Monday, August 8, 2011

Focusing too much on a lost AMOG battle rather than the fun night

I posted an AMOG thread question on the forums one time and someone responded that based on the two stories I posted, I've been handling AMOG's and overall assholes in sets very well. He went on to say that I've been fortunate that I never had a set where the girls turned on me. Thinking back on it, he was right. I've lost girls to other guys but I never had the girls turn. Tonight, I finally was on the wrong end of an AMOG battle.

I did it to myself. It was at the end of the night and I was out of state. I just wanted to try to bust the guy out and steal his girls. 2j had a good point that it's really hard to do when a guy has already hooked the set and the girls are into him. Doing things wrong does serve a purpose. I've seen how I can successfully AMOG guys, and now I got to see experience how to do it totally wrong.

My main mistake is that I overreacted. The guy who is reacting less is the one that comes off higher value. I should be happy that when I went up and started talking to the girl, I did get her attention. The guy then called me out by saying, "You keep doing this to me." I then went off and said he kept coming into our sets. WTF? It was true but I looked stupid. The proper way to do it would have been to full on ignore him and keep talking to the girl, or not really react. I could have said, "What? Lol? Are you on your meds?"

Anyway, I'm no longer gonna indulge my thoughts about this AMOG set. I learned some lessons and I should leave it at that. Sometimes, I get too into AMOGing. It's obvious that I'm do it to try to make up for all the times I lost girls to guys when I had no game. It's a necessary skill to have, but I shouldn't let it blur the good times.

Let me just close by saying the I reacted too much that I could see the girls getting weirded out by me. It's strange to see a girl giving me that look, but I deserved it. Also, as I wrote below, the guys ended up leaving with the girls in a taxi cab. My effect ranges from causing them to pull to accelerating the pull. ?That made me feel like shit: that I got nothing but phone number possibilities at the end of the night and they went to eat or went to fuck those girls. Oh well.

Stealing girls & Trying again:
I should be happy with what happened about twenty minutes before that losing AMOG battle. 2j and I spotted these two Latina chicks that were dressed up very nicely. They had been at a wedding so it explained why they were overdressed for Division. 2j stopped the hot one and I went to wing the friend. Just as he was working the girl, the AMOG from the story above came into the set. 2j's mistake was he let the guy start running game on the girl instead of just talking over him and working the girl.

The AMOG actually had some decent moves. I forgot to mention that my AMOG bullshit above helped that guy and his wing pull the set above. After dealing with me, they moved the girls down the block and like ten minutes later they all got into a cab together. That bothered me because it was like I helped them pull. They might have done it anyway, but I accelerated it. I got what I needed and that was more experience and it just motivates me even more. Plus, 2j had a good point that the guys have some game and got lucky. As naturals, they'll be forever stuck at that level while we'll continue to get better and better. (BTW, I realize that the reason I keep thinking about the set is my own struggle with my ego).

We ended up busting out the guy form the set and the girls walked away. We walked down the alley to check out the street game in front of the bar there. 2j realized that the girls were walking in our direction and we could give it another try. He was a bit reluctant, especially when we turned the corner and saw that two new guys had started sarging them.

I encouraged him to go in. The two guys there were easy to blow out. We just came in and eclipsed them. The guys didn't even say anything. They immediately went into spectator mode. I think I opened the girls by saying, "OMG, you guys again. Are you following us?" My girl replied, "Are you following us?" 2j said we were checking out the other bar and I said 2j lives close (I was trying to seed an after party there).

2j ended up number closing his target. I had the friend hooked initially. Then she had cooled down to me. I warmed things up by her car but I wasn't able to get it fully on. Still, I helped 2j get his girl and we won the AMOG battle. It was dumb that I tried to win again in a set that we never really hooked. Another reason I got into that set above was because as I was opening one of the girls, the AMOG started talking to her and he busted me out with his timing.

Number closes & Standard night:
The rest of the night was standard. We had some free drinks. I opened this cute black girl early on. I number closed her just as the set was getting ready to leave. It was good timing. I decided to take the number and as we were exchanging numbers, I looked around and saw the friends were ready to leave. I guess maybe I had noticed it in my periphery and my unconscious told me to number close.

After that, we worked some sets and I danced with this other black girl. I had opened the friend as I liked her more, but she had a boyfriend and pushed me to dance and talk to the friend. I was grinding a bit with the friend but she slowly got bored with me. I left and started talking to 2j and then she touched my head. I made a mistake of immediately going back to her when I should have chilled. My main mistake was I should have worked more verbal game instead of trying to dance the whole time.

On Division, we worked several sets. There were these drunk, hot blondes that were dancing like crazy. 2j had a good point that the girls were too trashed. Those girls can be easy to pull sometimes but they also are totally ADD. They can be totally into you one minute and then just run off the next.

Do you have a phone?:
This is a continuation of the last section, but I figured it deserved it's own. I opened this girl who turned out to be Russian on the sidewalk. I was up on her right away. She resisted as I started escalating saying that Russian girls are more conservative than American girls. I backed off enough but kept the strong eye contact and a little kino. She surprised me by saying at one point, "Do you have a phone?" As many sets as I hook, it's so rare to have a girl basically throw her number to me. This set was on and she told me she wanted to hang out Monday as she's only in town for a few days.

I wanted to continue the set and tried to isolate her inside but she ran off. I'll still try texting her when I wake up. It was like she wanted to be with her friends and didn't want to be seen with some random guy. That is my observation now. I saw her at another bar but didn't approach her and saw her on the street at the end of the night.

I kept going back and forth with 2j about whether I should approach her again or not. I decided not to mainly because I was in a bad state after the AMOG battle. The pros for approaching are that she was really wasted so maybe I could escalate and pull whereas she'll be sober in the day time and has a high likelihood of flaking. Also, even if she wants to meet up, it's better to just try to continue the set now rather than risk playing phone tag the next day. The cons were that you could fuck it up by going in when it might have been on had you run text game the next day. Again, I thought there was a chance I would do this due to my state. In addition, maybe she didn't want to be seen with a random guy when she was out with her friends but would be more open to meeting and escalating if I went out alone with her Monday.

I think I would have opened her had we walked by her on the sidewalk but we were across the street. I would have had to walk over there and the streets were almost empty. Part of me felt like it might seem needy that I went over there.

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