Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Food Extraction while wasted

I met up with Sidegames at Joe's.  He had been out in the city and got to Joe's early.  I had to brave a drenching storm to finally get to Joe's.  Sidegames has potential in that he doesn't give a fuck, in the right way.  For example, he was hungry and we saw these two blondes get their pizza order.  Sidegames talked about getting a slice from them and then he went up and asked them.  At the time, I was hesitant to do so.  If he can keep that same attitude while opening and working sets, he'll have an easy time.  He also is cool with coming into sets that I've opened and he has good conversation skills. 

The first set I opened is the set we stayed with the entire time.  I opened this 3-set by the door.  I actually was making a mistake while talking to them cause I was standing and not sitting down.  The extra chair had a girl's stuff on it, and I knew I should sit down.  Fortunately, one of the girls said, "You can sit down" and she made the girl move her stuff. 

Sidegames came into the set and we all were chatting for about an hour when Seagull showed up.  As soon as he walked in, I introduced him to the set.  He ended up sarging the girl I originally approached.  I had changed my target to this blonde.  The set ended up saying they had to go.  As they were walking out, Seagull commented that his target looked reluctant to leave.  Seagull then said, "Why didn't I number close her?" 

I left to take a piss and I guess Sidegames left also.  When  I returned, I saw two girls sitting by Seagull.  I guess the cutest girl had to go home but these two had returned.  Obviously, that's a huge IOI.  The girls must have decided their evening would be more fun by staying. 

I got totally plastered cause I knew Sidegames could drive us home.  I knew it was stupid to do so in terms of sarging but I wanted to do it.  The last three times, I'd get drunk off the one pitcher and then I'd stop so I could be sober at closing time and drive home.  The girls kept ordering pitchers.  They ordered two pitchers and then I ordered a third.  This was in addition to the full pitcher I drank with the pizza and part of a second pitcher I ordered with dessert. 

In my drunkenness, I guess I still have some awareness for game.  I kept trying to isolate my target to the dance floor area but she kept making the excuse that she wanted to stay with her friend.  I was too drunk to actually create the isolation move.  I know that if I was sober, I would have pumped her state and then been more dominant with the move to the back.  Seagull tells me my kino was good, but I felt it was weak.  I remember standing close to her so at least I was doing that right.  I guess I could have asked Sidegames to give me some isolation with her.   Instead, I gave him isolation at one point cause  I walked in back. 

I found my Latino buddy by the dance floor.  I danced by them and tried to look for more sets.  I remember opening a few but I was too wasted and didn't get anywhere.  Eventually, I came back to the blonde.  She was still talking with Sidegames and Seagull still had his girl isolated.  I found out today that he made out with her and was dancing and making out with her most of the time. 

The Food Extraction:
It's so rare for me to get so drunk that my memory is hazy.  The last time this happened was two New Years ago.  I was drunk at this wedding reception two weeks ago.  I was more drunk than usual but I still remembered every thing that happened.  Last night, many parts were foggy.  For example, I remember pushing a bit for the food extraction but I don't remember the details.  I had to debrief Seagull and after I write this, I'll actually debrief Sidegames. 

I remember Greektown Gyros being mentioned.  I also remember Seagull mentioning Clarke's.  I then remember pushing strongly for Elly's Pancake house cause it was close and I get miles from the place.  I then remember walking to the car with Greg and the blonde.  The other girl rode with Seagull.  I remember letting the girl take the front seat in my car which I know I wouldn't do sober but I guess I just didn't care at the time. 

Seagull told me that there was some resistance to the food extraction.  That's normal.  Seagull's girl wanted to go, of course, cause she had been making out with Seagull.  The blonde said she was tired and I guess Sidegames said he was tired too.  Of course, I was pushing for it cause extractions are always fun.  Seagull said he remember letting the girls talk it out and he just felt like it was gonna happen.  The girls decided to go and the rest is history. 

Elly's is a good venue.  Sidegames and I actually had eaten at the one in Arlington Heights at like 6am Tuesday morning.  I remember telling him that in 24 hours we'd be with girls at a diner, and it was cool that we made that prediction true.  We had ordered this apple pancake in the morning that takes 40 minutes to cook.  That thing is good.  I ate the leftovers when I got up this evening.  At this Elly's, I ordered an omelete and I remember having a conversation about hot sauce.  The place must be good cause there were a bunch of Chicago cops eating there which in my mind mean's the food is good. 

Greg offered them a ride home and we dropped them off in Lincoln Park.  I was so wasted that the whole ride home  I was yelling shit and annoying Sidegames.  I fell right asleep when I got home and ended up waking up at like 8:30am.  I coudln't sleep for like 4 hours and then ended up sleeping till 5:30PM today.  I'm planning on going to Caddy in a half hour or so for more beast mode sarging.  This time I'll drink little to nothing.  Sidegames seems like he doesn't want to go.  If there's any place I should be happy with going out alone, it's Caddy.  I've had a blast every week I've been there and progressed a ton. 

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