Friday, April 8, 2011

"Get rid of the chode" - How you steal a girl from a loser guy

I would have been happy with what I discovered about myself last night and what I learned from the free tour.  I almost called it a night but I ran into that guy from the forum.  (I forgot his screen name and I don't want to post his real name so he's gonna stay as that description).  We decided to go to after hours and we went to Division as he had never been there.  I ran into him as I was debating going to Max Bar cause the Latino guys were going there and invited me along.  Before I get into my story, let me just tell a few more other interesting things that happened.  Then, I'll explain one of my matrix like moments.  It's been awhile since I've done something like this and hopefully this will help unleash that PUA in me.  The set that is the highlight of this entry is an example of how hard I should be pushing for a food extraction or pull.

I'm starting to be a regular party guy on the scene:

You know you're going out too much when you start running into the same people.  I forgot to mention in my report that the newbie guy left at around 11PM.  I bet he'll have wished he stayed when I tell him that the boot camp showed up at the bar we were at.  I opened a 2-set by myself just when he left.  I left the set cause they were eating and it felt awkward talking to them.  As I'm going upstairs, the Latino guy calls out my name.  He and his crew are fun guys.  I probably drank more than I wanted to from hanging out with them.  Then I go upstairs, and the other guys I met that night were there again.  Both of these groups are cool but I never get enough time to spend with them cause I'm always out trying to sarge.  I feel like I'm being a party chick cause I'll be following them and then I'll just wander off.  I think they've realized what my deal is though so they are cool with it.  I suppose too that it's only chodes that get offended when you disappear like I do. 

Even more interesting is that some chick recognized me from Barleycorn.  I guess that was from Friday last week.  Fortunately, I didn't get recognized like I used to when I used the same lines and routines.  This girl remembered that I have a cat in my phone.  The set didn't go far this second time as the friend pulled her away.  I let it stall after she recognized me too.  I should have clawed her and acted like it was totally on from her remembering me, but I was still in that bad state at that time. 

Sarging this girl felt like I had sarged a relative:

Okay, I'm being a little extreme, but I really felt weird after doing what I'm about to describe.  I ran into my buddy who I'll call "Gore."  He's the guy from Joe's that I'm friends with in the group.  He's from the group that was four black guys and this tiny blonde girl.  Well, tonight, I was wandering around upstairs.  I opened this cute blonde and I'm kinoing her and putting my arms around her.  I mention how ran into a bunch of people from Joe's.  She kept saying, "Joe's?"  in some weird way.  Then in my head, I'm like, "Oh shit.  This is that girl from my buddy's peer group. Whoops." 

I backed off immediately.  First of all, I don't even know her deal.  She could just be a female friend to all the dudes but I thought there was a decent chance she could be dating one of the guys.   If she is single, I wouldn't be opposed to hooking up with her if we happened to hit it off one night.  The way the current situation is though, I would not have opened her and starting sarging and escalating on her.  These guys are cool and I wouldn't want to screw up the dynamic by sarging her.  That's why when I recognized who she was, I backed off right away and felt a bit icky.  It is funny how she didn't recognize me and I didn't recognize her initially.  It is amusing how I felt like I had reached the hook point.  Again, I guess I still don't give my game enough credit. 

Trying to pull a large woman:

At Division, we ended up at our usual spot.  There were actually several attractive women including this set of 3 blondes.  I think they were all related: sisters if I remember correctly.  It seemed like a family trip as I saw what looked to be the mother and father leave the bar.  I ended opening this large blonde chick.  She had a cute face at least.  I wanted to try to escalate and pull so I started working her.  It's too bad I didn't notice the sisters first as they were attractive.  I had the claw on her for a bit but the sister pulled her to the bathroom.  She must have said something about me cause the blonde didn't seem to like me after that even though I tried 2-3 times to start things up again. 

 Massive intent:

Right before that set, I opened this tall and large, but not super large brunette.  She was one of those girls that I liked cause she was taller than me.  She had a few extra pounds but wasn't huge.  Anyway, she looked bored on the dance floor and I opened her right away.  I was kinoing a lot.  I was pushing fast as  I was facing her and I wanted to try to escalate.  Her friend showed up and whisked her away though. 

Just when you're about to give up:

We almost called it a night after we left our usual spot.  We went to McFadden's and it was dead.  We tried to go in Leg Room but the guy wanted $10 cover.  It was about 2:50AM at this point and you've got to be stupid to pay that place that cover for like 30 minutes.  The place was busy but I could only see one decent set from the entrance.  Then, we tried that place that is where Bar Chicago used to be.  Last time I tried to go up there, they said they were only letting people in on a list.  I figured they were probably charging cover this time if Leg Room was charging cover.  Fortunately, I went up to the guy and went right up. 

I remember there was a decent song on when we got upstairs so we both started dancing to the music.  As I'm dancing, I see this cute Latina chick texting on her phone.  I always love to open girls that look bored like that. 

The claw always wins:

In "Flawless Natural," Tim explains how they have a song that includes the words headlining this section.  My experience with the French girl gave me the confidence to just sink the claw in on this girl.   It's still surprising how effective this technique is.  Well, I'm not surprised it works as RSD puts out good stuff.  I should say I'm surprised how easily and fast it's working for me.  When I read that section in Ozzie's book about leaving it there for a long time, I felt uneasy about it.  In just two days, I've realized how it's not a big deal at all and it really does build a ton of attraction.  I don't really remember what we talked about.  Thing were going super well and I was thinking, "Wow this is so fucking on."  Like, those words literally go through my head in really good sets cause I think of Trent from Swingers saying that. 

 Suddenly, this black dude starts grabbing her arm. 

I seriously couldn't believe what I saw happening.  Very few guys would attempt to steal a set from me when I'm locked in the way I was.  I have my claw sunk in, and we look like we've known each other forever, and not just 5-10 minutes.  I could see this happening outside the bar on the Division Street sidewalk during the summer after closing time.  That's when all the AMOG's are out trying to pull.  I could see a PUA or really confident natural doing this if I'm with a super hot chick.  The girl in question here is attractive but she's not super hot.

Immediately, I jump up, show the usual dominance by putting my arm around him.  He tells me, "Hey, I'm with her." 

 I go to my girl's ear and say, "Hey, it's just you and me tonight.  What's up with the chode?" 

She says, "I'm sorry.  I came her with him." 
Me: Lose the chode.  It's just you and me tonight. 
Girl:  I can't.
 (Those are two great lines I got from RSD Tim's "Flawless Natural.") 

On most normal nights, that would have been the end...

 ...But the boot camp triggered something.

I just walked away and started dancing on the dance floor.  I guess you could describe what happened inside me as the "fury" Tim describes in his video too.  I decided I was gonna make this happen or least give my absolute best effort and bust out. 

After a few minutes, I approached her again.  The chode couldn't even keep her attention that long.  She was sitting on this cube thing again.  It was the same spot I opened her initially.  I decided I was gonna try for the food extraction.  At this point, I figured she had come with him, but she could leave with me.  If I could get her to food, then the guy would be gone and this would be on.  I don't remember my exact words.  I'm sure I pumped her state a bit and then started describing Clarke's.  She asked me, "What's the address?"  I told her it was near Belmont and Clark, but then I mentioned Elly's Pancake house cause it was closer. 

(Sidenote, some random dudes were asking me about that place last week.  I had never heard of it, but today I saw it when I was in the forum guy's car.  It's kiddie corner from the Chicago History Museum.  I'm gonna discuss it with Seagull.  That might be a better venue change than Clarke's if we are at Division.) 

 Me: Forget about the address.  I'll come with you in your car. 
Her: I gotta drive them (meaning the guys) and my sister home.  (She was with her sister.  I forgot to mention this above.  Her sister was hitting it off with her man as I saw them making out.)

All of this is starting to blur.  I remember she asked me to wait 10 minutes.  I walked away.  The forum guy was ready to leave but he decided to make a last ditch effort on this tall brunette we spotted by the bar.  I went out on the dance floor.  I like being the party guy.  I high five this couple, this tall black dude, and this big Latino guy.  I dance to a song a like and then I look around and I can't see the girls.  I remember seeing them go to the bathroom but I thought they had left.  Fortunately, the forum guy was iffy about leaving.  He wanted to leave, and then he didn't.  Suddenly, I see the girls walking down the stairs from the bathroom. 

I forgot to mention that the chode had brought her to the dance floor before they went to the bathroom.  At least he has some moves, though his dance floor game is worse than mine.  If he knew how to grind her, I probably might have given up or not had the opportunity that I got here.  As she was walking near me, I grabbed her hand and starting dancing by her.  I told her, "Hey, I thought you didn't dance.?"  We danced but I didn't really grind her.  I was more dominant than the chode and I could tell she was enjoying dancing with me more.  I tell her again, "Come on. Lose the chode and come out to breakfast with me." 

This time she tells me, "Text me the address and we'll meet you there."  I have her punch in her number. She, her sister and the dudes leave and the forum guy and I leave shortly afterwards.  I was trying to get advice on what to do.  Part of me didn't think she'd really come out for food.  Then, I wondered if the stupid chode would still be there.  Wouldn't do me much good to extract her for food only to deal with the dude again, though I suppose I could just have more opportunity to eclipse him verbally. 

Make something out of my control make the decision:

Forum guy was heading home.  He was staying in the city.  I knew that, but I had forgotten where it was.  I figured if he was passing in the direction of Elly's, I'd go there and risk wasting my time and hope she showed hope.  If he was going in the other direction, I'd just take the red line home.  I ended up getting on the Red Line.  As I'm waiting for the train, I sent her a message saying I was taking the train home.  I figured that was that.  I made a good effort at least. 

Text back:

I mentioned this as I was writing my field report.  I guess she probably would have come out to eat though who knows if chodey would have been there.  I was surprised when she texted me back.  As I was writing the previous post, we exchanged several texts.  She is from Indiana and at one point, she sent me a text saying they still had a 30 min drive to Indiana.  In my mind I decided to type, "Well you're gonna come back soon to have margaritas at caesars with me :) "

She had been instant replying prior to this and suddenly she didn't reply.  I started feel insecure.  I'm like, "Wow, did I fuck this up?"  It's like the blonde from Tuesday.  She seemed ready to meet up and then she went dark.  I text the blonde Thurs afternoon and got no reply.  With the blonde, I'm gonna wait until Saturday to try texting again.  With the Latina girl, I wanted to reply but I told myself I can't look needy.  I kept agonizing and then suddenly I just decided to send her a picture of my cat Oliver.  She had seen Misiu's pic as that cat is my phone wallpaper. 

Before I could do something stupid, I put the phone on silent and focused on the blog post.  I sent the cat pic 20 mins after the margarita text. Ten minutes after the cat pic she said, "Ok sounds good." 

I left it at that.  I hope we can set something up.  These phone/text is still tricky for me.  Regardless of what happens, the sarge was amazing.  This is the level of game I'm capable of when I really am in state and really push my comfort zone.  I need to push for the food extraction and pull as hard as I did in this set.  That's how you be a closer.  I've been lacking this real closer mentality and that's why I haven't been getting as far as I'd like.

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