Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nintendo analysis on Russian set and my thoughts

I just got off the phone with Nintendo. His analysis made sense. He said since I couldn't get her outside, I could have tried just moving her back to the bar. He had a good point that I haven't moved her around the place at all so it wasn't gonna be easy for her to just follow my lead outside.

We discussed not escalating so hard that you need to pull because otherwise you can't maintain the buying temperature. I know not to do that, but this was different. As I wrote, I described what she was doing as devouring me. I would have gone for the make out but she was the one that came at me before I could even do anything. This girl was insanely horny.

This made me think that maybe I could have played a little hard to get. I could have made out but not giving her full validation. The theory that follows that if I keep pushing her off or just slowing it down, then it would make her want it even more. If I did it right, she'd also want the lay to get full validation and to break the wall I'd build between us.

We agreed that us getting kicked out of the closet was a massive state break. I was chill as it happened but girls aren't centered like I am now. She freaked out when we got kicked out of the coat room and ran off.

I'm thinking now that when I saw the promoter guy, the blonde, and Huskie girl talking, I should have just initiated a conversation with her. I maybe could have said, "Wow that was crazy. Let's just take it easy. Come to the bar."

Nintendo thought that maybe I needed more rapport. I had built a lot initially before I even did any real kino but it also wouldn't hurt to build more at the bar. Nintendo kept thinking the boyfriend was a shit test. I still think that actually was a problem, but I acknowledge that with enough game, and especially in this situation, it didn't matter.

Don't browbeat yourself.
That's why Tyler says in one of his videos and I violated this rule at times tonight.

Yes, I need more pulling experience. That's why I'm having trouble even fully analyzing these pull situations. I know the theory but I have very little field experience. As I get more pull opportunities, I'll get some to work and many to fail and then it will all make more sense.

I can think of two lessons I can take form the night. I should still keep persisting like I have been. I played it far too safe in the past. I can be happy that I'm making an effort to push things along. The other one is that I need to lead the girls around the venue more. I was having a great talk with this girl earlier, but I could have moved her around like Nintendo moved around the blonde.
Finally, there is no reason to be disappointed in the night. The night was amazing. I acknowledge that but I do get frustrated that I couldn't get things right, but I just need to try to learn from my mistakes and be happy with the success I'm getting. Make outs are starting to be more regular and pulling has become the obstacle that make outs used to be for me. With time, I trust I'll figure it out.

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