Thursday, June 28, 2012

Response to "Do you know her?

We had to regroup at the second venue.  Three of us were out of state.  I was doing my best to have fun but I could feel I was a little off.  Outside, I tried to pump every up with positive energy and I tried to force myself to do better by saying I was gonna give a demo on how to open in this lound environment.  It worked to actually get me doing things correctly.  I got some sets to last longer instead of the instant blow outs I was getting.

Later, I came up with an idea to hit up the street sets around Hubbard as we were ready to quit, yet I noticed it was around closing time for the early bars.  Our third wing, who's screen name eludes me (he's Asian), actually got a make out on the street with his first white girl.  That was inspiring.

I forced myself to open some sets in front of Paris Club.  There were some hotties there and I was happy I made myself approach.  There was this tall redhead that I actually had hooked from a strong physical opener.  I just went up to her and I was immediately holding her hands and she was fine with it.  She was high buying temperature, probably from being drunk.

"Do you know her?"

I realized later that the fact that she had to ask me that means I was doing things correctly.  It looked so on that she wasn't sure if that I was just some random guy.  I fell into her frame and hesitated and then said something like, "We all know each other on some level."  The friend then just grabbed my girl and dragged her away.

I recognized the move just as I busted out.  Here's how the interaction should have been.

Friend: Do you know her?
Me: (offended) I probably have known her longer than you.
I also could have said something more rude, "Do I know her?  I probably have fucking known her longer than you!"

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