Sunday, April 3, 2011

I wanted to smash this guys face into the concrete

Fortunately, I didn't get into a fight, but it's the first time in a long time that I met someone that just made me angry.  I can see how people get into fights when it's possible for me to get so angry at a bar.  Keep in mind that I'm an easy going person and I've never gotten into a fight at the bar ever.  I'm in fun party guy mode and it's hard for anyone to snap me out of it.  I can actually remember the last time I started to feel that adrenaline rush cause there's a chance I could get into a fight.  I was out with one of my college buddies and he was having this confrontation with guy.  I tried to cool things down and then this drunk asshole tried to start shit with me.  I actually laughed at him cause he wanted to prove how tough he was and he was like 6 inches taller than me.  He ended up getting kicked out of the club. 

Obviously fighting is stupid and doesn't prove anything.  What's been proven is that size matters; that's why there are weight classes now in mixed martial arts for example.  Yes, skill can make up for size, but if two people are equally skilled, if someone weighs more, they have an advantage.  Obviously, there are exceptions.  This used to bother me for the longest time, but that's just the way it is.  That's why weapons exist.  I tiny Vietnamese soldier can take on a giant American soldier when they have guns.

I guess I should explain the story.  Seagull and I were out in Wrigleyville.  I opened this two set that had this slightly fat blonde who I guess I would do and this cuter girl with brown hair.  The set is going okay but it's not really on.  Seagull's girl actually seems to like him more.  Suddenly, this guy about my height shows up.  He tells Seagull not to touch the girl and Seagull isn't even really touching her.  He gives this hard look at me.  I maintained my party guy mood and said, "Hey man, what's up?"  He kept this serious staredown going.  I'm like, "Dude, cheer up.  It's Saturday night.  Try to have fun."  I went top shake his hand and he didn't even move.  Kept with the dumb staredown.  I think I might have even said, "What's up with you?"  I think the brunette said that he didn't want us talking to them (meaning the girls.) 

The guy was being a total cock.  Keep in mind again, that I have no problem with other guys at the bar.  Even if I actually overstepped my bounds, I can and have made things cool.  If it's some asshole, I usually can just use AMOG tactics to make them look stupid.  In retrospect, I probably could have used some of the ones designed for some guy trying to act too alpha and trying to start a fight.  I had to use it several years ago and I still remember them.   The thing is that we weren't doing anything wrong.  We were just talking and these girls weren't even worth all this bullshit.

I held eye contact with him for about 10 seconds and then I just said, "Whatever man."  Then  I walked away.  
The thing is that thinking about the guy just made me angry periodically for a few hours.  I actually had to tell myself to relax and sarge.  Tyler/Owen talked about how some people are just so negative that they just pull you into that frame.  He talks about how he wanted to punch some manager at Denny's one time, and he's a person who actively tries to be nonjudgmental and understanding.  Similarly, I'm a guy who tries to be in a fun mood when out no matter what.  It's so rare for me to be pulled into negative shit, and the prick was able to do it to me. 

I guess I handled things well.  I did the smart thing.   I didn't get into a fight.  I avoided it, and I also I felt like I held my ground enough to show myself and this guy that I wasn't cowering away in fear.   I held my ground, tried to lighten the situation, and I walked away cause there was nothing to prove.  I walked away because I wanted to and not because I was scared of the guy.  The guy was an asshole, but I guess I give out the right vibe.  It's not like the guy tried to really verbally escalate it.  It's important to me not to just be cowering away in fear as that is what I used to do growing up.  I used to give the "pick on me" vibe and another thing the game has given me is that it's made me more confident and comfortable in all situations that I give off a vibe for people not to mess with me.  People don't really start fights with me or try to verbally jab at me anymore. 

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