Friday, June 22, 2012

How to open a walking set on the street

Tonight I had two drinks and stopped as I knew I had to bring my car home, plus I don't want to sarge drunk every day.  I was also tired and I think I'm sick.  I have a cough that goes away after I've run and coughed up everything.  My Achilles tendon is a bit tender from increasing my running mileage too quickly while having too large of a caloric deficit.  Despite all that, after a slow start, I still had a decent night. 

Real Lesbians:
A highlight of the night was when I got into this set.  I'm used to girls messing with me that they are lesbians but this is one of the few times I met girls that were telling the truth.   It happened once at a bar just before it and I knew it was legit because the other girl really did look like a butch lesbian.  These girls in this set looked like regular girls so the stereotype is not always true.  I opened this set and I was having a decent conversation.  The girls then told me that they were married.  I didn't believe it and said, "No way" and "Seriously?"  The girls then showed me the one girl's ring and they said they were from here, they were from San Francisco.  They said they were in town for the Gay Pride parade.  Well, I did remember reading about that in the paper and the article said the parade drew 750,000 people last year. 

Nasty Indian girl:
This set pissed me off.  I had seen this girl in pink shorts that had a nice body.  I found her upstairs and I opened her.  She seemed into me off the opener.  Suddenly this fat Indian chick bursts into the set and starts giving me all kinds of bullshit.  I try to plow through it but she won't shut up and I get busted out.  It was so annoying because it happened to a hot girl that was into me and that I wanted.  I was gonna open her again when she walked by me on the dance floor but I was in a bad position to do so.  I didn't see her again after that. 

Sarcastic tone and the moving set:
This set was the highlight of the night and I'm not sure anything will even happen in the future.  Still, it'll provide me with a positive reference point.  I saw this group of 4 black girls walking across the street.  I pointed them out to my wing.  I then crossed the street so I could cut them off and open them.  I didn't try to stop them but opened as they were walking by and I started to walk next to them. 

I forgot how I opened.  I probably say, "Hey guys!"  I just remember this girl caught my attention by giving me this really sarcastic tone.  I maneuvered next to her and said, "Look at you giving me that sarcastic tone."  She then said something that made me giggle (don't remember the exact line) and then I said something like, "You have a certain verbal wit to go with that sarcastic tone.  I like it."  At that point it was hooked.  She dropped the shield and we started talking.  The friends wanted to get food at this hot dog place.

Here is another positive reference point.  I'm learning to be persistent, take action, and have the right PUA frame in my head.  I know that in the past, I would have felt weird about following into the hot dog place.  I just kept talking as we walked in.  Then, I brought back the old tactic of putting a false time constraint.  This was just in case anyone in the group was wondering how long I was gonna hang out.  Just after that, my girl told me to grab a seat and sit with them. 

I found out we went to the same college.  Then it all made sense.  The three girls I've met out sarging that went to my school all were into me.  The first was this girl on the Good Friday pub crawl when I was with Seagull.  I screwed up that set by not going with that girl to the next stop and instead getting off with my wing.  What a dumb move.  The next was some set that got screwed up in Lincoln Park and then the friends gave me a hard time outside cause they didn't know that we had been talking for 30 minutes inside. 

Her friends were cool and we actually had several conversation threads that I was very interested in.  Nintendo and this other wing came up to the window and pounded on it.  I didn't like that as it broke up a conversation thread I was in.  For party girls that might work, but here I felt it made me look like I had immature friends and that's not the vibe for this type of intellectual girl.  I'm experienced enough that I combated it well.  She said, "Are those your friends?"  It was in a tone that I interpreted signaled just what I feared it would.  I said with a smile, "I'm almost embarrassed to say yes, but only one of them is my friend."  That way the real obnoxious guy who had pulled up his shirt didn't bring down my value. 

The guys were waiting for me because I had been leading them to another bar.  This would have been fine normally but there was no one really standing around there so she kept noticing them.  I finally text Nintendo and told him I'd meet up with them later cause I felt like I was in an aquarium. 

We got booted out of the restaurant because it closed at 2am.  I was forced to go for the number close outside and after a state break.
She told me, "I'm actually moving (south) for law school."
I replied, "So what?  You have the whole summer. "
She said, "I'm not looking to get involved with anyone since I'm moving." 
I said, "We can just hang out and be friends.  If you start thinking, 'Why is this guy bothering me?' just delete my number.  Simple."  (I actually was serious. I'd bang her but I enjoyed just hanging out with her.)
She said, "If I give you my work number, will you call."  I asked about texting and she said there's no text on that line.  I took the number and I'll try it.  Yeah, nothing might happen but I still enjoyed this set and again, I learned things that will help me out. 

I'll feel more confident about opening moving sets on the sidewalk.  I'll feel more comfortable continuing the interaction in spots where I would have let the set end in the past. 

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