Thursday, August 25, 2011

Better Mood & Grinded with a redhead

I was actually in a good mood today. Starting lifting made me feel great because I was living up to my standards. I'm enjoying the weight loss but I know it doesn't do shit for sarging at this point. Exercise only helps me because I just feel good doing it but the actual physical looks improvement has no effect.

It was slow when JW and I started. I actually love when the dance floor is empty because we can DHV by getting out there. I know the girls see that and they know we have confidence to do that. I talked to this black dude who was dancing too. He made a comment about how he doesn't understand how people come to the club and sit around looking bored.

That made me think: there were a bunch of hots girls there. They aren't as confident as we sometimes think they are. Society and guys give them validation but many are afraid to be out on the dance floor solo. How do I doubt myself when I have the confidence now to go out there cause I don't care what people think about me and I'm comfortable with myself.

Act like you would if you were awesome:
I know there's no more room for self doubt when I'm out. I did it for too many days in a row and I got shit results and was negative. I can evaluate myself honest when I make these reports but I need to believe I'm the coolest guy in the club when I'm out in the field. Sometimes I found myself not wanting to do something and then I asked myself, "If I were the coolest guy here, what would I do?" I realized I'd believe that the girls wanted me. I found myself being even more brave on the dance floor. I got finally did what Seagull always pushed me to do before: I went and danced right in between two girls on the dance floor. I also tried to look at girls in the way TD/Owen describes. I tried to look at them like I would if I banged hotties all the time. I'd look at them like I was curious about them, like I'm evaluating if they are cool enough to be in my movies. I don't look at them like "OMG this girl is so hot, how can I prove myself?"

Redhead set:

As we walked in the club, we walked to the bouncer as three girls were there. They showed their ID's. The bouncer recognized us from earlier so he let us in. As I was walking by, I opened the redhead and then walked in. JW and I went to the dance floor. We were dancing and a few minutes later, we saw the 3-set near us.

"Look at you guys following us," I joked. I then started dancing by them. JW started dancing with the black girl. I was by the redhead and this cute little brunette. I danced with both of them but I started to focus on the redhead, of course. She was fine with me pulling her into me. I started to get closer and soon we were grinding. I turned her around and she started grinding her ass on me. It amuses me that every time girls feel that I'm getting hard, they grind my cock even more aggressively.

Here is where I needed another wing. I entertained the brunette a bit but she started to get bored and eventually sat down. I danced with the redhead for a bit but then she wanted to keep her company.

I think I screwed up here. I sat down by the brunette and said something and then I got up and started dancing cause it was a cool song. It's debatable what the move is here: I could just dance and walk off as a high value guy would, or I could have sat down and build come rapport with verbal game. The only issue that I can think of now is that it was too loud to run it as a 2-set so the brunette might get bored again.

There's my set:

I lost track of the set for awhile but saw them again by the couches. I actually thought mine was dancing with a guy. I pointed the set out to JW and said I was gonna bust the guy out. He then said my girl was dancing alone. The girls were dancing between this couch and this table. Some Indian dude and another guy were dancing near them.

Again, I acted like I would if I were the shit. I just went over and started dancing by my girl. I grabbed her hand and got closer but it was awkward cause there's wasn't much space. I was about to move her; as that thought came into my head, the redhead pointed to the open area.

I started grinding with my girl and then the black girl at one point sandwiched me in between her and the redhead. It's just dance floor stuff but it feels good. I'm so glad I've finally been able to get comfortable with dance floor game. This never would have happened until this year.

2j and Vinny showed up. I wanted 2j to work the brunette but he hit it off with the black girl and ended up number closing her. My girl pulled the brunette to dance on the table. I think the brunette didn't like JW that much as it looked like a rescue pull. JW kept trying and props to him for that. At this point, Vinny saw my girl and started to approach . I stopped him and said, "That's my girl. Go for the brunette."

2j and I actually talked about how Vinny, when he's drunk, comes in and starts talking to our targets sometime. We don't think he does it to be a dick. The fact that he backs off when I call him out on it shows that he's just being himself and not trying to steal the girl from me.

Kiss close?:

I think my mistake might have been I should have went for the kiss close. At one point, we were dancing face to face. The redhead started holding her hair in a way the exposed her neck. I had been breathing into her neck and ear. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her close and kissed her neck. She put her hand on my chest, but then she smiled and stood there. She liked it. I should have went for the make out but I stalled and the brunette created a distraction.

The girls sat down on the couch. There was a bit of room in between the black girl and my redhead. I know there were times when I'd be scared to sit there. I hesistated for about 10 seconds and then just sat down. One of the girls said something about me sitting there but I couldn't even hear exactly what she said. I could tell she was telling me not to sit but I just plowed through that and it was fine. I started talking to my girl. I mentioned travel and she qualified herself to me by showing all the stamps in her passport.

I tried to number close her but she said she had a boyfriend. I asked again later and it was no go. I think she really did have a boyfriend. It was obvious she was into me. That being the case, I should have went for the make out. I need practice on going for it again so I pull the trigger faster like I had been doing just a week ago. Also, since she has a boyfriend, the only move I had would be to try to makeout with her and pump her buying temperature enough for a pull tonight.

Closing thoughts:
I'm finally out of the losing mentality that I had been on since last Thursday. It's about time. I think cool things will happen now that I'm in a better mind set. It's perfect timing too as I should see my favorite redhead this Thursday. I have to number close her if I see her as this slow play has gone long enough. I should feel comfortable talking to her as I have more adventures this week again.

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