Monday, April 25, 2011

Sarging solo, another tall girl likes me, and working and then fearing the mixed set

Tonight was textbook example of how to sarge solo. I was thinking about not going out Sunday but Sidegames started talking about going out. By the time I was ready, he was asleep so I went alone. I saw online that Smart Bar has a $2 deal on Sundays: $2 cover and $2 you call it well drinks. It closes at 4am so I figured it wouldn't be busy yet when I got to Wrigleyville around 11pm. Also, I like to warm up at other venues, especially on say a Sunday, when I know there aren't gonna be many sets out.

Just about every place was dead. Cubby Bear was busy with latin dancing stuff and it looked like it had a cover. Every other bar had less than 5 people in, though Mullen's had 5-6 groups of people. I decided to warm up by approaching this 5 set with 3 girls and 2 guys. I approach a little too low energy for a big set and I could tell I was a little hesitant so I busted out. It was a good start, though. I opened up a two guys next to me and then found this 2-set. The 2-set were two girls who knew each other from an improv class. I stalled out early as they went back to talking about improv gossip. I sat around and added a few comments I clearly wasn't getting anywhere so I finally left after about ten minutes.

More Warmups in Smart Bar:

First, I just ordered a drink so I could scope the place out. Fortunately, this doesn't cause me approach anxiety. I then opened several guys and several women I wasn't interested in. It slowly turned into me approach every one in the club. This is what PUA's do and I've at least had this part down for awhile. I walk in by myself and end up being friendly with everyone in the club. I even was friendly with this bouncer which I usually don't bother doing.

The first real set I opened was this mixed 3-set. It was a guy, an average looking girl, and an attractive girl that was the second hottest girl in the club. I direct opened the hot girl and then I introduced myself to the guy and the other girl. I did a little MM style in that I ignored the hot girl for a bit while I talked to the dude and the average looking girl. I found out they were all from Germany and on a trip together. They were leaving on a 6am train to some other part of the us (they told me but I didn't understand them when they said their destination). I had mini isolation with the hot girl as the guy and the other girl seemed to be closer. I was escalating well and then she suddenly left to go to the bathroom.

I think that still messes with my head. I have a tendancy to think that I screwed up when that happens, but sometimes the girl does have to go pee. Of course, I did the usual, which is I opened someone else so I wasn't standing around waiting like a lost puppy. When the girl returned, part of me got hesitant to open cause she was standing on the other side of her friends. I ended up opening her again and I just tried to drag her to the dance floor.

I sometimes feel like I sabotage myself. As I write this, I remember how she wasn't ready to go to the dance floor but I decided to interpret it as she not liking me. Instead of plowing, I went and dance myself and then I was scared to open her a third time. It's silly. The set eventually went to the dance floor and the hot girl was dancing mostly by herself. I should have approached again.

Detroit girls:

I worked some other girls but didn't really get anywhere. I ended opening this guy who I'll call Lumberjack. He turned out to be pretty cool and I eventually recruited him as a wing for later on. For a ten minute period, there were no sets to open. This big set of girls had left. I was too scared to approach the German girl. There was this hot blonde but she had told me the other girl was her wife (implying they were lesbians). Maybe they were BSing me, but the other girl did look like a dyke so that made me believe it.

I spotted this 2-set that had been on the dance floor. It was a tall girl who was a few inches taller than me and girl who was a few inches shorter than me. They looked similar. I asked them how they knew each other and they said sisters. I joked about their height difference. I was trying to decide which girl should be my target as they were both cute. I went to talk to Lumberjack as I wanted to bring him in as a wing. He was busy talking to the German girl. (Seeing him talking to her made me want to take him in as a wing cause it showed he can at least open and hold a conversation with girls). I went back and went for the tall girl cause I really love tall girls.

I'm finally feeling entitled to tall girls. There have been enough tall girls who have been attracted to me lately that I'm starting to internalize the belief that they are just like any other girl. This girl seemed into me. We bonded over travel and food. It was loud talking to her on the dance floor so I grabbed her hand an did a mini isolation move. I dragged her to the bar area on the other side of the speaker.

She was leaning on this ledge so her ear could be closer to my mouth. I periodically had the claw on her shoulder. Thing really felt on, but then the sister and some dude came by and started to walk into the other room. My girl said she had to grab her jacket. I decided to go with her and just as I did that, she basically said I could join them.

I introduce myself to the guy. He's a friend of theirs that lives here. The girls, I forgot to mention, had been in town for a concert and were leaving Monday. The girl went inside this photo booth. I suppose I could have made an alpha move of including myself in the pics. I think the tall girl would have been cool. I didn't have the stones to do it, though. Rather than have to face being left out, I opened this Asian bouncer guy who was walking by. I just started to vibe with him. I was killing time so they could take a picture and I could still be close by. The bouncer guy was cool. Funny thing is that two times I just left dead air in the conversation and the dude would continue the conversation. What I was doing reminds me of something the community talks about doing with girls. I often don't leave dead air as I keep wanting to say more; sometimes I should just chill and let the girl ask me questions. I actually had done that a bit with the tall girl.

The two girls went to the bathroom after they looked at the pics. I talked to the dude some more. We were getting along fine. He mentioned this other after hours place. I suggested all of us going but he said they were leaving soon.

I should have learned from Friday that when they say that, it doesn't mean they are leaving that second unless they are walking out the door. The girls returned and then the guy said it was nice talking to me and went back to them. For some unknown reason, I felt like I was busted out. I guess I wanted the guy to invite me over there to his group. That makes no sense. Sure, I was decently cool, but he had no clue the that brunette liked me.

I fucked up in that I didn't want to approach them again. I should have waited a few minutes and then opened the tall girl and isolated her from the group. On a sidenote, this venue when it's this dead was perfect for isolation and even a bathroom pull. There was this bar area that was empty and a long bench to isolate girls. I had seen two guys making out with girls here. The bathroom was even perfect for a bathroom pull. There was no bathroom attendant, it was clean, didn't smell, and you could probably sneak in the girl without the bouncer seeing. There was a large stall area to do your business.

There were no sets so I felt uncomfortable standing around. I thought Lumberjack had left, but it turns out he was in the bathroom. I talked to him and talked about going to Division. He agreed. We ended up having a solid time there but I do regret not opening that tall girl again. There's a good chance I could have escalated, and the logistics were decent. I had the isolation moves I mentioned above and the sisters were staying at a hotel near Pizzeria Due. The guy lived two blocks from the bar so there was an after part possibility there too.

I'm pushing my comfort zones a lot but I need to do it even more.

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