Sunday, April 11, 2010

The rest of Saturday night

The rest of Saturday night

I went out with some college friends to see "Hot Tub Time Machine" and I dragged along one of my MLTR's.  Well, that's not entirely accurate considering she's my only LTR, but I'm working on developing that deep conversation girl into one, and of course every night I'm looking to add a new one.  We went to a nearby bar after the movie.  I danced and kissed my girl but unfortunately, I could go home with her tonight.  Her mom was at her place and she had to drive her around Sunday so I couldn't get her to come out to my place.  Warcraft might have been right when early in the night he told me to pull her out of there right then and go to my place.  If I left the club early, she might have come over.  I was a little frustrated when I was driving her home but I shouldn't have been.  I know I'm going to have sex with her soon.  She might even stop by Sunday depending on how many errands she has to run.  If I see her in the week, it's almost certain.  Besides, I probably wouldn't have performed well today considering I watched too much porn Friday. 

Keep sarging:

I dropped her off.  I could have just gone home but I've come to appreciate the late bar closing on Saturday night in Chicago.  I dropped her off just after one so I had 3-4 hours to make something happen.  I went back to the original bar as my friends were still there but we left before I opened anything.  A friend and I went to Division.  That's where that bday girl wanted me to kiss her and/or her friends. 

Hot Spanish Girl:
Late in that bday set, I was dancing near the friend that ended up being cold to me.  I had noticed these Spanish girls and was attracted to this tall one.  I thought about opening her but I didn't do it as I told myself I was still working on the bday friend.  Well, as I'm dancing, this song comes on that the tall Spanish girl likes and she starts dancing with me.  When stuff like this happens to me it amazes me still. 

Unfortunately, some Indian guy ruined things.  As I was dancing with the tall girl, the friend was nearby.  I was thinking about dancing with her too so I'd be on my way to having all the friends like me when this Indian dude started trying to dance with her.  My tall girl grabs the friend to rescue her and walks away.  I knew I was busted out so I tried to get her attention after that but she was in shut down mode and didn't respond.  I probably should have approached them again but I ended up changing venues. 


I just remembered some minor thing that happened.  When I was talking to bday friend, these cute girls were next to us at a table.  One of the girls kept trying to hand her purse to a friend to have her hold it for her, but the friend kept refusing.  When she did it a third time, I said to them, "Hey, if no one wants it, I'll take it."  The giggled and started talking to me but then the bday friend shoved me as she got jealous and wanted my attention.

Instant wings and a big mixed set:
I went next door to this Irish bar.  That place is usually so busy that you can barely move.  For some reason, it was really slow when I got there.  I took a piss and then started chatting with some random dude as I didn't want to leave and I didn't want to look like I was just loitering.  Nearby were some hot girls.  It was clear they were with the guys at the table they were near but I kept lusting over this 6ft+ blonde.  Damn! 

Anyway, as I'm talking to the random dude, some other guy in a sweater came by.  He was talking about how he tried to get some number next door at the bar I just left.  I told him that I need a wingman.  There's nothing in back, so we went to the side area.  We noticed three girls and two guys talking to them at the time.  I told him I was going to open and he should come in after like 2-3 minutes.  He said it looked like the girls were with the guys.  At the time, I didn't think they were.  I thought it was a pickup.  I went and approached this cute, petite brunette.  She was responsive at first but then started to ignore me in favor of talking to her blonde friend.  As I was talking to her, though, the other dudes looked at me.  It seemed like they were trying to tool me at first. I just used the subtle AMOG line, "Hey man, you're a cool guy.  Having fun?"

Some dude asked why my shirt was purple.  As it was a silk shirt, I said, "I killed a giant spider and made this shirt out of it."  That was an example of Mystery's old idea of, "Always have a better answer ready."  I was surprised how I just came up with it spontaneously. 

I decided to leave because my target was cold to me and one of the dudes kept telling me about her supposed boyfriend.  Perhaps this was weak of me.  I guess I could have kept trying.  Well, maybe not.  I reengaged her several times before I finally gave up. 

It's funny that as I was saying by to everyone, including the guys, the one dude that originally tried to tool me was disappointed I was leaving and said he wanted me to hang out more.  

After I leave that set, I found my instant wing.  He said he got scared to approach but said he thought I was doing fine.  I tried to get him to come to another bar but he said he had to stay with his friend.  I ended up going to the original bar to scoop my friend up. 

I've got this:
That's what I should conclude after tonight.  Some cool stuff happened in less than 3 hours after I came back to the bar after dropping off my LTR.  I keep thinking about that tall Spanish girl.  I know I"m going to be more confident to approach the girls I really want.  I believe that I'm finally being that attractive guy to girls that I've always wanted to be.  TD would say that's enough but cool stuff like a girl you're attracted to opening you does give you extra confidence. 

I'm hoping G wants to go out Sunday night.  I want to go out sober and sarge with him.  

That reminds me that today was sober sarging.  I had two beers the entire night and that was earlier with my LTR.  I had zero drinks when I went out to Division. 

Why don't you stop talking and just make out with someone already

Why don't you stop talking and just make out with someone already

Those were the words that this birthday girl uttered to me on Division.  Here is one of those moments where I show I'm still not congruent to the image I'm portraying.  When she said this to me, I hesitated, and then I put my arm around her and kissed her on the forehead.  She then told me, "I'm seeing someone or I would.  You are cute."  She motioned for me to kiss her friend but it didn't seem right. 

I'm sure the birthday girl would have kissed me if I just looked into her eyes and kissed her right after she told me that.  It's too bad she was the one that was into me.  I worked the friend and she liked me a bit.  I even number closed her.  Later when the birthday girl and another friend left, I hung around and she eventually gave me the cold shoulder. 

There were too problems with the friend.  First, I probably frustrated her but not escalating more.  Maybe I should have listed to the birthday girl and kissed the friend.  I remember when bday girl told me to kiss the friend, I put my arm around her and told her that the bday girl wanted me to kiss her.  She didn't object and I'm thinking now that I should have just went to kiss her.  Instead, I just looked at her and the bday girl ended up kissing the friend on the lips briefly. 

I wanted to say that the second problem was that these girls were cute but were overweight.  Sure, at this point, the hot girls seem to respond better to me. I actually don't go for these type of sets that often except that they seemed to be the best set to approach at the time.  Besides, I believe the only rating system is a binary one.  If you'd hook up with the girl, then you should sarge her.  These girls had cute faces and I wanted to hook up with them. 

No, it's clear that the main problem was I hesitated to escalate when a girl basically blurted out for me to do it.  I feel like I keep writing the same reports here. 

I think part of the problem was that I still haven't completely gotten out of the old mindset that I developed from learning how to sarge.  As RSD Ozzie says, I keep overgaming girls.  When I'm on, these girls want to make out with me in 5-10 minutes or even less sometimes and I still haven't accepted that it can now happen that fast for me.  It's time to start believing and acting...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where are these sexual adventurous women? They are out there...

I didn't go sarging Friday. I'm sorting through some shit that I don't feel like posting about. Besides catching up on some shows, I watched "Fight Club" again. What a great movie... I also discovered this new blog . I found it through

In one of the comments on one of her crazy sexual stories, some random guys says he wishes he could meet a girl like her. She responded by saying "They are out there."

In her description of herself, she admits that some of the stories are exaggerated. Still, I believe she's as wildly sexual as the blog implies. My personal take is that she makes the sex sound more dirty and porno-like that it really is. What I mean is that there is no way she's taking anal creampies from random strangers. It sounds wilder to include those details but I hope and bet that she's probably using condoms. Lex on nakedloftparty includes details of how condoms are utilized in his story and I don't think it makes them any less exciting. My take is that she think it's wilder to tell the stories without the safe sex deatils and I suppose I can't disagree as I find the stories very stimulating.

Those who know me and have followed this blog know that I find this woman exciting. Where many guys would label her bad names, I actually want a sexual adventurous woman. I like a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality and doesn't mind exploring it and hooking up with random guys or girls. Believe it or not, I actually don't want an inexperienced girl who's going to give me vanilla sex.

The question, then, is where are these girls?!

I thought about this and I realized that I'm sure I've met many in time sarging. I've opened thousands of girls and I have to have met girls with crazy sex stories that excite me to no end.

I'm not congruent yet...
That's the problem. I only was exposed to what I'm looking for once. That was just after New Years when I met that girl that wanted me to have sex with her while her guy friend watched. She was open to the idea of doing a 3-way. Remember that I lost buying temperature because she took far too long to find the guy and introduce me to him and nothing ever happened.

Most of the girls I've met probably don't realize that I have this crazy sexual side hiding inside. My problems with sarging lately are that I haven't been expressing my sexual side and I haven't been escalating fast enough.

I'm going to meet these wild girls when I get in alignment with my sexual side. When girls meet me now, I still come across at the fun, entertainer guy. I need to turn that corner and act on all the attraction that I get when I'm out. When I get to the point where I'm escalating smoothly and quickly, I'll find that I'll be getting make outs with more girls, and I'll be pulling girls out of the club more often. With my escalation and vibe, the girls will start to see me as the sex worthy guy. To use TD's old term, I'll be seen a member of that "secret society." I'll be the guy that doesn't count. The girls will realize that I don't judge them for being sexual unlike your average guy. I'll be the guy who will help them live out their fantasies and explore their sexuality.

Those girls like NympohGirl in that blog I linked are out there and I'm going to get them comfortable enough with me to reveal themselves.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wing almost pulled, Drunken Sarging and over-escalating

I feel like it was a good thing that happened tonight. I've been doing too much drunken sarging lately. I guess part of me believed I gamed better, but now I'm sure I don't. Tonight, I just might not have had success because there weren't that many sets out, but it's not a bad thing to blame it on being drunk either. I can contrast that with my sober night Sat and see that I can sarge well sober.

Too much caveman according to the waitress:
We stopped at this one bar. I remember being wasted. We had just left some other bar where I sarged some Polish girl to no avail. I walked in and immediately opened this seated two set that was the only set in the bar. I remember kino escalating quickly. Then, I remember the waitress taking a drink order from my wing and then telling me that maybe I should lay off the girl I was working.

I tried talking to my wing about it at the end of the night but he was too tired to give me a real answer.

I remember feeling really down when that waitress said that to me. If anything, I don't escalate fast enough. To be told that I was escalating too fast was shocking. I was actually sad for awhile because the last thing I want to do is make a girl uncomfortable and that fear is what holds me back from escalating fast enough when the girl really likes me.

At first, G was telling me it's a good thing to just chill, but he still says that sometimes because he still doesn't like the instant opening I do. I think he started to see that what the waitress said really bothered me so he tried to make me feel better by saying that the fat waitress was just jealous. Who knows what really happened?

She probably knew we didn't know the girls and felt like pointing out that I was moving to fast. I know I was sarging didn't make any strong objections or I know I would have stopped.

Sarging solo 'cause G found a girl:
We got to Division Street and went into this really busy bar. There were a bunch of college kids there. I remember that G and I went into the bathroom. When I came out, I couldn't find him. I ended up seeing him on the dance floor with some girl. That motivated me to try to open girls. I opened a bunch and tried to pull them on the dance floor. At that point, I could tell my game was sloppy. I got some interest from a few girls but couldn't maintain it. Later, I remember talking to this cute, but overweight black girl. I was getting IOI's but nothing really happened.

That bar cleared out around 2:30am even thought it was a 4am bar so I walked to our usual hangout. I immediately worked on this 3-set. I like this chubby brunette with glasses. I remember that my verbal game wasn't going anywhere with her, though this Croatian guy thought she liked me.

I think I messed up with picking the wrong target here. As I was talking to HBglasses, her friend who was wearing this hat came up to me twice and started grinding on me. She and the third friend were dancing near the table even though the dance floor was on the other side of the bar. I tried to get HBglasses to dance but she didn't want to.

Later on, the girls moved to the dance floor area. I saw my girl out there so I tried dancing with her. She told me she wanted to dance by herself. When she took a break, I started talking to her again. Suddenly, this black dude pulls her on the dance floor.

At this point, the Croatian guy that I had chatted with earlier encourages me to plow. I gotta give him props for that. He was right. I went out there and grabbed her hands and tried to dance. The problem was I'm used to club music and they were playing some Latina music and some other older music that I wasn't dancing to properly. HBglasses decided to give me lessons. I figured this set wasn't going anywhere because I was now being the student here but I tried to maintain by frame by saying, "I like to lead but you can show me here how to dance."

The lights came on as it was almost closing time. I tried to suggest hanging out again and she said we probably weren't going to. I then tried dancing with the friend that seemed interested in me, but she knew that I was only trying to talk to her then because my target had left.

I had texted G that I had moved to this bar. I saw him walk in with the same girl in tow from the other bar. I remember I tried to bring HBglasses over to him. I got a big indicator of disinterest from HBglasses when I lead her over there. I grabbed her hand and lead her there and she let go after a few steps. She was still following but she told me I didn't need to hold her hand. We get there and G's making out with his girl so I don't interrupt them.

I remember seeing him at the end of the night. I could see G and the girl outside through the window. He looked like he was #closing her. I text him a message telling him to try to pull her! I don't think he needed the advice. I saw him get into a cab with her. I thought he was going to pull her!

He called me about 15 minutes later saying he was back home and messed up the pull. He said she lived near him. They were making out in the cab but she didn't feel comfortable going to his place. He admitted that he might have made a mistake in not giving her the BS excuse to go there. I had told him earlier in the night that we should sell his Afghan pictures to sets but he wasn't too enthusiastic about it. When I got back to his place at the end of the night, he admitted that the pictures might have been a good idea.

He was mad at himself for not getting the girl to his place. I told him he should be happy he got that far.

No more drinking:
I said this after my sangria filled night but I mean it this time. I'm not hungover or anything but I know it's stupid to be out drinking all the time. I sarge better sober. I might have done better at the bar with the college girls if I had been sober.

It also bothers me that I might have overescalated. I shouldn't be too hard on myself though. Ozzie says the only way to learn calibration is to fuck up your escalation a bunch of times. If I really am going to try to kiss close every set, then I'm going to have some more awkward moments that some fat waitress telling me to slow down.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sometimes, you can do your best and the situation is just not right

G and I were talking on the way home. I think he made a great point. In addition to talking about giving his best effort, he explained that there was nothing more he could have done in his set. He said this tall, thin brunette really like him. Unfortunately, she was this shorter brunette. HBshort was there with her boyfriend and some guy friend that we figured she was trying to hook up with the tall brunette. G mentioned something about the girl feeling bad that she was ignoring the dude.

On a sidenote, those dudes they were with were totally lame. I now realize how stupid I used to be when I sat there and didn't want to go on the dance floor. I still don't really know what I"m doing on the dance floor but it sure is a hell of a lot better to get out there than not. Also, this guy situation reminds me of some thread on RSD. In some ways it's frustrating when you see the guys some of these hot girls are with. They had the benefit of meeting them through some social connection and were able to get the girl probably with repeated interactions. It's just frustrating that you can have way better cold approach sarging skills than some guy but he'll still have the hot girl due to some lucky situation.

Anyway, G just analyzed that his situation was bad. If that girl had been out with a different friend, or had just been out with that HBshort and HBshort's boyfriend, the situation would have been way easier.

When I told him about my situation, he said that maybe there was nothing more I could have done. He said that maybe he could have worked more on the HBBeer's friend. I told him that he had done a great job stopping them and opening them in the first place. I told him that he had worked on her but it was unfortunate that the fiance was in the venue with her. There wasn't much more that he could have done.

I agreed with him that we were hurt by some bad luck here. I thought about some of the stuff I hear from PUA guru's that had me thinking. I thought about how RSD Tim has talked about having a girl walking towards his hotel only to have a friend pop out of nowhere to sweep her away. Sometimes you can't win over the cockblock. If it happens to them, then why shouldn't we think that we could also be in an winnable situation.

Imagine if G's tall brunette and HBBeer had been friends instead:
That's how luck can help you too. If HBBeer had been friends with his tall brunette, then they probably would be over here at my place right now. We would have had two girls that were both into us and at high buying temperature. Instead of cockblocks, we would have had girls that would have let each others buying temperature rise.

The venue was slow:
Barleycorn had a ton of sets but we had to leave there. Also, there were a ton of dudes there and a bunch of sets with boyfriend. Caddy was a little slow. At Caddy, we worked all the sets we possibly could and took them as far as our abilities allowed us. It would have been nice to find a two set we could work together as a team, but we just didn't have that at the venue.

Bottom line is once again, I think we both gave 100% effort and we should be happy with that. We both learned some lessons and the future is bright!

HB bear hugged me on opener and later I have to grind her with a guy and pull her off him!

I think G summed up are evening well on the way back from Cadillac Ranch. He said that he used to play high school football and tonight he felt like he did after a good game. He felt that he gave his full effort in sarging and despite us not pulling any girls, he had fun and felt content. I saw G really turn himself on in a way I haven't seen in awhile. To start off, he opened a set at Barleycorn before I even did which is hard to do. Then, at Caddy, I saw him open these two hot brunettes on dance floor and start dancing and grinding with them. He was even instrumental in something crazy that happened to me tonight.

As for me, I felt like I had given my full effort too. As you'll see in this report, I made the extra effort in situations where I would have just given up in the past. At Barleycorn, after we got upstairs, I forced myself to open sets that I would have shied away from in the past. I'm talking about sets where I see girls that I found really hot. In the past, I would have told myself, "Naw, I don't want to do that set as they are too hot for me." Tonight, I went and opened them.

Barleycorn was more of a warm up as we didn't spend that much time there. Herschey was out with us for a bit but he had to get home early. The highlight of Barleycorn was when I opened this cute, but slightly chubby, blonde. I felt I had her state pumped right away so I moved her to the dance floor. I ended up losing her there. The lesson I think I learned is that I need to pull them there for a few songs and then pull them off. Plus, she might have been engaged as I remember feeling a ring when I was spinning her on the dance floor.

Did you know they were trying to save me from you?
This hot brunette stated the obvious to me. I opened this 2-set that had this really cute brunette with a pale face. She was a cool chick who even recognized that my cats are ragdolls. The set tried to shit test me at the beginning. They tried telling me they were lesbians and they even kissed in front of me. I just laughed. I chatted with the group and then focused on my target.

At one point, the two other girls said that they were going outside. They asked her if she wanted to come. She told them she was fine and she stayed with me. Of course, I recognized what happened but for some reason she verbalized what I already knew, "Did you know they were trying to save me from you but I didn't let them?"

Obviously that's a huge IOI. The friend eventually came by and G happened to walk up at the same time. He did a great job with the friend. She was pleasant but cold to me but by the end of the brief interaction, he had gotten her to open up. My target thought we were really cool guys and she offered to help hook us up with any of the girls at the bar. As she said that, her phone rang and I could tell she was talking to someone at the venue as she said, "Are you here?" Some dude walked up. It was obviously her boyfriend and it all made sense with what she was saying.

Still, I have to admit it feels great to get evidence of your PUA skills. Ultimately, you're supposed to believe in your value and just put yourself out there and not care about the outcome, but it still feels good sometimes to have girls give you props like this one did.

HBBeer hugged me like a Teddy bear within 15 seconds of meeting her!:

How the hell can I not believe in myself when it seems like every night, I'm writing about some chick coming onto me almost instantly after I start talking to her?! Never in my dreams before I began this sarging journey would I have believed this stuff would happen to me! The crazy thing is that I realize that this is just the beginning. Even wilder stuff lies ahead and I believe that I'll have crazy fclose stories.

G and I were standing by this table and I saw a 2-set walk by me. G just stopped them somehow. I told him afterward how it's hard to stop moving sets like that. You have to really be alpha in your body language and voice to get a set to stop. G introduced me to the girl he stopped. I then introduced myself to the friend. She heard my name wrong and I corrected her and told her my usual, "It's Teddy. Picture a Teddy Bear by my face and you'll never forget my name!"

She then lunged at me and gave me a really strong hug and she said, "Oh, Teddy. Like a Teddy Bear I can hug!"

Obviously, I can tell it's on. I remember holding her hand and maintaining strong eye contact with her. I talk to her for a bit and I remember her telling me that they were there for her friend's fiance's birthday. Whoops! I guess G picked the wrong girl. I remember telling HBBeer that I like her energy and I spun her around. She was really into it and then she tried to come close to me after the spin. I think she was trying to hug me again. I didn't expect it and she ran into my drink and half of the beer spilled on her shirt.

I know some girls would have been really pissed and made a big scene. HBBeer was totally cool. I laughed at first and then apologized. I ran to the bar and grabbed some napkins and starting wiping her dry. She thanked me and then I told her, "You know that that was your fault?" She agreed and then saw my beer. "Is that what's left of your beer? Let me get you another one."

I told her that she could get me one later. We started talking briefly but then the friend starting walking away saying they had to grab a smoke. HBBeer claimed she would be back but I knew how club game works.

Cockblock friend must be trying to hook her up with this other guy:
I told G to look out for the girls as I'm not very observant and I know I'll miss them. He pointed out that they were out on the dance floor grinding with some dudes. At the time I was like, "Fuck! That was on. What do I do?" I thought about it for like ten seconds and then I realized that I had to try to pull her off that dude.

We opened some more sets. Nothing really clicked. I saw HBBeer and the friend on the stage. I decided to get on the dance floor so I'd be in state and so I could plan my move. Later, I see them come off and she's dancing with this dude again.

Yes, I started grinding on her trying to pull her off the dude:
I wrote that "I'm beginning to believe" in an earlier blog entry. I almost amaze myself when I think about the confidence I had to do what I ended up doing on the dance floor. I think part of it due to that "fury" RSD Tim says he gets from blowouts, and also from when he totally desires a girl.

I saw her dancing with the guy. I walked up and I grabbed her hand. I said her name and turned her towards me. The guy wasn't a total chode because he didn't just give up. My theory is that she was some social circle friend that HBBeer's female friend was trying to hook her up with. The guy was really grinding her but I moved in and start grinding her too. He's behind her so he had my favorite dance floor position but I tried to do my best. I got close to her and am grinding her but at times I had to dodge his hands. He was moving his hands around her waist and if I hadn't been careful, my crotch would've rubbed up on his hands. I guess that could be an AMOG move to get him away but I didn't try it.

As I'm dancing I remember telling myself that I needed to show I'm more alpha that this guy. I decide to do that by spinning her. Also, I thought of Playersupreme's video: I had my arm one her shoulder and slightly around her back and the lower part of her neck. I started moving her body with how I felt the beat. I felt that she'd have to notice that dude was just along for the ride in this interaction and I was being more dominant.

Fergie's "Clumsy" might have been an appropriate song. I remember I spun her one time and she ran into me again. I just laughed. I finally got her to turn around. I had tried several times to turn her around but she'd think I was spinning her and she'd wind up facing me again. I liked when I had her facing him because I could grind her ass with my crotch. I gotta admit I'm starting to like that position a ton.

Victory snatched away by the cockblock friend:
I must have been doing something right because I eventually got her off the dude. (I got this feeling of content spreading throughout my body as I think about what I did on the dance floor. I need to access that part of me more often when I'm out. Though I was in a totally new situation, I felt like I was in the matrix. I could see what was going on. I knew what I had to do. I had the confidence and total belief that it was going to work, and it did.) I remember I spun her again, and I walked a few steps back. I had her really close to me and had my arms around her. The dude finally realized defeat and backed off.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to bask in my glory. Her friend comes again and pulls her away by saying they are going outside for a smoke.

Pulling her away from that guy and some new guy:

Right after I got cockblocked is when I saw G grinding up on this hot, thin brunette. He looked like the man when he was doing it and I felt like he had really turned on his game. I was going to go help him but I saw some other guy start working on the other girl. I worked some sets on my own.

Later, I saw HBBeer talking to two dudes. One of them was probably the dance floor guy but I wasn't totally sure as I really hadn't looked at his face when I was grinding with her and him. I walked up and pull her about fifteen feet away. I had my arms around her. I gave her some IOI about how I liked how much fun she was but wanted to get talk to her more. She tells me that she's leaving soon. I hate phone numbers but I decide to take it anyway. She checked to see if I spelled her name right and she confirmed the number so it could be real. I texted later on but I'll try calling it Sunday.

The Real Matrix Move:
I think I screwed that up. I thought she was leaving as she had her coat on. I feel like maybe that guy had better game than I thought as I saw her later on still talking to him. It was two guys though so I still don't understand that situation. Maybe it was some guy friends of her friend's fiance and that would explain why they had such an in. In some ways, I think my mistake was I never really got to befriend the engaged friend. I never really had a chance as the only other times I saw them after the initial interaction was on the dance floor.

Instead of taking the number, in retrospect, I see another alternative that would have been even trickier. I could have walked up to her and the two guys. Instead of trying to pull her away, I could have just come in and showed dominance over the two guys. That really would have pumped her state up. I can think of two paths there. One is that I could just run game on her with those dude standing there. I know that when I do it right, my voice and material just turns guys into spectator mode. I've done it by accident to my wings so I've seen that I have that affect. If the guys didn't just stand there in spectator mode, I could slightly tool them with the methods I know well. I could pat them on the back with the "Cool guy" line. I could use move overt TD AMOG lines. I could befriend the 2nd dude.

I actually like my move at the time because I just pulled her away and didn't have to deal with all that minefield BS. I really wished I didn't just settle for the number. When she said she was leaving, I mentioned going to Denny's but not very convincingly. As I'm finishing this section, I recognize that I could have just plowed through that. She told me she was leaving. I could have number closed her and just kept plowing with material until a friend literally pulled her away.

Final Thoughts:
I think I did the best I could in a complex situation. I did some crazy stuff that I wouldn't have done in the past. I can feel great about that. In the past, this field report would have been me talking about how I wished I would have done something more with HBBeer after she gave me those high buying temperature IOI's when I met her. I'm going to have more confidence after tonight in general when I'm out. Also, this will show up in some Groundhog day effect. What I mean is what I've mentioned in several entries in the past. These sarging situations inevitably repeat themselves. I always recognize how past situations gave me the experience to deal with the repeat situation correctly at some future point.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I need to improve but maybe I'm too hard on myself

I've been thinking about the last two times I went out sarging. I've had some quick makeouts happen but then I write then I'm not escalating enough. I realize that I need to put things in perspective. Obviously I've improved and these things that have been happening to me are evidence of my improvement. I guess I try to blow off those makeouts because they weren't with the hottest chicks.

That's where I can improve. I can start having wild crazy times with the girls I really want. I'm doing most of the stuff right that I need to do. I just need a little more confidence to really escalate and I need to have that closer mentality.

As I was laying in bed last night, I was thinking that maybe I need to take on the old MM challenge of trying to kiss close every set. I find that I am spinning my wheels far too often. I think that forcing myself to go for kiss closes will help me to have a real goal in mind. Sure, I have the goal in the back of my head that I want to go home with the girl but I'm just slowly and sometimes not really going towards that goal. Kissing the girl and making out with her is the first step. I skip over opening and creating attraction as that happens automatically now.

If I work for the kiss close, I'm going to get busted out more often than if I just play it safe. So what? That's a good thing. I'm screening for the girls that are DTF now and I'll learn calibration. Sure, eventually, it would be good to learn to balance the sexual tension and kiss at the exact moments that will best lead to the SNL, but in the meantime I should just be kissing as quickly as possible to learn the skill set.

I still look upon this challenge with a little trepidation but I think the time is right. When I first heard of this kiss close challenge several years ago, it sounded totally crazy. I couldn't believe how it could even be possible. Now, I can see how it can happen and I actually hurt my chances by not making it happen more often.

40 year old wants to go home with me but I escalate too slowly

Tonight just flew by. I started off with some buzzed sarging in Lincoln Park. I front loaded three beers within 20 minutes and then I stopped drinking as I knew I was driving later. Of course, I was more agressive with opening when I'm buzzing. I was sarging this new bartender. It's rare for me to really talk to any of the staff and that's something I should work on in general. Another thing I did was early on, I was opening girls on the dance floor. I still need to work on that, but I'm slowly getting to the point where I'm starting to feel like it's no longer a big deal to open girls there.

I had a blast, but somehow, I was forgetting to actually get the girls. I know I'm being too much of an entertainer/party guy. I should be happy that I can do that as that's a step in the right direction but if I actually want to pull girls, I need to show more intent. That's one of RSD Tim's terms. I need to show the girls that I desire them. Part of that is kino. It about building that sexual tension. I probably should reread Gunwitch. I need to project some more sexuality.

The 40-year old I probably could have gone home with:
We wind up on Division and T meets me there. He opens this two set in our first bar. I see this older woman sitting by herself. When my wing is opening, I hate standing there pretending I'm playing with my phone or just doing nothing. I like to talk to other people. I high five her and start talking to her.

I immediately learn that she's drunk and she wants me. It's crazy. I've never had a woman paw at me so aggressively. She kept putting her arm around me, grabbing my hands, touching my face.

I felt as lost as I did in the past when girls opened me randomly. I didn't think it was real and I wondered if she was messing with me. Fortunately, that was only for a few seconds. I knew that I needed to start kissing her.

Suddenly, this dude comes up. She greets him. I had noticed there was a drink next to her. I say hi and talk to him for about 20 seconds. She's grabbing me as I'm doing this. I'm trying to figure out their relationship. It was weird. She said something like she's being nice to him or he's a friend. He doesn't seem to care that she's all over me so I turn my focus back on her.

I still wasn't completely comfortable with that guy there. I'm holding on hand of hers with my right hand. I start stroking her face and kiss her. I pull back right away.

I forgot to mention that I kept trying to get her to come dance. Perhaps I wasn't being alpha enough or she was too drunk as she wouldn't say anything when I'd mention going to the dance floor. I felt like I would have escalated if that dude wasn't there. Of course, as I write this, I realize I shouldn't have cared about him.

I remember I kissed her and I'm looking into her eyes. She says something like, "Let's get out of here." I say, "Okay" but then I lose confidence and say, "Yeah, let's get some food."

In some ways, that's a good thing to say. Girls often want you to give an excuse because they won't let themselves feel slutty by being so obvious. I can tell as I'm writing this that I miscalibrated. She wanted me to make this happen. I needed to really start making out with her and then pull her out of there.

She also almost fell off the bar stool. She was plastered and that bothered me a little bit.

After another minute or two, she got sick of me not escalating and basically shooed me away. Well, I also think she thought I was messing with her and she started to feel like she wasn't worthy to be with me. I feel weird typing that but I think about how she said, "There's some girls you can get with." She was pointing to this younger, hotter girls next to us.

That's how I feel as I'm writing this report. That all happened so suddenly and so quickly. I do love how some random crazy shit happens to me when I'm sarging. She was older than me, but I would have hooked up with her. She was attractive enough. Heck, she probably was better looking that that married woman I kissed on Sunday.

I let the tall dude next to her bother me when I shouldn't have cared. Yeah, it was smart to talk to him and figure out the deal before I started escalating but after he didn't seem to care that this woman was all over me, I had to be a real man and start giving this woman what she wanted!

I think this situation just highlights what my problem is now. As I wrote above, I need to be more sexual and escalate more. This was an extreme case, but I definitely moved to slowly in many other sets tonight.