Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tues: Number Close & Grinding with black girl

Tonight is another one of those nights were nothing much happened. I did learn that the Field Museum is free Wednesday. I was talking to this chubby girl and I found out she loves museums. I tried number closing her but I did it while her friends were dragging her away. Later, I saw here in the beer garden. She was drunk and seemed high buying temperature. Her fat black friend kept pulling her away. I had a few minutes and I think I should have went for the kiss close.

There was this other 3-set that 2j and I worked. Girl was cute but overweight. She was fun and I was quickly able to transition the conversation towards sex. The whole set had to leave early (It was like 11PM) cause they work early in the morning (like 6-7am). I number closed her and you would think this will be a girl I should be able to meet again but you never know.

The highlight was this very attractive black girl. Again, it was a black girl who was thin and had a nice ass: not the huge kind like some guys like, but a nice, smaller firm one that fit her frame. I remember seeing her standing by the bar near the dance floor. I grabbed and started dancing with her. She was all giggly. I figured she had friends around so I dragged her to the center of the dance floor. I think I could have went for the kiss close. We were face to face and looking into each others eyes after grinding for a bit and my mind told me I should think about it. I stalled and then she said she had to go back to her friend. 2j and I talked about it and we concluded I should have went for it.

Later, I saw the set walk by as I was waiting for 2j in the hallway. It was the hot black girl and this girl. We did a Gunwitch and waited for them to get settled and then I opened. Girl was all happy again. I tried to isolate her off to the dance floor again. As we were walking I tried for the number close but she said she had a boyfriend. Then, she said she was with a friend of her boyfriend.

I can be happy with the fact that I did improve her day. I saw her by the boyfriend's friend later. She looked so bored and the guy was just standing there. Guys are so full of shit. I opened her and then I opened him. I asked him, "What wrong man? You don't like the music?" He said, "She with me." Liar, lol. I just laughed and said, "Okay, what does that have to do wit having fun?" he admitted he didn't like the music.

It just amuses me that I know his story yet he lied pretending he was with her. Anyway, she had a great time when I took her on the dance floor and when I was talking to her up front. 2j got along well with the friend and she was into his sexual talk. He said she seemed interested in coming over, but then she stood up and he realized she was too large for his tastes. I told him, "Man, there's another waste of a set." Had I gone for her, I might have gotten a hook up, but of course, I wanted the hot black girl.

I saw my favorite redhead with her Latina friend. I said hi to her early on. Later, I saw her on the dance floor dancing with the friend. I went up and started dancing in front of her and grabbed her hands. The friend pulled her away and she walked away. She's weird sometimes. She'll give me a cold response like that and then later, she'll dance with me. I guess she's the typical ADD girl who's always in different states throughout the night.

2j pointed out how she walked by later in the hallway and I said, "Hey" and she stopped for a second like she was expecting to talk. He said I could have gone outside with her to the smoking area and had isolation with her. I guess I should push more in text or phone game to try to meet up with her outside of our usual spots. I tried pushing for her to come to First Fridays in Wicker but she told me she had plans to go to some club instead.

Anyway, not much really happened tonight, but I end up writing a bunch anyway. I had fun and we ended up leaving early. I should have joined this gym a long time ago. I got home and was able to go work out. It's great going at 3am as there was only one person there and I pretty much have the place to myself.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sex talk, 2-sets with 2j, & Sarging cures

Tonight, I only learned a few things, but I make this post for completeness. I almost didn't go out, but Seagull said he was going out and 2j said he'd go out too. I was in a shitty mood. In "The Game," Style wrote "Tyler thinks sarging cures all." I definitely was in a better mood after going out, but I can also thank the alcohol. Socializing was part of it as I started to better on the ride to the bar just from talking to 2j.

I opened a bunch of sets including this really tall girl (like she was over 6ft without heels). I got busted out, and 2j coined a nickname for the girl, "Palm Tree." She busted me out on the opener but I still tried to plow.

The main part of the night was when we met this 2-set. 2j got this Indian girl he met last week to come out and she had a chubby blonde who was from out of town. We ate some free pizza and then went to this after hours place. None of my usual stuff clicked with the girl.

She was every open about sex and for once, I was actually comfortable just talking about it. The place showed porno on the TV so it was easy to bring it up in the conversation. She told me that the Indian girl was a virgin when they met a few years ago and supposedly the blonde taught her to become crazy with sex.

The one thing the blonde said that turned me off is how she doesn't like to use condoms. She said she'd rather not have sex than use on. I know a lot of girls are willing to do without and that's why I won't do girls raw unless I really know them. I still would have banged her but I like girls that focus on safe sex.

The set was frustrating because the blonde ended up not being into me. The place was busy but it was mostly guys and there were only like two hot girls in the whole place. I opened some sets later and one fat girl was annoying because she shit test me with, "Buy me a drink." I just laughed, but I got a little annoyed. Hots girls don't even shit test me that anymore and some ugly girl was giving me that BS.

Anyway, I again got a lesson in positivity. I complained to 2j on the way home that lately, I always seem to be the guy that the girl doesn't like in the 2-set. Of course, that was just me being negative. Yeah, that happened here and with an ugly Latina two Sundays ago. Why even focus on that shit? I know the only reason I think about that is that negative part of me wants to focus on it.

It's useless brain energy. Besides that, I should know that it's not even true. Every girl won't like me: that's a fact. Hot blondes like the one on Saturday can be into me right of the bat and some uglier girls can just hate me. In fact, as I've gotten better, more average girls don't respond well to me while the number of hot girls that do has increased.

I just would like the 2-set pull to work sometime with 2j. I'm sure it will. Again, I shouldn't focus on the negative. There have been 2-sets that liked me and whatever wing I was with. There have been girls in 2-sets where the hotter one liked me.

Tonight was fun though. I got out of my shit mood and I learn a few small lessons.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tall hot blonde, PR girl with a boyfriend, and a really cute redhead

The last two days are proof that the shitty week was just a fluke. I think I created that shitty week cause my ego was fighting my new reality. During that week, I almost thought that maybe all the great responses I've been getting were just a fluke. No, it's obvious that shitty nights are rare now. Most of the time, multiple girls are really attracted to me. Perhaps, another reason was I kept having the fail attitude that if I didn't pull, it wasn't a success.

Pumped BT too much on tall hot blonde:

2j and I warmed up on a few sets. We got good responses but unfortunately the two sets we chose to warm up with were married sets. Then, we got into a long 2-set that we both number closed. 2j's girl was really into him as she text him when they went upstairs to the dance floor area as we had told them we were going there when we left the set. Mine was a decent looking girl who was super tall.

The first set I opened upstairs was this big 5 set with a tall, hot blonde. When I get shit responses on the dance floor, I have to remember sets like this. I beat myself up about that tall blonde from Monday, but this blonde was way hotter. She liked me immediately and we were dancing. Even though it was early, I pulled her into me. I sometimes complain that I often have a hard time dancing with tall girls. This girl was perfect: when I pulled her in, my leg perfectly put pressure on her pussy as we moved together to the music.

Of course, as she was super hot, I was getting so turned on. She was getting turned on by the leg stimulation. This was a screw up. I pumped her buying temperature way to high and her friends were around and just starting their evening. She was into it, but I could tell that she realized things were getting crazy and she ended up running off. I think I probably should have went for the make out since I pumped her up that much. It all happened so quickly though.

Gunwitch style red head:
We were standing on the street when I spotted this redhead. It's amazing how my RAS/radar tunes into redheads so quickly. She was across the street. Gunwitch talked about using a "silent stalk" for day game. If you're at a mall, for example, and you see a hot girl walking the opposite direction, his advice is to wait to see where she goes and then open as opposed to trying to stop her as she passes by. The reason is why do the poor probability opener (moving set in opposite direction) when you can wait for a better opportunity.

They went across the street into this bar. I often go to that bar cause it's the bathrooms have no line and there's no attendant. I asked 2j to open the set while I took a piss. When I came out, he hadn't opened it. He hadn't been choding around: he had a good point that they were still ordering their drinks and dealing with the credit card. He ended up opening them when they found a table and settled down.

This two set actually consisted of quality girls. The were both smart and well travelled. My redhead turned out to be Polish. My good Polish friend always told me that there are a lot of redheads in Poland, but I've never seen any here. I assumed this girl was Irish so I was shocked when she was Polish.

I'm hoping I can set up a Day 2. I got some light kino in but I didn't really get to pump her state as we just chilling at the table. She was into me. You would think I could make something happen here as she's new to Chicago and she was interested in a bunch of the stuff that I talked about: art festival, jazz music at MCA, restaurants, etc.

Puerto Rican Girl with boyfriend:
2j and I had this 2-set by the dance floor area before the redhead set. There was a Latino guy with them as well who was with this tall blonde. My target was cold to me at first but I kept plowing. I saw 2j's girl was into him and I just felt like I could plow. The Latino guy and the blonde went outside for a smoke and we had isolation with these two girls.

"You're good," she said as I locked eye contact with her and moved closer.

Prior to this, she had opened up a bit. She had been serious looking but I slowly got her to open up and she was smiling and dancing to the music. When the couple left, I had her against a wall. I gave her my sexual look with strong eye contact and she said the line above and seemed to melt. She really wanted the kiss but when I got closer she kept resisting.

Later, when we left the set, it all made sense. 2j's girl had been into him too. When the couple left, he said she had opened up as well. What I didn't know is that our targets had boyfriends, and the couple knew their boyfriends. That's why they dropped buying temperature as soon as the couple returned. It also explained why my girl was so into me but kept pushing me back. It was weird at the time because I knew I was reading the signs correctly, yet she wouldn't let me kiss her.

Average night & Postive/Negative attitude:

Realistically, this seems to be our average night out. I get several sets where the girls are really into me. I sometimes get frustrated when I don't get a kiss close or don't pull, but that's just being results oriented. I should be happy when I pushed things along and did my best. Pulls and kiss closes have a random element to them. If the PR girl had been single, we would have been making out like crazy. If I had met the redhead in a dance floor situation, we probably would have made it. It almost felt like day game when we were talking as the bar music was low and it was very bright where we met that set.

I had a great attitude today and my results were better as a result. There were plenty of negative things I could have focused on and would have focused on had I still been in that mood I had last week. For example, some average looking tall girl made fun of me as we were walking to the car. I had seen this redhead walking and texting. I started talking to her as I walked by her and I put my palm in front of her phone briefly as a joke. I do that all the time and the girls usually giggle. The redhead didn't care, but this tall girl was standing about 10 feet away and she gave me shit when she saw this.

I just shrugged and the miserable girl said, "Are you single? You know what, I know that you are for sure after that."

I just laughed because I knew she was being ridiculous. 2j said part of him wanted to bitch the girl out as she was being obnoxious. My point in telling this story is that having a positive, as opposed to negative, attitude is key. That girl was so out of line compared to the reactions I get that it was comical. Last week, I would have focused on that and felt shitty about myself.

I can't even care about what she says because I know I get good responses most of the time. As I said, tonight, I had that hot blonde totally into me until I pumped her BT too much. I had a cute PR girl wanting me. I then had a really cute redhead into me and on top of that, she had several of the qualities that I really want in a girl. I'm not gonna focus on what some average looking, miserable girl says about it. I laugh about it, but I know it doesn't reflect my reality anymore.

Angry buffed orbiter & Indiana Chode

I like to say I'm open minded and nonjudgemental. That's true except for one thing: I really dislike chodes and I can almost say I hate jealous orbiters. I think it reminds me too much of my old AFC days. On top of that, many are just miserable from having no success with women. Of course, I understand their mentality too well from my own experiences, but I look at them as guys who failed to evolve. There are resources that weren't around when I was growing up for pickup, etc. Of course, most of these guys are too socially conditioned and close minded to every be able to learn this stuff.

I had two example today and I didn't even get into any AMOG confrontations which would be why you would think I would write this post.

Buffed Cab Chode:

As I was driving to the expressway, this cab stopped next to me. Some angry, buffed chode was sitting in the front of the cab and three girls were in the back. The two girls were smiling at me and yelling stuff at me. They motioned for me to roll down the window. I decided to have fun and complied. Angry chode said this and said, "Honestly, you are better off keeping the window rolled up."

I just laughed at him and said, "Wow dude, you should try to have fun." The girls were flirting with me. Thinking back, I could have considered getting out of the car and trying to kiss close one while we waited for the light. I bet angry chode would have gotten mad.

I know why angry chode is so miserable. It's obvious, especially cause he's stuck in the front seat. He's a babysitter orbiter that hangs out with those girls. He secretly wants them and doesn't get any action from them. He's jealous that I'm just some random dude in a car and the girls are flirting with me while he hangs out with them and they don't want to do shit with him except be friends.

I wish JW would have been in the car. Angry chode was a decent looking white guy with big arm muscles and the girls are waving and flirting with me. LOL.

Indiana chode:
As we were calling it a night, we ran into two girls sitting on the sidewalk. I opened them and we ended up learning that they had come to Chicago from Indiana with some guy. The guy had gotten jealous and left them there. The cute blonde new the guy since she was 13 but she had a boyfriend (and it's not that guy). The other girl was single. Neither girl gave the guy any play.

I laughed that he threw his chode fit and left them there, and then came in a cab to come scoop them up because he couldn't even stick with his anger and leave them there. He might actually have been better off stranding them so they would never speak to him again and he wouldn't have to be stuck in that situation.

The brunette was on the phone looking for rides when I first opened them. Eventually 2j came in. I told him he should have plowed while she was on the phone but he didn't have the energy at the time. When he started talking, of course, she got into him. I was pushing for them to come have drinks at his place and the brunette finally agreed. Unfortunately, it was when chode arrived with the cab as I had given him the right direction. 2j was right that I could have lied about what streets were on so the dude wouldn't have found them right away.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Drunken Sarging and Make outs

I got totally plastered again Friday because my college friends again had a free food and drink package. Nothing really happened at that bar except that 2j and I warmed up. When we got to our usual spot, we were in the zone.

Honestly, I can't see what you're doing wrong after you hook sets:
That's what 2j told me in a text today. I told him that I knew the answer. I was in a negative mood for a few days, but besides that, I sometimes just don't escalate fast enough. Sometimes I do the friendly vibe too much, but when I'm not in that zone, I do open with strong eye contact and I get right up on the girls. This is good but I think it comes across as in congruent when I don't proceed to escalate fast enough when I'm pushing it otherwise. TD/Owen said in his one video that it's one thing to purposely slow the escalation when you already know how to kiss close fast. My problem is that I want to kiss girls and they can't tell I'm stalling. I've known that if I start wondering if it I should kiss the girl, then it's time to do it.

Kclose the first set at our usual spot:
We walked in and saw JW and his date that he met from online. We got our drinks and 2j opened this girl with short hair. I came into wing him and I started talking to this blonde. It felt really on from the opener. I was up close to her and we were gazing into each other's eyes. I started to feel that I should kiss her and because I was drunk, I just went for it. I know if I had been sober, I would have stalled. You should have the girl isolated to kiss close as it's easier. I had her a little bit away from the friends but I really like to have her completely isolated to go for the kiss. I also might made another excuse by telling myself that we just walked in and it was still early so I shouldn't go for the kiss.

She liked the kiss. I made out with her several times throughout the night when I saw her on the dance floor. The logistics were shitty though. She was with two friends and 2j said the friend kept blowing him off after the initial interaction. They lived an hour away and had driven to the bar, plus my car was parked off the blue line.

So many missed kiss closes:
I thought about last Saturday and the past two weeks. I had several moments similar to the one I had with the blonde over the past two weeks. Yes, this is even during that streak where I had a negative attitude. I just have to go for the kiss if I my mind thinks about it. I know getting rejected isn't a big deal and most of the time, it increases the attraction because I'll react properly when she doesn't go for it.

Even with the cute redhead on Wednesday, I missed a kiss close. Recall that I was dancing with her and I kissed her neck. She put her hand on my chest and pushed me away slightly but she also looked at me and smiled and kept dancing with me. We were by the wall and I think the move was to get up on her, grind her a bit, and then push her against the wall and go for the kiss. I think there's a good chance that would have worked.

The bottom line is that my early game is solid now most of the time and I have to start reaping the rewards.

Opened at the end of the night & tried to pull:
We went to run street game at Division. JW wanted to walk into this one bar. As I was walking on the dance floor, this girl grabbed my arm. She was chubby but I decided that I'm not gonna waste a good opportunity. It's so rare for me to get opened that I'm gonna push the interaction. I sort of got opened Thursday and I didn't go for it because they girl wasn't attractive, but I regretted it Friday.

The girl immediately started grinding with me. Even though she was fat, I was turned on. I spun her around, and had her switch positions. Later, I kissed her neck and then went for the make out. Of course, she wanted it.

I tried to figure out logistics. Her cousin had driven her and she lived by the airport: unfortunately, the other airport and not the one I live by. My car was by the blue line so that was out. Again, thwarted by not having my car, but that's the price of wanting to get wasted at the food/drink deal earlier. I tried to get her cousin to drive me and I tried selling a food extraction. The girl told me to call her though. I'll try even though I want more attractive girls.

It's still cool to get two make outs:
Yeah, the second one wasn't attractive, but I feel like I'm back in action. Again, on many of the busy nights, I usually get several good sets. The opportunities for kisses have been there, but I often stalled or didn't pull the trigger. I even think back to the two redheads a few Wednesday ago where I didn't get to kiss because of interference from the friends of the girls. I was setting up the kiss, but those times too, I could have pulled the trigger sooner and probably gotten make outs.

Anyway, now that I'm more conscious of what I need to do again, I should be kissing more girls. Kissing more girls should mean pull opportunities again.

Thurs FR: Number closed my fav redhead

Thursday I went out with Vinny and 2j. The highlight of the night was I finally number closed my favorite redhead. To me, she's so sexy. I can't believe it's taken me this long. I probably should have pushed harder for them to come with us to Spy Bar as they seemed bored of their usual Thursday after hours place. They were thinking about hitting Leg Room but that place sucks on Thursday, especially compared to Spy bar.

I was surprised how much braver I'm getting with dance floor game sober. I remember walking up to this cute brunette and I just started dancing with her. We grinded right away. I was moving her hair so I could try to kiss her neck and she lifted up her hair for me. She shook her head when I kissed her neck though, but whatever.

The other set was this tall girl with a little extra weight on her. I opened her when she was sitting down and it was obvious she was high buying temperature. We tried again later but her friends tried to push me to buy drinks and I busted out cause I didn't want to do it.

At Spy Bar, Trojan- met up with us. It's funny how he admits that the girls at Spy Bar are a little intimidating. 2j's game shuts down there too. I tell them that opening is easy: it's the same shit. Yeah, you get busted out faster but ultimately, it's the same game.

I'm definitely feeling more entitled to hotter girls and I anticipate having success there soon.

One short set that sticks out made me realize how strong of an alpha vibe I can put out. This tall cutie was walking by and I just started yelling at her, "Hey, you come here!" It was an imitation of something TD/Owen sometimes does. I thought she was walking away but she walked around some people and I yelled and motioned for her to come over. She then came over.

Unfortunately, I looked all alpha, but when she came over, I turned chode. I just introduced myself. I think I should have just pulled her in and just looked at her and busted her on something or made her qualify herself to me. In any case, it was a lesson of how being dominant really does work, even with hotties.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Better Mood & Grinded with a redhead

I was actually in a good mood today. Starting lifting made me feel great because I was living up to my standards. I'm enjoying the weight loss but I know it doesn't do shit for sarging at this point. Exercise only helps me because I just feel good doing it but the actual physical looks improvement has no effect.

It was slow when JW and I started. I actually love when the dance floor is empty because we can DHV by getting out there. I know the girls see that and they know we have confidence to do that. I talked to this black dude who was dancing too. He made a comment about how he doesn't understand how people come to the club and sit around looking bored.

That made me think: there were a bunch of hots girls there. They aren't as confident as we sometimes think they are. Society and guys give them validation but many are afraid to be out on the dance floor solo. How do I doubt myself when I have the confidence now to go out there cause I don't care what people think about me and I'm comfortable with myself.

Act like you would if you were awesome:
I know there's no more room for self doubt when I'm out. I did it for too many days in a row and I got shit results and was negative. I can evaluate myself honest when I make these reports but I need to believe I'm the coolest guy in the club when I'm out in the field. Sometimes I found myself not wanting to do something and then I asked myself, "If I were the coolest guy here, what would I do?" I realized I'd believe that the girls wanted me. I found myself being even more brave on the dance floor. I got finally did what Seagull always pushed me to do before: I went and danced right in between two girls on the dance floor. I also tried to look at girls in the way TD/Owen describes. I tried to look at them like I would if I banged hotties all the time. I'd look at them like I was curious about them, like I'm evaluating if they are cool enough to be in my movies. I don't look at them like "OMG this girl is so hot, how can I prove myself?"

Redhead set:

As we walked in the club, we walked to the bouncer as three girls were there. They showed their ID's. The bouncer recognized us from earlier so he let us in. As I was walking by, I opened the redhead and then walked in. JW and I went to the dance floor. We were dancing and a few minutes later, we saw the 3-set near us.

"Look at you guys following us," I joked. I then started dancing by them. JW started dancing with the black girl. I was by the redhead and this cute little brunette. I danced with both of them but I started to focus on the redhead, of course. She was fine with me pulling her into me. I started to get closer and soon we were grinding. I turned her around and she started grinding her ass on me. It amuses me that every time girls feel that I'm getting hard, they grind my cock even more aggressively.

Here is where I needed another wing. I entertained the brunette a bit but she started to get bored and eventually sat down. I danced with the redhead for a bit but then she wanted to keep her company.

I think I screwed up here. I sat down by the brunette and said something and then I got up and started dancing cause it was a cool song. It's debatable what the move is here: I could just dance and walk off as a high value guy would, or I could have sat down and build come rapport with verbal game. The only issue that I can think of now is that it was too loud to run it as a 2-set so the brunette might get bored again.

There's my set:

I lost track of the set for awhile but saw them again by the couches. I actually thought mine was dancing with a guy. I pointed the set out to JW and said I was gonna bust the guy out. He then said my girl was dancing alone. The girls were dancing between this couch and this table. Some Indian dude and another guy were dancing near them.

Again, I acted like I would if I were the shit. I just went over and started dancing by my girl. I grabbed her hand and got closer but it was awkward cause there's wasn't much space. I was about to move her; as that thought came into my head, the redhead pointed to the open area.

I started grinding with my girl and then the black girl at one point sandwiched me in between her and the redhead. It's just dance floor stuff but it feels good. I'm so glad I've finally been able to get comfortable with dance floor game. This never would have happened until this year.

2j and Vinny showed up. I wanted 2j to work the brunette but he hit it off with the black girl and ended up number closing her. My girl pulled the brunette to dance on the table. I think the brunette didn't like JW that much as it looked like a rescue pull. JW kept trying and props to him for that. At this point, Vinny saw my girl and started to approach . I stopped him and said, "That's my girl. Go for the brunette."

2j and I actually talked about how Vinny, when he's drunk, comes in and starts talking to our targets sometime. We don't think he does it to be a dick. The fact that he backs off when I call him out on it shows that he's just being himself and not trying to steal the girl from me.

Kiss close?:

I think my mistake might have been I should have went for the kiss close. At one point, we were dancing face to face. The redhead started holding her hair in a way the exposed her neck. I had been breathing into her neck and ear. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her close and kissed her neck. She put her hand on my chest, but then she smiled and stood there. She liked it. I should have went for the make out but I stalled and the brunette created a distraction.

The girls sat down on the couch. There was a bit of room in between the black girl and my redhead. I know there were times when I'd be scared to sit there. I hesistated for about 10 seconds and then just sat down. One of the girls said something about me sitting there but I couldn't even hear exactly what she said. I could tell she was telling me not to sit but I just plowed through that and it was fine. I started talking to my girl. I mentioned travel and she qualified herself to me by showing all the stamps in her passport.

I tried to number close her but she said she had a boyfriend. I asked again later and it was no go. I think she really did have a boyfriend. It was obvious she was into me. That being the case, I should have went for the make out. I need practice on going for it again so I pull the trigger faster like I had been doing just a week ago. Also, since she has a boyfriend, the only move I had would be to try to makeout with her and pump her buying temperature enough for a pull tonight.

Closing thoughts:
I'm finally out of the losing mentality that I had been on since last Thursday. It's about time. I think cool things will happen now that I'm in a better mind set. It's perfect timing too as I should see my favorite redhead this Thursday. I have to number close her if I see her as this slow play has gone long enough. I should feel comfortable talking to her as I have more adventures this week again.

Saw a motorcyclist flip into the front of a convertible

It's crazy what you see sometimes. JW and I went to Spy Bar and decided to talk a walk as it was early and the place was slow. We were gonna check out Crescendo but my free cover deal ran out at Midnight. Anyway, we were standing near the BP by Rock N Roll McDonald's. We had just crossed the street and JW had commented about how the guy in the convertible seemed to be in a great mood.

I saw the light turn green and the guy start inching forward. Suddenly, I saw this bike rear end him. I think the rider must have seen the light turn green and he let of his brakes and didn't realize he was that close to the car. We heard a big crash and I saw the dude flip over and land head first into the passenger seat. The guy was wearing a helmet which is smart. It's not required by law in IL and I see too many idiots without one.

He was riding with friends and they pulled him out and carried him to the sidewalk. He'll live but he seemed hurt as he couldn't stand up.

The ambulance came in like 4 minutes as I was immediately on my phone with 911 about a second after it happened.

Joined a gym with free pizza once a month & My diet/exercise plan

I found this good deal at a Planet Fitness near me. It was $99 for a year while the park district was $150. It doesn't have a big free weight section which turns off hard core lifters, but it's awesome for my needs. It's open from 12 midnight Mondays-Friday 9pm and Sat & Sun 7am-7PM. That's awesome hours for my lifestyle. It's better hours than the park district place which means I'll get good use of it. Also, it has more equipment than park district. It fits my needs. I'm just lifting to maintain lean body mass as best I can (coupled with adequate protein intake).

I'm at about 177lbs now. I lost 13 pounds since my roommate moved out, and like 8 lbs in the last month. When I get to about 150, I'll consider if I wanna work on building muscle mass. Right now, I'm enjoying doing a lot of cardio. I started riding my bicycle three weeks ago and I'm up to doing 4 hours rides. Adding biking kick started my running program too. It was so much easier when I started biking and also watching my diet.

My plan is to diet for a month. Around my birthday, I should be at about 170 and I should fit into a bunch of my old clothes that my ex girlfriend bought me. I'll take a 14 day diet break eating at maintenance and then try to lose 10 lbs by Christmas. I think I should be at 150 early next year and then I'll reevaluate my goals.

Free Pizza:

I found this thread on ripping on my gym:

Planet Fitness gives free pizzas the first Monday of each month (well 2nd Monday cause of Labor Day in Sept) and free bagels the second Tuesday of every month (apparently in the morning). I'm gonna get my money's worth with that. My $10 a month is worth if for just the free pizza I'll eat once a month. I'll fit it into my diet program too: I won't eat anything that day and then ingest 3000 calories on Mondays. Mondays are usually my long run days anyway so I'll more than cover it. Also, since I don't get ESPN at home, I'm considering going to the gym to watch Monday Night Football and just doing cardio for 3 hours.

I'm not that excited about the bagels, especially cause I heard they do it in the morning. The pizzas are in the evening. Still, when I start doing refeeds (a high carb load promoted by Lyle McDonald in his books and his site that's backed by a bunch of studies), I can set it up for free bagel day.

I figure even with going just twice a week to the gym (as that's all I'm gonna do for weights right now), I'm gonna get great value of out this membership. In the winter, I'll do some runs on the treadmill and some at the park district track so I'll be in there more.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Need to be quicker on kcloses & Too much of anything...

Too much of anything is bad...even sarging. I told my wings that I need a break. I'm going out Wed-Sat and then I'm gonna focus on other things. This doesn't mean I'm gonna stop going out: there is only one path for me and sarging is a key part of that. I'm just not gonna go out 5-7 days a week anymore. In some ways, I've felt that if I'm not going out, I'm not progressing, but there is a such thing as burn out. Also, I'm not missing much on dead days. I can even go out for a few hours those days but I don't have to stay out all night.

I was positive for the most part, but I could feel myself just getting sick of doing the same shit. I had fun when I just messed around with dumb openers. Funny thing is I got busted out for once with my "No speak English opener" and I had more fun with doing that then some of the longer sets I had when I opened normally.

Last night wasn't really bad but I suppose I was triggered by seeing that Irish girl from Friday. I hate seeing her because it reminds me of how she didn't like me.

I had two good interactions. I stopped a moving blonde and took it man-to-woman. She was really into me until she had to go to the bathroom. She was on her way to the bathroom so I should have expected this. The other set was this little Irish girl. Again, I was all up on her and she was liking it.

On the ride home, I think my mistake was I didn't try to kiss close her. I tried isolating her and that didn't work, but she was responding well to all my kino escalation. I should have gone for it. The fact that I did ponder it for a second means it was time.

My kiss closing was right on just two weeks ago. Not having made out with a girl in awhile has made me hesitant to pull the trigger. I'm gonna focus on fixing that. I guess I'm too hard on myself. I did make out with that Irish girl Friday for 5 seconds till she pushed me away and said she just wanted to be friends. Prior to that, I briefly kissed that girl last Tuesday who had a boyfriend.

Again, I've been focusing on the negatives instead of the positives. It felt good to have some decent sets but they could have been better had I been ready to pull the kiss close trigger. I guess I have to go back to the old goal of trying to kiss close every set. I was starting to work on pulling, but I can't get pull practice if I'm hesitant to kiss close quickly again.

Finally, I think Wednesday I'm gonna focus on just speaking nonsense. Another reason I'm sick of my interactions is I keep telling some of the same stories. I have some good verbals but it's time to try talking about something else. Maybe I'll just try to work on sexual talk; that's a big part of 2j's game and it's something I could improve. I'd rather get busted out working at that Wednesday that saying the same bullshit that I'm sick of saying.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Strong Eye Contact through restaurant window

Normally, I wouldn't even post about this, but I need to pull all the good out the last few days. I forgot until now that as I was walking back to my car in Wrigley, I looked into Pick Me Up Cafe (it's really name that and I should have tried to pick up in there). I locked eye contact with this girl. She was in a booth and on the other side was a couple. Her head turns as I walked by and she waved at me.

I hate to admit that I didn't walk in. I was really off from all the BS lately. I've opened sets eating pizza that didn't give me massive approach invitation like this. It's really dumb that I didn't go in, but let's take the positive.

Again, I need to focus on all the cool things that happened despite all the bad things. Here is another example of why I shouldn't doubt myself. I'm definitely putting out a good vibe when I get instant attraction like this.

I feel better already with just these three posts. I'm sure I'll be positive Tuesday night. Of course I'll experience rejection. That's part of the game. I just have to be immune to it like I usually am.

This is all bullshit self hate

I did a quick look again at my blog entry titles from the past two months to remind me of the good, heck some were great, experiences I had. Yes, I've been triggered by some bad experiences, but I'm feeling shitty cause I'm allow myself to indulge the negative. I could view the lame things that I've been doing or experiencing as meaning I somehow suck now or lost my progress or whatever. That's not reality.

I need to view things properly. I had some cool experiences that I thought wouldn't happen to me for a long time. It's the stuff that happens to real PUA's but I'm on the verge of being one. Hell, why qualify it? I'm finally a PUA, but I just need a little more progress to see even more amazing results. I haven't gotten any new lays but things could be worse. I guess I forgot how it felt to not get laid for months. At least now I have a cool FB that I can hook up with whenever. I could have even probably banged my Polish friend. It's weird that when I've been horny, I've tried to escalate on her and she refused, but then when she was touching me, I didn't want it anymore.

Tall Blonde:
What the fuck was up with me caring about that? Yeah it sucks, but deep down, I knew she wasn't into me. 2j was right. I shouldn't think of it as the guy stealing her from me. If I had pushed things sooner, the set would have ended then but I'm the one that stalled. Furthermore, it's not like guys stealing my girl is symptomatic of a larger problem. Yeah that shit used to happen, but most of the time, it's a non issue. I've gotten rid of AMOG's and stolen girls or taken girls back so many times this summer. You can't win them all. The reality, though, is that if a girl is into me, I can handle competing guys competently now.

It bothers me that I wasn't cool enough for her to like me, but oh well. I have been off and even if I were cooler, it doesn't mean she would have wanted me. Some girls just won't want me no matter what. It's not like I don't get girls that I'm really attracted to me into me. Less than two weeks ago, there was this tall redhead that was instantly into me when I opened her with dance floor game. I have to remind myself of how I never would have been able to do dance floor game till recent history.

I have a choice. I can keep being negative and get more shit results to reinforce that idea. The other choice is to be positive and I'll get good experiences to reinforce that idea. Sometimes, the choice is just a mind trick. Here, the reality is that I usually get good results and I just have to forget about the last week.

As Jeffy would advise, "I just have to remember how awesome I am."

Triggered by a guy stealing my girl

I was in an awesome mood Monday night. I finally was able to run the entire length of this forest preserve trail near me. I knew when I got my long run up to 6 miles last week that I could run the 7.7 mile trail this week. I set out with a positive attitude and was gonna try to focus on pulling.

I was the first one to our Monday spot out of the two wings who were meeting me. I opened this 2-set immediately. They were average but the one chick was cool and actually played World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend. I was interested in the friend but she was quiet. The set went to get a drink and I went to find JW. We worked a 2-set of blondes that didn't go anywhere.

The set of the night was this 2-set from a former republic of what was once known collectively as Yugoslavia. I really liked this tall blonde as we had a cool conversation about travel and life. JW occupied the cute brunette friend and was having fun with her on the dance floor. We talked for like twenty minutes and eventually ended up on the dance floor. I tried getting close to her to dance and she kept pushing me away and telling me she wanted to dance alone. I kept trying and she actually danced with me more as time progressed. These two guys next to me started talking to her and then one guy grabbed her to dance. She gave him some resistance too but he wasn't fazed and pulled her in.

I'll give myself credit for not giving up. I tried my best to steal her back from him by grinding on the dude and grabbing her and trying to spin her. The guy did a good job of rotating her away when I tried to get up on her. The reality was that she wasn't into me so I couldn't get her back.

2j was right that the set was just on friendly terms:

2j said that he could tell the set wasn't going anywhere. I guess I knew that all along but I thought maybe I could make something happen anyway. I tried to move her several times when we were talking but she wouldn't comply. I tried to hug her one time and she was reluctant. I had said we should hang out again and she agreed. I tried to number close and she said, "I usually take guy's numbers." I didn't even try to persist cause I knew if she was being hesitant, it was probably gonna flake anyway. Finally, I mentioned how she reacted on the dance floor.

I think I could have tried being more alpha on the dance floor like the guy did. Still, 2j said that if I tried to escalate, then I did all I could. Maybe a mistake was I should have tried to escalate more when we were talking earlier.

Triggered into a shit state:

I shouldn't let this stuff bother me but I guess I'm just still riding that losing streak mentality. I recognize it and try to avoid it, but having a guy steal a girl from me just triggers the bad emotions of the past. I told JW that I felt like I was no longer the guy I had transformed to; instead I felt like I had gone back in time to where no girls liked me and I always lost girls to other guys.

I'm gonna try to push through but it's been a rough few days. I went from having kiss closes regularly and fingering a girl at the club to not having any kiss closes in awhile and just getting bad interactions that trigger bad emotions. I got busted out with some girl that wasn't even that hot that works at McDonald's and doesn't speak English really on Sunday. I got dropped into the friend zone with the Irish girls and I must have weirded them out as they haven't responded to any of my texts since.

Still pushed on:

JW is a solid wing because I was being a little negative when we venue changed. I caught myself doing it and told him I apologized for being negative. I promised to do my best when we went in a venue. He stayed positive throughout. I hate being negative and it's rare that I'm like this. I've hung out with guys that bitch and moan and it ends up pulling everyone down so I sure as hell don't want to be like that.

Some positive reactions at the end of the night:
Wrigley was pretty dead but we found one place with a decent number of people. I seem to have taken one good thing out of the bust out: I was pushing the sets a lot harder. I recognized the girls that were out were drunk since it was almost closing time and it was obvious most had been drinking since the Cubs game at 7pm. I also didn't want to waste my time like I had with that tall blonde. You escalate fast so you don't get into the friend zone and waste time. With the blonde, I had my arm around her and stuff but I never really pushed to holding her hands and pulling her in and trying to escalate to a kiss. Maybe it would have worked had I done that and if it hadn't, I would have been busted out sooner instead of sputtering along and then having to lose the set with the trigger of a guy stealing her from me.

I went up to several girls and did strong eye contact and really projected sexual state. Two or possibly three of the girls were into it. One became uncomfortable even though she was into it. I think it was because she wasn't that attractive and it was too much for her. Two girls reacted positively but they were with guys.

JW has the right attitude. We agreed that we at least made a good effort. I have to be happy that despite being thrown into a shit state with the trigger, at least I kept trying. Many guys would have just went home.

It's not supposed to be easy:
I may take a break and focus on other more important things. What I mean by that is I'll only go out 3-4 times a week instead of 5-6 times. While things have been shitty, perhaps that means a breakthrough is near. Besides, I know how it is to really be shitty at this. I can look up my old posts to remind myself. I had some amazing experiences just about 10-12 days ago. I know I've changed for the better. I just have to keep being positive and I have to keep going out and trying. If I get triggered again, I can't be too hard on myself. If it happens, I just have to force myself to keep going and trust that my state will improve and I'll find that inner confidence.

I'm actually gonna watch Tyler's segment of Transformations, or parts of it. I need to remind myself how these painful moments are opportunities to force myself to grow and improve. I remember how I watched that after that horrible experience at Sangria and how it drove me to get better.

Monday, August 22, 2011

In a self created slump but lessons still learned

That I even titled a blog post like this displays what is currently wrong with my game. I feel like I'm in a cold streak in poker. A better analogy that most people would understand is that I'm like a sports team on a long losing streak. That this could even happen to a professional sports team means that I shouldn't be too hard on myself for it happening to me. I've been a victim of some circumstances beyond my control: like a tale, pale brunette was really attracted to me on Saturday but she was engaged and surrounded by friends who weren't gonna give her any chance of cheating. The Irish girl was with a guy friend when I met her which made me reluctant to really escalate, and so on.

That's all fine, but I'm suffering from a lack of confidence that the poor results have created in me. I've read this is what happens to a pro team that goes on an extended losing streak. The talent is still there and they might even be way better than a team they are facing, yet they still find a way to lose with their defeatist attitude.

I find that I keep finding dumb ways to screw myself and I've become too results oriented and I'm focusing on the negative things that happen instead of remember the positive.

Lessons from tonight:
1) I got stop going for the ugly girls cause I don't feel worthy enough to get the hotter girl. I did it for ego protection reasons and because I sometimes don't feel high enough entitlement. I also justify it by saying my wing is gonna do a better job because I'm giving him the attractive girl. I was mainly out of that but somehow this bullshit resurfaced this past week. Luckily for 2j, he ended up having a wild night with this girl that way making guys buy her and him shots and then making out with 2j in front of the chumps. It's also no guarantee that she would have been attracted to me had I focused on her.

The results don't matter. I have the play the game right. I should go for the more attractive girl because it means living up to my own standards. I should believe in my value and feel entitled to any girl no matter how hot. By selling myself short and trying for the uglier girl, I'm making myself feel shitty by not living up to my standards. I'm not playing to win; I'm playing to try not to lose. Beyond that, I'm making it harder to be successful by not really going for a girl I really want. The right things happen when I'm actually into a girl instead of going through the motions.

2) I should never hesitate. I went out with Vinny and one of my female Polish friends to Wrigley. I went on the dance floor at Sluggers and there were two cute black girls. I verbally opened one and she gave me a positive response. Rather than pulling her in or dancing with her confidently, I hesitated. Some guy was emboldened by my approach and he went between us and started dancing with her. I gave him that opportunity. As this happened, I thought about dancing with the taller friend (who actually was hotter; again I was doing the same bullshit as in point 1), and then another dude got up on her before I acted.

What is this bullshit? I know I'm better than this. Usually, I'm point and shoot with approaching. I guess the know the answer: it's this slump mentality I talked about in the intro.

3)Why do I keep sabotaging myself by creating bad sarging situations? I could have avoided the cock farm last Thursday, yet I let it happen and was in a situation that made it hard to run my proper game. The same thing happened Friday. I could have told my AFC friends which girl was my target yet I didn't and felt like I had to compete with them. Tonight, I brought out my Polish friend even though I figured it wouldn't work. She kept bothering me and texting me when I was in set. The funny thing is I could have banged her and have wanted to at times but I was turned off today.

I guess 2j's friend (I'm gonna call him Bobby) called it. Bobby is the guy who's friend was the supposed pickup instructor. Bobby is actually cool now. He was out with us twice since that incident. I haven't really talked to him much until today. He read that my Polish friend wanted me even before she made it obvious that me sarging and her being drunk really made her try to escalate on me.

4) At least I'm not a total chump... 2j called me when I was eating with the Polish girl. He said that he hung out with her the whole night. She was like this friend I knew from college in that she kept asking guys to buy her drinks. She was even more ruthless: she made the guys buy her and 2j drinks. She even had some guys let them both into this VIP section. 2j said at one point she got a guy to buy her drinks and then she made out with 2j in front of the dude. LOL.

Right before I really busted out with the friend, she tried to get me to buy a drink. She said, "My friend wants a drink." She was implying that I should get one. I just gave her a blank stare. The funny thing is the friend said, "No" cause she didn't want her to make me buy a drink.

Action plan:
I know my problem. I'm just gonna try to go and have fun and try to focus on the positive. I'm gonna read some of my blog entries to remind me of the cool stuff that happens to me and how I should be happy that I've come this far. I know that I'm being too hard on myself. Before I got on this streak the past week, I realized that really cool things were beginning to happen to me that I only dreamed would start happening to me. I probably began the streak by focusing on how I screwed them up instead of just being happy that success was starting to come to me. Even on a shitty night like tonight, or Friday, I have multiple girls a night giving me the doggy dinner bowl look.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kiss close sticking point rears it's ugly head

I went out with excitement and confidence that I could improve and apply what I realized after Friday night. I had a fun night and did a lot of dance floor opening with JW. I opened some sets with verbal game with 2j as well.

Stay in set:
I recognized a stupid sticking point that I have lately. I was in several decent sets. A song came on that I liked and I turned into an ADD girl. Even though the girls didn't seem ready to dance, I tried to pull them on the dance floor or I just started trying to dance with them there. That actually worked with one set as she started dancing with me. The problem is that some sets don't want to dance. Even though I'm doing okay verbally, rather than trying to keep talking, a few times I wandered off. I remember another instance where I busted myself out trying to force her to dance even though I knew I should just keep talking.

I realized that a different version of me from the past might have done better with these sets. The crazy dance floor guy part of me is ruining sets at times. I think I use that fact that they won't dance sometimes as an excuse to eject a decent set.

Still, I like that I was being more dominant with trying to get them to dance. That one set I mentioned where I got the girl to start dancing stands out. I just need to not leave even if I like a song and the girl won't dance. I also need to just work verbals when the dancing isn't clicking with her.

Fast kiss closes:

That kiss close sticking point showed up again. I was grinding with some chubby black girl that I wanted to hook up with. I knew the move was to try to set up a kiss close. I never went for it. She ended up getting tired and sitting with her friend. I kept trying to move her to the cool air vent but she wouldn't leave her friend. The move, though, was to try to kiss close her on the dance floor. I can't believe I didn't even try to go for it. It's been so long since I had a quick kiss close (seems long since I've been going out so much) so my game has regressed.

There were two streets sets that seem really on at the end of the night. I knew I should try to kiss the girls and most of times I would have gone for it. Tonight, I felt reluctant to go for the kiss close and just stalled. I have to remember that I'm trying fast escalation on the street so I should be going for the quick kiss close. Besides, when I'm in street game mode, it's late and the girls are drunk. When I sense they are high buying temperature, I really need to go for it.

Some sets were really hooked:

I should take that fact as a positive. Even 2j said early on that we were hooking a bunch more sets than usual. The tatoo girl that I wrote about in the previous AMOG post was really into me. It's too bad that the guy barged in at that moment, but I should have been making out with my target by that point. The chubby black girl was a no brainer kiss close attempt. I almost can't believe my game has regressed to this point again. I figure now that I'm aware of it, I'll fix it when I'm out next time.

I had a tall, pale brunette into me but she was part of a bachelorette party. She wasn't the one getting married but her friends cock blocked me and said that the pale girl was engaged as well. I believe it as when I was dancing on her and getting up on her, she said, "I'm gonna get in trouble with you."

It actually surprises me how many sets were hooked tonight. I just needed to pull the trigger more I guess or make fewer dumb mistakes like walking away cause of dancing like I wrote about above.

Tense AMOG situation but guy ends up buying shots

I feel dumb that my highlight of the night is another AMOG confrontation. I must seek this shit out on some level. I'll admit that there are certain circumstances when I could just walk away but decide to call guys out for being dicks. Early in the night, I started dancing by these two girls, and these guys came in and blocked me out in a dick way and ignored me when I tried to say hi to them. I stood there, looked at them and said, "What is this?" as I mocked them. The dudes turned friendly and shook my hand.

At the beginning of the night, I was talking to some Latina chick. She actually told me she was there with some guy. I didn't believe it and didn't care. I actually started to turn the subject sexual. It's funny how I always am able to do that when the boyfriend theme comes in. She was actually digging it and basically admitted the guy was lame in bed. What I say is a variation of something I heard on "Flawless Natural." I said something like, "I bet he's the type of guy that likes to lay you down and just make love to you. I like that too but ideally, I think I woman needs man who knows how to bring out that naughty side. Like you wanna be dominated and spanked." She agreed with that. I was trying to number close her but she wouldn't give it to me. Some buff Latino guy showed up and he wouldn't even say anything. He just kept giving me hard looks when I tried to talk to him. I laughed about what a prick he was.

Free Shots:
We went to work street game and had to go inside a bar cause it started raining. We worked some sets in there to no avail and this cute brunette with a tatoo walked in. She was high buying temperature. She said she just got off work at a video game bar place nearby. I was holding her hand and kino escalation quickly as I could sense her buying temperature. I probably should have tried to kiss her sooner. I realized that I'm back to being slow to kiss close again. The set was on. JW had been keeping the friend occupied.

Suddenly this buffed black dude a few inches taller than me walks into the bar. He gets right up on the other girl and physically blocks out JW. I forgot what he said exactly but he kept telling me to go away. I just stood there. I said to my girl, "What's with your creepy friend?" As I was saying this, the guy physically got between my girl and I. I said something like, "What's up man? I'm PokerPUA." He ignored me. He had me physically blocked out of the set so I just walked away at this point and started telling JW what a cock the guy was.

Tense moment where I actually got scared for a second:
I looked back over at the set and made eye contact with the dude. He started walking towards me. He actually was physically intimidating but I'm always confident in my ability to handle this. Plus, I know that I just have to stand confident and have strong eye contact. I actually thought for a second that he might try to start shit so I had that ready but I just stood there. For a brief second, my mind thought, "Wow this guy might start shit. Maybe I shouldn't have looked over there."

I don't remember the exact conversation but I'm sure I said my usual thing about why he's acting so rude when we're all just trying to have fun. I actually felt myself getting nervous but my body language didn't show it. I remember his first words was he wasn't gonna shake my hand.

Free shots:
The guy ended up being cool. He said he understood that we're just trying to have fun. He said the one girl (not the one I was talking to) lost her keys. The shot girl came by and he started saying we should get shots. I didn't want to drink. JW took a shot. The guy pestered me to get a shot but I didn't really want one. JW tried to pay but the guy paid. We both shook his hand. As he was walking away, I went back up and said "Hey man, I hope you evening gets better. Have fun."

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I lead the guys & Girls want to be lead

I was rolling around in bed when something just hit me. I forced myself to get up so I could write this entry. I didn't want to fall asleep and lose this thought.

I was wallowing in self pity. I hate to admit this shit, but I was sending Seagull some whiny texts cause he happened to be up. I realized that I felt so shitty after last night because so many things happened that just triggered some internal issues that I have.

Anyway, what hit me was what I wrote as the title of this post.

I was literally asking myself, "How do I lead these girls?" Rather than think back on the sets I mentioned in the other posts, I thought about how I lead guys. I don't even really want to be leading, but I do it cause it gets things done. I want to go out where there are both good drink/cover deals. I want to move to a better venue when we run out of sets. I want to move around when we are standing around and in danger of choding around. I push my wings to open when I feel like I'm taking on too much of the work load. Last night, I had to lead around the cock farm that 2j and I somehow got stuck in.

Obviously, I know how to lead, I realized. These guys that I sometimes have to lead are cool, outgoing guys that know how to be dominant with both guys and girls. I admit I don't know everything and when I make a bad suggestion or decision, they'll speak up.

If I can lead this group of guys when I need to, then HOW THE FUCK can I be afraid to lead girls around?

I can think of two reasons why I don't lead girls more. First, it's the old reason of being afraid to lose the girl. Sometimes you lose the girl trying to move her to the bar or dance floor or trying to pull her to your place. The standard advice is the standard sports adage: You need to play to win and not play to not lose. The same reason I was afraid to kino escalate is the same reason I'm afraid to really lead. Fortunately, I do lead a little but I'll get way better results when I make the change of really being confident in leading the girls.

The second reason I don't lead has a psychological basis that I don't really want to get into right now. That is why I have resistance to leading despite that I know it to be true that girls what to lead.

Logically, I know the answer isn't that I should be passive and "too nice." I know damn well that acting like that is AFC behavior.

I need to accept that girls want to be lead. Beyond that, they are actually turned on by being lead. It's masculine versus feminine polarity. Sure, a woman can lead, but when the woman has to lead, she gets turned off and usually you get busted out. This has been mentioned in several comments to my FR's on the forums. I'll sometimes leave this void and then the woman tries to lead: for example, the guys on the forum said several sets brought up hotel rooms because I wasn't leading. I literally had girls ready to fuck me and rather than being dominant and saying, "Let's go" and leading them to my car or my place, I just stood there talking so they tried to lead for me.

I know that women are turned on by being lead. I know how to lead as I have to lead the guys I go out with sometimes and leading those guys is way more of a challenge than leading girls. I know I'm hesitant to lead cause of some fucked up thing that makes me think I shouldn't lead women. I know the truth is the complete opposite.

By realizing all this, I can't see myself choding around with girls and not leading anymore. Besides, the pain I just went through is such a strong motivating force. I'm gonna get better results because I'm gonna lead the girls like they want to be lead and it's gonna turn them on.

Oh, and yes, I can get busted out doing this. I get busted out all the time anyway. That's the way this game works. At least this way, I'm gonna get busted out giving my best effort. What I have been doing the past few weeks hasn't been my true best effort. I can't fault myself too much as I couldn't really see it at the time. Now, pain has brought clarity. I've had my greatest breakthroughs after moments of pain and self pity so I'm confident that I'm about to break out of this plateau and really go on a tear.

Learn from the pain

Honestly, I keep thinking about last night and I have to admit I feel pain. I know it's because of several different triggers. Also, some of the failures of last night we dude to circumstances outside my control. If things had played out just slightly differently, I could have been banging some girl or at the very least, things could have turned out better than they did.

The proper thing to do is to use this pain to learn.

Yes, I can blame the circumstances, but that's like cursing about bad luck in poker. You have to focus on what you can control.

It's clear in my mind now, even more than the "I need to be more assertive and dominant" post, that this is a MASSIVE sticking point. I felt when I was writing that post (and this was just an hour ago) that 2j and his girl had seen me working a set that wasn't a typical example of my current game. The truth is, yes, I can do better and have done better, but my lack of dominance is a way larger problem that I was able to see then.

It became clear after I wrote the FR from last night. I could have lead the two Irish girls to a place where I could have run some dance floor game after my friends left. All the problems with the missed pull could have been solved by just being a little more aggressive and dominant.

Heck, all the ways I went wrong in the past few weeks can be solved with just a little more dominance. At the very least, I should have banged those two black girls. I should already have number closed that redhead.

I have to get over the self pity. I know it just makes things worse. What I said in the other post is still valid here. I shouldn't be too upset. I should reflect on the positive. Moreover, yes this is a big change that I need to make, but it's not like I'm clueless how to act dominant. As I wrote in the other post, I've shown high level dominance in the past. I just need to learn to access that part of me and I need to understand that I need to do this.

I have to think about how I felt that one day I lost the Indiana girls at Sangria to competing dudes. That forced me to get better at AMOGing and stealing guys from girls. With that same energy I built off that pain, I have to force myself to practice being dominant now.

I complain that I don't get enough pulling practice cause it's hard to get to that stage often enough to practice. I can still make baby steps. I need to just practice moving sets around the bar. It's good game to do that, and to work on being dominant I need to do that, so that's a good game plan.

The other thing I need to focus on is turning the talk sexual. I've been getting better at that. I think about kissing that girl with the boyfriend on Tuesday. She ended up kissing me because I was able to bring sex talk in. I felt more comfortable after she gave me the boyfriend objection. It was similar to this set two Thursdays ago. Logically, if I'm doing well acting that certain way when I get a legitimate boyfriend objection, I need to find a way to act that same way in all my sets.

From make out to friend zone & An After party pull but friend didn't like me

Before I dig into the negative moments of in the night, I should take a moment to bask in the positive. Far too often, I just think about my sticking points and how I screwed up. It's crazy how much I'll beat myself up over good nights. Take last week. I should be happy that I fingered this black girl with an awesome body yet all I could think about was how I didn't try to pull her to the VIP bathroom. I keep thinking about how I was so close to fucking her and how I screwed it up.

"Those three girls came out to meet you?" -Warcraft

That's what my buddy Warcraft said at one point in the night. My buddies had this free party at this bar that they won: free drinks and food for 2 hours. They had open spots so I invited a bunch of girls to come out. This Asian girl that I number closed on the street on Division came out late, and I met up with the two Irish girls I met two Tuesdays ago. It is cool that I was able to bring girls out for this: that circle of friends knew me through the years when I had no girls so it must have been weird to see this. Warcraft knows I'm sarging a ton, but it was another thing to actually see girls out with me.

Make out and then friend zone:

I got all fucked up cause of the free drinks. I wish I had remembered the night better as it seems odd to me when I recalled what happened with my Irish girl. During the free bar thing, I was being a party guy with the drinks. I spent some time talking to my target, but I also talked to some of my friends and to the Asian girl. When we had less than five minutes left for free drinks, I dragged my target to the bar and we chugged two drinks quickly. I think I went to the bathroom after that. I just remember that most of our group had left. I sat down next to my target and we made out briefly.

Shortly after that and several times throughout the rest of the night, all she cold tell me is how she just wants to be friends. I've been having a hard time squaring the two things together.

I think clearly the attraction was there. 2j saw it the night I met her and she did make out with me.

It's probably I was too friendly and not escalating sooner. Also, when we met up prior to the bar outing, I guess I should have made things more man-to-woman. We met up two stops from where we had to go and then took the train and walked to the bar. The friend was also there so I didn't feel as comfortable as I would have been had it just been my target and I. It was bad timing for me too. 2j had this Day2 that went awesome. Had he not had the Day2, I would have had help with the friend. I think there's a decent chance he could have progressed with the friend too.

Weird to get the friend zone:

It's so fucking weird for me to get this. I haven't had that in so long. I think that's why I felt so shitty afterward. It's like I felt I was back in AFC land somehow. Girls either reject me or hook up with me in some way lately. I don't necessarily get laid, but I at least make out with girls or they don't come out or the set just ends up going nowhere.

I'm still trying to figure out where I could have done better to avoid this situation. Should I have texted better? Clearly, the texting was fine: they did come out. As I said above, maybe I needed to kino more on the way to the bar. Maybe I should have been escalating more during the bar but I was trying to eat, talk to my friends, talk to the Asian girl, talk to my target, and get fucked up.

McDonalds dudes:

My buddy didn't get into our usual Friday spot. I think that fucked things up. Things would have gone better if we got in. My buddy had to leave anyway and we would have been in a club instead of out in the streets. I could have taken my girl to the dance floor and my dance floor game might have been enough to break through the BS friend zone. Instead, we somehow ended up at the Rock N' Roll McDonalds at 2am cause I mentioned going to a club near there and the other Irish girl wanted to get food.

They were drunk so they started chatting up two random dudes who ended up sitting with us. I'll give myself credit in that I set up the seating arrangement well. The one girl sat down in this booth. My target followed and then I sat next to her. The dudes sat on the other side. They kept talking and I was drunk and didn't say much, but I kept putting my arm around my target. Later, I dragged her away to go look at the time exhibit they have upstairs. The dudes were trying to get them to go for a drink but they ended up leaving when we came back.

Lead more:
I can see where the last post applied here. I mentioned going to English or another bar. They didn't really go for it but they jumped on McDonald's. If I wanted to go to the bar, I needed to say, "Let's go check out English" and lead them there. This is why I don't fucking pull! I throw ideas out and when the girls don't jump on them enthusiastically, I just drop the idea. That's what happened her and that's what happens when girls are ready to go home with me and I throw something out and then don't lead firmly like I'm supposed to do.

Scandanavian girls:

I went upstairs to take a piss at the girl's place. It was a good move to get inside there. If I hang out with them again, at least it won't be weird to be up in their place. I left after drinking a water I left. I was near Division so I stopped by one of the bars. I ended up opening this cute pale skin girl. I kino escalated a bit by putting my arm around her and touching her hand but I should have been able to set up a make out. I blame it on being in a chump state after getting rejected with my Irish girl. Still, as I've written in this post and the prior one: I need to work on making conversations man-to-woman every time.

She was with this blonde friend. The blonde liked this black dude and I saw them making out on the dance floor. The blonde didn't like me. She tried to bust me out early on even after I was introduced to her and tried talking to her. I just ignored her BS and plowed on and she let me hang out with the friend while she danced and kissed the black dude.

Closing time came and 2j text me that he was outside. I didn't realize he was still with his Day2. It was another situation where if he had been alone, we would have had this 2-set. I told my girl we were gonna have an after party with my buddy. I even sold up 2j to the blonde. The black dudes, at this point, had accepted they weren't gonna pull and had gone outside.

I got outside and saw that 2j was with his Day2. That was disappointing as now I had no one for the blonde. It might have worked trying to pull with the other dude, but that dude had a wing with him. The wing sucked in that he wasn't able to win over my girl and he was just standing there. Still, the double pull wasn't gonna work because the other dude kept trying to pull with his buddy.

So much easier with a girl:

2j's girl was totally cool and I actually got to observe some dynamics that I'm not used to seeing. Having a girl helping sell the after party is huge. My girl really wanted to go especially when she saw there was gonna be another girl there. She didn't want to leave the blonde. The blonde was kissing the black dude. I started talking to 2j and his girl and then my girl started to gravitate towards the black dudes. I heard the dudes talking about taking the girls to the Cubs game. 2j's girl ended up going up and talking to both girls.

She confirmed later that my girl liked me but she said the blonde didn't like me. That was clear.

Blonde hated me:
Perhaps that's a harsh heading. The blonde didn't like me. From the start, I said she was trying to bust me out. The black dudes ended up leaving and I thought I had the after party pull. I was leading my girl to follow 2j but then the blonde started pulling my girl away. Some random Latino dude started talking to them. Rather than go with us as my girl wanted to do, she started listening to that guy's BS about an after party. This is when I said to my girl, "Wow, she'd rather consider going to an after party with some random dude rather than with 2j, his girl, and I. WTF?"

Some thoughts on leading:
I recall the two black dudes talking to the set. The one guy was being firm about number closing my target. She was starting to comply. Girls do that. I know that from my own experience, but again, I often am not dominant enough. Funny thing was that I had my moment here. I said in her ear, "Tell him that you have a Norwegian number." She was digging in her purse to get her phone but when I said this, she stopped and told him that line.

When the blonde started listening to the Latino dude, I needed to be firm. I wasn't as comfortable being firm with her as I knew she didn't like me. Still, I know drunk girls. When the dude starting yapping, I should have just grabbed both their hands and lead them towards 2j.

My final mistake was just letting my girl go with the blonde.

"Do what must be done"

I think of the Emperor saying that in Star Wars III. I lost the set at the end because I didn't push. I didn't give it my best effort. Ozzie talks about having tug of wars with friends sometimes. 2j and his girl told me that even if the blonde didn't want to go, I could have tried to pull the friend solo. Again, I listened to her objections instead of leading.

My target said, "I can't leave my friend even though she would leave me."

As I type that, I realize she was giving me permission to lead her. Even if she had just said, "I can't leave my friend," 2j had a good point that I could have said, "You're an adult aren't you?" I think back on Jeffy's advice on my failed pull of that black girl several weeks ago. He said I did too much convincing. I needed to just tug on my targets arm more and say "Let's go."

The fact that she said "even though she would leave me" means that she was more likely to leave. Clearly, her friend had left her before to hook up with guys. My target even said that guys always like her friend. The strange thing is that I was WAY more attracted to my target than the blonde.

How the hell did I just let the set end by some random dude pulling the blonde away?

I ended up seeing my target walk back. I had been by 2j and his girl talking for about 5 minutes when I saw my girl trying to get a cab. I approached her but her buying temperature had dropped as I expected. Instead of plowing, I just walked away. That was dumb too. I knew she wasn't going to be all high buying temperature so I should have made a better effort than that. I needed to make her laugh and pump her state and then try to pull.

I need to be more assertive & dominant

I'll write my field report after this. I had a cool night in many ways, but ultimately it lead to frustration. I also received some great feedback from 2j, and this girl he was with. It was a cool situation where I had his girl trying to help me pull this girl for an after party, and then I also got to see a woman's perspective of my game. It also was a legitimate female perspective, not the culturally programed bullshit like I got from my Polish female friend. I mean that it was actual dead-on advice.

The advice isn't anything I already didn't know. It's what's been holding me back from getting several lays over the past month that I should have had. It's also something 2j has been telling me several times this week. Often, I come across as friendly. That's great as it gets me into a ton of sets, but sometimes I stay too much in the friend zone and don't take the conversation man to woman.

I have to admit that I felt like shit the whole train ride to my car as I contemplated my short comings and I thought about the two failures tonight. Criticism is always hard, but ponder my situation made me realize the good in my situation.

I wondered about what 2j said. He was right, especially concerning the late set on Division, but I look at myself and I know that I can be dominant and assertive as well. It finally struck me, as I was about this write this, that I need not be sad.

I need to take the advice to heart and present that assertive and dominant side of my personality that's already there. For years, I had to work on that, but it's definitely there. I think about all the amazing stuff I've done: I've blown out dudes, including that "instructor" guy from last week; Seagull and I pulled that set from dudes that already had them hooked; and I almost had a bathroom pull just a week ago.

I thought about the set that 2j and his girl witnessed. While there was some good there, I hadn't even made out with the girl. I had enough time to do it; but I was doing too much friendly conversation. It wasn't horrible in that I did kino escalate and put my arm around here, but I surely wasn't running my best game.

Again, the lesson is that I have to tone down that friendly side a bit and bring out that dominant side and my results should take off. Too many times in the past week I've been doing that bullshit friend to friend conversation when I should be making it man-to-woman.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Annoying Cockfarm and Tall girl entitlement practice

It's funny that I went from going out alone to knowing too many guys that want to go out. I let all these dudes distract me too much. 2j had a point that we should be hitting sets hard despite having all these dudes. I decided that I gotta try hitting other places when we have a night when too many people are hitting up the same place. At least with college friends, they know to give me some space. Some of these guys that we went out with Thursday are naturals that have annoying habits: like coming in an taking over a set we're in. 2j and I have decided to just ignore these guys like any other interrupts.

My favorite redhead was there again. I had a few moments to talk to her and I had 2j ask her name as I felt stupid not knowing her name. The cock farm was interferring with that. I didn't want to go in when Vinny and his friend were around. I knew they were probably too chicken to approach her themselves, but if they saw me coming in, they'd all of sudden start talking to her. I'd have to AMOG them and I didn't want to deal with it. Still, I should have number closed her, especially when we had a decent conversation going. On a plus side, I found out we have more in common and she complimented me on my hair cut.

Hot girls again:

Our new after hours spot on Thursday is awesome. Once again, it had the highest concentration of hot girls out of all the places we go to regularly. I told 2j that it's the only place where I keep telling him to check out this girl and that girl. Unfortunately, 2j let's himself get intimidated by the hotter sets. I had to bug him to go open. I'm more than willing to open but I feel he should open some 2-sets when I'm getting busted out several times in a row. He finally opened this one set that he ended up number closing.

It's interesting how much more difficult this place is that many of the other places we hit. I'm approaching the same way and early on, I kept getting instantly busted out. I realized that maybe I wasn't plowing enough. A girl would give me a bad reaction and I'd just walk away. In some ways, it's humorous because when I'm sober approaching like I was today, I would never get busted out this many times at our normal spots.

Tall girls:

I'm feeling more and more entitled to tall girls. At the end, I spent a few minutes with two really tall girls: like the tallest girls in the bar. I ultimately got busted out, but it's funny how I busted out instantly or quickly with so many sets at the after hours place, yet with the girls I really want (the tall hotties), I managed to do better.

One day, I will have success with these tall beauties and I know it'll kick my feelings of entitlement to the stratosphere.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kissed a girl who had a boyfriend & Druknen Sarging

Tuesday night I was all fucked up for the early part of the night. I drank a whole pitcher one an empty stomach and was so drunk I spilled my remaining beer on the table and some spilled on me. I learned that my verbal game can be really bad when I'm drunk. I got busted out several times in a row before I realized that what I need to be doing is dance floor game when I'm drunk. After all, I had that near bathroom pull when I was drunk on Friday. The sets were responding better on the dance floor when I was drunk. As I sobered up, I was able to run sets normally with my verbal game.

I have a boyfriend:
Sometimes, that's line is a shit test. Other times, especially when you are new, it's a polite way that some girls try to use to get rid of you. Then, there are times when the girl likes you but really does have a boyfriend. That happened in this 3-set. This girl and I were getting along really well and I was kino escalating. 2j was working the blonde friend but Vinny was all drunk and the 3rd girl said he was creeping her out.

The 3rd girl ended up wanting to leave. I tried to number close my girl and she said she had a boyfriend. She had mentioned this earlier but I just blew it off. I believed her because I could tell she liked me but that was holding her back. The two friends were already walking towards the entrance when I had my target give me a hug. After the hug, we were still in a semi-embrace and our faces were right next to each other. I leaned in to kiss her and got her cheek. She hadn't really moved her face, but her face was turned and she didn't turn to kiss me.

She didn't really look like she was resisting it so I decided to try again. I looked at her and said, "No one's looking. Who's gonna know?" Then I leaned towards her and we kissed briefly. Then she left. I was thinking I probably could have gotten a make out if I had busted on her for a shitty kiss. I was just happy to kiss her cause I felt there was some chemistry between us. If I had more time to work her, perhaps we could have hooked up but this was good enough considering the circumstances.

My drunken Irish girl:

I was working this 2-set when I saw the Irish girls from last week. My girl was obviously drunk and high buying temperature and she was all up on this guy. I just waved and said hi initially. Then, I decided to go in because I thought that guy was gonna pull. The friend started telling me that my girl was totally trashed and they were leaving soon. I said, "She's gonna hook up with that guy." The friend that said that was her boyfriend (as in the friend's, not my girl's) and he was trying to lead her out of the bar. I then realized it was the friend's boyfriend; last week the girls had said 2j looked like the boyfriend and this guy did look like 2j.

I just wish my girl hadn't been so trashed as if I had time to talk to her, I probably could have escalated and maybe gotten more. I need to try to set up a Day2 with her soon. She has responded to my texts every day but she was busy with a guy friend who was visiting. He left yesterday so she should now have time to meet up.

"You're standing too close."
I told 2j that I get this comment a lot when I'm drunk. It hardly happens when I'm sober. I knew I was miscalibrated, but I finally figured out what the deal was last night. I got it from this girl that was seated at the table. She said that to me several times when I wasn't even close to her. I realized girls tell me that because of the laser eye contact I'm giving. I do it even stronger when I'm drunk. They make that comment because they can feel the sexual tension it creates. Girls that aren't into me for whatever reason feel uncomfortable and tell me I'm standing too close. Sometimes I have been too close, but when I'm not too close, it's solely because of the eye contact.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Brining Value & Girls getting me free martinis

I talked about beast mode in my last post and how it changed me. I saw it in 2j last night. We were walking to this free drink bar and we spotted these two Latina girls standing by a car. I noticed them and said we should get them to come to the bar. Sometimes, 2j is a little hesitant to approach, especially at the start of the night. Going out every night changes you as you have gained massive momentum. He approached before we could even discuss who was going in. We started talking to the girls. There was a guy in the car and he hopped out. He was actually cool. We mentioned the free drink deal at the bar and eventually left them to go in. 2j tried to pull them immediately with us but they said they'd go in later.

Later, they saw them inside. The text had said free martini and also open bar. We found out it was the usual free vodka drinks for guys, but girls could get martinis. The girls we saw outside and the guy enjoyed free drinks. I commented to 2j, "This is an example right here of the value we bring to people." We had been discussing 2j's notes from The RSD Summit, specifically from Todd. Todd talked about realizing and believing in the value you bring to women. It's something that we often forget, especially when faced with a really beautiful woman. Going into value would be another post, but here was a concrete example right there: that set would not have enjoyed the free drinks and atmosphere had we not talked to them.

You got a free martini?:
When we walked in, I was a bit disappointed that guys couldn't get free martinis. I don't even necessarily like martinis but I do like trying different drinks. I told 2j that I was gonna get myself free drinks. He was surprised when I had a free one within a few minutes of saying that. I joked, "Of course, I was able to get one!" It was simple, I just opened a set and then asked the girls to get me a martini. I was cool and gave them a dollar for the tip.

There was this bitchy Latina that we saw as we were walking into the bar. I saw her inside and she turned out to be cool. When I mentioned the free martinis, she said she would get me one and she even refused the tip money. She tipped for me. I probably should have sarged her more.

All fucked up:
I ended up getting really drunk which was dumb. I had taken the train so I was planning on staying out till the end, but Sunday night turned out to be a bust. 2j was right that it was busy last week because of Lollapalooza. The free martini place was busy but we wore it out of sets by like 1am so we went to Division. That place was a ghost town. There were two sets total in the two bars we tried. Vinny decided to go home early and then 2j said he was ready to go to bed. I was all fucked up so I went to Greektown as I couldn't drive home. That really blew my diet. I probably was 1000-2000 calories over maintenance last night. The important thing is to get back on starting today.

Hot Latina girl:
The highlight of the night was this Latina college girl. She had told me it was her last night in Chicago. I danced with her for a bit and she seemed into me but I eventually lost her. Of course, there was the typical AMOG bullshit early on. Some black dude was talking to the girls sister and he gave me this hard look and basically told me to go away. I just laughed at him and ignored him. That was the end of him. I got about 5 minutes more with the girl but I ended up losing her as she waved me off.

I can't really figure out what I did wrong. Sometimes, as 2j says, you just can win them all. I had tried to escalate on the dance floor and I had tried to move in front. Neither worked. I probably was too drunk to think clearly. I think maybe the move would have been to pull her aside after a dancing and tried to run more verbal on her.

My Friendly vibe attracts the lame AMOG attempts:
2j noted at the end that he thinks maybe it's my friendly vibe that gets these guys to try the lame ass AMOG attempts. I remember commenting how amusing I find it that guys keep trying this hard stare AMOG tactic with me. I thought it was the glasses but this still happens with the contacts. 2j said that I just look and act really friendly so some guys must just assume that they can stare at me and scare me off.

Thinking about it, I like it. The AMOG's underestimate me and they just blow themselves out even more easily because they don't expect me to have a solid frame. Besides that, it amuses me to deal with this shit and I just become even more solid in my frame the more practice I get with it.

Beast mode: Sarging a hot blond on the phone

I'm gonna post my Sunday Field Report in a sec but I wanted to post about this set from Saturday that I didn't mention in my last post. I was on the street on Division when I saw this tall, hot blonde standing by a light pole. She was on the phone. I want to write about this set because it's a great example of what a beast mode romp does to you. At this time Saturday, I had gone out 10 days in a row.

I could see myself normally not trying to approach this set, mainly cause she was on the phone. Some other guys might not have approached dude to being intimidated by her looks. I seem to have gotten that sticking point out of my system.

I approached her from the front so she could seem me coming and locked eye contact with her. I moved until I was right up on her. I could hear her telling, "Come on and pick me up. I'm right over at X bar. It's only a few minutes away."

I began to just say stuff like, "Get off the phone. Tell that fuck buddy you don't need him anymore."

I said more stuff but I can't even remember it. The cool thing was that she was receptive to my advances initially. I grabbed her hand and she was cool with that, and I put my arm on her hip and pulled her into me. She started telling the guy, "Can you hear this?"

Eventually, she did tell me to go away, so I did. 2j suggested that I could have tried to grab the phone and hang up on the guy. He made a great point that it would have either gotten me laid or completely blown out but it might have been worth trying.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Polish set, AMOGing, shy girl, and wing gets quick makeout but doesn't want girl

I started off the night feeling really tired. I think I've been cutting my calories too much and doing to much exercise. I still think I might be getting sick. That's what happens after doing all that plus going out 10 days in row. Before I met with 2j, I stopped in some bars along the way to warm up.

At the bar I met 2j and his roommate, I opened these two high buying temperature Swiss girls. They were drunk and thinking back, maybe I should have tried to kiss close them. There were some guy orbiters or whatever with them. The dudes stayed away and only came in at the very end when we were ejecting. I guess the dudes saw us all over the girls. That they noticed and decided to take action really makes me think maybe I should have went for the kiss close.

Polish Set:
We were in this 2-set of Polish girls that I opened for awhile. I always lose track of time when I'm in sets, but it was at least a half hour. 2j girl was really into him. My target seemed to be having fun: she didn't want to leave and she was dancing with me. She kept smiling at me and seem to like me a bit, but there was also some resistance. She'd get close while dancing and then pull away. I had tried to kiss her twice to no avail and I tried to number close her.

I moved her to a cooler spot on the dance floor and then 2j's girl pulled him over by us. I tried to pull her off to the side so I could run more verbal game. 2j's girl saw this and came over and we ended up losing the set. They went to the bathroom and though we stood nearby, we never saw them leave the bathroom.

Shy girl:

I opened this thin, cute blonde just as I was about to leave the bar to meet up with Trojan-. 2j and I were literally about to walk down the stairs when I decided to open this girl. I remember her saying she was shy and that she hadn't gotten a drink yet. It was crowded at the upstairs bar. I give myself credit for actually leading. I told her to come down to the bar downstairs and she could get a drink more easily. She objected saying she couldn't leave her friends. I replied, "You do have a phone don't you? I remember the days when I didn't have one." As I said, this I started to lead her towards the stairs and she agreed.

We got to the bar area downstairs. I told her to go and order. She asked if I wanted anything and I told her to get me a water, and then I gave her a dollar to tip for my water. She returned my dollar as she was gonna pay the tip. She got a phone call at this time: it was her friends looking for her. She said that her friend had already got her a drink and she needed to go upstairs. She asked me to go with but I had already text Trojan- that I was coming outside to meet him as that place wouldn't let him in for some stupid reason. I had number closed her right after to phone call so I just settled for that.

There was this thread on RSD where a guy complained about night game and how he always encountered the scum of society there (basically). I said that maybe he looks for that as I always have a blast and I meet cool people and have deep conversations. I think maybe I'm too into AMOGing. I won't just tool random guys but this orbiter pulled this cute girl on crutches away and into a cab. After that, I told 2j that I was just gonna AMOG or ignore any guy that came in. I busted out some guy out of this 2-set of two blondes. I was talking to this brunette and two different orbiters gave me shit. I tooled them but ended up losing the girl as she feel out of state from doing this. On top of that, I wasn't tooling some random guy but friends of hers.

I wonder if maybe I'm gonna get in a fight sometime soon. I probably won't but there are times I should just leave but I like to stay to prove a point. The other side of the coin is that by putting myself in certain situations, I just learn to become even more comfortable to put out that vibe where most guys won't mess with me. For example, two different times, the girls wasn't into me and this one tall, built guy, and in the other set, this tall fat dude came in. I tried to be friendly and they were dicks and/or ignored me. Instead of just walking away, I called them out on it. Of course, I did in the right way: I put out the fun vibe and said something like, "Look at you being all serious! What's up with that? I'm just having fun here. What's your name?"

The fat dude even walked towards me. I actually thought for a second he might try something but I didn't flinch. Besides, it was on Division where there are cops everywhere. I think he had been testing me and when I didn't flinch, he all of a sudden turned cool and told me his name and shook my hand.

I'll just close this section by saying I'm gonna work on trying not to enjoy this AMOG confrontations too much. It's good to have the skill but I should only do it when necessary. I'm out to pick up girls and not have AMOG battles.

Wing make out:

I briefly opened this moving set at this one bar. Later, we went outside and opened them again. I went for this cute pale skinned girl. 2j talked to one girl and his roommate talked to another. In just a few minutes, I looked over and 2j was making out with this girl. 2j later told me it was basically a pull as the girl was telling him he could come over but he didn't want to do it. He said I could try; I didn't cause I wasn't sure how I was gonna try to bang her when I had been hitting on the friend. Tyler's old AMOG post does say buying temperature transfers so maybe I should have tried it.

I remember in the set that my girl didn't like me anymore and was bitching about leaving. I told her, "Look, my friend and your friend are having a great time. I'll just back off and we can just talk." I moved several feet off of her and did this for a bit.

Even though 2j didn't want the girl ultimately, I gotta say it's cool to be a part of a set where things go down like that. I told 2j I respect that the girl doesn't meet his standards. I told him that I would have done her and I just want to hook up with girls in general. We agreed that we have to get what we want out of the game. He said he wished I had opened the girl since I would have banged her. I wish I did too but I'm happy I went for the girl I wanted even though I got rejected.

Maybe I should have tried to hook up with the girl he didn't want. His roommate was trying to hook up with the fattie in the group. We encouraged him to stay and maybe I should have stuck around and tried to end up hanging up with the high buying temp girl.


It was dead for a Saturday for whatever reason. I met this cool Asian/Brazilian girl on the street and number closed her. She said she's engaged and loyal to her man. She seemed cool and maybe I will hang out with her anyway. She even said she can bring this female friend if we go out so I'll try it out.

The other set was this cute girl with glasses. We had a great conversation and she was giving me IOI's. I tried to number close but she had a boyfriend and wouldn't give me her number. Maybe I should have just tried to escalate more and gotten busted out or laid. She was comfortable with the kino escalation I had done so maybe I should have gone for broke. Instead, I just left after it was clear we couldn't have a Day 2. The reason I didn't escalate more at the time was she was surrounded by a group of friends and I didn't think she'd be comfortable with more kino around them.