Friday, June 29, 2012

Uneventful Kiss and Number Close & Sarging ego

I went out to this South Side place I've been wanting to check out for Thursdays.  I had been told it's busy for ladies night but it wasn't that crowded.  As the venue is huge, there were still a lot of sets.  My favorite were these two Polish girls but I only lasted a few minutes with them.  I was with this Asian wing who's screen name I don't know.  Our best set was two Greek girls.  It's funny that he walked away from the set.  I thought he busted out, but I stayed in because the set was going decently.  I talked to the friend and I found out my wing just walked away.  She wanted to talk to him and asked me to bring him back.  He told me that she was giving one word answers but I told him to come back in.  I probably should have number closed my girl.  I talked some more when I returned with the wing but then they had to go to the bathroom.  I'm used to that being a bust out but I didn't feel like I actually busted out so maybe I should have approached them again when I saw them by the live band.  

The wing was annoying because he kept complaining that the girls weren't friendly and this was a bad venue for him.  Nintendo had it right in a text, "It's never the venue."  You just have to keep approaching and try to get yourself in the right mind set.

We left and went to hit Division bars.  My best set of the night was with this Irish girl: yes, my favorite, an actual girl from Ireland who's here for the summer and has the accent.  I opened her because she had the free popcorn in front of her.  I just grabbed some and starting talking to her.  We seemed to have some chemistry so I sat next to her.  My kino and conversation was good.  I felt early on that I should probably kiss her but I stalled again.  My other mistake was that I should have moved her to the dance floor even though the place is basically one room.  I sensed I was stalling and when I saw that, I should have moved her by her friends.

In any case, I decided to number close as Tyler's post suggested.  (If I actually had been following that, I should have number closed the Greek girls too).  She gave me her number and then I talked a bit more even though she said she had to hang out with her friends.  I then kissed her for like a sec at the end.  I should have gone for it earlier, but whatever.

It's funny that my Asian wing was giving me props but it just felt like a normal number close.  Nothing I get too excited about.  He seems to think my game is shitty because he hasn't really seen me have some amazing sets when I'm around him.  I'm dumb in that I can tell my ego is still involved when it shouldn't be as I get frustrated when he gives me advice about tonality.  He's right in that I should have better tonality and I should talk slower, but that's not a massive sticking point.  My sticking point right now involves pulling and fully escalating on the girls I get in my bed here.  If I improve tonality, it might help say 1-2% now, but I have larger problems to work on.

My other ego issue is that I know he thinks 2j has some god level of game.  2j has better advanced game in that he probably wouldn't have screwed up the escalation that I have recently and he just has more experience pulling.  It's new territory for me.  2j biggest problem is he doesn't force himself to approach enough and that's especially true with hot girls.  With HB9's, he admits he doesn't act the same as he does with 7's.  His 7 game of number closing and going for Day 2's is solid.  Anyway, I don't care about comparing game levels because I really do believe that we each have to progress at our own pace.  What bothers me is that I feel like he probably doesn't take my advice because he thinks my game is at some lower level when it isn't.  Also, he doesn't realize that I'm in the middle of a breakthrough and I'm progressing every day and his advice about little things somewhat challenges my state, though I'm good at usually not letting it bother me.  At the same time, if 2j gave him the same advice, this wing would eat it up like it came from an instructor.

I just feel like it's a struggle I don't need to deal with but I can tell it's also my ego coming in as well.  I also think that this wing doesn't understand how most nights go.  We're not instructors.  It's not awesome game with sets every night like you'd expect from an instructor.

Again, I feel dumb that this even bothers me.  He only has knowledge of a few of the events of the past two week so why do I even care that he views me to be at a newer level than my real skill level?  Who gives a shit...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inexperience with lukewarm pulls

I was trying to figure out why I've been screwing up at escalation lately.  The sister (Hat girl) and Promo were just poor escalation.  I got token resistance from Hat girl and no real resistance except thinking Promo girl fell sleep.  I stopped escalating in both cases before a big sexual move would have defined the interaction.  I realized I was playing it safe and costing myself lays.  I think about when I got my first girlfriend as and AFC and messed around with a neighbor of mine, I at least got some firm "No's" before I stopped escalation.  I know what a firm "No" looks like and in both these cases, I wasn't there with Hat girl and Promo.

I was thinking about the pulls or the extraction to a sexual location (I'm using MM terms to distinguish between the few SNL's I have, which is the prior, and lays that I got from Day2's plus,which is what I mean by the later).  I think a big difference is that those lays were with girls that I were really into at the time.  In addition, those girls were really into me and responding enthusiastically to my escalations, even if they gave me hard "No's" a few times before I actually ended up having sex with them.

As the titled says, I think my problem has been that I'm inexperienced with lukewarm pulls.   Well, I have little pull experience in general, but in all the times I've pulled prior to the last three weeks, the sets were super on.  Only two of those super on pulls failed to result in a lay. The 4 pulls I had in the past two weeks were with girls where the chemistry wasn't great between us.  I wanted to fuck them, but it just wasn't super on.

I realize that because my game wasn't as evolved in the past, I'd only get a pull when a girl was totally into me.  Even the pulls where I got the girls over but didn't get laid were super on prior to that.  Hat girl and Promo were just on the edge of becoming sexual, yet I wasn't super into them.  I fantasized about fucking Promo in all kinds of positions because she was thin but I didn't have the it's on feeling between us.  My big breakthrough two weeks ago has allowed me to get girls to come to my house that I'm not totally into and I'm not use to the escalation that arises.

I realize that yes, girls can decide to have sex with me without there being super chemistry between us. It's an interesting realization.  Part of me wants to think that something has been lost when I lack the raw excitement that I used to get on the way to the lay.  On the other hand, why should I think negatively when Promo girl might have been a big chemistry lay if she hadn't had the boyfriend, and Hat girl might have been more on if she hadn't been tired and if I hadn't gotten her to my bed before I really got rapport with her.  The lukewarm pulls could turn into great chemistry after the lay as well (as reported by community people).

I'm learning from my mistakes again.  I know I"ll continue to get pulls and hopefully I'll get this escalation problem fixed so I can write lay reports instead of near lay pull reports.  I think this post was a big step forward in recognizing some of my issues.

Promo pull: The escalation fuck up

We got home and we ate the White Castles on the couch.  I had opened up the bottle of wine that I had.  We were sitting on separate couches, so when I got up to get another burger, I went and sat next to her.  I think I waited to long to escalate as I remember her sitting back on the couch after we were done eating.  She asked if I could recline the chair.  I showed her how to and she said, "I'm gonna go to sleep now."

Keep persisting:
I might have given up, but at least I keep persisting now.  I told her, "Do you wanna change?  I have a pair of  girl's shorts and I can give you a shirt to wear."  She agreed to change.  My plan was to try to get her to let me give her a real massage with oil, but I never got to try that.  She came out and was asking where she could sleep.  I was taking a sheet out of the dryer and I let her to the spare bedroom.  I set up the bed and then she gave me a hug and said, "Good night.  Thank you for the hospitality."

This is another point where I normally would have given up.  After the hug, I started massaging her neck.  We sat down on the bed and I continued and somehow we transitioned to her lying face down on the pillow and me massage her.

Nintendo says escalate more:
Here is where I think the fuck up occurred and Nintendo was the one who pointed out to me that I might have gotten laid if I had persisted a little more.  My analysis is that the existence of the boyfriend is what prevent me from the lay.  He was a big obstacle but Nintendo would later convince me that I almost had this lay.  Even if I didn't get the lay, I had missed a big move that would have determined if the lay would be possible or not.  I had quit one step too soon.  This wasn't as bad as the one sister being in my bed and me not getting the lay but I still am lacking in my final escalation game.

I remember massaging her arms, back and legs.  I was blowing into her ear, nibbling on her ears, and kissing and maybe biting her neck.  (I don't remember if I bit her neck, but I probably did as that's part of my escalating stack that I always do.)  I remember that she seemed like she had fallen asleep.  The thing is that I remember seeing her eyes open shortly after I thought she was asleep.

Nintendo's point was that I played it too safe.  I needed to move the massage to her ass and then to her tits.  If she didn't resist the ass massage and let me touch her tits, then I needed to get on top of her and press my erection on her ass as I kissed her neck and face.  I also could have just started touching her pussy from behind if she was comfortable with the tit and ass massage.  She was wearing the shorts I gave her which would have allowed easy access as well.

Take responsibility: she's gonna pretend to be asleep:
Nintendo had told me this about the sister set from last Wednesday.  I said I had missed the lay because the sister had fallen asleep.  He says she might have been tired, but she could have been testing me to see if I was gonna persist and make it happen.  In both cases, the girls might have been seeing if I was gonna make this lay my responsibility so they could say to themselves, "Sex just happened."  With the sister set, I was really dumb as I had grabbed her breast and she hadn't resisted.  All I had to do was pull out a nipple and start nibbling on it.  If she let me do that, I likely would have fucked her.  At the very least, I would have know for sure if I could have gotten the lay or not as she would have given me a firm objection if she didn't want to go any further.

This situation was similar.  Even if she had fallen asleep, she would have noticed me touching her tits and ass and then pussy.  If she didn't want to fuck at all, she would have let me know.  If she let me do those things, she would have gotten even more turned on and we probably would have had sex.  At the very least, we would have had some sexual contact.

I don't know why I didn't touch her ass and find out.  I guess it what was what Tyler said.  I actually am a nice guy and was empathizing with her.  A jerk might/would have gotten laid as he would have tried the escalation and not worried about possible boyfriend guilt or her possibly being asleep.

A few minutes later, it was obvious that she was asleep as she was snoring.  Thinking back, she probably wasn't asleep when I stopped escalating.  I cuddled with her when I stopped and she didn't resist that at all.  I remember we both woke up several times before getting up for the day.  I wondered if she'd freak out that we were laying and cuddling.  My fears were put to rest when I noticed her wake up one time, and then move so she could be in a position where her arm was touching my arm and my arm on her legs.

Daybreak and being sober ends it all:
When she got up, she wanted to use the laptop.  That was a mistake.  She wouldn't get off facebook even when I put on the movie later.  Part of the problem was that she does use facebook to do her promo job.  Nintendo was probably right that I was letting her control the frame.  I could have had her cut it out.

I was hungry so I had her come along as I picked up a pizza and beer.  I was hoping she'd get drunk again but she only drank the one beer when we came back.  I had put on this movie, but after she ate the pizza, she got on facebook again and stayed on it for the entire 2 hours of Captain America.  I tried to escalate here but she wouldn't let me get far.  She let me put my arm around her, but when I went to hold her hand, she resisted.

I tried a few more times to escalate before just conceding I had fucked up and telling her I was going to take a nap until traffic was over.

Promo pull Part 2: Actually setting up the pull

After the margaritas, we went to this club that was being promoted by the same company that promoted the places we visited Fri, Sat, and Monday.  As it was when I went there last year, when it was called a different name, the place ended up being busy but with like 90% guys.  The drinks were overpriced (the girl bought herself a $5 beer and a $10 jack and coke and she regretted being stupid with the $40 she had to her name).      Promo likes to dance and one girl and I were out there dancing with her.

My promoter wing actually knew Promo.  He told me later that he supposedly had hooked up with her at 2j's place months ago.  I didn't know this at the time.  I thought she just knew him cause they worked for the same company.  This wing had told me even before I set up the Day 2 that he was coming out with some girls to this club.  We went outside to meet him and he said they had instead gone to this other club.  He said he'd try to get us in free.  Promo and I drove there and we didn't get in.  I had almost caught a ride with my wing, but it's good that I drove myself.

It was a black themed promotion at this club which was different than the usual line up there.  It usually has a lot of hot Eastern European girls.  I know the place was different when there was extra security up front, and the bouncers searched purses and frisked the guys.  Promo couldn't get in for free.  The promoters offered us a half price discount but I wasn't about to pay any more for Promo, plus I didn't want to go to a club that was half full and had a black theme to it.

I ended up driving to some bars on Division.  I wanted to get some cheap drinks and I found some specials that I would be willing to pay to extend the party.  Promo ended up nursing the one beer we got there.

Finally escalating:
I had been extremely slow in escalating.  I remember texting Nintendo at the club telling him that the set didn't seem to be going anywhere.  He prodded me to kino escalate anyway.  I also felt like I was possibly wasting my time because she mentioned a boyfriend at the club.  She was drunk and going through her numbers telling me that this guy was a promoter, and this guy was a dj, and then she passed by her boyfriend's name and she had said that was her boyfriend.

It was at the Division bar that I finally started escalating.  I found a reason to put my arm around her and she seemed comfortable with it there so I left it there.  I was massaging the back of her neck later on, and she asked me to massage her whole back since she said she was all tense from being stressed out.  I later was blowing into her ear and running my fingers with the feathery touch move on her arms.  I also stroked her face.  She seemed to be into it, but when I went for the kiss, she said, "Hey, relax."  That would be the words I would hear anytime I escalated too far.

The boyfriend:
Girl logic is funny.  Later, way after I fucked things up, she would claim to have told me that she had a boyfriend from the beginning.  Nope.  I was sober on Monday and I remember things vividly.  She also thinks she mentioned the boyfriend when I asked her for margaritas and at the margarita place.  Besides that, I blow off boyfriend comments because they are often a shit test early on, and I know from experience that girls will cheat on their boyfriends.  Heck, if I did things a little better (as I'll soon explain), I might have had the first experience of actually fucking a girl who had a serious boyfriend.   I at least know you can mess around with them despite the boyfriends.

Thinking  back, she wanted me.  She never mentioned the boyfriend at critical times where she could have just ended the escalation.  The first time I was finally kino escalating at the Division bar, she could have said, "Stop, I have a boyfriend."  She didn't say that because she was enjoying me escalating on her.When I gave Nintendo the field report before we went out Wednesday, he said that she probably did want to fuck, but I "needed to take responsibility for it happening."  

I'd find out the next day that this boyfriend had lived with her.  My wing that had hooked up with her before was surprised I wasn't able to bang her when she was over, and he also mentioned she had been with the boyfriend for awhile now.  Promo would later tell me that he had moved back with his parents in order to save money so he could buy a place for them to live together in the suburbs.  

It turns out there was a good reason I didn't get laid, but Nintendo also made me realize how close a possibility the fuck close actually was.

Persistence, Movie, and White Castle:
It's frustrating that I screwed this up in the end, but I have to be fair and also focus on the positives.  I have been learning from the past two weeks.  I had been screening  for logistics while I was escalating at the Division bar.  She said she had a movie she wanted to see on her laptop at her place but the battery was dead.  I got a feel that she did want to be pulled when she asked if I had a charger for that laptop.  (Where would I get such charger except at my place?)  

As she was finishing her beer, she said she was ready to just go home and go to sleep.  I had tried for the make out several times to no avail.  I did keep state and I pulled back and then slowly build up to try again so I was doing that part correctly.  Here, I'd say I learned the Nintendo lesson back with that redhead weed set.  I remember how the girls said they were going home yet he somehow managed to get them to venue change to another bar and then get them to let us follow them home.  I know that before that set, I would have just assumed the night was ending with me dropping her home.  

This time, I still kept trying to figure out ideas to pull her to my place.  When we were walking to the car, Promo wanted a to bum a cigarette from someone.  I gave her shit about it.  She got a cigarette and then after she smoked it, she mentioned she was hungry.   This was her helping me out.  I recognize now that I'm writing this that I picked up on the charger and food hints.  A lesson I need to learn now is that I need to persist for a pull even when the girls won't help me out at all (and that will happen  a lot, especially with really hot girls).

I said when we were nearing the car, "How about we grab some White Castle and then watch a movie?"

She agreed and I started driving towards my place.  I was expecting her to bitch about how far it was as girls have in the past.  She didn't say anything.  During the ride, she changed the music station and I told her, "Did you see Rush Hour?  Don't touch a Chinese man's radio!"  (I'm not Chinese but I wanted to copy the line).  I gave her shit but let her change a song I liked.   I'll write about this incident in a brief post about being alpha later on.

I used the music to keep our state pumped.  She found songs she liked and turned up the music a few times. I was singing along with the songs I recognized and moving my arms like I was dancing in the car.  I grabbed her hands a few times and raised her arms along with the music and she giggled.

When I was about 10 minutes away from home, I reassured her that we were close.

Promoter pull Part 1: I can't let you in with those shoes

On Tuesday, I got to Joe's Bar on Weed Street just before the cover charge was going to change from $3 to $20.  I rushed to get over there and was all ready to sarge even though it looked like my wings were bailing. I remembered the fun night I had there the previous week.  Just as I get to the bouncer:

I'm sorry  I can't let you in with those shoes.

I can understand if a place wants to enforce the dress code, but this guy was misinterpreting the rules there.  Thinking back, I probably could have got the manager involved.  Here's the thing.  I was just at the same bar the previous week with the same Ecco boots that I've always wore there.  I probably went there like 10 weeks in a row at one point last summer with the same shoes.  On top of that, I've gotten into way better venues than Joe's Bar with my same black Ecco boots.  I've gotten into Y Bar, Sound Bar, Crescendo, Spy Bar, Social 25, and so on.

I was pissed so I sent a bunch of wings a text bitching about it.  I also sent it to this girl I met on Monday.  I'll call her "Promo" as she's a promoter.  She the girl that asked for my number as I didn't try to number close her.  It's the girl that I thought wouldn't go anywhere because she was trying to sell me on her promotions too much.

I had been texting her since I woke up that day.  For some reason, I was unusually witty with my responses to her.  She even seemed like she called me by accident and hung up after one ring.  I was jogging at the time and I sent her a text, "Don't be shy.  It's okay though, I can't talk now anyway, I'm jogging."  About ten minutes later, she called me for real but I was still running so I didn't answer.

In the rush to get to Joe's I didn't even have a chance to text or call her back.  My next text was the one bitching about not getting into Joe's.  She called me after the text and I bitched about it in person.  I then quickly changed to a more positive thread.  She said she wasn't doing anything so I asked if she liked margaritas.  She did like them, and then I asked her to come have margaritas with me and she agreed.

I picked her up and on the way to the margarita place, I mentioned this club that I was thinking about going to with one of my wings.  She got all excited when I mentioned that the text said there would be strippers there.  I moved the topic sexual by asking her if she were bi and asking what she's done with girls.

You can't let bullshit ruin your day:
Yes, I was pissed at Joe's but after bitching, I figured I'd make the best of what happened.  Luck does play a factor in sarging.  This was a perfect example.  The whole next 24 hours only occurred because that dumb bouncer enforced the dress code improperly on me.  At the time, I was thinking how fortunate it was I didn't get in, but the next day, I realized how this was the truth.  Promo was bored and having a bad day because of money problems and her rent changing.  Later, I'd learn that Wednesday she wasn't doing anything and her boyfriend was coming to see her again on Thursday.  Yes, I might have been able to meet up with her maybe next week, but the timing was perfect Tuesday at 9pm when I didn't get into Joe's.

Had I gotten into Joe's like I normally would have, I might never have gotten a Day 2 with this girl. Maybe I would have text her inside or text her Wednesday, but the events that unfolded wouldn't have been the same.

Am I a chump for paying?:
During the car ride, she kept telling me why she was so stressed out.  Her rent was due and had unexpectedly went up as she was not on a yearly lease.  Her promoter job had been slow in paying her and she was just generally low on cash.  I told her that she had to forget about it for tonight and just have fun.

We drank one huge margarita each that cost $12.  I always hate paying, but I realized that she wasn't gonna offer cause she only had $40 to her name.  I also am the one who invited her out and I never clarified who was paying.  I paid the bill.  2j and I had actually discussed paying and in some way, I felt like I compromised my principles at the time, but now I wonder if I'm just being cheap.  I later paid for a $2 beer and $7 worth of White Castles.

I think to a Tyler video where he says sometimes you have to do certain things to be socially acceptable and get the lay.  This doesn't mean pay for a $150 Gibson's dinner.  I think I was allowed to spend like $20 total on this girl to have to opportunity to lay her.  Besides that,  I was showing her a good time and she did forget about her problems for awhile when we were out.

Response to "Do you know her?

We had to regroup at the second venue.  Three of us were out of state.  I was doing my best to have fun but I could feel I was a little off.  Outside, I tried to pump every up with positive energy and I tried to force myself to do better by saying I was gonna give a demo on how to open in this lound environment.  It worked to actually get me doing things correctly.  I got some sets to last longer instead of the instant blow outs I was getting.

Later, I came up with an idea to hit up the street sets around Hubbard as we were ready to quit, yet I noticed it was around closing time for the early bars.  Our third wing, who's screen name eludes me (he's Asian), actually got a make out on the street with his first white girl.  That was inspiring.

I forced myself to open some sets in front of Paris Club.  There were some hotties there and I was happy I made myself approach.  There was this tall redhead that I actually had hooked from a strong physical opener.  I just went up to her and I was immediately holding her hands and she was fine with it.  She was high buying temperature, probably from being drunk.

"Do you know her?"

I realized later that the fact that she had to ask me that means I was doing things correctly.  It looked so on that she wasn't sure if that I was just some random guy.  I fell into her frame and hesitated and then said something like, "We all know each other on some level."  The friend then just grabbed my girl and dragged her away.

I recognized the move just as I busted out.  Here's how the interaction should have been.

Friend: Do you know her?
Me: (offended) I probably have known her longer than you.
I also could have said something more rude, "Do I know her?  I probably have fucking known her longer than you!"

I read the signs faster than the friends

I'm writing about Wednesday night as the stories are short. It was my worst night out in weeks. I told Nintendo to manage his expectations but I think I went out with the wrong mindset. I didn't feel like I was shooting too high. I might also have just been a victim of bad luck. I might have just opened the girls in the sets that would give me poor responses.

We actually started out decently. I was in state despite my fuck up with this girl Tuesday night. I opened this 2-set while we were getting dollar burgers. The girl I wanted wasn't really hooking and I probably could plowed a little longer but I figured there would be more sets.

At the second bar, Nintendo and I were being awesome in this one 2-set. It's was like improv hour. I was so relaxed that Nintendo brought up a church thread and I came up with some spontaneously funny lines from that. Nintendo then asked them who made out with more guys in middle school. That didn't resonate with them as they were the good girl type and we both noticed that we were too much for the girls. We ended up ejecting after that as we saw one of our wings show up. Thinking back, we probably could have toned it down a bit and stayed in set. This really was a case where we initially came into the set as so high value that the girls were just stunned.

I know I'm busted out, and girl is signaling her friend for help:
I opened this set and for some reason, whatever I was saying was missing with the girl. I could tell I was about to bust out and the girl wanted to get rid of me so badly that she grabbed her friend's arm to come rescue me. I might have able to get past the bust out if I then stepped back and plowed with something interesting. The thing is that from doing this so long, my calibration was faster than the girl could even react. The friend felt the arm grab, turned, saw me, and then put her arm around her friend to say some BS to get rid of me. Before she could open her mouth, I said, "Don't bother. I know she wanted you to rescue her."

As I waas writing the previous paragraph, I remembered Jeffy in Jeffy Show 2. He talked about how you get so good at reading girls that you can often preempt their reaction. The move here would have been to show empathy before the girl reacted and it would show that I'm social calibrated and emphatic. I could have said something like, "She wanted you to rescue her because I was being a creeper. I'm sorry about that. I'm just having a bad day." I might have been able to salvage that set had I done this.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quick night: Two number closes due to Tyler :
Tyler wrote:

--end quote--

I saw that thread today.  It was perfect time for me to see that thread.  I've talked about how I should take more numbers because I've been being dumb about it.  I keep thinking that but I've been saying that for the past week yet I still made mistakes like the Northwestern set on Sunday (seems like I can't stop talking about that).  Seeing the thread made me really decide to do it.  What he says makes sense and my experiences match with it too.  My last girlfriend came from a short set near closing time and we're still friends.  On the other hand, I've had sets that I swore were locks for a Day 2.  For example, there was this redhead I met around the time I started dating my girlfriend.  I kissed her and we seemed to have a great connection and she never even returned my texts. 

Opened only set in first venue:
I rushed to get to the first venue only to find out that Nintendo wasn't even going.  I had two beer tickets and drank one and didn't even want the other.  I did approach the only set there: 3 set.  The only other girls in the venue worked there, or were in mixed sets with equal numbers of guys and girls.  The girls were somewhat receptive but I never felt it hook.  Two girls brought up drug use and that turned me off anyway. 

I answered some texts and I was ready to leave but I forced myself to try to bring the 3-set to the next venue.  They didn't want to go.  I probably should have sold the 2nd venue better, and I should have tried to hook the set before trying but I didn't have time as I thought I needed to rush to the 2nd venue to get in free.

Why are you nervous?:
I stopped by Nintendo's house.  When I walked in, there was one of Nintendo's friends that I had never met before.  He commented that I looked nervous.  I was surprised he noticed but he was correct.  I felt anxious maybe from too much caffeine but I think the big factor was that I was just in a bad mood.  My mom is going through some shit with my stepfather being sick and talking to her put me in a bad state.  Then, I felt like I was wasting my time going out tonight cause the first place had been dead.  Then, I couldn't get on the expressway cause there was a detour at the usual place where I'd get on.  I took local streets to Nintendo's place and I must have caught at least 15 red lights.  Literally every light or every other light was red.  Normally, I can handle traffic but being in a shit mood allowed it to effect me more easily. 

Winged Nintendo for a number close:
I mentioned the above because I wanted to show how I was in a bad state when we got to the venue.  Through experience, I have learend that I can push through it.  Many guys would have just gone on to have no results or not even approach due to being in a bad mood.  Nintendo opened the first set he saw which was a two set of a blonde and a brunette.  I came in right away and winged him. 

I remember a lesson from Tyler that has helped me in these situations . In the past, I might have tried to pretend to be all high energy or force myself to do a strongly physical opening.  Tyler says to be congruent to your state.  When I opened, I actually said someting like, "I was in a bad mood when I first got here, but here I am and I know I'll have fun anyway.  We make our own fun in life." 

The girl seems like a good prospect as she's not working during the summer as she's a teacher.  She says she's been going out a lot with her friend, who is a club promoter.  Later, I found out she can get into museums for free so she plans on going to all the museums this summer.  I probably should have number closed her at that point but I kept talking.

Nintendo wanted to go hit other sets but I learned from the Northwestern set and told him to wait a few minutes.  I told him I'd take the number since he was losing interest in the friend.  When I did this, I got a huge IOI from this girl.  The friend's drink was empty and she said pointed at it and said, "Let's go."  My girl told her to wait.  The friend's eyes lit up in way that I interpreted her as meaning, "Oh, I see. You like this guy."  It goes back to my explanation in the Gay Pride post how two set dynamics work.  Girls will rarely not leave when their friend wants to go in a 2-set unless they really like you. 

I number closed her and we talked for a little bit more and then I explore the club.

Tall girl approach:
Nintendo brought up this set in the car.  He said that he's completely comfortable talking to girls like the first two we openeds as they were HB7's (again I hate the rating system).  He brought up how I approached this tall blonde.  She had a really pretty face.  The body was average but her height made her intimidating.  She towered over me.  I approached and was talking to her for a bit.  I hate to admit that I got intimidated and just walked off.  I did a better job on Saturday with the tall girl.  I hope to eventually be able to just have a normal conversation with a tall cutie. 

Nintendo said that he was mad at himself cause he couldn't approach her.  I understand it but at the same time, the answer is so obvious to me now and it's almost natural for me to just go and try with any girl no matter how good looking.  He said he's gonna try to force himself at least once a night to approach a girl that he normally would feel intimidated by.  I'll admit that there was one set that intimidated me.  There was this other tall blonde who was with a guy and another girl.  The mix set made it a bit intimidating but more so was that this girl had a strong personality to match her looks.  For example, the photographer was setting up to take a picture of the the guy with her and she yanked her friend in.  I'd have to be really strong and dominant to even talk to this girl and I didn't feel like I could do it thonight. 

Number close cause Nintendo misunderstood me:
I opened this short pale girl.  She was another average girl but the she was thin and of course, the pale skin turned me on.  She had a fat friend and I stuck Nintendo with her.  The girl initially tried to push this promoter bullshit on me like my friend Disney does to girls.  I told her I already have several promoter friends and just changed to another thread.  I felt like I was getting somewhere with the girl as we talked.  Nintendo's girl turned to mine.  I went up to Nintendo and asked something like, "Does this girl not like you?  I need more time man so please keep her occupied.  It's your turn to entertain a fatty."  Later, in the car, he said he misunderstood what I said and he had thought I said something, like, "Do you like this fatty cause I don't want this girls number," so he walked off. 

I talked to the girl for like 30 seconds more.  I should add that before Nintendo left, she had asked me about facebook.  I presume because she wanted to friend me to sell me on the clubs she was promoting.  I assume most guys that wanted her would jump on that.  I told her the truth which is that I don't log into facebook that often and I take weeks to respond to friends on there. 

Thirty seconds after Nintendo left, I told her "I enjoyed talking to you."  I was thinking about throwing in a number close, but she's the one that brought it up.  I'm not putting too much stock into it because she has another agenda although my indifference to the close probably does create some attraction cause it makes me look high value.  She said, "Can I give you my phone number or card or something?"  She didn't mention the promoter thing this time so maybe I read too much into it.

I had her punch her number in and then she put her full name and her club promoter company into the phone.  Nintendo says that I can still just try to game her anway.  I guess that's true.

I don't give a shit about two numbers:
Nintendo and I were talking about our night.  It was a blah night.  Yes, I recognize what true shit nights are but I felt like I wasted my time going out on a Monday.  The second venue had a bunch of sets for a Monday so it isn't a complete waste to go out but I need to spend my Mondays not sarging.  Nintendo later said something like, "Well you got two numbers." 

I made this face of disgust and said, "Pfft.  Big fucking deal." 

I should be happy with any results I get and maybe something will happen with the numbers.  It did feel good to hook that first set even though I was in a bad mood when we walked in.  I'll add that maybe I could have kissed the girl had I stayed in set longer.  I could have just told Nintendo to move on and I could have stayed with her.  I feared I'd stall and I also wanted to check out the other sets in the club so maybe it was good to just leave on a high note and hope for a day 2. 

That being said, I did remember thinking that the kiss close was possible.  I feel dumb in that I said Sunday that I'd be more likely to go for the kiss faster.  I didn't even have her isolated though now I think I should have moved her to the other part of the club once I sensed I could kiss her.  My read was probably right; as I said in Sunday's report, I'm usually right about my reads.  Maybe it's good I left when I did because at least I didn't stay in set say 30 minutes longer and then not kiss.  I think I would have gone for it had I stayed longer but worst case would be to stay in set longer and not do anything.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Instant kiss closes at Gay Pride Parade

Jeffy made a post about this Pride festival in San Francisco. He has videos of them having a fun and making out with random girls. He talks about his, "OMG, you are amazing. I love you" opener where you then go for a hug and instant makeout. I had heard about this from Jeffy Show 2 when he talked about using it during street game after the clubs have closed. I experimented with it a bunch last year but I never could get the kiss part to work.

Nintendo and I saw this post last week and when I mentioned the idea of going to the parade, he was all enthusiastic about it. He's the perfect wing to do this as he'll not only approach but he's always willing to do crazy things.

No sleep state:
My sleep schedule is all whacked and has been getting worse from going out every night. What really wrecked it was the girls coming over Wednesday night and me not getting to bed until 11am. Nintendo told me I could stay at his place we we got back from the 2-set pull/Stumbling blonde after Saturday night. He got a few hours of sleep, but I wasn't able to get any despite trying. I did have a bunch of time to read manwhore articles and think about my weekend.

Needless to say, I wasn't my pumped self but I told myself I was gonna try to have fun. To counteract the negative effects and to help us do the crazy opener, we had a few drinks. This is another page out of Jeffy's book: get drunk for festival game.

Train sarging:
We opened girls immediately on getting to the train platform and we were joking with this girl on the train ride up. I often see girls I want to approach while waiting for the "L" but I never approach there. Nestor and I talking to this girl made me realize that it's all in our head. You can open easily in these situations. Yes, you'll get bust outs but it's easier that it seems. Yes, it would feel as easy when done sober, but you don't need to run flash game in day time and in fact, it would be counterproductive to do so. I remember Brad in the spring 2011 Free Tour saying that you just have to be slightly higher energy level. If you just look and say hi, that's often enough to hook the girl in day game.

Northwestern Set & 2-set dynamics:
I learned a lesson in 2-set dynamic by making a dumb mistake. We went to take a piss at Clarke's on Belmont. We had seen the $3 lemonade mixed drink deal as well. We opened this 2-set of the bar. I ended up talking to this cute, thin, blonde who goes to Northwestern. She was physically attractive, but the fact that she has some brain to go to that school is a real turn on. We hit it of and I knew she was into me, but Nintendo wanted to run off and get to the parade area as he wasn't clicking with his girl. I was in a poor state and not feeling alpha so I just went along. That and I figured there were more sets to go.

If I were in my normal state, I would have made him stay. I knew this girl was into me for obvious reasons. Just a minute or two in, I had the attentive look, but she then asked me if Nintendo was my boyfriend, and then if I were gay. When I answered negative to both, she made sure to point out that she was straight. Then, I remember her and the other girl realizing that there big group of friends had run off. The girl Nintendo was talking to said, "Let's got find them." My girl said "No, let's stay" or "No, we can catch up with them later."

I regret leaving but I realized how this often happens with girls that like me when they get pressure for their friends. I'm alpha now and as I said, I would have stayed if I weren't half asleep and drunk at the time. I can only envision how much now the girl feels pressured in the club when her friends want to leave despite the fact that she might like me. This also made me realize that when a girl makes the group stay or lets them walk off, she either is really in tune with herself and/or she really likes me. We know that most girls are all about social status in their group and don't want to make waves by staying when the group wants to leave. They are also less alpha and less likely to stick up to the group if they like a guy.

If I can walk away from this set, then I see how hard it is for the girl not to walk off. Yes, I knew this stuff already, but this was an interest view into the dynamic at work from the other side.

First attempt, Instant kiss:
We had been talking all weekend about using the Jeffy opener but we had to still psych ourselves up into doing it. We stalled by just using regular openers on girls. Nintendo was doing most of the opening and I was passive and not really opening. This was a weird feelings as I'm usually the guy hitting up the sets. Nintedo was doing a good job at keeping our state pumped up and I was feeling better.

I finally decided to go for the opener with this blonde. I didn't expect the opener to work the first time, but I must have done everything right. "You are amazing. I love you." I went to hug her. As soon as I hugged her and our faces were close, she puckered up her lips and kissed me. I remember being shocked by it as I was just getting ready to pucker my lips and go for and suddenly I was getting kissed. Nintendo said that he saw me pull back a little.

The girl then ran off. I realize now that I should have kept that going and turned it into makeout but again, I was even surprised it worked at the time.

Obliterating a kiss close sticking point: 5 more over the day:
Nintendo wanted to get close to the parade route which I think was a mistake. In many areas, we were so packed that it wasn't even possible to stop in the crowd and open . That being said, there were still a ton of sets we walked by. My early success didn't propel me into a Jeffy opening machine. We fluctuated in state and we'd go for long periods of not opening to a frenzied sequence of attempts.

I think I got 5-6 kisses total including from these girls that we think were lesbians. In that set, I kissed both girls.

Weak or Strong, you can tell when you're doing it:
Yes there was some luck factor in which girls were going to do this. Drunk and high buying temperature did make it more likely. The biggest factor was how we actually felt and executed the opener. Nintendo had commented that he could feel when he was doing a half assed version and when he really was doing it right. I noticed that inside myself too. When I really did it right, that had the biggest success rate. That sounds like a truism but I'm trying to say that you can feel as you are doing it if you feel like you're gonna make it happen and the results had a strong correlation to that feeling.

I had a good reference point with this other 2-set. I opened one girl and Nintendo the other. I did a weak version and the girl didn't kiss me. She stood their waiting for her friend. Nintendo then went for the make out and got it. Yes, you can argue that maybe she wanted him more, but I think the answer is more that I could have made out with her initially had I done it properly, had I done it strongly. It's too bad we both could have opened our girls strongly from the get go as that would have been a good set for something to happen since we had 2 girls stopped.

Obliterating the fear of the kiss close:
The main lesson here is that I need no longer fear of going for the kiss close. I've gotten so much better at it, but there were time, like with that redhead two Saturdays ago in Wicker, when I was hesitant to go for the kiss. You have go make some sort of move when the sets pops. It's I've developed a strong connection to the girl and she wants to kiss me. There's also times when the girl is high buying temperature and I've created strong attraction from the get go and she wants to be kissed (like that older blonde on Friday).

I know I'm going to be more decisive when that moment comes. Even when I have gone for the kiss, I often have procrastinated going for it, but at least I was better than years ago when I'd bust out sets by not going for it. Now, I see myself busting out of fewer sets from failure to kiss, and also just making things seem more magical when I go for the kiss at just the right moment when the window opens.

I feel like the calibration is in there in that I'm usually good at picking up when the window has opened. I just lacked the balls sometime to go for it and I sometimes just didn't trust that my read was correct.

How the fuck can I fear going for a kiss when I can sense the time is right when I just proved to myself Sunday that I can open random girls and kiss them within seconds? That's a rhetorical question. It's such a breakthrough for me to have execute the Jeffy opener so many time in one day. I think to myself, "Wow, I really used to fear going for the kiss that much, yet it really is this easy to just go kiss girls?!?"

Drunken day game opener that I sabotaged:
Right as we were about to take the train back, I stopped this moving set who had headphones on. This is a good reference point despite my eventual quick screw up. I could tell the girl was sober and hadn't been at the festival. I opened her by just trying to stop her like I would a set in day time when I was sober. She surprised me by taking out her headphones and talking to me. She saw me and wanted to talk to me. A third party observer might think, "Duh! Of course she wants to talk to a high value guy like you" but it doesn't often feel like that when I'm in the process of doing it. Again, I have to work on having a better frame. I really was thinking she was gonna walk by; if I truly believe I'm enough, I should instead expect that she's gonna stop.

It was obvious I was drunk and little incoherent from the 24+ hours of being up. Still, we was engaging and we were having a conversation. I should have just went for a quick number close when we vibed on museums or whatever it was. Instead, I stalled cause I barely had the energy to keep talking and then of course she walked off.

This is great reference material because despite my condition, she stopped and was friendly to me and I even had a number close possibility if I did it before I stalled out. Had I been sober or not that tired, I know I wouldn't have stalled. This set made me realize that I play up day game too much. I know from Free Tours talks and other community stuff that day game is supposed to be easier and lead to a higher percentage of non flake Day 2's and number closes, yet I guess I remember when I used to do day game when I sucked.

That's another reason I should embrace day game though. I'm thinking back to how I got my first Day 2 from cold approach from a day game opinion opener in the bookstore. If I could do it then, I can surely do it now, and community wisdom says it should be cake for me now that I'm owning the clubs (which is a way harder place to game.)

Lessons for festival game:
Nintendo said that where we screwed up is the down time in between opening. We need to just constantly hit up sets and we gain more momentum. I agree. I also think that next time will be easier because we can build from the successes of this first attempt. I also will not be in zombie mode. If I can make this happen with no sleep and in a shit state, then crazy things will happen when I'm my usual party self. I just text Nintendo that we should consider going to Milwaukee Summerfest.

Drunk blonde slut stumbling in and Entitlement

Hot blonde shows up and we learn a lesson in entitlement:
In my last entry, I wrote about this pull I helped Nintendo get with this redhead.  I think the best lesson might have come from seeing this hot blonde friend come home after the bars. 

Here's the rest of the story:
As we were laying in bed, Onyx went through the blonde's facebook trying to see if she made any status updates since the club.  Recall that the blonde and another friend and had ditched Willow and Onyx at the club.  The blonde had driven them there and was staying at their place, yet the girls just told them they were running off with this promoter dude.  On top of that, they didn't even text updates on when they were coming home even though, Onyx would have to be up to let them in.

 I could see the blonde's pics as Onyx was going through her face book and could tell the blonde was hot.  Suddenly, Onyx got a call from her neighbor that we had run into outside.  She said another car had parked in the parking area.  Onyx realized it was the blonde and went outside.  Nintendo was awake and he said something like, "Let's get out of here." 
Me: Wait, you might be able to fuck this hot blonde.  I saw her facebook.  She coming in now.  Get up and when she walks in, start talking to her.  She'll be all drunk and probably wants to hook up.

He was tired but I got him up.  The blone stumbled in with her dress all hiked up.  Onyx told her, "Pull your skirt down, it's all hiked up." She was the typical hot blonde in a mini skirt that we'd see at the club.  She wasn't at hot as the girls from Friday, but she was surely a girl Nintendo and I would lust over at the club.  She was all wasted and definitely should not have driven home.  I was worried that she had bumped my car while parking.  She grabbed leftover pizza and looked like a raccoon scavenging through the garbage. 

I learned a quick lesson that I'm getting more comfortable with hot girls as I said, "Look at you scavenging that pizza! Lol!"  In the past, I wouldn't have said that because I would have been a little mesmerized by a hot blonde.  Even if I could talk to her calmly, which I probably could in the recent past, I wouldn't have been comfortable enough to make jokes and tease her.  Now I am. 

Nintendo was just sitting at the table saying nothing and then the blonde went off to the spare bedroom and went to bed.  I asked Nintendo in the car, "Why did you do anything?"
Nintedo: That girl didn't want to fuck.  When Onyx went outside to talk she probably said, "There are two guys in here.  I can fuck this Asian guy.  You can fuck this other guy if you want.  The blonde probably just got back from fucking some random guy. 

It hit me right there.  Yes, she just fucked some guy, and it was possibly that club promoter.  That or the friend fucked him.  That's why her skirt was all hiked up.  She fucked him and then drove home and was too drunk to pull her dress all the way back down. 

I'm not judging, I'm learning:
We made jokes about how the two other girls got all drunk and fucked two randoms guys at the club.  It sounds like we are judging, but we're not.  Obviously, we're trying to do the same thing. If anything, I'll admit to being a little bitter that it's so much easier for girls than guys, but at least I'm finally getting to the point that I can at least start doing it regularly myself.   If I weren't a dumbass and inexperienced, I could have fucked 3-4 new girls this week.  It was just eye opening seeing the blonde like this and knowing her back story.

You see, if we had seen her in the club, we probably would have been a little intimidated by her.  We're intimidated by a girl that's all messed up over some break up that she initiated; a girl that doesn't give a shit about her life and drives drunk and likely fucked the guy with no codom.  If we sarged or even pulled the girl, we might worry if she wanted to fuck us. 

On the other hand, you have us.  To use the Swinger quote, we have two "outgoing party guys."    We have two self actualized guys that are trying to improve ourselves in areas including women, money, inner game, fitness, and so on.  We're hitting up the club and having a blast.  We're doing things I could barely imagine possible.  We're getting comfortable talking to the hottest girls. 

We sometimes doubt if we are enough for some club girls and many of them are like this stumbling blonde.  To use Tyler's terms, "She on the booze and cigarette die."  This girl didn't look like she worked out and her life is set to be fucked up.  She's gonna get a DUI if she keep doing this, she's gonna look like shit when she's my age.

This experience has given me a good reference point for why I really should feel like I'm high value and the prize at the club and not doubt myself, especially when it comes to hot drunk, party girls. 

Sat: Winging a 2-set pull for Nintendo

I giggle as I think about this set. I have just finished writing the report concerning my browbeating myself over the night despite kissing the Latina girl. I really was in a bad state when I was sitting in my car surfing the internet and listening to podcasts while I waited for wings to leave the venue that was stale for me. Besides the browbeat, I had this feeling of being trapped and not being able to do anything. It was too late to drive up and meet up with this other set of wings in Wrigley and they were going home after close. I didn't want to drive up to Division and go solo as I knew I'd do better waiting for Nintendo or at least some other wing. At the same time, no one was responding to my texts so I had a waiting game as I didn't feel like running street game at that moment.

I'm pulling this 2-set and need your help:
I was surfing the forums when suddenly this number I didn't recognize appeared on my caller ID. I picked up. Often times, I will never answer a number I don't recognize. I think I picked up because I suspected Nintendo's phone had died as it went directly to voice mail when I had called him while waiting in my car.

Here is how unpredictable and fun the game can be. I'm in a shit state for dumb reasons. The other wings complain about state crashes and while I usually deal with them well and rarely even happen, they happen to me too. I remember it helping to know that jlaix said even instructors get them, but what separates the newer guys from the more experienced guys is that they know how to deal with it and break out of it better.

Nintendo said, "Hey, my phone died. I got this 2-set. You wanna have some drinks with this 2-set?"
Me: Yeah, of course.
Nintendo: Where are you? Are you inside (the after hours club)?
Me: No. I'm sitting inside my car surfing the forums.
Nintendo: Come by the front of the club and pick us up.

Wow! I figured I could change the night by continuing to sarge after I met up with Nintendo again, but this was an unexpected surprise. I drove over and picked them up. I saw a cute redhead and the fat friend. Of course, I knew who I'd be stuck with, but I was just happy to have chance to practice late game.

Willow and friend:
I consider myself a good wing because I don't even mind doing stuff like this. I had to entertain a fat friend to help my wing get laid. Some guys flatly refuse to do it which is dumb because as a team, if you go out enough, you'll end up getting the favor repaid when you need it. Others will help but complain. I made a few jokes about it later, but I was happy to help. Again, I appreciate the new experiences and practice. I recognize that I would have love to have this opportunity on many nights when I've been out.

I called Nintendo's girl "Willow" after Alyson Hannigan's character on Buffy. This girl has red hair like the actress and sounds exactly like Alyson Hannigan in American Pie. I wanted to ask her to say, "And this one time at band camp..." She was totally my type.

Fortunately, my girl was fat, but at least she was cute, had the skin tone I like, and she had huge titties. More importantly, she didn't have the warpig frame like say that bitchy Indian girl from Thursday that busted me out of this pink short set. She was very talkative and later, I found had a good, caring heart. I'll just call her Onyx.

The girls wanted a ride back to their place. Onyx said we would have an after party there but we needed liquor. The only liquor store I could think was this crowded one I always walked by while sarging and it was on the way so we stopped there. Initially, I had to force myself to speak. I felt like being quiet as I was out of state and was in listener mode as I listened to podcasts and surfed the net on my phone prior to Nintendo's call. This is where having had state crashes before helped me as I knew I could just talk and get myself out of it.

I thought it was going to go well for Nintendo as he was talking to his girl and kinoing her in the back seat. Willow's weirdness started to show when I could tell she was talking to some other guy on the phone. Even Onyx started giving her shit shit about being rude. Nintendo kept telling her he should shut off his phone. I just text him now that maybe the alpha move was just to shut off her phone. It ended up not mattering here, but guys have reported getting pulls screwed up do to girls picking up their phone.

It was a long drive to get to their place because the liquor store took awhile. Nintendo ran in as I had to entertain the girls. I tried to get Willow into the conversation but she seemed shy and didn't talk much.

What do we do at an after party:
I don't think Willow goes out much or socialized much at school. She at least doesn't go to clubs much and have after parties. We had gotten McDonald's and had finished eating inside when Onyx wanted to go outside and smoke. Nintendo wanted a cigarette too so he went out with her and I was left with Willow as we both didn't smoke. Here I am a good wing too. Some dumb AFC's would try to put moves or game Willow here, especially cause she was my exactly my type as I love redheads and I love how she sounds like Willow. I know and follow wing rules so I just tried to have a regular conversation. This way she could realize that I'm cool and maybe it would help us both get laid.

I remember her asking me, "So what do people do at an after party?"
My response was, "Well, we play games, have drinks, and most importantly, we have fun!"
Thinking about it later, I think I should have thrown in something sexual there. Something like, "Well, we drink, plays games, and have fun! Sometimes people make out or whatever."
I made sure to say good things about my wing.

Isolation move:
Having had 3 pull experiences in this last week, I felt more experienced with how to handle the early stages of getting to their place. We did fine by sitting as a group and eating and drinking. There was an isolation move with the smoke break but we weren't with our targets. When the girls returned, I got isolation when my girl went to her room to put on music. I followed her in. I guess Nintendo tried to go in Willow's room but she booted him out. I had isolation for like a minute, and then I frowned inside when I saw Nintendo and Willow follow us in and sit on this couch in Onyx's room.

Onyx was sitting on her bed. I just sat down on her bed. After the music started playing, we found ourselves lyng next to each other. We started to have our own conversation and Nintendo was talking and I assume putting moves on Willow. I remember starting to kino Onyx.

Rude Willow:
Onyx wanted to fuck. It was clear from the beginning. I forgot to mention that early on when I picked them off, she had been complaining about how they had gone out with 2 other girls and the two girls had just run off without telling them anything or texting them. The 2 other girls were trying to hook up with the promoter guy: the same one that was grinding on the Russian blonde from Friday night. Onyx was bitching that it was bad that only did they get ditched there (one of the other girls had driven them) with no ride, but she also was left with "no penises around her." I heard this and didn't want to sound too eager so I said, "Well, it's not like we are girls. Your friend seems to have done well with the situation having met my friend." (I threw in my accomplishment intro here.

I was cuddling with her and stroking her skin. I remember seeing Willow walk off. I assume she was just going to the bathroom. She never came back. She just ditched us all and went to her bed to go to sleep. Willow wanted to go for a smoke and I followed. I hesitated for a minute because I hate cigarette smoke and I think Nintendo had seen this as he mouthed that I should go with her.

As we were walking out, Onyx noticed that Willow had cleaned the table and move Onyx's purse. She knocked on Willow's door and asked Willow to give her the purse and then she bitched at her for being rude and just disappearing without even saying anything.

I walked out with Willow and developed deeper rapport with her. Here is where I learned she had a good heart. Despite the girls ditching her, she kept trying to call them as the girls were staying at her place. She told me she was worried about the blonde. Apparently the blonde had broken up with her boyfriend of 4 years and wasn't taking it well. The blonde was living recklessly getting wasted all the time, driving drunk, and I assumed, fucking random club guys (this was another eye opening reference point which I'll address at the end). She's the type of girl that worries too much about helping he friends, often to the extend or disregarding her own needs.

Should I fuck her?:
We came back and Nintendo was passed out of the couch. I could escalate with Onyx even though he was lying on the couch a few feet from the bed. I cuddling with her and stroked her skin and face. For some reason, I felt weird about kissing her. I think it something with the girl not facing me. I picture girls should face as we're laying in bed talking. This was probably my problem Wednesday as well. This is how weird I am sometimes. Both Wednesday and Saturday, I was in a bed with a girl, and yet I wasn't sure if she wanted to fuck or not so I wasn't as aggressive as I might be otherwise. I need to get over this and just escalate, especially cause a hot girl often won't make it obvious she wants it.

I think the other factor was that I wasn't sure if I wanted to fuck her, so I used Nintendo being there as an excuse not to kiss. When I first told Nintendo that he said, "Who cares? Grab a blanket, say your cold, put it over you, make out with her, start fingering her and then fuck her." I knew that was the issue. If Nintendo had been lying there and I had been in bed with the Russian girl from Friday, I'd fuck her right there with no sheet.

I had hooked up with my FB Friday night. She had called me and I picked her up on the way home which was great because I was horny as hell after making out with that Russian girl and almost pulling her. It felt good to have sex but the sex wasn't that good this time. I was less horny Saturday night as well, so I was like, is this even worth doing?

Now, I wish I would have fucked her as I'm horny right now. Do I really want a rotation of fat girls? I want to say no, but maybe I should. I'm leaning on the idea that I should do it for now. I want to get laid several times a week and this would ensure that I do. At the same time, I can hold out for better girls and I know I'm going to keep getting new options in the upcoming week. Why not just get laid when I can in the meantime?

Salvaging my inaction:
I used I had been weak in not kissing her and I was afraid she'd used that as a reason not to hook up with me in a future encounter. I wanted to keep my options open so I thought of something as we were laying in bed. I said, "If my friend weren't right there, I'd totally kiss you right now." She replied, "Yeah, my friend is bogus. She the one originally that wanted him to come over and yet she was calling some other guy in the car and trying to get him to come over and then she just disappeared like that."

I'm glad I made this move. I used him as an excuse for my failure to escalate. The idea being that I could try to meet up again and fuck her if I want, which I do now, and I gave her a reason not to think, "This guy is a chump. I wanted to fuck him Saturday and he didn't do shit."

Hot blonde and leaving:
This hot blonde friend showed up. Originally, I included the story in this post, but the lessons from seeing her deserve their own post. The blonde went to sleep and Onyx said we could stay but we decided to leave. I number closed Onyx but she reminded me that I had her number cause as Nintendo had used her phone to call me. I'm actually glad that was the case cause though she punched it in again, I actually didn't save it properly.

Disappointed with a Sat number and kiss close

I feel weird writing this post because my view has changed dramitically in one day concerning the kiss close.  I had this post planned out in my head Sunday morning but I had stayed at Nintendo's place and didn't have my computer.  Friday was the beginning of the change in my feelings on the kiss close.  Going for that quick kiss close Firday was the beginning of the change in my kiss close paradigm.  That was the positive change: I recognized that I have been reading the signals correctly most of the time, but I was just too afraid to go for it early on despite feeling like the signals were there.  Saturday was a negative change: I realized that a kiss close really isn't a big deal and rather than even being happy about it, I beat myself up over the night because I let the set stall out and of course didn't pull.  Sunday really rearranged my kiss close paradigm. 

On Saturday, Nintendo, several of his other wings, and I were in this new club that G had raved about before.  I worked several sets early on.  A few were busts outs and most didn't really seem to be going any where.  I spotted this slightly chubby Latina dancing in middle of table area for bottle service.  Despite no one really dancing except her and a few others, I walked up to her and started to dance with her and then talk.  My read was correct, the set opened and hooked immediately.  It seemed like she was ready to kiss early on.  I danced with her but she kept pulling back when I tried to grind on her or dance in synch.  I realized later that I think she just really like to try to dance with the beat and when I try dance floor escalation, I often lose track of the beat. 

I tried to move her to another part of the club by saying I wanted to see the rest of the club.  She refused.  I tried to persist and she told me just to go check it out myself and come back.  I left because it seemed like the right thing to do.  I opened several other sets but got nowhere. 

Tall girl:
I remember trying to sarge this really tall girl.  I was happy that I at least didn't feel the performance anxiety I used to when dealing with girls I really wanted.  She gave me resistance, but I kept plowing but I lost my nerve when her friend gave me shit.  I'm not sure if I could have plowed more, but I did catch myself feeling uncomfortable that the set wasn't hook yet I was plowing.  Usually I don't even care but I guess the tall girls still have more of an effect on me that regular girls.  I need to work on that entitlement some more. 

Kiss close:
I came back and started dancing with her again.  The whole club was much more crowded so we kept gettting jostled while dancing.  On top of that, the music had changed to more techno, which she didn't like, so I went for the isolation move again.  I got her to sit down on this two person bench in a quieter area of the bar.  I put my arm around her while I talked.  It become obvious that she liked me.  The zoo came up and she actually asked me for my number, suggesting we go to the zoo together.  I number closed her and text her my number. 

I had her at the peak of buying temperature (at least in terms of verbal before kissing or anything else).  I mentioned grabbing food after closing and she agreed with getting tacoes.  I was thinking I might be able to drive her to my place as I live halfway between her and the club.  This is progress that I was screening for logistics.  More often than not, I failed to screen for logistics in the past.  She mentioned that I could meet her at some club on Friday as a friend is having a party at a club.  She even said I could come to this birthday party on Sunday, but I told her immediately that I already ahd plans to get to the pride parade. 

I remember having my arm around her and then leaning in and giving her strong eye contact.  I went for the kiss.  She was holding back even though she liked me but she kissed me quickly.  It was a really quick kiss so I busted on her about it saying it was a kiss like you'd give you're brother . She gave me a slightly better kiss but she didn't want to make out. 

I decided to move her back to the table as she wanted a drink.  That was a state break.  It was crowded by the table.  She got the drink and I was pondering whether I should try to sit on the couches behind the table with her sister and guy friends, try to dance in the limited space we had in front of the table, or move her again to a quiet area.  This was like when I stalled several Saturdays ago after I left this coffe shop after an instant date.  Of course, the girl felt my indecision and then said she was gonna sit with her sister for awhile. 

I don't think it's over with the girl.  I'm gonna text her today and I think there's a good chance she'll respond despite the fizzle in the end.

I felt disappointed at the time:
This was the problem.  I tried to perservere anyway, but inside, I felt disappointment that the set fizzled.  I focused on that negative instead of the positives of having had a genuine interaction with her and having kissed the girl. 

I think another factor was after I hit up some sets after that, I also felt like I had wore out the venue.  My state got worse when I went to the after hours spot and saw a long line and knew I wouldn't get in.  I  then just went to my car and surfed the web waiting for Nintendo to tell me he was leaving the other club.  I knew I could have tried to go back to the original club, but I didn't want to deal with reentry and I felt like I was gonna be even more negative going back to the stale club I had just left. 
Weird mixture of progress/bad frame:
I realized as I was walking to my car that this was just weird.  I asked myself if picked up and success lately has made me jaded.  Just a week or two ago, I would have felt this evening was a good one with the results I had.  Now, I felt disappointed: partially because the set fizzled, but I think it was more that I didn't get the result with a hot girl but rather an average looking one with a little extra weight on her. 

I then told myself I was being stupid.   I shouldn't get so jaded that I don't appreicate kissing a girl and having a good interaction.  Tyler says that browbeating yourself in general about your success, or lack of, is stupid anyway. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nintendo analysis on Russian set and my thoughts

I just got off the phone with Nintendo. His analysis made sense. He said since I couldn't get her outside, I could have tried just moving her back to the bar. He had a good point that I haven't moved her around the place at all so it wasn't gonna be easy for her to just follow my lead outside.

We discussed not escalating so hard that you need to pull because otherwise you can't maintain the buying temperature. I know not to do that, but this was different. As I wrote, I described what she was doing as devouring me. I would have gone for the make out but she was the one that came at me before I could even do anything. This girl was insanely horny.

This made me think that maybe I could have played a little hard to get. I could have made out but not giving her full validation. The theory that follows that if I keep pushing her off or just slowing it down, then it would make her want it even more. If I did it right, she'd also want the lay to get full validation and to break the wall I'd build between us.

We agreed that us getting kicked out of the closet was a massive state break. I was chill as it happened but girls aren't centered like I am now. She freaked out when we got kicked out of the coat room and ran off.

I'm thinking now that when I saw the promoter guy, the blonde, and Huskie girl talking, I should have just initiated a conversation with her. I maybe could have said, "Wow that was crazy. Let's just take it easy. Come to the bar."

Nintendo thought that maybe I needed more rapport. I had built a lot initially before I even did any real kino but it also wouldn't hurt to build more at the bar. Nintendo kept thinking the boyfriend was a shit test. I still think that actually was a problem, but I acknowledge that with enough game, and especially in this situation, it didn't matter.

Don't browbeat yourself.
That's why Tyler says in one of his videos and I violated this rule at times tonight.

Yes, I need more pulling experience. That's why I'm having trouble even fully analyzing these pull situations. I know the theory but I have very little field experience. As I get more pull opportunities, I'll get some to work and many to fail and then it will all make more sense.

I can think of two lessons I can take form the night. I should still keep persisting like I have been. I played it far too safe in the past. I can be happy that I'm making an effort to push things along. The other one is that I need to lead the girls around the venue more. I was having a great talk with this girl earlier, but I could have moved her around like Nintendo moved around the blonde.
Finally, there is no reason to be disappointed in the night. The night was amazing. I acknowledge that but I do get frustrated that I couldn't get things right, but I just need to try to learn from my mistakes and be happy with the success I'm getting. Make outs are starting to be more regular and pulling has become the obstacle that make outs used to be for me. With time, I trust I'll figure it out.

Quick kiss at the after hours & Plowing the Knife Shit test

This is a short post about what happened after we lost the Russian set. We went to this club where Nintendo has a contact to get us in. The bouncer said we had to talk to the cashier. While Nintendo was doing that, I did another smooth move. This mixed 5-set of Asians had paid and were getting their hand stamps from the bouncer. I just joined the line like I was with them. I figured it wouldn't even cross the bouncer's mind to question it as he'd just assume I was with them since I'm Asian. Of course, it worked. The other wing (who we met up with after the first bar; he wasn't able to get in with his shirt to the Russian bar) had followed behind me. We giggled because Nintendo had probably been trying to talk the cashier into letting 3 guys in and when he turned around, he would have seen no one behind him.

Quick kiss:
I had some okay sets but nothing really worth reporting save one. Nintendo opened this 2-set of a black girl and a thin blonde who looked around my age (so older than most of the girls there). I winged him right away. I started talking the blonde and I quickly had kino. I remember talking to her and I was also starting to dance with her. I spun her ,and I had one had on her waist and the other holding my hand so I could dance. Then, after the song that I liked ended, I stopped dancing and just put my hands on her waist.

She was gazing into my eyes, and I thought, "This is pretty early in this set but I swear she's giving me that look that means she wants to kiss. Fuck it, let's find out if my read is correct." Had all the crazy stuff not happened earlier, I might not have gone for the kiss this soon despite the read. Of course, the read was right. I think I had moved towards her once and stopped. Then 30 seconds later, I moved in a little and once she saw that, she moved in and we kissed.

I isolated her to the back of the bar. It was quieter there and easier to talk. I had her against the wall and we were talking. I had my arms around her and we kissed briefly there.

Suddenly, the friend showed up and she dragged her away. Nintendo said he had tried to keep his girl's attention but had failed.

Knife shit test:
After we wore out the second club, we went to run street game on Division. We were trying quick pull openers. We had these two fat black girls stopped and hooked but Nintendo didn't really want to bang them and I wasn't that keen either so we moved on. We were about to meet up with the other wing when we opened this last set.

Nintendo calls them the ghetto set. They were two white girls in their late 20's but Nintendo said they had cheap shoes on. Nintendo opened the girl on the left and the blonde on the right immediately told him to fuck off. We tried to plow and the girls told us to go away. Nintendo said, "We're standing here. If you wanna go, then go."

The blonde, who was obviously drunk said, "Do you have the knife?"

The friend then fished out this little pocket knife.

Now this sounds crazy, but the way they were doing it was not in the way that someone serious about stabbing you would do it. When the girl opened the little knife, Nintendo said, "You really are pulling out a knife on me? I should go get the cops."

Here's another factor, we're right across from a bunch of cops so it's not like we're really worried about it. Again, they were drunk and kind of laughing at each other about doing this crazy shit. Nintendo walked off.

I backed off about 10 feet just in case my read was wrong. I knew I couldn't be stabbed there. I kept interacting with them. I decided to be crazy too.

I said, "Wow, you really are crazy. I should get the cops. No. You're lucky I'm in a great mood. If I were in one of my dark, crazy moods, I know what I'd do. I go up to you and stab myself with that knife and make it look like you did it."

She started trying to insult me with Asian stereotype insults. I think this is why I kept interacting. I wanted to see if I could get bombarded with insults and see if I got affected emotionally.

I can see it hard for me to be affected by shit tests from hot girls now. This girl was yelling all kinds of shit at me and I didn't care. My mood wasn't affected at all. I made me laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole situation. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

I must really be drawing state from within. What girls or guys that I don't know say just bounce off like I have some sort of shield around me. I don't give a shit what some random person thinks about me or whether they like me or not. This is a massive contrast to my old AFC self that was so worried what everyone thought about him.

Nympho bisexual Russian girls-Near Pull

Wow.  I'm sitting here thinking, "Wow, this PUA shit is really starting to happen for me."  The nights keep getting crazier.  The only things that have been slowing me down are logistics and end game problems. 

Tyler's "Friendly and Cool":
I owe tonight's success to this video that I linked the other day.

The second video has helped me realize I can just relax when approaching hotter chicks.  When we'd see the rare hotter girl out, I'd approach, but I'd keep telling myself that I needed to open hard physically and I kept thinking I needed to run high caliber game to have a chance.  That wasn't getting me any results and my mind was just freezing up when I'd open due to performance anxiety.  After talking with Nintendo Friday night, watching the second video helped me decide that I can just trust myself and run a base level of game.  I know how to have an interesting conversation and branch off threads to other topics or cut off bad threads.  I have my usual stories or themes that I know work as a backup.  I decided that I'm just gonna try to relax.  I decided I was going to talk to hot girls and just have a regular conversation. 

No anxiety in a hot venue:
I suppose it's somewhat appropriate that I had an awesome night the first time in this venue.  I had heard years ago that this venue is filled with hot girls.   Part of the reason I never went is that I used to think  I was wasting my time cause I had no chance with hot girls.  Now, my journey has finally brought me to where I'm beginning to believe that I am enough (the Alex RSD concept).  We decided to come here because there was a cool sounding promotion that had free (nasty tasting Hypnotic drinks) and there was free cover.  During debrief Thursday night, we decided we have to hit up better venues.  The only way we can get comfortable talking to hot girls is to actually go where there are a lot of them.

The Russian 2-set:
The only set in the venue when we walked in was this 4-set.  I almost opened them but Nintendo and I decided we would just chill when it got busier rather than risk busting out so early.  About 20 minutes later, I spotted this 2-set walk in.  They walked in back to the bathroom.  Not too long afterward, I found them standing near us while we were talking.  The 2-set was a tall blonde and a pale brunette that was an inch or two shorter than me.  I opened the pale brunette (Husky Girl) as she was closest to me. 

I probably opened too softly as the girl could barely hear me.  I then raised my voice.  The set didn't really open off the bat.  The girls were just standing there, though, they didn't leave.  I kept plowing and mentioned the free drinks.  We had seen that on the website but there were also cards around advertising the drinks.  That seemed to open things up as they were excited about it and ordered the free drinks. 

Soon, we had the set separated.  Nintendo seemed to be getting along well with the blonde and he had moved her to the back of the club.  I kept talking to Husky Girl and we had some deep rapport going.  I could tell she was into me, but I also wasn't giving a lot of kino for some reason.  The blonde came several times to check on her and of course she told her things were going fine. 

Bisexual girls:
It was Nintendo that discovered this aspect of the girls.  My girl had said the blonde was a total party girl but she claimed she wasn't that much of one anymore.  Thinking back, either she only does this once in awhile, or she was just saying that to qualify herself to me.  The blonde had come back a 3rd time with Nintendo and they were standing next to us talking.  Suddenly, this other girl showed up: a brunette about my height (I'm gonna call her #3). 

Husky girl told me she didn't know the other girl.  She didn't really talk to us. She went up to the blonde and Nintendo had to deal with both of them.  He looked money (to use that line from Swingers).  He had his arms around two girls and was taking pictures with them.  He said he felt like he had a decent chance of a double make out if I had the stones to go for it. 

The three girls ended up leaving.  My girl told me they were going by a friend in the VIP section but she claimed she'd be back. 

Your girl left and looked upset:
We hit up some other sets when they left.  I didn't have much success but I felt great because I was opening girls that would have intimidated me just a few days ago and I wasn't feeling nervous.  My brain wasn't freezing up either.  It felt like I was opening a normal set so at least I wasn't getting busted out because I was messing myself up with performance anxiety.  I know this is an amazing breakthrough.  My game is getting really good and if I can treat the 9's and 10's the same way, then I'm gonna reach the next level.

I got separated from him at one point and I went to the bathroom.  I noticed the stall had a solid door and was pretty much a separate room.  The thought crossed my mind, "I wonder if you could pull a girl here and throw the attendant like 20 bucks so he doesn't bother you and bang a girl back there."  Little did I know that I would have been able to test this out had I gone that route. 

I came out and found Nintendo.  He said that he had seen my girl walk outside.  He said she looked bored/upset when she walked out.  My mind wondered, "Was it cause she couldn't find me?  Naw, that can't be possible."   I asked Nintendo, "You should have gotten her attention." 

We looked by the VIP area and we saw #3 and the blonde dancing there. 

"I guarantee I'll get in the VIP section:"
Nintendo was telling me he wanted to go the VIP section cause #3 and the blonde where there.  He didn't know what to do since there were bouncers on both end limiting access.  I told him that I'd show him how to get in.  That's when I said the quote above.  First, I told him we had to go to the other side as we had been hovering around this side.  I knew what I was gonna do in my head.  I have to credit Colorado Dave years ago at the Museum of Science and Industry for learning this move (We snuck into the sold out "Body Worlds" exhibit on the closing weekend.  This was several years ago: we were willing to pay but there were no tickets left the whole weekend so we ended up sneaking in.)   The lesson is that if you walk like you belong somewhere, and do a walk like you would if you owned the place, people are less likely to challenge you. 

There was actually so big guy standing near the entrance.  I moved past him and had an impression like I was annoyed he was in the way.  I knew the bouncer was standing right behind him but I didn't even look at him and kept walking past like I would if I belong there.  He challenged me by saying, "Hey, do you have a wrist band?"  I turned back slowly and said, "My friend is right over there."  I felt like my demeanor was one that basically said, "Wow, I can't be bothered by you.  I'm barely acknowledging that you are challenging my right to be in this area."  The bouncer said, "Okay, you're table is over there?" and he let me be. 

Note that the wrong way to get in is to stop by the bouncer like you need his permission.  You also can't act nervous or hesitate in anyway when you are walking towards.  I guess I owe a shout out to this other poker buddy who has gotten me to front row concert seats and premium baseball seats through a mixture of slight of hand and confident body language. 

Nintendo followed me as this was happening and we got to the table.  I only saw #3 dancing in front of the table.  In my head, I was thinking, "Well, this sucks.  My girl is gone and there's only one girl here.  I had been introduced to her, I guess, cause she recognized me when I walked up.  I said, "Hi" and just started dancing by myself.  Nintendo started dancing with her.  He told me later that he went for the make out severals times with her but she refused. 

My girl is bisexual too?!:
Here is the crazy part of the story that I didn't even find out about until after I was out of the set.  #3 didn't want to kiss Nintendo, but she pointed out that the blonde and Huskie Girl were in the seating area.  He said that the blonde was fingering Huskie girl right there.  Nintendo said later that the girls must have been on Ecstasy or something as they were just super sexual.

I forgot to mention that he had the following exchange with the blonde early on.  She mentioned that her birthday was coming up and Nintendo asked what she was doing.  She said she was gonna either go on a yatch trip or do a gangbang. 
Nintendo: Excuse me?
Blonde: I might have 3 guys fuck me at the same time.
(I would have probably used Style "Respect" response in this situation.)
Nintendo: Sign me up.
(When he originally told me this story, I thought she was just messing around, but the way she was this evening, there's a chance she was serious.  Nintendo also told me that the blonde said she wants to be a stripper.  Huskie girl, again, had told me the blonde was a huge party girl.) 

He said that he went up to the blonde and went to kiss her and she started making out with her.  I think he might have kissed Huskie girl too.  He said that he started talking to the blonde and he accidentally spit his gum out and it hit her in the hair.  She went to the bathroom to get it out. 

Later he told me he screwed up with the blonde by being dumb.  At one point, she had shit test him by walking off and getting all up on some guy.  She then came back and he waved her off.  I remember replying, "WTF?"  Then I said, "You can still recover from that."

Now, keep in mind that I didn't know any of the above until the end of our evening at this bar. 

I have a surprise for you:
Where the story continues for me is that I saw Nintendo trying to kiss #3.  I was just dancing by myself near the table.  I opened some nearby girls but they just ignored me.  I remember that Nintendo came up to me and said, "Come here, I have a suprise for you." 

I came over and suddenly I spotted Huskie Girl dancing by this table. 

She devoured me:
I immediately went up to her and her response gets me hard as I think about it.  If I ever need a postive sarging reference experience, I need only to draw on this memory.  As soon as our eyes me, her eyes just lit up. Nintendo even told me later that she must have been really in to me because he too had noticed how she reacted when she first saw me again. 

Very few words were exchanged.  I think it might have been one; I might have said, "Hey."  Our eyes met.  She was kind of crouched down dancing.  She stood up into my arms and she just lunged for my lips.  I couldn't even describe this as a kiss close.  Our lips met and she just started devouring me.

It's crazy makeout and I did the usual bit of sucking/kissing her neck.  She was the right height that I could grind out crotches together.  She was frantically trying to get even more stimulation from that or from my leg when I used it to stimulate her.  I was grabbing her ass and tits with no resistence and she started to grab my cock. 

In some places, I could have done crazier things, but this place doesn't have a really dark area.  There isn't really a dance floor, people just dance wherever they were.  We were dancing in this walkway between the booths in the VIP section. 

Trying to pull:
I was trying to decide if I should try to keep this going till close.  I started feeling out logistics.  I asked her where she lived and she said a bunch of stuff I couldn't hear but I remember hearing that she started talking about a boyfriend.  I tried throwing out the frame of "let just live in the moment."  At one point, I said, "I'm just enjoying having fun."  I threw out, "I don't want you to leave your boyfriend."

I determined that I couldn't keep up this pace until close.  I feared things were gonna die down.  I remember that black girl I was basically fingering last summer one the dance floor.  I thought I could last till close there and she lost buying temperature and I missed a pull.  If I had been in the same bar, I would have attempted a bathroom close.  Yeah, I had thought about the $20 attendant tip idea, but I thought my best move was to try to get her outside and then to my car. 

I told her, "Let's go outside for a second."  I knew she didn't smoke and I had told her I didn't as well.  Thinking back, maybe I should have said, "Come outside with me while I have a smoke."  Then, I could have kept escalating there and maybe she would have followed me.  She might not have remembered that I don't smoke. 

She was resisting this so I just said, "Let's go to the front."  I dragged her past the VIP bouncer and we stopped right by the entrance.  I started making out with her again.  She started to get into it, and then I tried to get her to go outside.  What I want to ask 2j is if I should have tried pulling on her arm a little harder.  A move might have been to carry her outside but I didn't think I was strong enough. 

I was trying to really pump her state up here but the bouncer said, "Come on guys."  It is tacky for the place to have two people making out like crazy at the entrance.  Remember that this is supposed to be a classier venue than most of the places around. 

I really have stones:
I managed to move her a little bit and I discovered there was this coat closet that was covered by a curtain.  It was roped off.  I pulled her in there.  This might have worked except she resisted and was standing by the curtain.  Maybe if I had lead her so it wasn't obvious we were there, I could have had time to get her comfortable.  All of a sudden I see the VIP bouncer and some drink girl standing in front of us and telling us we can't be there.  I thought for a second that I was gonna get kicked up.

The bouncer was actually cool.  He knew what was up and didn't want to screw it up but he had to get us out of there.  I remember because he wasn't being a dick about it and when I was apologizing he was smiling.  He then pointed out the direction the girl went. 

She had run off to the VIP section and off to the bathroom.  I found Nintendo and he was with some Latina girl.  He had a full beer that he didn't want and he said, "Here's a beer for your success with that set."  I drank that and told him what was up.  This is when he told me about the girls fingering each other. 

The next time I saw Huskie Girl, she was with the blonde and they were talking to the promoter guy. I thought something might have been up with the closet incident so I asked Huskie girl and she said everything was fine.

The promoter guy was cool.  I remember when I was grinding with Huskie girl, the blonde wanted attention.  I remember she turned Huskie girl and they started making out.  Then Huskie girl came back to me.  The blonde was also griding Huskie girl so she was sandwiched between us. 

I'm thinking now that if I had real stones, I should have tried to switch the blonde into the middle and escalated with them both, but it didn't even cross my mind at the time.  I remember while I was grinding my body with Huskie girl, I put my arms so I was touching the blondes hips, but she moved my hands so I'd have it on Huskie girl's body instead.

Anyway, the promoter guy saw the blonde kept interfering with my make out, so he had started to grind her and give her attention and that gave me the time to try the pull.

Let's try to pull them both:
Nintendo and I decided to try one last effort to pull them both.  It was closing time and lights had turned on.  I had seen the girls run off after talking to the promoter.  They went to the bathroom and Nintendo said he wouldn't be surprised if they were fingering each other in the bathroom.  While we were making our plan, we must have missed them walking by as we never did see them come out of the bathroom.  Nintendo even asked some girl coming out of the bathroom if the girls were in there and she went back to look and said they weren't. 

Closing thoughts:
Obviously, I was upset that I couldn't get the lay.  I'm still trying to figure out if there were a way to do it.  I let it bother me a bit too much on the way to the next bar.  Again, it's the curse that perfection is my standard.  Yeah, we messed up pulling Nympho, hot, bisexual girls, but I know I should be ecstatic about what happened.  In this club that I viewed as the final boss stage, and in this club that I avoided for that reason, I had an amazing night.  I'm still in massive state as I write this 10 hours later.  This will pay dividends for weeks.  On top of that, I'll always remember that look she gave me when I found her again.