Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Missed number close, Random Kiss & Busting out

Tonight was fun and I'm sure I gained some confidence in myself as well.  I went out thinking I'd have 1-3 wings and ended up having zero, though I did happen to sit by this cool guy that I talked to for an hour and a half.  The first set I opened was this cute blonde that sat next to me in this open seat.  She was in a 3-set.  I said one sentence to her and then went back to watching the baseball and basketball game.  This guy to the left started talking to her and of course, competition got me wanting to step up my game.  I waited for him to stall and then I opened her again. 

I probably should have number closed her.  Again, I don't even like number closing unless I feel like the set popped and I made out with her.  I surely had her hooked though and I probably had a decent chance to set up a Day 2.  I really don't know what's up with me and phone numbers.  I guess it seems like such a pain to set up Day 2's.  2j gets most of his lays through Day 2 which should motivate me to go that route.  My reasoning, I suppose, for not number closing that often is that the skill I want to work is same night lays (SNL). 

Still, if I meet a cool chick, and this girl was, I need to force myself to number close.  This girl is into creative writing and travel.  When I wasn't talking to her, she was watching the basketball game and playing with her phone while occasionally talking to her friends who were standing behind her.  It's funny that once I decided to game her, the guy gave up on her and was trying with the friends instead.  I feel like I had her hooked as everyone was going crazy about the game, including her friends, yet we had our own little bubble going.  Her focus was totally on me.  What happened is that the game ended and I went to take a piss and they were gone.  I saw them on the dance floor and tried to dance with them to no avail and then I gave up.  Well, I also didn't see them again when the place got busy. 

Busting out with the Irish Girls:
I've told 2j that I don't really like our Tuesday spot because it is mostly Latina girls and I'm not really into them right now.  It's strange cause the best sex partner I had was Mexican.  Every summer, the Irish exchange students invade.  They are at a lot of the spots my wings and I go to as the cheap drink deals draw them.  Since last year, I've wanted to bang an Irish girl.  I mean a girl from Ireland with the accent, not some American girl of Irish decent.  Of course, I'd prefer a redhead, but I'd be happy with any Irish girl. 

Well, I was opening every Irish girl I saw on the dance floor and I was getting shit results.  2j has said that he never liked dance floor game cause it's hit and miss.  I agree in that I'm more likely to hook a girl if I open her verbally.  The dance floor openings either are immediate bust outs or immediate grinding and escalation.  At this point in my night, I wasn't doing well verbally. 

What was great is that I wasn't letting it affect me.  Instead of worrying about how I was doing shitty, I just said I was gonna keep trying and worse case scenario, I'd just get wasted with the $2 pitchers. 

Random kiss:
During that period of bust outs, I opened this chubby Irish girl who told me she had a boyfriend when I opened her.  I laughed and said, "A boyfriend in Ireland doesn't count.  You need an American boyfriend."  As I said that, I grabbed her hip and pulled her into me.  She replied, "My boyfriend is here, he's in that red shirt."  She pointed out this guy and I figured she was lying but I ejected. 

Later in the night, after my first session with the married chick (who I decided just to make a seperate post about since this got long again as always), I was on the dance floor.  I saw a girl walking through the dance floor.  I'm finally confident enough that I'll just try to grab girls that walk by and try to dance with them.  I made eye contact with this girl and had my arms open.  She came right up and kissed me on the lips.  She then pulled back and walked away.  I was like, "WTF?" 

I turned to see where she went and I realized it was that girl I had opened earlier as she went up to that red shirt guy. 

I'm trying to figure out what happened.  Obviously, she was turned on enough by me either from before or at that moment on the dance floor when we made eye contact that she wanted to kiss me.  I'm thinking there are two possibilites.  Red shirt guy could be her boyfriend so she ran off because she knew nothing more could happen than the kiss.  The other thing is it was like those street make outs that Jlaix has described in one of his videos.  He said sometimes girls will give you instant make outs on the street at closing time, but then they'll just run away giggling and you can't  pull them. 

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