Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inexperience with lukewarm pulls

I was trying to figure out why I've been screwing up at escalation lately.  The sister (Hat girl) and Promo were just poor escalation.  I got token resistance from Hat girl and no real resistance except thinking Promo girl fell sleep.  I stopped escalating in both cases before a big sexual move would have defined the interaction.  I realized I was playing it safe and costing myself lays.  I think about when I got my first girlfriend as and AFC and messed around with a neighbor of mine, I at least got some firm "No's" before I stopped escalation.  I know what a firm "No" looks like and in both these cases, I wasn't there with Hat girl and Promo.

I was thinking about the pulls or the extraction to a sexual location (I'm using MM terms to distinguish between the few SNL's I have, which is the prior, and lays that I got from Day2's plus,which is what I mean by the later).  I think a big difference is that those lays were with girls that I were really into at the time.  In addition, those girls were really into me and responding enthusiastically to my escalations, even if they gave me hard "No's" a few times before I actually ended up having sex with them.

As the titled says, I think my problem has been that I'm inexperienced with lukewarm pulls.   Well, I have little pull experience in general, but in all the times I've pulled prior to the last three weeks, the sets were super on.  Only two of those super on pulls failed to result in a lay. The 4 pulls I had in the past two weeks were with girls where the chemistry wasn't great between us.  I wanted to fuck them, but it just wasn't super on.

I realize that because my game wasn't as evolved in the past, I'd only get a pull when a girl was totally into me.  Even the pulls where I got the girls over but didn't get laid were super on prior to that.  Hat girl and Promo were just on the edge of becoming sexual, yet I wasn't super into them.  I fantasized about fucking Promo in all kinds of positions because she was thin but I didn't have the it's on feeling between us.  My big breakthrough two weeks ago has allowed me to get girls to come to my house that I'm not totally into and I'm not use to the escalation that arises.

I realize that yes, girls can decide to have sex with me without there being super chemistry between us. It's an interesting realization.  Part of me wants to think that something has been lost when I lack the raw excitement that I used to get on the way to the lay.  On the other hand, why should I think negatively when Promo girl might have been a big chemistry lay if she hadn't had the boyfriend, and Hat girl might have been more on if she hadn't been tired and if I hadn't gotten her to my bed before I really got rapport with her.  The lukewarm pulls could turn into great chemistry after the lay as well (as reported by community people).

I'm learning from my mistakes again.  I know I"ll continue to get pulls and hopefully I'll get this escalation problem fixed so I can write lay reports instead of near lay pull reports.  I think this post was a big step forward in recognizing some of my issues.

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