Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wing almost pulled, Drunken Sarging and over-escalating

I feel like it was a good thing that happened tonight. I've been doing too much drunken sarging lately. I guess part of me believed I gamed better, but now I'm sure I don't. Tonight, I just might not have had success because there weren't that many sets out, but it's not a bad thing to blame it on being drunk either. I can contrast that with my sober night Sat and see that I can sarge well sober.

Too much caveman according to the waitress:
We stopped at this one bar. I remember being wasted. We had just left some other bar where I sarged some Polish girl to no avail. I walked in and immediately opened this seated two set that was the only set in the bar. I remember kino escalating quickly. Then, I remember the waitress taking a drink order from my wing and then telling me that maybe I should lay off the girl I was working.

I tried talking to my wing about it at the end of the night but he was too tired to give me a real answer.

I remember feeling really down when that waitress said that to me. If anything, I don't escalate fast enough. To be told that I was escalating too fast was shocking. I was actually sad for awhile because the last thing I want to do is make a girl uncomfortable and that fear is what holds me back from escalating fast enough when the girl really likes me.

At first, G was telling me it's a good thing to just chill, but he still says that sometimes because he still doesn't like the instant opening I do. I think he started to see that what the waitress said really bothered me so he tried to make me feel better by saying that the fat waitress was just jealous. Who knows what really happened?

She probably knew we didn't know the girls and felt like pointing out that I was moving to fast. I know I was sarging didn't make any strong objections or I know I would have stopped.

Sarging solo 'cause G found a girl:
We got to Division Street and went into this really busy bar. There were a bunch of college kids there. I remember that G and I went into the bathroom. When I came out, I couldn't find him. I ended up seeing him on the dance floor with some girl. That motivated me to try to open girls. I opened a bunch and tried to pull them on the dance floor. At that point, I could tell my game was sloppy. I got some interest from a few girls but couldn't maintain it. Later, I remember talking to this cute, but overweight black girl. I was getting IOI's but nothing really happened.

That bar cleared out around 2:30am even thought it was a 4am bar so I walked to our usual hangout. I immediately worked on this 3-set. I like this chubby brunette with glasses. I remember that my verbal game wasn't going anywhere with her, though this Croatian guy thought she liked me.

I think I messed up with picking the wrong target here. As I was talking to HBglasses, her friend who was wearing this hat came up to me twice and started grinding on me. She and the third friend were dancing near the table even though the dance floor was on the other side of the bar. I tried to get HBglasses to dance but she didn't want to.

Later on, the girls moved to the dance floor area. I saw my girl out there so I tried dancing with her. She told me she wanted to dance by herself. When she took a break, I started talking to her again. Suddenly, this black dude pulls her on the dance floor.

At this point, the Croatian guy that I had chatted with earlier encourages me to plow. I gotta give him props for that. He was right. I went out there and grabbed her hands and tried to dance. The problem was I'm used to club music and they were playing some Latina music and some other older music that I wasn't dancing to properly. HBglasses decided to give me lessons. I figured this set wasn't going anywhere because I was now being the student here but I tried to maintain by frame by saying, "I like to lead but you can show me here how to dance."

The lights came on as it was almost closing time. I tried to suggest hanging out again and she said we probably weren't going to. I then tried dancing with the friend that seemed interested in me, but she knew that I was only trying to talk to her then because my target had left.

I had texted G that I had moved to this bar. I saw him walk in with the same girl in tow from the other bar. I remember I tried to bring HBglasses over to him. I got a big indicator of disinterest from HBglasses when I lead her over there. I grabbed her hand and lead her there and she let go after a few steps. She was still following but she told me I didn't need to hold her hand. We get there and G's making out with his girl so I don't interrupt them.

I remember seeing him at the end of the night. I could see G and the girl outside through the window. He looked like he was #closing her. I text him a message telling him to try to pull her! I don't think he needed the advice. I saw him get into a cab with her. I thought he was going to pull her!

He called me about 15 minutes later saying he was back home and messed up the pull. He said she lived near him. They were making out in the cab but she didn't feel comfortable going to his place. He admitted that he might have made a mistake in not giving her the BS excuse to go there. I had told him earlier in the night that we should sell his Afghan pictures to sets but he wasn't too enthusiastic about it. When I got back to his place at the end of the night, he admitted that the pictures might have been a good idea.

He was mad at himself for not getting the girl to his place. I told him he should be happy he got that far.

No more drinking:
I said this after my sangria filled night but I mean it this time. I'm not hungover or anything but I know it's stupid to be out drinking all the time. I sarge better sober. I might have done better at the bar with the college girls if I had been sober.

It also bothers me that I might have overescalated. I shouldn't be too hard on myself though. Ozzie says the only way to learn calibration is to fuck up your escalation a bunch of times. If I really am going to try to kiss close every set, then I'm going to have some more awkward moments that some fat waitress telling me to slow down.

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