Thursday, June 28, 2012

I read the signs faster than the friends

I'm writing about Wednesday night as the stories are short. It was my worst night out in weeks. I told Nintendo to manage his expectations but I think I went out with the wrong mindset. I didn't feel like I was shooting too high. I might also have just been a victim of bad luck. I might have just opened the girls in the sets that would give me poor responses.

We actually started out decently. I was in state despite my fuck up with this girl Tuesday night. I opened this 2-set while we were getting dollar burgers. The girl I wanted wasn't really hooking and I probably could plowed a little longer but I figured there would be more sets.

At the second bar, Nintendo and I were being awesome in this one 2-set. It's was like improv hour. I was so relaxed that Nintendo brought up a church thread and I came up with some spontaneously funny lines from that. Nintendo then asked them who made out with more guys in middle school. That didn't resonate with them as they were the good girl type and we both noticed that we were too much for the girls. We ended up ejecting after that as we saw one of our wings show up. Thinking back, we probably could have toned it down a bit and stayed in set. This really was a case where we initially came into the set as so high value that the girls were just stunned.

I know I'm busted out, and girl is signaling her friend for help:
I opened this set and for some reason, whatever I was saying was missing with the girl. I could tell I was about to bust out and the girl wanted to get rid of me so badly that she grabbed her friend's arm to come rescue me. I might have able to get past the bust out if I then stepped back and plowed with something interesting. The thing is that from doing this so long, my calibration was faster than the girl could even react. The friend felt the arm grab, turned, saw me, and then put her arm around her friend to say some BS to get rid of me. Before she could open her mouth, I said, "Don't bother. I know she wanted you to rescue her."

As I waas writing the previous paragraph, I remembered Jeffy in Jeffy Show 2. He talked about how you get so good at reading girls that you can often preempt their reaction. The move here would have been to show empathy before the girl reacted and it would show that I'm social calibrated and emphatic. I could have said something like, "She wanted you to rescue her because I was being a creeper. I'm sorry about that. I'm just having a bad day." I might have been able to salvage that set had I done this.

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