Thursday, April 7, 2011

Text game follow up

I figure I should give a follow up on what's going on with my number closes.  I stopped hearing from that girl I was trying to turn into my pivot.  It was the girl with the 5 year boyfriend, so that makes sense.  The girl from Friday told me she'd be on vacation till the middle of the month.  When I started texting her on Sunday, she replied quickly and seemed enthusiastic about meeting up.  I texted the girl from Tuesday while I was at this free open bar.  She replied right away.  My goal was to set up a meeting on Sunday.  She told me she was off all weekend so she should be free.  I was gonna text back but then I got distracted by other things.  I tried calling her cause I starting driving to another bar and couldn't text.  She didn't pick up.  I left a message and I didn't want to seem needy by texting her after that.  I'll text her on the train when I'm on the way to the free seminar.  I hope she'll meet up with me Sunday. 

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