Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girl comes out to meet me, Gets stolen by another guy cause I stall and am scared of AMOG battles

While what I'm going to describe was happening to me, I thought of two things.  I thought of how G was in a similar situation and he actually got laid by following through.  I also thought of this story from Tyler/Owen's archives where he lost a girl to a better guy.  I complain about shitty nights, well this tops the list.  I can't remember the last time I was out sarging and felt like this.  It was like I got stake right into the heart.  The good thing is that I made the effort and didn't give up right away. 

I text her "I'm at Joe's" but you shouldn't meet a girl at a bar:
I decided to text that girl from Thursday, the one from Indiana that I stole from the other guy.  Some would probably argue this is fitting that I lose the girl the next time I meet her.  I guess I wanted to text her cause I hoped she would want to come out.  I text that girl I met here last Tuesday as well but got no response.  This girl wanted to come out and said she had to see if one of her girlfriends would come out with her.  She took so long though that she didn't get out here till like 12:20.  I now know that Joe's stops letting people in at midnight.  I can't understand why they do that.  Maybe it's cause of the $2 pitcher deal.  I'm thinking they don't want people getting trashed right before closing time. 

As I'm writing this, I realize that I should have text her, "Text me when you park, and I'll come to the front and meet you." 

Instead I got a text saying she could get in.  I thought she was full of shit but I learned later that she was right.  I tried calling her but she didn't pick up.  Now, I think my spidey senses were right.  She was acting weird with the texts.  Since they are in my phone I guess I can just put them in here.  The times will help me realize how long it was before I met up with them:

HB 12:20: They didn't let is <sic> in

Me 12:25: Lol. What are you wearing? It's busy in back but sports bar area is empty. (This is a pretty dumb response now that I think of it, but it didn't make sense to me that they didn't get in.)

12:24: Called her and no answer
HB 12:26: Jean why well they didn't let us in so oh well

Me 12:27: Where are you? I'm by the entrance now. e can go somewhere else.  Come up here by the door.

HB 12:27: Like where

Me 12:28: Division and rush

Me 12:29: Good song on (no idea why I sent this)

Me: 1231 Call me and I'll come outside. Lots of places to go. Its still early. I'm right inside.

HB 12:32: My sister is meeting people up here so we staying

Me 12:33: ?

HB  12:34: What

Me 12:35: You're so confusing.

HB  12:35: How so

HB  12:36: I told you we are at sangrias

HB  12:36: And you said if we want to go somewhere else and I said prob not my sister wants to stay here

Me: 12:37: You never said that. Lol. Just said you didn't get in here

HB  12:38: I said Ididnt get into joes bar

Me  12:40:  What's the cover charge

HB  12:40: We didn't et charges idk about men

Me 12:45: I'll come over there after I close this tab

Me 12:55: Where you at? I just got in. I guess Joe's stops letting people in at 12

Me  01:25: Lol. You're not making it easy to find you. I'm in sangria. Come say hi to me. I haven't seen you.
Been talking to people. 

HB  01:35 : I don't remember what you look like lol

Me: 01:36: I'm wearing a black shirt with stripes.  I'm filipino. Talking to a blonde Mexican girl

Me: What are you wearin? I wanna say hi.

I see two things now that I took the time to write this all out.  I let an hour go by before I finally found the girl.  I shouldn't be surprised about what I found.  Still, I knew something was up with the way she wasn't picking up and being vague in her responses.  I can speculate what happened.  They came to Joe's and didn't get in.  Some dudes sarged them either in front of Joe's or at Sangria.

In Sangria, instead of looking for her, I started opening sets.  Its like I knew what I was gonna have to deal with.  I actually wasn't sure what she looked like, but that was a stupid excuse I made to myself at the time.  I was able to figure out who she was easily enough when I eventually found her.  I think I saw her early on and there were dudes there.  I don't know why I wussed out then.  That was the first mistake.  I should have found her as soon as I walked into sangria.  She didn't reply to text but I should have found her.  I remember when G met this hot blonde her, of course, some dude was in the set.  I gotta ask him again, but I think he said he was right up on her and he just went right up to her and hugged her.  That's what  I needed to do.

In my head, I told myself I was gonna open sets to warm up.  I was hoping I'd be in a set when she came and found me. Simultaneously, I also knew I had to deal with a lot of BS and I guess I was avoiding it.   I couldn't get any sets to hook until I met that married blonde Mexican girl I described in the previous blog post.  That's when she finally replied.  When that girl went to the bathroom I went to find her. 

It's fucking on with another dude:
 It's like I created this.  First of all, I fucked up by not finding out that Joe's stops letting people in at 12am.  Then I took too long to find her.  When I finally look for her, I find her sister standing and some dude standing a few feet away from her.  I see her up against this wall, and this guy is gazing in her eyes.  He has he hands in the wall and he's about to make out with her. 

I sigh and swear to myself as I'm typing this.  I also ask myself what the hell I was supposed to do.  I guess I should have had the stones to approach her and ruin the moment for him.

Instead, I pretended not to see her and wandered off.  Now, to my credit, I didn't just give up here.  I danced a bit to pump my state, and then  I went back.  I found her sitting at the edge of this booth.  I greeted her.  Before, I can say more than like two sentences, that dude grabs her hand and tell her, "Let's dance."  I see them off on the dance floor.  This is when I opened that 3-set and didn't grind with them only to see some other dude come up and grind with the girls.

I feel like a fucking loser:
Yep.  This hurt pretty badly.  I knew that the girl come out because I mentioned Joe's and got her excited about coming out.  I screwed up cause Joe's wasn't letting people in and I didn't know that.  I also should have had her text me or call me when she was arriving.  I waited too long to find her.  If I opened her right away, the dude likely wouldn't have gotten as far as he did and it would have been easier to steal her back.
I made a futile attempt to open this set I stalled out of earlier.  Girl wasn't into me and told me she wasn't interested. 

Finally see her alone:
I saw the two girls standing in the dance floor.  A circle had formed around these guys that were taking turns doing a sort of dance off.  I tapped her shoulder and opened her.  She said hi and then turned back.  I got her attention and told her we should dance.  I danced but it was awkward. I  still don't have this dancing with girls down.  I was trying to get closer and she kept backing off.  Her eyes were wandering so I should have moved her to try to talk instead of trying to continue dancing.  She says, "I have to find my sister."  I try to stop her but she runs off.

I stay for about ten minutes loner.  I know there are no sets.  I can't see how I can try again with this Indiana girl especially considering I was in a total shit state at this point.  I see dudes by their seating area again so I just leave and go on the Division St adventure.  

Well, points for effort I guess.   
That's the lesson to be learned here.  Part of me did not want to go to Sangria when she finally told me where they were.  I knew something was up.  My spidey sense was right.  I have to give myself credit for going over there knowing it was gonna be a tough situation.  It turns out I shouldn't have gone.  If I was ready to pull her off the guys that I suspected were gonna be there, I was better off not going and trying to meet her again some other time.  I know if I had done that though, I'd be writing in this blog that I fucked up.  I remember that's what turned the tables for me.  When I found out that if I left Joe's, I couldn't return I debated not going over.  I knew that I'd feel stupid if I didn't.  I knew she came out to try to meet up with me and then I was gonna not try to meet her when she was just across the street.  

I remember reading somewhere that you should never meet for a Day2 at a bar cause this shit can happen.  I have read of people meeting up at bars though.  I need to make sure that the place is gonna be open if I do this again.  I had no idea about Joe's.  If they had come in, I think I would have been fine.  I would have met up with them and got some time with both sisters.  I was in a good state at 12:20 when I got that first text telling me they didn't get in.  I probably would have made out with her and things would have been good.  

Instead, I was faced with a tough situation.  I stalled instead of dealing with the situation.  It reminds me of something Jeffy said in Jeffy Show 2.  He talked about how we'll make BS rationalization about not opening.  For example, our mind will say that we can't approach cause there are people there.  Jeffy says, "How do we know more won't show up?"  The rationalizations are BS.  Sure was here.  I didn't want to deal with the AMOG's even though I know how to tool them and eclipse them.  By stalling, I just give him more time to sarge her and they are making out by the time I see them.  I didn't see the actualy makeout but the guy is a moron if he didn't kiss her when he had her against the wall.  The guy has game unlike my dumb ass.  (I'm forced to think about how I didn't make out with that French girl Friday.)  

It was a tough situation so  I can't expect myself to shine.  I was easier on Thursday when I was facing a lame chode and I was in massive state from the momentum of the night.  I should have found her right away.  I then should have walked right through the guys and greeted her and hugged her.  I'd get introduced to the sister.  I'd ignore the guys unless she introduced me or they started talking.  I'd tool them right away and resort to AMOG lines if I had to.  I can do that.  

I did okay.  Made somewhat of an effort but I should have interacted with the guys instead of just leaving them free reign over girls that were supposed to be meeting me.  By letting them work their magic, I was depending on them to fuck up when I had a chance to shine by owning them all. 

I better learn to deal with this:
This girl is cute but again, she isn't smoking hot.  Of course, I want to get to the level where I'm getting the hottest girls at the club.  Well, when you do this, this type of situation becomes more common.  G was dating some smoking hot girl before and he said anytime he went to the bathroom or whatever, he'd always come back to some dude sarging his girl.  It's easier to deal with if you're already banging the girl though.  Dealing with orbiters, and AMOG's is standard with the hottest girls so this was a good reality lesson.  Still hurts really badly.  I know I can't let this affect my state tonight. 

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