Monday, June 11, 2012

Lead and persist from beginning to end

Had a phone debriefing with 2j tonight.  He said he was trying to think why he automatically started talking to the girl I had opened, and he said he realized it was his natural instinct.  He said he could tell she was ready to fuck and feared that I was likely to waste the set.  He knew that I had opened it and I told him that it ended up being beneficial as it forced me to step up.  He also explained that he didn't mean to try to take over the set, it was just a natural instinct and he knew it was my set since I opened it.  I went on to say that I know how to get girl's attention off other guys but I only have a few ways to pump a girl's state, but the rest involve AMOGing which I don't want to do with my own wing. 

His read of the situation was that he wouldn't have gone to the coffee shop.  He would have just tried to get her to get in a cab and tried to pull.  As things went, he said that my mistake is what it usually is in set, that I fail to lead the interaction at some point.  So, it's what I wrote yesterday.  The mistake I made in the set with this blonde at Moe's is the same then as I made here, I just made the mistake at a late stage here and I was close to a lay in this case.  He said that yeah, I should have hopped in the cab when she hailed it. 

Of course, I knew that was a move, I was just hesitant to take it.  There's an old PUA saying, "He who hesitates, masturbates."  As the title of this entry says, you have to lead and be persistent all the way from the open to the close, and by close, I mean actually sticking it in the girl. 

I think back to the few pulls I've had, and I'm talking about when I actually got the girl over to my place or got to the girl's place.  The consistent theme is that I believe in my head that it was gonna happen and I kept taking steps to make it happen.  2j said it's hard to have a set plan on these pulls, you gotta be flexible.  I added that the plan is just to takes steps that move you towards the lay and jusst being persistent.  I know for next time that if I'm lost on what to do, I just have to choose an option and lead towards that outcome and believe that I can calibrate what the right move is. 

I wrote that I felt lost after the coffee shop yesterday, which I did, but deep down I had a feeling what the right move is.  As I told myself with opening, I have to trust and believe in myself and make it happen. 

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