them but they had food and then we ended up getting food. I pushed Sidegames into opening this 2-set of Latinas. They didn't look that cute and I wanted to warm up with them before opening this big breasted girls close to us.

I came in and winged Sidgames and the set was on. If he hadn't left, he might have been able to sarge one of the three friends that ended up showing up about ten minutes after he left. My kino escalation was slow, but she seemed comfortable with the stuff I did. I clawed her a few times. I held her hand briefly (which used to be for one second, but did here for about 5-8 seconds at a time). I even touched her leg a few times and tickled her side one time.

When the friends came, they were wondering how we knew each other. I used my roleplay that I've been testing out. RSD Tim uses the example of, "You're my girlfriend for the next five minutes, or we just got married." I've been experimenting with saying, "She was my secretary but she got fired for wearing really short skirts all the time. I was fired for watching too much internet porn on the work computer. Now we can be together." When I first started using this, I'd only put in the part about her, but I figured that just made her seem slutty so I added my part so it just makes us both look like perverts. My theory is that it's a playful roleplay and introduces a sexual element into the conversation. Anyway, it's worked okay the few times I've used it in the past. Today, the girls were giggling when I said it.

I helped create a bubble later when the last friend showed up. She asked how I knew my target and my target said she'd only known me for about 5 minutes. The friend thought my target was messing with her. I put my arm around my target and said, "See, we make a good couple. Your friend can't believe you just met me."

I really should have number closed this girl early. She loved burgers and really wanted to try Kuma's. When she said that I said, "We've gotta go to Kuma's sometime." I could have just aid, "Give me your number and maybe we'll go sometime." I guess I wanted her to say, "We should" as most girls do so I didn't ask for her number. Later, I found out she loves travel. There was some other activity we both liked that I can't remember at the moment. I don't know why I kept stalling the number close. I just felt like this set was on and I was gonna seal things when we went upstairs.

Isolation move?:

I got too comfortable just hanging at the table because I was getting mini isolation with her and working the friends. One of her friends was one leave for the Air Force so I guess I felt weird isolating my target away from a friend she hadn't seen for awhile. I should have made an excuse to isolate her, though. Perhaps that was my mistake. I let the tension between us die down instead of isolating her and revving it up and going for the kiss close during isolation. I could have asked her to come to the bar, or I could have had her come upstairs with the pretense of checking out the dance floor for her friends.


I thought I was okay. My target had changed seats so she could talk more to the Air Force friend. I started to talk to one of the friends. I figured if I talked to all the girls, then I really would have cheerleaders for later. I also went to the bathroom and just said hi to some random girls walking by.

We finished the beer stand thing and we had mentioned going upstairs to dance. Here I have to admit I wussed out. I should have grabbed my targets hands and lead her upstairs. Instead, I kind of walked a little in front of the group. When we got upstairs, there were 4 girls on the dance floor and that was it. I liked the song so I immediately started dancing while my set went to the bar area.

I love the empty dance floor. I guess I like the attention I get by being one of the few people out there. I know people are looking at me. I used to be self conscious about it. Then, I got to the point where I didn't care what people thought. Now, I feel like it DHV's me because girls see that shit and know I'm confident. I even high fived the 4-set and joined their dance circle. I think I even spun this hot blonde in the set. I then backed away and this chubby blonde started dancing by me and started to move closer. I danced with her a bit and started talking to her. She said she remembers me from Joe's. It's funny how I keep running into girls that remember me from somewhere. I have a hard time remembering girls I met the same day unless they were really hot or there was something about our interaction that was memorable. Heck, I feel stupid because I opened two of Chino's girls from Tuesday tonight and didn't recognized them. I introduced myself and one of the Chino's girls said, "I know." I was like, "Huh?" She said, we were just talking about Chino and you. My dumb ass opened them again when they were seated at the end of the night and then I realized it was Chino's girls again. Fuck.

Anyway, I left the dance floor and took a piss. I came back and found my 5-set with my target in the corner of the dance floor. I high fived everyone and started dancing with their circle.

I actually don't remember the exact sequence of things here. I know I danced by the girls and hip bumped a few of the girls. It might have been here where my target seemed colder to me now, or it might have been later. If I remember Ozzie's Transformation video, I guess I'm supposed to dance with all the girls. He says grind them all and I guess I wasn't confident enough to do that. I need to think back on how Chino was doing that Tuesday, but he also knew the girls we was doing that with. For future dance floor situations with multiple girls, I gotta dance by all of them and eventually try to grind all of them and then focus on my girl.

Cold shoulder:

Again, I'm not sure if it was when I initially found them again that my target acted cold. For sure, the second time she was acting different. It was weird. Part of me thinks I remember that I tried to high five her and she had been even cold to that whereas her friends were totally cool with it when I did with them. Later, I saw her dancing with a guy briefly, and I started to get that sinking feeling of losing out to another guy, but he busted out. When I saw her dancing with some dude, I tried to approach more girls on the dance floor.

On a sidenote, I'm getting better and better with opening on the dance floor. I still need more practice so I feel confident doing it all the time. There are times when I'll dance by them and start spinning and getting close to the girls right away. Other times, I'll dance by them and keep stalling. I'm getting both positive and negative reference points (girls dancing with me briefly, and girls waving me off) so I get more comfortable every time.

My boyfriend is here:

She told me that the last time I tried to dance with her. She was full of shit. Her boyfriend wasn't there. I just said "Okay" and never came back. At first, I believed her cause I remembered that guy she danced with, but I knew immediately that she was lying. She just didn't like me anymore. I had fucked up somehow.

Isolation failure or jealously plot line:

As I wrote above, I think I should have made the isolation move when the kino was on and we were connecting. I thought I had time to work this, but I have to strike when the moment is on. Part of my mind kept thinking about a long isolation and I felt uncomfortable doing it. I needed ot just move her for a few minutes and try to escalate and kiss close when things were starting to feel on. Perhaps that was the mistake.

I think it was still salvageable though. I needed to be the man and lead her upstairs by her hands. Then, I should have dragged her onto the dance floor instead of getting there by myself and dancing with the other girls.

I think the jealously plot line might have triggered something bad in her because of a conversation I remember earlier. She had mentioned that she had to start her life all over. Later, I heard her telling some friend that she was stuck with this big house payment. It's possible she had some bad breakup with some guy cheating on her or maybe she had even been married. I don't know. I didn't ask, but it's possible I'm piecing that together right. I keep thinking this Mystery jealousy plot line is gonna help me. I suppose it will with hot girls. I think about how PedNurse just started walking away when I opened that hot Latina last week. I also think about how Mystery even said that when you do jealousy plotlines or takeaways, the girl often can be cold to you when you return.

I let her coldness bother me, I guess. Off the top of my head, I think I could have tried just hugging her, or pulling her aside and giving her a Statement of Interest.

The other move would have been, again, to just lead her upstairs. Even if I hadn't lead her, I could have danced by myself and then went to the group and tried to pull my girl out with me.

Edzo Burger Shop & a sexual routine I field tested last night

We had gotten a one Day Cta Pass. I've been wanting to try Edzo's Burger shop in Evanston and I figured I might as well use the pass and get my money's worth. When I got there, some electric company (not ComEd) was buying free lunches. Unfortunately, I missed it by 5 people. I had the griddle burger which I didn't think was that special but I want to try the char burger next time as that's supposed to be better. The truffle fries were good but a bit salty. Next time, I'll try some other fries. The Nutella milkshake was really good.

I joked with Sidegames about trying out a routine I created describing the emotions I felt about the free lunch cocktease. Here's what I came up with:

I went to Edzo's Burger shop in Evanston cause I wanted to try their burgers. When I got there, an electric company was buying free lunches but I ended up missing the cutoff by 5 minutes. I'm not sure if you can relate, but the emotion I felt was like this time I was about to pull this girl to my car from the bar and go home with her, but suddenly a friend swooped in and dragged her away.

I only tried it on the first set we opened as I ended up being there. Later, I had an opportunity to use it again but I said something different. I said, "I felt like I was about to open Christmas presents and suddenly they were taken away." Obviously, it's a small sample size, but the sexual routine worked fine as I ended up staying in that set for a long time. More on that set in my next post.

I think in theory my story would work as it describes an emotion and it shows that I'm nonjudgmental about sex and am open about going home with girls from the bars.
Besides that, the story/routine amuses me so that's why it will/did work.

Day Game

I run Day Game so rarely, that I figured I'll do a short report. I wanted to set up a Day2 for the Garfield Park Conservatory. I've been trying for two weeks to no avail. I finally just went with Sidegames on Wednesday and that's the only day it's open till 8pm instead of 5pm. Also, the spring flower show is coming to and end and I wanted to see it. I love going to this conservatory. It is an oasis from the cold weather (and actually an oasis among the shitty neighborhoods around it). There were three sets I could have sarged. I actually approached this seated girl. We talked for about ten minutes but when I tried to number close, she claimed she had a boyfriend. I remember things getting awkward. I had been sitting on the bench with her and just after the number close, I could see her getting ready to leave cause she didn't want to sit by me anymore so I left.

I went to the free hours at the Art Institute of Chicago. Until summer time, it's Thursdays from 5-8pm. I wanted to see the new Modern Wing as I've never been there. I also figured there would be some day game. There were a few sets and I hate to admit that I didn't approach anyone. I was feeling tired, but that's no excuse. At the conservatory I was still in beast mode so I approached that one set easily. Wednesday night, we just went out briefly to McGees to eat $1 burgers and have a drink. I opened three sets that night and never built any momentum. I could have gone to Cadillac Ranch but I just decided to take a day off.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Open on the dance floor & super fast escalation at closing

Tonight was another frustrating night, but I know I'm again just being hard on myself. I need to remember that I should be happy with my night if I opened, pushed my comfort zone and worked on my sticking points, and had fun. I did all three things. Joe's on Weed St was super packed. My Latino buddy who I'll call "Chino" from now on was there. He had got there at 6:30PM and the only spot he could get was this little space on the bar. It was playoff mania with the Bulls and Blackhawks having games. I got drunk off the $2 pitchers and ended up wasting too much money on food. They didn't have half price pizza so I decided to order something else and I ended up spending more than I would have ordering a pizza at regular price.

When the Blackhawks lost, I decided to start sarging. The dance floor was ridiculous cause there were more people that usual. Chino was grinding with these three Latina girls he was friends with. I suppose I could have danced with them but I didn't know their stories so I just danced by them for a little bit and wandered off. Perhaps it was a mistake not to work them as it's always easier to sarge through social circle than cold approach. It was clear which girl Chino wanted so the other ones were probably fair game; I also could have just asked him which ones were available.

Dance Floor:

I'm getting more comfortable opening on dance floor though I screw it up a lot. My first attempt was a success. I was dancing by this 4-set and I high fived this one girl. The friends told me it was her birthday so I high fived her and we started dancing. She got close to me really fast. I started with my had on her shoulder but quickly moved my hands to her waist. She said that her friends probably won't like her dancing with me. I probably just have just shrugged but I said, "It's okay. I'll dance with them too." I started grinding her a little. She shit test me by saying, "Are you gay?" I replied, "Are you bisexual?" She said she only likes guys and I said it was too bad because I like bisexual women.

I thought about her question. I think she wanted me to escalate even faster. She knew I wasn't gay because I had party dong (as Jeffy calls it) and it had rubbed on her neck a little. She got sick of me though and went back to her friends. Some random dude must have seen her grinding on me cause he grabbed her right away and started grinding on her.

Later, I tried a few dance floor openings but I was a little timid. I tried to spin this girl and the only time it seems to not work is when I'm thinking about it too much and I look too serious doing it. I also have a harder time opening when the dance floor is too packed. If there is more room, I feel more comfortable getting closer to them and then starting to dance with them. I've mentioned before that I remember reading that I need to caveman right away when the dance floor is crowded. I guess I have to work on that.

I feel like it's too much, but I know it isn't. I see dudes get right up on girls and often times they are cool with it. Girls just bust out guys right away too but it's no big deal. Even when they grind with dudes a little, they often bust them out shortly after. I must as well try it.

Back to Chino's girls: I probably should have grinded with them. Chino was focusing on one specific girl. One of the other girls would grind with him too. They wanted attention. I just wasn't comfortable dancing with them at the time. I remember this random dude grabbed one of the girls hands. She looked to see who it was. I wonder if she was seeing if it was me. When she saw it was some random dude, though, she just waved him off so she might have been waiting for me. She knew it wasn't Chino as he was right in front of her.

Fast dance floor isolation:

I opened this seated set and I opened with strong intent and faster kino than usual. I was holding her hands less than thirty seconds in. The set seemed like it was going well. Her friend walked off and she mentioned that and was getting ready to follow her. I actually pulled her in and then told her to come dance with me. I had made a good impression cause she followed me. I lead her near the dance floor but it was so crowded that I was on the outskirts of it. I started dancing with her and she got close to me. It wasn't as close at the birthday girl, but I was getting turned on. I had party dong again but this girl must have either been a "Haha.. but no girl" or the sexual presence was just too much for her. Not long after my cock had rubbed on her leg, she ran away.

Pushing for quick close:
I used to tell Seagull I was gonna fast escalate fat girls. Back then, I didn't have the confidence to actually do it. When I want to be disappointed with myself, I have to think about how I'm making way more effort to kino escalate quickly and push for extraction. I wanted to leave at 1:30 as I felt I had worked all the sets and nothing was happening. I forced myself to stay and I actually tried to fast escalate girls.

I opened this cute brunette and kinoed right off the bat. I was holding her hands. I'm still a bit surprised how most girls are comfortable with this cause I used to be terrified of grabbing a girls hands. It's easy to tell if they are comfortable. When they hold my hand like a dead fish, they aren't comfortable. It was near closing time so I started to ask what they were doing. She asked what I was doing and I said, "I'll see where the party takes me." I tried to sell food and after hours but she said she had to go with her friends. I mentioned all of them venue changing and she didn't go for it. Then, for some reason, I tried for a quick number close just for the heck of it and then she gave me the boyfriend excuse which was probably BS. I'm glad I made the effort though.

Jeffy super fast escalation opener:
I tried Jeffy's late night street opener at this other club. I was walking to the train when I saw that Hogs and Honeys was open till 4am. I walked in figuring that there were gonna be no sets. There were a few girls grinding with dudes. Later a 4-set walked in and I tried to open one to no avail. About three minutes after I walked it, I saw this cute, but large brunette. I immediately looked at her and said the opener, "You are amazing. I love you." I hugged her, but I didn't go for the immediate make out like I'm supposed to do for Jeffy's opener. Instead, after i hugged her I just pulled back a little. I grabbed both her hands and looked at her and she said, "Why?" I said "You are really cute. Are you fun, though?"

I say that line a lot. She replied, "What do you mean fun? Are you propositioning me?"

I can't remember my exact reply. I suppose I could have just went the apocalypse opener way and said, "Do you want to come home with me" or "Do you want to get out of here?" My reply didn't deny it but made it sound like I was still screening her. I think I said something like, "Maybe. I'm still trying to figure that out."

She was into me, but she said, "I have 5 kids." I felt a ring on her finger since I was holding her hands and I asked, "Are you married?" She said she was and she just out with a friend.

I think I screwed up here. I could have just complimented her and then went for the kiss. If she were willing to cheat on her husband, she sure isn't gonna do it when I bring him up.

She did seem interested in the offer and if she were not married, this would have been at least a make out if not a possible pull. The thing is that I should have just went for the kiss either right away, or after she said the kid thing.

Doing the right things:

I know I'm being hard on myself. If I keep on doing the things I've been doing, and I'm opening on the dance floor, opening with strong intent and kino late in the night trying for quick make outs and extractions, then I will get laid. The progress is slow even when I'm going out every day. Every day I do seem to expand my comfort zone a little bit more. The alternative of playing World of Warcraft and not going out sure isn't gonna get me laid. At least I know that I can continue to train my skill and improve. Tyler/Owen says somewhere that the path is laid out here for us. We're gonna get it. If it takes 10 years, so what?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I need to start burning sets to the ground or get laid

I feel like I'm pushing my comfort zone more than ever but I'm so frustrated by how some of these sets ended. From Sunday night, I was happy with how the Swiss girls set ended. I felt like I had tried everything possible to get further with the girls. I'm bothered by the Detroit tall girl. Especially knowing that she was leaving the next day, I should have pushed the set to the ground. Instead, I left doubt. I would have rather pushed things and had her tell me to fuck off than leave it like it was.

State Crash:

I ended up having a state crash at the end. I think I had basically opened all the sets anyway. I felt like I had a shitty night but after 8 days in a row, I was due one. Tonight was a shitty night but it's probably because deep down, I had higher expectations. Latina Nurse texted me and she said she was gonna stop by. I know she's always flaky and that's the main reason I stopped talking to her. She gave me her email, full name, and birthday to put her on the list yet she still didn't show. Next, I was meeting this blonde here. I knew it wasn't that good of a setup as she was gonna be with her friends, but I thought things would go better than they did.

The blonde talked to me for a bit but she kept walking off. Later in the night, I saw her again and she said she was leaving. I hugged her. I saw her upstairs as she was about to leave and hugged her again. She said, "I'm sorry for being mean to you." She didn't know that her not talking to me that much wasn't that big of a deal as I was busy opening sets. I guess she didn't like me if she felt she had been mean to me.

I got too drunk:
That was part of the problem. I sobered up by the end of the night but I was pretty drunk cause I drank 5-6 beers in less than 40 minutes. I remember opening this blonde. She left and then I opened her at a table downstairs when I was drunk. I didn't recognize her. I probably could have plowed then but I just left. I saw her a third time and sort of recognized her. This was around when I was having my state crash. I just said, "Hey, what's up?" She said, "Again?" I replied, "Yeah." She said, "Get away from me."

I gotta give myself props though. I saw her a 4th time as I was sitting by myself. I tapped her on the shoulder and showed her four fingers to signal I was opening her a forth time and just smiled. That actually motivated me. The fact that I would do that means I should be able to open. I opened a few other sets but I pretty much had worn the place out. I ended up trying Flat Iron, but there were no sets in there. Division was an option, but it was raining and would probably be slow. I ended up just going home early. We left at 1:30am, which is really early for me.

Asian set I should have kissed closed and more:
While I was drunk, I was huddled in a corner table with Sidegames. I opened this bored looking Asian girl. After a few minutes, I dragged her to the dance floor. She wanted to get another drink and I just left. About two hours later, I saw her walk past me as I was waiting in line for the bathroom. When I grabbed her hand, she seemed enthusiastic.

I saw her walk by me about ten minutes later upstairs. I pulled her into me. She was drunk and high buying temperature. We hugged. I held both of her hands. I hugged her again and then she said she had to get another drink.

That is where I screwed up. Instead of hugging her the second time, I should have just starting a kino stack for a quick kiss. Chances are that she would have been into it. Another thing I could have done was go with her when she went to the bar. Jeffy's move would be to say, "Drink time" as if it were my idea. I saw her talking to this orbiter by the bar and getting her drink. I had a chance to approach her again.

Instead I waited and was hoping to see her again but she must have left shortly after she got that last drink.

Burn the sets to the ground:

Ozzie and Brad use the Ancient Greeks as an analogy. The story is that their burned their ships during the Trojan war so that they'd have to win the war or die. There would be no retreat. I need to push these sets as far as I can every time. I either will get laid, or the girl will walk away like that girl I tried to kiss close way to fast on Saturday. This regret about not finishing the sets is really bothering me. Had I followed through with the uncomfortable feelings I was getting from some of the sets this weekends, I probably would have gotten at least one make out and maybe I could have gotten laid if I pushed all the way to the end. Instead, I took the easy way out and didn't push when I started to feel uncomfortable.

Maybe I'm too hard on myself:
I think tonight is gonna reinforce that "push it to the limit attitude." Still, maybe I am too hard on myself. It's not like I take the easy way out and don't escalate. I've been putting myself into situations I would have avoided even just three weeks ago. I'm dealing with mixed sets. I did matrix style with all those AMOG's with PedNurse. I went for that kiss close several times at The Apartment two Thursdays ago. I isolated and went for a quick kiss close on Saturday. I just feel like I still leave too many unfinished sets. It's a work in progress. I can't expect to be perfect. I'm gonna try harder tonight. I was hoping to get a Day 2 with PedNurse, but I'll likely be at Joe's.

We are so dumb with the free beers

I text this girl I met three weeks ago at Flat Iron. She told me about this event at Debonaire Social Club for the announcement of the Lollapalooza line up for this year. I put Sidegames and I on the guest list. The ad said hosted cocktail hour from 9-10PM. (Well, actually, the web page listed 9-10PM and 10-11PM, but my friend confirmed it was indeed 9PM.) As we walked in, we got three tickets worth 1 bottle of 312 beer each. Sidegames opened a set upon my urging. I winged him but the girls left. Later, they opened him again and gave him all their drink tickets as they didn't want beer. I left to go talk to the girl who had told me about the event. I was hoping to introduce her to Sidegames and the girls so I would have social proof but they left before I got there.

We laughed in the car ride home about how dumb we are. At one point, we had six beers with us. I think I stopped at 5 beers because I knew I had to drive home. Sidegames ended up passed out in the car around midnight. He said he forced himself to drink all the beers. We both wanted to get our money's worth.

That's when we thought about how dumb we are sometimes. We didn't pay any cover. The beers were all free cause of the guest list. We tipped a few dollars so I guess we were getting our money's worth from the tips. Still, 3-4 beers each is enough to get our money's worth. We could have still got all 12 beers but we could have given the extras away.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Swiss girls in the dead bar cause Lumberjack got opened

I convinced Lumberjack to come down to Division with me. He had just moved to Chicago from Omaha and all these bars were new to him. We went to Leg Room first. The place was busy but it reminded me of Max Bar on Saturday. There were way too many guys and all the girls had guys sarging them. Game here would be opening girls with guys or stealing girls on the dance floor. Certain venues are just like this. I find it so much easier to work something like Smart Bar this night. When I'm the only one being social and sarging, things are so much easier. Leg Room tonight was like Sangria that day I had that fuck up with the Latina girl from Indiana.

We didn't open anything in Leg Room. I told Lumberack we could try the other bars, but they were gonna be shitty. I predicted 3 people at McFadden's, and sure enough there were that many there. We went to Shennigans and it looked dead from the window. This Indian girl with short hair opened Lumberjack. He talked to her for a bit while I kept looking in the window. I could only see two guys and a girl. Somehow, I couldn't see the 4 girls on the dance floor from the window.

I started leading Lumberjack towards the Irish Bar and Mother's. The Indian girl liked Lumberjack. She asked him to come in with her. He said it depended on what I wanted to do and she said, "Come on it." We went in. I figured it was dumb not to follow a girl in when she's inviting, even though I could tell Lumberjack wasn't that interested in her.

Toronto couples:

I talked to these two guys. One guy was really cool. I found out they were from Toronto. A girl came up and she was obviously with him. I then found out that one of the 4 girls that ended up being on the dance floor was his buddy's girlfriend. I had him point her out so I wouldn't try to pick her up. We talked for a bit more, and then I told him I was gonna try my luck with the two girls on the dance floor.

Swiss girls:
I saw Lumberjack talking to the Indian girl. The two girls had come by her as the Toronto guy's girlfriend had left the dance floor and these two left as well. I introduced myself to this blonde and I couldn't understand her name. I went up to the Indian girl and she introduced me to her friends. She said they were all from Switzerland. The blonde was pretty, but the other girl was hot. She was a brunette in a red sweater. How often do I like a brunette over a blonde?

I talked the brunette for about a minute and I remember getting on the dance floor. I danced by myself and the two girls were dancing with each other. I moved closer to them and tried to grab the blondes hands to dance with her and she waved me away. The hot brunette let me grab her hands and dance with her a bit. She went to a table near the dance floor. I approached her a few mins later and she said her feet were tired.

Lumberjack talked to the Indian girl but then he started talking to the brunette. Now I wanted the brunette. Of course, I didn't have time to discuss wing rules with him, and now that I think about it, I don't know how this set would work within the wing rules I have. With Seagull, whoever opens the set gets to choose his target. Here, my wing got opened. I actually want to talk to Seagull about this. I'm gonna guess that the wing in this situation would have to stick with the girl who liked him cause she's probably not gonna be cool with her rejecting him and taking the better looking friend. I don't know.

I wanted the brunette so I got her attention and started talking to her. I did some light kino escalation there. My real escalation happened when I sat down to her later. There were several breaks in the conversation cause this older black guy that was the music host at the bar kept pulling the blonde and the brunette onto the dance floor. The brunette would also go on the dance floor and than off.

When I finally was seated next to her, I finally got a decent chance to game her. I had my arm around her and touched her hands and held them for a bit. She seemed to be into me. She kept playing with her hair and looking at me and smiling. We weren't facing each other and gazing into each other eyes though. I have this problem when we are sitting on stools. As I write this, I know that int he future, the move is to find a way for her to turn her stool so that we are facing each other. I can see why Seagull had said before that he liked standing isolation. I'm starting to like standing cause I can really get than man to woman thing going when we are facing each other. Again, I just have to get the girl to turn the stool.

I thought this set was on, but suddenly she says she has to go to her friend. The blonde was resting on a stool at another table. At the time I interpreted it as the brunette rejecting me, but it just doesn't make any sense to intepret it that way. I didn't do something stupid suddenly to screw it up. I think there are two other plausible explanations. First, since I didn't have her stool facing me, she could see the blonde friend as she was talking to me. Maybe she got self conscious cause I was kino escalation her so much and she ran off to the friend to lower her state. The second explanation is maybe the brunette was a "haha but not set" to use Jeffy's term. Maybe she was into me like she seemed to be. She liked part of the escalation but maybe she started thinking about some boyfriend back home and didn't want things to go any further.

Venue change attempt:

I give myself credit for trying the venue change. I tried seeding a food extraction with the brunette and the Indian girl. When closing time came, I pushed it and I pushed an after party. On the drive home, it occurred to me that I hadn't oversold the food or the after party. The brunette had said she wasn't hungry so perhaps it didn't matter. The girls were also leaving for Alabama Monday (which meant in a few hours, so they did want to get some sleep). I do have to remember to oversell the food extraction. As for an after party, we didn't have a good location. My place takes too long and Lumberjack lives on the far north side and he said he hasn't even gotten furniture yet.

Number close:
The brunette grabbed a taxi. She wanted to get out of there. BTW, on the sidewalk, the black dude host had come out. The Indian girl had a camera. The black dude, Lumberjack, the girls, and I had all posed for several pics. It was after all this that the brunette grabbed the taxi so it wasn't like they bailed out right away. The blonde got in the taxi. The Indian girl told us that she enjoyed hanging out with us. She said they were coming back in two weeks for three days. She implied she wanted to hang out again. I went for the number close. I was having a hard time putting the "+" sign for the number as it's an international number. The girls were waiting in the taxi and I was taking too long. The black dude started escorting the Indian girl to the taxi.

I really do have some closer mentality in me now. I follow her and she grabbed the phone from me as she got in the taxi. I stood next to her so they couldn't close the door. She punched in her number and told me to put "+1" in the number. I hope I got it right. There's a low probability here of meeting them, but it's worth a shot.

Sarging solo, another tall girl likes me, and working and then fearing the mixed set

Tonight was textbook example of how to sarge solo. I was thinking about not going out Sunday but Sidegames started talking about going out. By the time I was ready, he was asleep so I went alone. I saw online that Smart Bar has a $2 deal on Sundays: $2 cover and $2 you call it well drinks. It closes at 4am so I figured it wouldn't be busy yet when I got to Wrigleyville around 11pm. Also, I like to warm up at other venues, especially on say a Sunday, when I know there aren't gonna be many sets out.

Just about every place was dead. Cubby Bear was busy with latin dancing stuff and it looked like it had a cover. Every other bar had less than 5 people in, though Mullen's had 5-6 groups of people. I decided to warm up by approaching this 5 set with 3 girls and 2 guys. I approach a little too low energy for a big set and I could tell I was a little hesitant so I busted out. It was a good start, though. I opened up a two guys next to me and then found this 2-set. The 2-set were two girls who knew each other from an improv class. I stalled out early as they went back to talking about improv gossip. I sat around and added a few comments I clearly wasn't getting anywhere so I finally left after about ten minutes.

More Warmups in Smart Bar:

First, I just ordered a drink so I could scope the place out. Fortunately, this doesn't cause me approach anxiety. I then opened several guys and several women I wasn't interested in. It slowly turned into me approach every one in the club. This is what PUA's do and I've at least had this part down for awhile. I walk in by myself and end up being friendly with everyone in the club. I even was friendly with this bouncer which I usually don't bother doing.

The first real set I opened was this mixed 3-set. It was a guy, an average looking girl, and an attractive girl that was the second hottest girl in the club. I direct opened the hot girl and then I introduced myself to the guy and the other girl. I did a little MM style in that I ignored the hot girl for a bit while I talked to the dude and the average looking girl. I found out they were all from Germany and on a trip together. They were leaving on a 6am train to some other part of the us (they told me but I didn't understand them when they said their destination). I had mini isolation with the hot girl as the guy and the other girl seemed to be closer. I was escalating well and then she suddenly left to go to the bathroom.

I think that still messes with my head. I have a tendancy to think that I screwed up when that happens, but sometimes the girl does have to go pee. Of course, I did the usual, which is I opened someone else so I wasn't standing around waiting like a lost puppy. When the girl returned, part of me got hesitant to open cause she was standing on the other side of her friends. I ended up opening her again and I just tried to drag her to the dance floor.

I sometimes feel like I sabotage myself. As I write this, I remember how she wasn't ready to go to the dance floor but I decided to interpret it as she not liking me. Instead of plowing, I went and dance myself and then I was scared to open her a third time. It's silly. The set eventually went to the dance floor and the hot girl was dancing mostly by herself. I should have approached again.

Detroit girls:

I worked some other girls but didn't really get anywhere. I ended opening this guy who I'll call Lumberjack. He turned out to be pretty cool and I eventually recruited him as a wing for later on. For a ten minute period, there were no sets to open. This big set of girls had left. I was too scared to approach the German girl. There was this hot blonde but she had told me the other girl was her wife (implying they were lesbians). Maybe they were BSing me, but the other girl did look like a dyke so that made me believe it.

I spotted this 2-set that had been on the dance floor. It was a tall girl who was a few inches taller than me and girl who was a few inches shorter than me. They looked similar. I asked them how they knew each other and they said sisters. I joked about their height difference. I was trying to decide which girl should be my target as they were both cute. I went to talk to Lumberjack as I wanted to bring him in as a wing. He was busy talking to the German girl. (Seeing him talking to her made me want to take him in as a wing cause it showed he can at least open and hold a conversation with girls). I went back and went for the tall girl cause I really love tall girls.

I'm finally feeling entitled to tall girls. There have been enough tall girls who have been attracted to me lately that I'm starting to internalize the belief that they are just like any other girl. This girl seemed into me. We bonded over travel and food. It was loud talking to her on the dance floor so I grabbed her hand an did a mini isolation move. I dragged her to the bar area on the other side of the speaker.

She was leaning on this ledge so her ear could be closer to my mouth. I periodically had the claw on her shoulder. Thing really felt on, but then the sister and some dude came by and started to walk into the other room. My girl said she had to grab her jacket. I decided to go with her and just as I did that, she basically said I could join them.

I introduce myself to the guy. He's a friend of theirs that lives here. The girls, I forgot to mention, had been in town for a concert and were leaving Monday. The girl went inside this photo booth. I suppose I could have made an alpha move of including myself in the pics. I think the tall girl would have been cool. I didn't have the stones to do it, though. Rather than have to face being left out, I opened this Asian bouncer guy who was walking by. I just started to vibe with him. I was killing time so they could take a picture and I could still be close by. The bouncer guy was cool. Funny thing is that two times I just left dead air in the conversation and the dude would continue the conversation. What I was doing reminds me of something the community talks about doing with girls. I often don't leave dead air as I keep wanting to say more; sometimes I should just chill and let the girl ask me questions. I actually had done that a bit with the tall girl.

The two girls went to the bathroom after they looked at the pics. I talked to the dude some more. We were getting along fine. He mentioned this other after hours place. I suggested all of us going but he said they were leaving soon.

I should have learned from Friday that when they say that, it doesn't mean they are leaving that second unless they are walking out the door. The girls returned and then the guy said it was nice talking to me and went back to them. For some unknown reason, I felt like I was busted out. I guess I wanted the guy to invite me over there to his group. That makes no sense. Sure, I was decently cool, but he had no clue the that brunette liked me.

I fucked up in that I didn't want to approach them again. I should have waited a few minutes and then opened the tall girl and isolated her from the group. On a sidenote, this venue when it's this dead was perfect for isolation and even a bathroom pull. There was this bar area that was empty and a long bench to isolate girls. I had seen two guys making out with girls here. The bathroom was even perfect for a bathroom pull. There was no bathroom attendant, it was clean, didn't smell, and you could probably sneak in the girl without the bouncer seeing. There was a large stall area to do your business.

There were no sets so I felt uncomfortable standing around. I thought Lumberjack had left, but it turns out he was in the bathroom. I talked to him and talked about going to Division. He agreed. We ended up having a solid time there but I do regret not opening that tall girl again. There's a good chance I could have escalated, and the logistics were decent. I had the isolation moves I mentioned above and the sisters were staying at a hotel near Pizzeria Due. The guy lived two blocks from the bar so there was an after part possibility there too.

I'm pushing my comfort zones a lot but I need to do it even more.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Isolated and went for kiss close too early

Last night wasn't that great of the night in terms of sarging. I got into a bunch of sets, some longer sets too, but I never really got anything going. One big set I got into was in a booth, and somehow I ended up sitting away from my target. I guess the lesson is that I should have taken the opportunity to sit next to her when two friends got up to go to the bathroom. When they returned, I ended up talking to one of the friends as she sat next to me. I was escalating her a bit but then she mentioned some boyfriend. I stopped escalating but maybe I should have just ignored it and tried to number close her like I mentioned I should have done in sets over the last two weeks.

Another set seemed okay but for some reason I just wasn't kino escalating fast enough. That set was funny cause they remembered I had opened them at first bar we were at. I didn't recognize them until I thought about it for like ten seconds. I probably could have number closed the girl. I got distracted cause we this community guy that was friends with Herschey. Then, I saw this girl who seemed cool when I talked to her. I had seen Seagull's friend earlier and he was with some guy so I had no idea it was one of his girls. Seagull didn't mention it either and I wasted about ten minutes trying to sarge her. I guess our interaction did seem weird. She seemed cool and we started to talk about travel and stuff. I kept trying to get closer and she kept moving away till finally I just pulled back too. I talked to someone else and then I went back in and tried to claw her and she pulled back again. I had seen her looking at Seagull's friend so then I guessed she might be with him. Finally I asked Seagull, and he told me she was with him. After that, I guess I could have went back into the set and talked to my girl but now a third girl was there and we ended up just leaving.

Kiss close too soon: red light:
I think this reference experience will help me go for kiss closes more often. In the short term, I have to admit that maybe this set was the reason I was a little hesitant on the kino in the set I just described. Maybe not though as I can remember several sets that I kino escalated fast. Anyway, I opened a girl standing by the bar. She was holding strong eye contact and seemed comfortable with me getting closer to her and with holding her hand. The conversation was good too. I decided to isolate her cause I wanted to try to kiss her.

She was giggling about something and then I said, "Hey, come over here by the buffet area. (My buddy later told me there was no buffet area, but I had seen some food in this reserved seating area that looked like a buffet)" I grabbed her hand as I said this and starting leading her. She replied "I can't leave my friend." I had been introduced to the friends earlier so I turned to them and said, "Well, be right back. I want to show her something." One girl said, "Ok" so I grabbed my target's hand again and started leading her to front of the bar.

Here is where I screwed up. I remember we talked for like a minute.
She had accused me of being drunk earlier. I had only had one beer about a half hour before we got to this bar so I knew I wasn't. The thing is I'm having a hard time remember exactly what I did after I had her isolated. I remember telling her that the buffet was over on this table but it was gone now. I remember putting my arm around her and giving her some statement of interest. I remember holding both her hands as I was facing her. I remember gazing into her eyes and saying, "I want to kiss you." I started to lean in and she said again, "You are drunk. I have to get back to my friends."

Whoops. I guess my post for myself before I went out about going for the kiss resonated in my head: I actually went for the kiss. She was into me, but obviously I went for it too soon. I just needed to talk to her some more. I also could have kino escalated a little more before going for the kiss. I hadn't stroked her hair, touched her face, and I didn't have my face right up against hers like I have with other sets that I chickened out of kiss closing.

I think this rejection is good reference material. I fear creeping out the girl by going too soon. I did it this time and you know what, it actually wasn't that bad. Sometimes you miscalibrate and get a red light. The rest of the time is either the yellow light of the cheek turn which isn't so bad either. When she turns the cheek and stays, as I've said before, you build attraction. Of course, there is the green light where she kisses you back and you make out.

I'm better off going for things too early like I did here than waiting too long and stalling out. Had I went for it a bunch of times these past two weeks, I would have probably gotten a bunch of green lights.

I guess I went for an instant kiss:

I remember opening this girl who was walking by me on the dance floor. I had grabbed her wrist with the claw and pulled her in. Our faces ended up next to each other while I was pulling her in. She turned her head and kissed my cheek. I wasn't even trying to go for an instant kiss but she interpreted it like that. I guess it's more reference material of how going for kisses it totally not a big deal.

Cubs girl:

I don't think the red light kiss close affected me because I remember this Cubs girl set. She was wearing a Cubs t-shirt. I still had this ears at this point, and as I was walking by her, she opened me with, "Hey, I like your ears."

I had been telling Seagull that I was gonna use Mystery's line, "No you don't, you're attracted to me." I had been opened with "Hey, I like your ears" and I never said the Mystery line. Most of the time, I just said "Thanks." I few times, I just immediately went to introduce myself. This time I put my arm around her and said, "No you don't, you're attracted to me." I remember that she just smiled.

We starting talking as I had the claw on her shoulder. She told me she was into sports. We talked a bit but she wasn't into football. She was into baseball, and of course, I told her I was a Sox fan. I tried to transition into travel, but she told me she doesn't travel. I talked up travel anyway cause I can't really understand how someone can't be into traveling. At one point, I removed the claw and grab her hand and faced her. I was really close to her. She was giggling and I thought it was on, but then she stopped things and said, "I have a boyfriend." I usually give RSD Tim's reply, "Do you want a nother?" I grabbed her shoulders I said this and looked into her eyes. She replied, "No."

This set was a perfect example of why RSD promotes this fast kino escalation. The is one of the sets Jeffy describes as "Haha, but no" set. If I had run my old verbal with very little game, this girl probably would have talked to me for a long time. She was attracted to me and the conversation was decent. She'd let me brighten her day but I'd never get anywhere. By getting physical fast, she had to throw out the "But no" right away. Jeffy describes it as her thinking, "Oh no. What about my boyfriend who's at home playing Playstation." This girl didn't want to cheat on her boyfriend even though she liked me, so she had to stop things. Good for me as I can move to the next set.

Almost got into a fight cause of the bunny ears

At the Bunny Hop pub crawl on Friday, we got these bunny ears. As I wrote in Friday's report, the peacocking value from it is awesome. Several girls in every bar open you. Unfortunately, I sold mine for $5 on Friday. I figured Seagull would wear them again, but he didn't. He let me use his ears tonight. The ears worked great and it was easy to get in set.

Around 1:30am, I opened this Asian girl. She was in a big set. The dude across the table wanted to buy the ears for $5. Besides the fact that they were Seagull's and I couldn't sell them, I wasn't gonna sell them anyway since I regretted last night's sale. I left the set and got on the dance floor. I was dancing by myself. Suddenly, I felt someone grab the ears off my head. This has happened before. In the past, it was girls messing with me and giving me an opportunity to open them.

I looked at saw that guy who wanted to buy them running away with my ears. I caught up to him and grabbed his shoulders. I told him to give me the ears back. I actually would have been fine if he just gave them back. He started to hold them away from me like some bully in the school yard. I started to get pissed and I could feel the adrenaline start rushing through my body. I tussling with him a bit and then I actually thought he handed them off to someone as he said, "I don't have them and showed me both hands were empty."

I looked and saw he had thrown them on the ground about ten feet away. I went to go grab them, but he got there first and walked to his table and set them down. Now, I started to walk over there, but I realized that if I went over there, I was likely getting in a fight with the dude. I know fights are stupid and not worth it. I wanted to sarge some girls. At the same time, I wasn't just gonna walk away and let this guy treat me like this.

I decided to go to a bouncer. My friend had almost gotten in a fight last year with some asshole and we got him kicked out. I tell the bouncer, "Hey, I need your help. I had this bunny ears on my head and this guy stole them. I'm gonna get in a fight if I go over to the table and I don't want to get kicked out so I need your help."
Big bouncer guy: That's why we don't allow hats in here.
Me: It's not a hat. It's bunny ears, like the DJ has on.
Bouncer: Sorry.
Me: Let me get this straight. I'm telling you this guy stole my ears and I'm gonna end up getting in a fight with him if I go over there and get in a fight probably and get kicked out, and there's nothing you can do?
Bouncer: I can't leave this area, but go talk to that guy over there in the black shirt.

The guy he sent me to was a manager or head bouncer. I told him what happened and walked him over to the guy. The manager guy had three bouncers with him as he followed me. I went to the asshole and said, "Where's my fucking bunny ears, asshole! Give them to me."

He tried to play it off like he didn't know what I was talking about. I repeated, "Give me the fucking ears."

The manager guy started talking to him and the dumb ass said that he had tossed them away. The manager then said, "Close your tab, and get the fuck out of here."

I tried to shake the original bouncers hand but he just ignored me. I went to the manger and said, "Thank you for your help. I apologize for all the trouble. I come here a lot and I didn't want to get in a fight and get kicked out."
Manager: Sorry we can't get you the ears. The guy said he tossed them.
Me: Hey, it's cool. I just wanted to resolve this situation with this guy.
Manager: He's an asshole.

It surprised me how long it took me to get back into sarging mode. I guess I had to wait for the adrenaline effect to wear off. Seagull and I grabbed some food and I finally calmed down.

I felt like I handled it according to my own standards:

The guy was being a massive dick when he wouldn't give the ears back. As I said above, I wasn't just gonna let the guy get away without me resolving the situation. At the same time, I didn't want to fight. Fighting is so not worth it. Now, had he started swinging at me, I would have defended myself. Funny thing is if a bouncer had seen us tussling over the ears during the initial confrontation, I bet we would have both gotten kicked out. I surprise myself how calm I was. Sure, I was pumped from the adrenaline rush that comes when you feel a fight is about to happen. I wasn't scared of the guy and I was actually calm enough to resolve the situation in a nonviolent way.

Part of me felt I was being a tattletale, and maybe the initial bouncer felt that way too and that's why he didn't want to do anything. I feel this was the right thing to do as an adult. My married friend and Seagull both said they probably would have gotten in a fight if it had happened to them. Now, I could have easily punched this guy in the head when he was holding the ears away from me with his other hand. The dude was my height and a little heavier than me. Had I done that, I would have gotten kicked out, possibly arrested, and probably ruined my favorite pair of jeans. I could have also approached him by the table and probably ended up fighting too. The other alternative was to just forget about my ears. The guy would get to be a cock with no consequences and I would just let someone walk all over me like I used to do in high school. No fucking way!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thoughts to get myself really comfortable with going for the kiss often tonight

During my jog today, I kept thinking about how far I've come as PUA. There's just that little bit holding me back that's preventing me from really being the guy I want to be. Sticking points are always gonna be there and pushing through them is what takes us to the next level. I keep talking about the kiss close. I'm getting better at it but I kept thinking about how I have to get myself in the right mind set to go for it.

I thought about how I was holding hands with that girl on the trolley almost immediately. I think about how that tall blonde was so into me. Part of me still thinks it's amazing, but I shouldn't think like that. It just happens so often now that I just have to accept it as my reality.

That's when I realized that I really have become that guy that I wanted to be. I'm now that special type of guy that the women imagine meeting. Yes, part of me thinks this is incredible, but again, the evidence just keeps piling up in favor of this. In no way to do I think I've solved the game. I've come a long way and still have a ton to learn. Tyler/Owen still says he has to learn stuff. Once I get past this kiss close, I'll still have to master seeding the same night pull. I'll have to continue to work on my entitlement (which is community talk for how hot a girl I think I deserve).

Thoughts that should help me pull the trigger:

I keep waiting for that perfect moment to kiss and it sometimes exists, but more important is just going for it. The kisses on the Pickup Artist Season 2 are often not that smooth, but of course the girl wants it and make out ensues. Seagull has told me about some of his recent kiss closes and how he just lifted up her chin and went for it and most of the time the girl totally wanted it. Even with that last set that I actually went for the kiss several times, I realized that going for it does enhance attraction and it really is nothing when they reject it.

I'll repeat that Mystery concept. I guess I'm avoiding going for the kiss because I'm trying to be perfect which is stupid. I'm also afraid of rejection, but I know that it doesn't matter. Besides, as RSD Ozzie says, you have to be willing to take risks that can lose you the girl in order to get the girl.

I'm also afraid of making the girl uncomfortable by trying to kiss her.

As Mystery says, NOT kissing the girl when she wants to be kiss causes discomfort. I've written this many times but I need to sink it into my head. I don't want to make girls uncomfortable but by stalling and not taking action, I am creating huge discomfort!!

I'm rolling up on these girls and being that guy that the imagine meeting. I'm confident and dominant. I'm completely relaxed as I gaze at them with laser eye contact and they quickly are hypnotized with my presence. They accept my hand holding or the claw and I can tell it's on and they want more. I was thinking about that long blonde. I bet she was in the bathroom so long after her brother broke things up initially cause I had gotten her excited and wet and she was trying to regain her composure.

To be congruent with that guy I am at the start, I naturally have to continue things to the kiss and make out. I want to kiss them and they want me to kiss them too. Yeah, I might get the moment wrong, but then they'll turn their cheek but chances are they are gonna stay and just want it even more when I try again later. On the rare chance that they leave, at least I went for it and found out early that things weren't gonna work out.

The way I've been playing things lately make no sense. I know the girls are totally into me, yet somehow I think they won't want to kiss me and somehow I think I'm gonna make things better by not going for it. I saw first hand how lame the hesitation is when I broke up that kiss on Thursday. Real PUAs, real men, kiss the girl when it's on cause they know she wants it too.

The right time to kiss the girl is when I feel that the set is on, that the girl is into me. It happened at least 4-5 times yesterday. I saw what Jeffy describes as the girl "popping." He said when he senses that, he tells himself he has to kiss the girl within a few minutes. I just have to pump her state with words and by escalating the kino even more. If I'm holding her hands, I can put her arms around me. I can put my arms around her and have my hands resting against her back or the small of her back. I can start stroking her hair or start grabbing the back of her neck, or I can start stroking her face. Any and all of the above as kino is supposed to be dynamic. I naturally have my face close to her face now that I've been doing this man to woman conversation. I just lean in and kiss and more often than not, she's gonna kiss me back.

My nights will be way more exciting when I'm actually kissing these girls that I'm turning on so much and I can worry about larger problems of logistics and maintaining buying temperature while seeding the pull. While those will be issues, lays will be much easier. I've gotten past this hurdle a few times and once I start kissing, I start doing a lot of the late game stuff naturally. I know how to lead them around and keep asking for the pull. I know how to set up the pull so she gives herself permission to leave me with me cause I know to set it up the pull being my responsibility. I know how to give her some BS reason for getting to her place.

I used to have to tell myself I have to kino escalate to get laid. I used to be so scared to touch girls. I got more comfortable with what I wrote in the first line of this paragraph. I have to kiss the girl, which is just another step in kino escalation. It's like hand holding or the claw or stroking her face. It's not a big deal. It has only been a big deal cause my mind has kept thinking it is.

Time to do this!

Peacocking with bunny ears and this tall blonde who loved me

At the pub crawl, we got this pink bunny ears. I put them on and Sidegames gave me shit about it. I told him I wanted to wear it. It's the same reason I wore a Happy New Years tiara one New Years. I know that it's a form of peacocking and I know it'll get attention. Girls did indeed open Segun and I a ton of times because of the ears. Of course, some guys tried to tool me too which I enjoy. The funny thing is that guys were embarassed to wear the ears when we first went to McGees. I was the only one with ears on for a few minutes and then two other guys followed. Of course, after about a half hour, just about every guy had the ears one cause they felt it was socially acceptable to wear them now.

We started the night off slow just drinking and eating. It wasn't until the second bar that I opened a set and it was at Wrightwood tap and Durkins that we really started to work sets. Sidegames actually went off to some girls apartment for like two hours. Nothing happened but he was able to hang out there. It's the paradox of being able to do that cause he wasn't that attracted to the girl. Of course, I told him he should only do that with girls he wants then, which he admits would make it harder cause he'd actually care about the outcome.

Holding hands with a U of C girl:

Segun and I walked out of Durkins to catch the bus. I sat in front of a brunette. I was in state from working some sets so I opened her almost as soon as I sat down. We started to talk and she told me she went to University of Chicago, which is where I went to college too. I told her she was not geeky enough. Anyone that went to the school knows there are so many people there that have extremely poor social skills. Students poke fun at the school by wearing t-shirts that say, "University of Chicago, where fun goes to die."

Early on, I reached back and grabbed her hand. She squeezed back and I knew it was on. I quickly transitioned to a hand hold where our fingers were interlocked. I knew this was on, of course, but I got screwed by the trolley stop. Redmonds came up and Seagull and I were planning on getting out. The girl had told me that their group was headed to Duffy's. I tried to get her to come to Redmonds but of course she had to stay with her group. She knew I was with Seagull, and she said, "Go ahead and go with your friends."

I probably over analyzed the situation with her. I guess I could have said, "I'm going with you to Duffy's." Maybe it was dumb to just leave a girl who was obviously into me. Beyond that, from my limited interaction with her, she seemed like a quality girl. I want an intelligent girl that's on my level and it's rare to find that when I'm out at the bar.

At least I got further reference material about how kino is so easy now. It still surprises me when the kino happens so fast and easily like in this set.

The bunny ears:
At Moe's Cantina, later in the night, some girl gave me $5 for my bunny ears. In that split second, I decided it was a good idea to sell it to her. After all, I had paid $20 for the pub crawl and $5 is obviously one quarter of the price of the outing, which is huge to get for bunny ears that Sidegames didn't even take at McGee's. I debated it for awhile and even asked random sets what they thought. Now, I think it wasn't worth selling. Peacocking with the ears the rest of the night and Saturday night would have been worth more than $5. It was even more obvious when I walked around with Seagull without the ears the rest of the night. He kept getting opened at every bar just like I had been with my ears.

Tall blonde loves our bunny ears and then me:

The highlight of my evening was this interaction I had with this tall blonde. Any one who reads this blog knows that I love blondes, and especially tall blondes. We walked into our first bar after Redmond's. Seagull went directly to the bathroom. As I was pulling out my phone to occupy myself, this tall blonde suddenly touched my shoulder and opened me.

Hb: Are you friends with the other guy with bunny ears?
Me: Yes.
HB: I was trying to catch his attention when he walked in but he walked away so fast. I love your ears.
Me: Thanks. Hi, my name is .

I forget exactly what I said after this. I remember that I knew it was so on by the way she was touching and me and looking at me. My kino escalation lately is fast until I get to the kiss close, then I often stall because I still haven't fully accepted it into my reality that kissing girls isn't a big deal. I keep thinking there's a moment to do it when often you can just do it. Anyway, I remember I immediately transitioned into a man to woman conversation. I was really close to her face and we had laser eye contact going. I think I was each of her hands with one of my hands as we were facing each other. To the outsider, it looked like it was fucking on, cause it was!

That's my sister:

Suddenly, this guy comes up. I think he touched my shoulder but I can't remember exactly how he opened me. She must have looked at him too. I introduced myself and he was a little cold and he was stiff when I tried to put my arm around him. He said, "Hey, that's my sister." I said, "Cool." He said, "It just looked like there was too much going on here." At this point, she walked off into the bathroom.

I found Seagull and told him the story. I didn't want to stand there talking to Seagull and wait for her so I tried to open a set. I opened these two girls, and then I see the brother walk to my set and sit down. It was her friends, which I wouldn't have opened the way I did if I had known that. I would have prefered to open some random nearby set. I left the friends and brother.

I actually debated leaving and opening the set again. I thought of RSD Tim's 3 walls of the house analogy. I love it because repeating it out loud to Seagull gets me pumped up and helps me do something that I know is gonna push my comfort zone. Obviously, the blonde was totally into me so it would be dumb just to leave and not approach her again. I stalled for 2-3 minutes and then decided to go in.

I touched her shoulder and greeted her. I told her to introduce me to her friends. I talked to her brother for a bit cause I knew I had to befriend him. It didn't take much to disarm him. What surprised me is how he was beta at the table. I can see that he was just looking out for his sister when he approached me the first time and that's why he came across kind of rough. BTW, he wasn't a dick the first time. He was respectful, yet a little strong and somewhat cool to my response to him at the time. Once I disarmed him, he was way more beta that I would have expected. It like he reverted to being an AFC. I'm sure he gets laid, but he didn't come across like a strong natural or an AMOG like that dude from Thursday night with the hot girl.

I briefly talked to the Asian friend who I had opened by accident earlier. The 3rd girl talked about how they were leaving soon. I decided to number close her because I wanted to make sure I did that at least. I got her number, of course. The brother then went to the bathroom and it seemed like the two girls disappeared.

Kiss close time:

That's the thought that crossed my mind when I saw the brother leave. I had tried to isolate her upstairs but when I made the attempt I felt it was too soon. She didn't want to go upstairs yet. I figured now was my chance. I looked at her as was gazing to her eyes. Just as I'm about to do it, I notice the 3rd friend staring at us. I told her, "I really want to kiss you but I don't want you to make you uncomfortable cause we're in front of your friends." She just kept looking at me, which of course means she wanted it.

Seagull & Sidegames thought I should have done it anyway:
As I write this, I have to concede that maybe they were right. We ate at Denny's after our night out and debriefed each other. At Denny's I said that it's not a good idea to kiss girls in front of their friends. It's easier to isolate them and then do it. I also remember being at Barleycorn with that Kentucky girl two years ago. We had been making out several times when I got her away from her friends. I remember that when I first isolated her, the friend made a kissing motion with her index fingers cause she knew what was up. Later, my girl still felt unconfortable when I was trying to kiss her in front of her friends (who included that girl that made the kissing motion).

I think I could have kissed her in front of that one friend and things would have been fine. On the other hand, I think I'm right that it's not a good idea to do it in front of the brother. It would have been awkward.

Two mistakes:

I guess, in a way, I chickened out of yet another kiss close. WTF is wrong with me. I think I'm getting rid of that fear and then two days in a row I chicken out. FUCK!!! I want to solve this issue. I guess I should be happy I'm getting more opportunities for the kclose and that I'm actively trying to make the kiss happen.

The other mistake was to leave. The set was still there when I left the bar to meet Sidegames. I should have kept hanging around until they left or, of course, if the blonde somehow decided to bust me out. I could game the friends and brother even more and spend more time with the blonde. If they stayed just a little bit longer, I could even just venue change. At the time, I felt like I had pushed my comfort zone. I had cause I know there are many times in the past when I wouldn't have gone back into the set. Still, I should have pushed even farther and gotten experience dealing with the brother and the friends. Yeah, I have her number but it's such a pain to get Day2's from numbers. That's why I should have spent more time with her here while I had the chance and while she was in that zone where she's totally into me.

Bunny Hop Pub Crawl Review

Sidegames, Seagull and I went to the Bunny Hop Pub Crawl. I had learned about when I sarged at McGees a few Mondays ago. We paid $20 and all draft beers and well drinks were free from 6pm-11pm and each bar had food as well. You also could take the trolley to the other bars. The McGees bartender was misinformed at the start as she told me only Bud light and some nasty tasting blue punch were included. When we took the trolley to Maeve's, we found out that all drafts were included. I love this aspect as I always like trying new beers. I remember randomizing my choice one time and I happened to get a pale ale. I like the bitter taste of Pale Ale, and especially India Pale ale. To put the deal in perspective, at the end of the night, we talked to this set on Division. They had paid $5 per Blue Moon draft and they could have drunk as much Blue Moon as they wanted for the $20 and had food.


The food at McGees was a buffet of filled potato skins, wings, fried cheese ravioli, and meatballs. At Maeve, there was some pizza from a local pizza joint. I could get my fill of food there alone. At Wrightwood tap, someone told me they were out of food unfortunately. At Durkins, the food was Domino's pizza. We ended our evening at Redmond's because we figured we'd just sarge Wrigleyville after instead of being stuck at one of the other bars that didn't have any many bars around it. Redmond's had cut up burgers, fries, wings, and fried jumbo shrimp. I must have eaten like 15 shrimp.

Obviously, I felt the event was well worth my moment spent. I'm considering doing the Cinco de Mayo pub crawl event, even though it's only 8pm-11pm. At the same time, margaritas at Ceasar's would also be good.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I was wrong, she called us

As right as I was about most things tonight, I missed completely in my analysis at the end. I really thought she had gone home with the English dude. In retrospect, it makes sense that she didn't. I imagined she had started to make out with him in the bar after and then the pull was assured. Maybe the dude had fucked her in 20 minutes, but what happened after wards lead me to believe nothing happened.

We walked in the rain to our car. Sidegames and I began our debrief. I confirmed what I always new; that Sidegames has the talent for this. Besides being outgoing and a good conversationalist in general, he has the same analytical mind that I have when it comes to games. I analyzed poker moves and he analyzed stocks. When we played Risk or Twilight Imperium, we were always thinking of new strategies or reviewing how we played. (On a sidenote, my married buddy would also be awesome at this cause he analyzes stuff just as we do). Sidegames also surprised me by how he recognized some aspects of the game just intiutively. I know all my stuff from reading some much theory over the years and from extensive field experience, but Sidegames already knows some moves without having read anything about pickup. In addition to that, when we talked, I realized he had replayed all the situations he was in earlier in the same way that I do. He thought them over and thought of how he could have done things better or differently.

I'm gonna text her:
He sent her a text as we were driving home. I said that she wasn't gonna respond cause the English dude had pulled her. He started to believe me and she didn't reply. Suddenly, as we are pulling in the the garage here, his phone rang. It was her. She didn't hook up with the dude. I guess she could have as it was about 20-30 mins, but the way she was acting makes me think that was unlikely.

Where are you guys:
If we lived close, we could have both went over. She was asking us where we were and it seemed like she wanted us to come over. I swear that if we lived like 5 mins away, either one of us could have walked over. Heck maybe we could have both walked over and escalated on her and made something crazy happen. I knew from the beginning when she came out alone that she was high buying temperature. She was horny and calling us.

It's still a weird dynamic. Sidegames passed her over to me and I could barely hear her so I just said we'd see her later. I remember the disappointment in her voice when she said, "Oh, okay."

Sidegames said that obviously I had been wrong. He said that I had busted out all those dudes and even though I thought we had lost, she had called us when she got home. I'm guessing that she hung out in the bar till they fully closed and the employees left. They know here there as she's a regular. She got home and was horny and called us. Sidegames said it was perfect. She had to work the next 3 days so she won't be going out and getting sarged and we could meet with her when she's off again.

He was right, but then it struck me. She's horny now. I wanted to make something happen. In all the time we spend debating and me texting, I could have driven to her place. I shouldn't have hung up earlier. Even if I did, instead of taking the easy way out and texting, I should have called her. I started feeling her out with texts. Strangely she replied and then also called Sidegames. I guess she likes him on some level too.

She took a few mins to reply to my text. Finally, I decided to try a bold move, but I should have done this from the beginning. If I had started driving out towards the city and had called her instead of text, I would have been by her place in the time it took me to finally call her.

Still, I felt good that I lived up to my own standards. As we were talking about meeting her again, and Sidegames actually said he wanted to help me get her now, I realized something. If she's drunk and horny, she might call the black dude or some random guy to come satisfy her needs. I decided to try to go over there.

I know you can't just say, "Let me come over and fuck you." Well maybe you can seomtimes, but I felt the move was to make an excuse for coming over. She knew Sidegames was already home but I wanted to make an excuse for still being out. I got in my car and started driving so it would sound like I was on the road and not sitting at home. I had sent her a text, "Do you want some frozen pizza?" She didn't say, "No" but instead had said, "Where are you?"

I interpreted that to mean that she wasn't opposed to the idea but my distance was a problem. She was probably tired and also there was ASD. She would feel slutty if I drove 30 mins to come over there. I told her that I had dropped Sidegames off and was at a 24 hour McDonalds in the city cause there are none by me. I said, "I called you cause it's dangerous for me to keep texting and driving." I said, "An egg mcmuffin and hash browns have your name on it."

She wouldn't agree to let me come over so I just drove back. I figured this would probably be the outcome but I'm so glad I tried. If I hadn't, I know I'd be writing about how I wish I had made the attempt. It feels good to live up to my standards of action once in awhile. She said she had to work tonight and again talked about meeting up with us again when she's off.

I need to figure out a better game plan for then. Sidegames and I want her to bring a friend so there's not this weird 2 guy, 1 girl dynamic. I think we should pregame at her place so we have an excuse to be there at the start and so it's easier to return later. Time for me to go to bed.

These field reports took forever and I know the AMOG was on way too long. I just wanted to get them down as there was so much valuable reference experience tonight.