Thursday, June 28, 2012

Promo pull Part 2: Actually setting up the pull

After the margaritas, we went to this club that was being promoted by the same company that promoted the places we visited Fri, Sat, and Monday.  As it was when I went there last year, when it was called a different name, the place ended up being busy but with like 90% guys.  The drinks were overpriced (the girl bought herself a $5 beer and a $10 jack and coke and she regretted being stupid with the $40 she had to her name).      Promo likes to dance and one girl and I were out there dancing with her.

My promoter wing actually knew Promo.  He told me later that he supposedly had hooked up with her at 2j's place months ago.  I didn't know this at the time.  I thought she just knew him cause they worked for the same company.  This wing had told me even before I set up the Day 2 that he was coming out with some girls to this club.  We went outside to meet him and he said they had instead gone to this other club.  He said he'd try to get us in free.  Promo and I drove there and we didn't get in.  I had almost caught a ride with my wing, but it's good that I drove myself.

It was a black themed promotion at this club which was different than the usual line up there.  It usually has a lot of hot Eastern European girls.  I know the place was different when there was extra security up front, and the bouncers searched purses and frisked the guys.  Promo couldn't get in for free.  The promoters offered us a half price discount but I wasn't about to pay any more for Promo, plus I didn't want to go to a club that was half full and had a black theme to it.

I ended up driving to some bars on Division.  I wanted to get some cheap drinks and I found some specials that I would be willing to pay to extend the party.  Promo ended up nursing the one beer we got there.

Finally escalating:
I had been extremely slow in escalating.  I remember texting Nintendo at the club telling him that the set didn't seem to be going anywhere.  He prodded me to kino escalate anyway.  I also felt like I was possibly wasting my time because she mentioned a boyfriend at the club.  She was drunk and going through her numbers telling me that this guy was a promoter, and this guy was a dj, and then she passed by her boyfriend's name and she had said that was her boyfriend.

It was at the Division bar that I finally started escalating.  I found a reason to put my arm around her and she seemed comfortable with it there so I left it there.  I was massaging the back of her neck later on, and she asked me to massage her whole back since she said she was all tense from being stressed out.  I later was blowing into her ear and running my fingers with the feathery touch move on her arms.  I also stroked her face.  She seemed to be into it, but when I went for the kiss, she said, "Hey, relax."  That would be the words I would hear anytime I escalated too far.

The boyfriend:
Girl logic is funny.  Later, way after I fucked things up, she would claim to have told me that she had a boyfriend from the beginning.  Nope.  I was sober on Monday and I remember things vividly.  She also thinks she mentioned the boyfriend when I asked her for margaritas and at the margarita place.  Besides that, I blow off boyfriend comments because they are often a shit test early on, and I know from experience that girls will cheat on their boyfriends.  Heck, if I did things a little better (as I'll soon explain), I might have had the first experience of actually fucking a girl who had a serious boyfriend.   I at least know you can mess around with them despite the boyfriends.

Thinking  back, she wanted me.  She never mentioned the boyfriend at critical times where she could have just ended the escalation.  The first time I was finally kino escalating at the Division bar, she could have said, "Stop, I have a boyfriend."  She didn't say that because she was enjoying me escalating on her.When I gave Nintendo the field report before we went out Wednesday, he said that she probably did want to fuck, but I "needed to take responsibility for it happening."  

I'd find out the next day that this boyfriend had lived with her.  My wing that had hooked up with her before was surprised I wasn't able to bang her when she was over, and he also mentioned she had been with the boyfriend for awhile now.  Promo would later tell me that he had moved back with his parents in order to save money so he could buy a place for them to live together in the suburbs.  

It turns out there was a good reason I didn't get laid, but Nintendo also made me realize how close a possibility the fuck close actually was.

Persistence, Movie, and White Castle:
It's frustrating that I screwed this up in the end, but I have to be fair and also focus on the positives.  I have been learning from the past two weeks.  I had been screening  for logistics while I was escalating at the Division bar.  She said she had a movie she wanted to see on her laptop at her place but the battery was dead.  I got a feel that she did want to be pulled when she asked if I had a charger for that laptop.  (Where would I get such charger except at my place?)  

As she was finishing her beer, she said she was ready to just go home and go to sleep.  I had tried for the make out several times to no avail.  I did keep state and I pulled back and then slowly build up to try again so I was doing that part correctly.  Here, I'd say I learned the Nintendo lesson back with that redhead weed set.  I remember how the girls said they were going home yet he somehow managed to get them to venue change to another bar and then get them to let us follow them home.  I know that before that set, I would have just assumed the night was ending with me dropping her home.  

This time, I still kept trying to figure out ideas to pull her to my place.  When we were walking to the car, Promo wanted a to bum a cigarette from someone.  I gave her shit about it.  She got a cigarette and then after she smoked it, she mentioned she was hungry.   This was her helping me out.  I recognize now that I'm writing this that I picked up on the charger and food hints.  A lesson I need to learn now is that I need to persist for a pull even when the girls won't help me out at all (and that will happen  a lot, especially with really hot girls).

I said when we were nearing the car, "How about we grab some White Castle and then watch a movie?"

She agreed and I started driving towards my place.  I was expecting her to bitch about how far it was as girls have in the past.  She didn't say anything.  During the ride, she changed the music station and I told her, "Did you see Rush Hour?  Don't touch a Chinese man's radio!"  (I'm not Chinese but I wanted to copy the line).  I gave her shit but let her change a song I liked.   I'll write about this incident in a brief post about being alpha later on.

I used the music to keep our state pumped.  She found songs she liked and turned up the music a few times. I was singing along with the songs I recognized and moving my arms like I was dancing in the car.  I grabbed her hands a few times and raised her arms along with the music and she giggled.

When I was about 10 minutes away from home, I reassured her that we were close.

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