Saturday, April 16, 2011

Difficult sets, getting bitched out, and not knowing what sets will be mean

I'm still in beast mode in that I open just about every set I want to open.  There was this mixed 3-set that I was reluctant to open later in the night.  It was a tall good looking dude, this really cute blonde and this cute brunette.  I thought the guy was sarging but both girls seemed to be into him.  I stalled and then decided to do it.  I just direct opened the blonde who I learned was here on vacation for the weekend.  The guy knew.  He didn't even say anything.  I dominated by putting my arm around him.  The girl is who busted me out.  I didn't win her over as I just tried to talk to the blonde.   I was surprised how I was just able to go in and put the other two in spectator mode.  As I've been saying all week, I believe in forcing myself to open those harder sets cause I'm gonna need the practice for the future. 

You can't predict sets:
This is a point RSD Tim emphasizes.  He tells you not to play a movie in your head on how you think a set will go.  The set that seems easy could be hellish and the set that seems impossible might be easy.  Guys are always afraid to open mixed sets even though Mystery said they are the easiest as usually one girl is a third wheel.  That mixed set seemed like it was gonna be difficult.  I didn't get the girl but it was way easier than I expected.

At this bar called cans, I saw a four set.  I saw two guys hovering behind two girls and I figured they were just randoms.  I opened this brunette that I found attractive and she seemed into me.  Suddenly, this tall blonde with mean eyes bursts in and tries to tell me some BS.  I screwed up in that I didn't really befriend her.  I threw her attitude right back at her I guess. I said, "Hi, I see you're the leader in here.  I get it."  She tried to give me some BS about it being her lesbian girlfriend which I laughed at.  That's an old line and I tell them I know lesbians cause I hang out at Green Dolphin and I hung out with one on Monday.  This big blonde gets pissed cause I won't leave and tell me, "Get the fuck out of here."  That actually didn't drop my state immediately.  I walked away cause I didn't want her to cause a scene which should would have as she's a drama queen.  What a bitch.  I guess I screwed up though by not trying to win her over better.  My state dropped a big after that as I thought about it, but seriously, who gives a fuck.  I know the issue is her and not me.   

The LA set I could have sarged:
We were in this 2-set for like 40 minutes.  I was talking to this cute brunette from LA.  The two girls were from out of town but they said they had friends meeting them.  About a half hour later, I saw them upstairs.  It was a giant set: another girl and like 4-5 dudes.  I went right up to my girl even though I didn't want to deal wit ha big set.  I screwed up in that I greeted all the friends and then tried to pull my girl to the dance floor.  She said, "We literally just met up with the friends."  I then bailed. 

I was thinking that I could have kept working that.  I would have had to talk to all the girls and the guys.  I'd then work my girl periodically and try to escalate.  I'd probably have to spend the whole evening hanging out and maybe then I could try to pull her.  It seemed like too much work for early in the night.  As I write this, though, I guess I didn't have to commit the whole night.  I could have bullshitted with the guy friends and then tried to isolate the girl again in like ten minutes.  I could have then tried to fast escalate to see if there was even the possibility of a pull here. 

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