Friday, April 15, 2011

Kiss close attempt, dance floor opening

Thursday night was a night where I did everything I could to sarge properly.  I was constantly getting into sets and trying to escalate.  I was in the mood where I'm opening and high fiving guys and girls.  I even left a set with a cute blonde cause it didn't seem to be going where I wanted.  The kino was crucial in that set.  She seemed cool and liked the conversation but when I tried to escalate, she pulled away.  I guess I could have tried to grab the number and then left.  I sure wasn't gonna waste my time working that set when I got other potential sets.  At one point, I had this negative thought.  I told myself, "Wow, I'm giving full effort here and nothing."  Of course, I know that's the way it works.  I just kept going and didn't let it affect my state. 

Make lemonade and not trying:
On my way in, I called this guy who I'll call "Alf" now.  He's the black guy I'm close to from that group I met at Joe's two weeks ago.  It's the group of 4 black guys and this cute little blonde.  He asked me to pick them up from some bar at Clinton and Madison.  Well, I got off the Ike and got there and dude wasn't responding.  Later he told me he had thrown up and was all wasted.  It was BS but I got over it.  I went to look for them in the first bar I saw after parking.  They weren't in there.  I was about to leave but decided to open this set.  Suddenly a dude appeared so I opened him by asking a real question.  I wanted to know what other bars were in that area as I was gonna look for Alf and them there.  The guy was cool and we ended up chatting.  Funny thing is that the woman there was totally attracted to me.  It makes sense when I consider the Mystery model.  I wasn't even trying to sarge and was just talking to the dude.  She worked her way into the conversation and was looking at me with the DDB look from the start.  At one point, I gave her shit about being drunk and then put my arm around her.  She put her arm around me immediately.  The guy was just a friend, but she had a wedding ring on.  I tried venue changing them to Lincoln Park but they were about to call it a night.  I was most surprised by how attracted she was to me when I didn't do much to sarge her. 

Opening machine & Tree girl.
I was opening everything.  It was amusing.  At one point, Alf suddenly showed up with the posse.  I danced by them and I kept trying to stop every girl that walked by.  I tried to open girls on the dance floor near me too.  I was upstairs and downstairs just constantly working things.  I remember  I opened this cute blonde downstairs who I'll call "Tree girl."  She was walking to the bathroom but she seemed interested.  She asked me where I'd be.  I said "around" and I worked some Asian girls.  Later she walked by me when I was on the dance floor.  I stopped her again.  I put my arm around her and told her friend, "I'm making her my girlfriend for the next 5 mins" (RSD Tim's line).  She smiled when  I did this and said "Just 5 mins?" 

 The friend said they wanted to get more drinks.  I grabbed both their hands and tried to pull them downstairs.  In retrospect, I should have just tried to go to the bar upstairs, or at least went with them there when they wouldn't come downstairs.  I let them walk off.  I opened some other sets and then I went around by the window and saw them sitting at a table. 

"Hey, you guys got a table and didn't invite me?" I said as I approached them.  They giggled.  The friend was taking pictures and then they asked me to take a picture.  Anyone who has read the Mystery method stuff knows why I felt like a chump having to take the picture.  The wisdom back then was not to take pictures if some random girls ask you do it.  I hesitated for a second and then took the picture.  I was already friendly with these girls; it's not like they were just some random girls.  The friend helped my case though and motioned for Tree girl and I to get close together for a pic.  What a refreshing change from that girl last night who cockblocked me hard. 

I was kinoing fast with my girl.  I had the claw and I started to hold her hand.  I was really close to her and gazing into her eyes.  At one point, she placed my hand on her leg.  I knew it was on and I was turned on.  The friend went to go get a drink and my girl stayed with me.

Kiss close attempt:
I know when it's on and the other girl leaves, you better make some sort of move.  I was gazing into her eyes.  She knew it was on and she didn't something unexpected.  She said, "You're thinking about making out with me.  You keep looking into my eyes."  I said, "You're thinking it too as you're looking into my yes."  I stroked her hair and leaned in and then she turned so I had to kiss her cheek.  She said, "I'm not making out with you.  I just met you." 

I've been reinforcing what I know to Segun as he said he's had trouble with it.  It's fine to go for the kiss and get rejected.  It builds attraction provided you are nonreactive to the rejection.  My state honestly didn't dropped.  I was happy I went for it.  I just talked about something else.  I mentioned General Sherman's tree and to my surprise she had actually heard of it. There were several little moments like this where we had the same obscure interests. 

I wish I had one of my wing men with me.  It was on with my girl and the other girl was looking for a guy too.  Some Spanish guy was sarging her at the end.  He bought us all shots. Lol.  We were gonna go to the dance floor but the lights came on cause the place closes at 1am. 

Venue Change and more kiss close attempts:
Rather than just bask in having had a good set, I tried to suggest the venue change.  I mentioned pizza but they had eaten sushi earlier.  They wanted dancing so I pushed for Division.  The dude disappeared though.  You can tell closers.  He was content with grabbing the girls number while I was pushing for more.  My girl was driving and was reluctant to go to the other place cause she didn't want to get too wasted and then have to drive. This is a case where if I had a close pad like "G" does, I bet I could have venue changed them to my place. 
The girls wavered between going and not going and finally decided to go home.  

I tried to kiss close 3 times including at the end.  I didn't drop state but it's too bad she was holding herself back.  It seemed like she was really into me.  I told her she was thinking too much and should just try to have fun.  She agreed she was thinking too much.  I guess it's too fast for her.  She said she just broke up with her boyfriend two weeks ago.  She did say at one point though, "I really needed this." 

Division Street:
Place was dead.  I did find a bunch of girls in my usual spot.  I tried dancing with a few but to no avail.  I opened this brunette who had some nice breasts that were accented by the top she had on.  I was like instantly turned on and I ever told her she was sexy as hell.  I started grinding with her.  The friend wanted to go for a smoke.  I greeted her and was holding both her hands right away.  It just amused me how easy kino is now that I am more comfortable with it.  The bar emptied out as they were having a smoke.  I some some dudes talking to them . I didn't want to go out but I decided to go out and try to steal them from the guys, but they were gone by the time I ran out there. 

I hope I can maintain this new me.  The past two days, I've been seeing difficult situations I'd normally avoid and forcing myself to go in.  I know that's how I'll gain experience for those Tuesday like situations.

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