Monday, April 25, 2011

Swiss girls in the dead bar cause Lumberjack got opened

I convinced Lumberjack to come down to Division with me. He had just moved to Chicago from Omaha and all these bars were new to him. We went to Leg Room first. The place was busy but it reminded me of Max Bar on Saturday. There were way too many guys and all the girls had guys sarging them. Game here would be opening girls with guys or stealing girls on the dance floor. Certain venues are just like this. I find it so much easier to work something like Smart Bar this night. When I'm the only one being social and sarging, things are so much easier. Leg Room tonight was like Sangria that day I had that fuck up with the Latina girl from Indiana.

We didn't open anything in Leg Room. I told Lumberack we could try the other bars, but they were gonna be shitty. I predicted 3 people at McFadden's, and sure enough there were that many there. We went to Shennigans and it looked dead from the window. This Indian girl with short hair opened Lumberjack. He talked to her for a bit while I kept looking in the window. I could only see two guys and a girl. Somehow, I couldn't see the 4 girls on the dance floor from the window.

I started leading Lumberjack towards the Irish Bar and Mother's. The Indian girl liked Lumberjack. She asked him to come in with her. He said it depended on what I wanted to do and she said, "Come on it." We went in. I figured it was dumb not to follow a girl in when she's inviting, even though I could tell Lumberjack wasn't that interested in her.

Toronto couples:

I talked to these two guys. One guy was really cool. I found out they were from Toronto. A girl came up and she was obviously with him. I then found out that one of the 4 girls that ended up being on the dance floor was his buddy's girlfriend. I had him point her out so I wouldn't try to pick her up. We talked for a bit more, and then I told him I was gonna try my luck with the two girls on the dance floor.

Swiss girls:
I saw Lumberjack talking to the Indian girl. The two girls had come by her as the Toronto guy's girlfriend had left the dance floor and these two left as well. I introduced myself to this blonde and I couldn't understand her name. I went up to the Indian girl and she introduced me to her friends. She said they were all from Switzerland. The blonde was pretty, but the other girl was hot. She was a brunette in a red sweater. How often do I like a brunette over a blonde?

I talked the brunette for about a minute and I remember getting on the dance floor. I danced by myself and the two girls were dancing with each other. I moved closer to them and tried to grab the blondes hands to dance with her and she waved me away. The hot brunette let me grab her hands and dance with her a bit. She went to a table near the dance floor. I approached her a few mins later and she said her feet were tired.

Lumberjack talked to the Indian girl but then he started talking to the brunette. Now I wanted the brunette. Of course, I didn't have time to discuss wing rules with him, and now that I think about it, I don't know how this set would work within the wing rules I have. With Seagull, whoever opens the set gets to choose his target. Here, my wing got opened. I actually want to talk to Seagull about this. I'm gonna guess that the wing in this situation would have to stick with the girl who liked him cause she's probably not gonna be cool with her rejecting him and taking the better looking friend. I don't know.

I wanted the brunette so I got her attention and started talking to her. I did some light kino escalation there. My real escalation happened when I sat down to her later. There were several breaks in the conversation cause this older black guy that was the music host at the bar kept pulling the blonde and the brunette onto the dance floor. The brunette would also go on the dance floor and than off.

When I finally was seated next to her, I finally got a decent chance to game her. I had my arm around her and touched her hands and held them for a bit. She seemed to be into me. She kept playing with her hair and looking at me and smiling. We weren't facing each other and gazing into each other eyes though. I have this problem when we are sitting on stools. As I write this, I know that int he future, the move is to find a way for her to turn her stool so that we are facing each other. I can see why Seagull had said before that he liked standing isolation. I'm starting to like standing cause I can really get than man to woman thing going when we are facing each other. Again, I just have to get the girl to turn the stool.

I thought this set was on, but suddenly she says she has to go to her friend. The blonde was resting on a stool at another table. At the time I interpreted it as the brunette rejecting me, but it just doesn't make any sense to intepret it that way. I didn't do something stupid suddenly to screw it up. I think there are two other plausible explanations. First, since I didn't have her stool facing me, she could see the blonde friend as she was talking to me. Maybe she got self conscious cause I was kino escalation her so much and she ran off to the friend to lower her state. The second explanation is maybe the brunette was a "haha but not set" to use Jeffy's term. Maybe she was into me like she seemed to be. She liked part of the escalation but maybe she started thinking about some boyfriend back home and didn't want things to go any further.

Venue change attempt:

I give myself credit for trying the venue change. I tried seeding a food extraction with the brunette and the Indian girl. When closing time came, I pushed it and I pushed an after party. On the drive home, it occurred to me that I hadn't oversold the food or the after party. The brunette had said she wasn't hungry so perhaps it didn't matter. The girls were also leaving for Alabama Monday (which meant in a few hours, so they did want to get some sleep). I do have to remember to oversell the food extraction. As for an after party, we didn't have a good location. My place takes too long and Lumberjack lives on the far north side and he said he hasn't even gotten furniture yet.

Number close:
The brunette grabbed a taxi. She wanted to get out of there. BTW, on the sidewalk, the black dude host had come out. The Indian girl had a camera. The black dude, Lumberjack, the girls, and I had all posed for several pics. It was after all this that the brunette grabbed the taxi so it wasn't like they bailed out right away. The blonde got in the taxi. The Indian girl told us that she enjoyed hanging out with us. She said they were coming back in two weeks for three days. She implied she wanted to hang out again. I went for the number close. I was having a hard time putting the "+" sign for the number as it's an international number. The girls were waiting in the taxi and I was taking too long. The black dude started escorting the Indian girl to the taxi.

I really do have some closer mentality in me now. I follow her and she grabbed the phone from me as she got in the taxi. I stood next to her so they couldn't close the door. She punched in her number and told me to put "+1" in the number. I hope I got it right. There's a low probability here of meeting them, but it's worth a shot.

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