Monday, June 25, 2012

Sat: Winging a 2-set pull for Nintendo

I giggle as I think about this set. I have just finished writing the report concerning my browbeating myself over the night despite kissing the Latina girl. I really was in a bad state when I was sitting in my car surfing the internet and listening to podcasts while I waited for wings to leave the venue that was stale for me. Besides the browbeat, I had this feeling of being trapped and not being able to do anything. It was too late to drive up and meet up with this other set of wings in Wrigley and they were going home after close. I didn't want to drive up to Division and go solo as I knew I'd do better waiting for Nintendo or at least some other wing. At the same time, no one was responding to my texts so I had a waiting game as I didn't feel like running street game at that moment.

I'm pulling this 2-set and need your help:
I was surfing the forums when suddenly this number I didn't recognize appeared on my caller ID. I picked up. Often times, I will never answer a number I don't recognize. I think I picked up because I suspected Nintendo's phone had died as it went directly to voice mail when I had called him while waiting in my car.

Here is how unpredictable and fun the game can be. I'm in a shit state for dumb reasons. The other wings complain about state crashes and while I usually deal with them well and rarely even happen, they happen to me too. I remember it helping to know that jlaix said even instructors get them, but what separates the newer guys from the more experienced guys is that they know how to deal with it and break out of it better.

Nintendo said, "Hey, my phone died. I got this 2-set. You wanna have some drinks with this 2-set?"
Me: Yeah, of course.
Nintendo: Where are you? Are you inside (the after hours club)?
Me: No. I'm sitting inside my car surfing the forums.
Nintendo: Come by the front of the club and pick us up.

Wow! I figured I could change the night by continuing to sarge after I met up with Nintendo again, but this was an unexpected surprise. I drove over and picked them up. I saw a cute redhead and the fat friend. Of course, I knew who I'd be stuck with, but I was just happy to have chance to practice late game.

Willow and friend:
I consider myself a good wing because I don't even mind doing stuff like this. I had to entertain a fat friend to help my wing get laid. Some guys flatly refuse to do it which is dumb because as a team, if you go out enough, you'll end up getting the favor repaid when you need it. Others will help but complain. I made a few jokes about it later, but I was happy to help. Again, I appreciate the new experiences and practice. I recognize that I would have love to have this opportunity on many nights when I've been out.

I called Nintendo's girl "Willow" after Alyson Hannigan's character on Buffy. This girl has red hair like the actress and sounds exactly like Alyson Hannigan in American Pie. I wanted to ask her to say, "And this one time at band camp..." She was totally my type.

Fortunately, my girl was fat, but at least she was cute, had the skin tone I like, and she had huge titties. More importantly, she didn't have the warpig frame like say that bitchy Indian girl from Thursday that busted me out of this pink short set. She was very talkative and later, I found had a good, caring heart. I'll just call her Onyx.

The girls wanted a ride back to their place. Onyx said we would have an after party there but we needed liquor. The only liquor store I could think was this crowded one I always walked by while sarging and it was on the way so we stopped there. Initially, I had to force myself to speak. I felt like being quiet as I was out of state and was in listener mode as I listened to podcasts and surfed the net on my phone prior to Nintendo's call. This is where having had state crashes before helped me as I knew I could just talk and get myself out of it.

I thought it was going to go well for Nintendo as he was talking to his girl and kinoing her in the back seat. Willow's weirdness started to show when I could tell she was talking to some other guy on the phone. Even Onyx started giving her shit shit about being rude. Nintendo kept telling her he should shut off his phone. I just text him now that maybe the alpha move was just to shut off her phone. It ended up not mattering here, but guys have reported getting pulls screwed up do to girls picking up their phone.

It was a long drive to get to their place because the liquor store took awhile. Nintendo ran in as I had to entertain the girls. I tried to get Willow into the conversation but she seemed shy and didn't talk much.

What do we do at an after party:
I don't think Willow goes out much or socialized much at school. She at least doesn't go to clubs much and have after parties. We had gotten McDonald's and had finished eating inside when Onyx wanted to go outside and smoke. Nintendo wanted a cigarette too so he went out with her and I was left with Willow as we both didn't smoke. Here I am a good wing too. Some dumb AFC's would try to put moves or game Willow here, especially cause she was my exactly my type as I love redheads and I love how she sounds like Willow. I know and follow wing rules so I just tried to have a regular conversation. This way she could realize that I'm cool and maybe it would help us both get laid.

I remember her asking me, "So what do people do at an after party?"
My response was, "Well, we play games, have drinks, and most importantly, we have fun!"
Thinking about it later, I think I should have thrown in something sexual there. Something like, "Well, we drink, plays games, and have fun! Sometimes people make out or whatever."
I made sure to say good things about my wing.

Isolation move:
Having had 3 pull experiences in this last week, I felt more experienced with how to handle the early stages of getting to their place. We did fine by sitting as a group and eating and drinking. There was an isolation move with the smoke break but we weren't with our targets. When the girls returned, I got isolation when my girl went to her room to put on music. I followed her in. I guess Nintendo tried to go in Willow's room but she booted him out. I had isolation for like a minute, and then I frowned inside when I saw Nintendo and Willow follow us in and sit on this couch in Onyx's room.

Onyx was sitting on her bed. I just sat down on her bed. After the music started playing, we found ourselves lyng next to each other. We started to have our own conversation and Nintendo was talking and I assume putting moves on Willow. I remember starting to kino Onyx.

Rude Willow:
Onyx wanted to fuck. It was clear from the beginning. I forgot to mention that early on when I picked them off, she had been complaining about how they had gone out with 2 other girls and the two girls had just run off without telling them anything or texting them. The 2 other girls were trying to hook up with the promoter guy: the same one that was grinding on the Russian blonde from Friday night. Onyx was bitching that it was bad that only did they get ditched there (one of the other girls had driven them) with no ride, but she also was left with "no penises around her." I heard this and didn't want to sound too eager so I said, "Well, it's not like we are girls. Your friend seems to have done well with the situation having met my friend." (I threw in my accomplishment intro here.

I was cuddling with her and stroking her skin. I remember seeing Willow walk off. I assume she was just going to the bathroom. She never came back. She just ditched us all and went to her bed to go to sleep. Willow wanted to go for a smoke and I followed. I hesitated for a minute because I hate cigarette smoke and I think Nintendo had seen this as he mouthed that I should go with her.

As we were walking out, Onyx noticed that Willow had cleaned the table and move Onyx's purse. She knocked on Willow's door and asked Willow to give her the purse and then she bitched at her for being rude and just disappearing without even saying anything.

I walked out with Willow and developed deeper rapport with her. Here is where I learned she had a good heart. Despite the girls ditching her, she kept trying to call them as the girls were staying at her place. She told me she was worried about the blonde. Apparently the blonde had broken up with her boyfriend of 4 years and wasn't taking it well. The blonde was living recklessly getting wasted all the time, driving drunk, and I assumed, fucking random club guys (this was another eye opening reference point which I'll address at the end). She's the type of girl that worries too much about helping he friends, often to the extend or disregarding her own needs.

Should I fuck her?:
We came back and Nintendo was passed out of the couch. I could escalate with Onyx even though he was lying on the couch a few feet from the bed. I cuddling with her and stroked her skin and face. For some reason, I felt weird about kissing her. I think it something with the girl not facing me. I picture girls should face as we're laying in bed talking. This was probably my problem Wednesday as well. This is how weird I am sometimes. Both Wednesday and Saturday, I was in a bed with a girl, and yet I wasn't sure if she wanted to fuck or not so I wasn't as aggressive as I might be otherwise. I need to get over this and just escalate, especially cause a hot girl often won't make it obvious she wants it.

I think the other factor was that I wasn't sure if I wanted to fuck her, so I used Nintendo being there as an excuse not to kiss. When I first told Nintendo that he said, "Who cares? Grab a blanket, say your cold, put it over you, make out with her, start fingering her and then fuck her." I knew that was the issue. If Nintendo had been lying there and I had been in bed with the Russian girl from Friday, I'd fuck her right there with no sheet.

I had hooked up with my FB Friday night. She had called me and I picked her up on the way home which was great because I was horny as hell after making out with that Russian girl and almost pulling her. It felt good to have sex but the sex wasn't that good this time. I was less horny Saturday night as well, so I was like, is this even worth doing?

Now, I wish I would have fucked her as I'm horny right now. Do I really want a rotation of fat girls? I want to say no, but maybe I should. I'm leaning on the idea that I should do it for now. I want to get laid several times a week and this would ensure that I do. At the same time, I can hold out for better girls and I know I'm going to keep getting new options in the upcoming week. Why not just get laid when I can in the meantime?

Salvaging my inaction:
I used I had been weak in not kissing her and I was afraid she'd used that as a reason not to hook up with me in a future encounter. I wanted to keep my options open so I thought of something as we were laying in bed. I said, "If my friend weren't right there, I'd totally kiss you right now." She replied, "Yeah, my friend is bogus. She the one originally that wanted him to come over and yet she was calling some other guy in the car and trying to get him to come over and then she just disappeared like that."

I'm glad I made this move. I used him as an excuse for my failure to escalate. The idea being that I could try to meet up again and fuck her if I want, which I do now, and I gave her a reason not to think, "This guy is a chump. I wanted to fuck him Saturday and he didn't do shit."

Hot blonde and leaving:
This hot blonde friend showed up. Originally, I included the story in this post, but the lessons from seeing her deserve their own post. The blonde went to sleep and Onyx said we could stay but we decided to leave. I number closed Onyx but she reminded me that I had her number cause as Nintendo had used her phone to call me. I'm actually glad that was the case cause though she punched it in again, I actually didn't save it properly.

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