Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Warpig hates me and then likes me

Today, my old roommate Sidegames moved back in which is good cause I need the money right now.  I picked him up from the train station and I told him we were going to Lincoln Park to take advantage of the food and drink deal and so I could sarge.  The bar was busy cause of the Bulls game.  I figured it was good practice for opening.  I was dressed like shit and wearing my glasses which I know doesn't matter. 

I opened this nerdy looking girl with glasses.  She was my first set and I just bailed cause it didn't seem to be going anywhere. I suppose I could have plowed.  I ate my $1 sliders and then opened this 4-set that was next to us.  I opened this girl with glasses.  The cutest girls in the set was next to her.  She loved my tall ship future adventures projection.  She was smiling at me right away and was trying to talk me up to the warpig leader of the set.  This chick was probably the ugliest girl in the set and the largest.  She was so loud and kept giving me a lot of bullshit about how I need to consult her if I want to talk to any of the girls.  I kept smiling because I'm used to BS from all my years doing this but she gave me more shit than I've gotten in a long time.  (Yeah, I got told to fuck off on Friday but this was more just bullshit she was telling me.)  I think I'm finally done hearing her shit and can talk to the set but she tells me it's "girls night" out and tells me to go away. 

Sidegames and I hang out and as we're about to leave I open two other sets.  One is this cute brunette from Louisiana.  Sidegames surprised me by coming up right away.  I had to take a piss so I directed him to go talk to the set and he did so.  I went to open this redhead that caught my eye but I couldn't get anything going with her. 

When I went to the bathroom, the cute girl from the 4-set saw me there and said, "Hey, what was your name again?"  I actually hadn't noticed it was her standing in line for the bathroom (each is just a one person bathroom) until she opened me.  Obviously she liked me.  I had to piss so  I told her I'd be back.  When I came out, she was back by the table.  The warpig saw me and all of a sudden was all friendly.  She smiled and hugged me. 

Sidegames and I were thinking about this and a contributing factor had to be that jealously plotline idea from Mystery.  They had to have noticed me working other sets and gained attraction.  I tell them to come to Joe's on Tuesday.  The warpig tells me to come to Durkins on Thursdays cause they would be there.  I told her I might go, but I usually go to Lion Head.  She said I should go there if I wanted to see them again.  I tried to number close but she said to meet them there.  I might show up cause at least I might see them there and I'll be able to sarge the cute girl or I can use them as social proof for other sets.

With Sidegames living here and not working right now, I think he's gonna be out sarging with me.  He says he has nothing to do anyway.  We're going to Joe's tonight so we'll see what happens. 

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