Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kiss close sticking point rears it's ugly head

I went out with excitement and confidence that I could improve and apply what I realized after Friday night. I had a fun night and did a lot of dance floor opening with JW. I opened some sets with verbal game with 2j as well.

Stay in set:
I recognized a stupid sticking point that I have lately. I was in several decent sets. A song came on that I liked and I turned into an ADD girl. Even though the girls didn't seem ready to dance, I tried to pull them on the dance floor or I just started trying to dance with them there. That actually worked with one set as she started dancing with me. The problem is that some sets don't want to dance. Even though I'm doing okay verbally, rather than trying to keep talking, a few times I wandered off. I remember another instance where I busted myself out trying to force her to dance even though I knew I should just keep talking.

I realized that a different version of me from the past might have done better with these sets. The crazy dance floor guy part of me is ruining sets at times. I think I use that fact that they won't dance sometimes as an excuse to eject a decent set.

Still, I like that I was being more dominant with trying to get them to dance. That one set I mentioned where I got the girl to start dancing stands out. I just need to not leave even if I like a song and the girl won't dance. I also need to just work verbals when the dancing isn't clicking with her.

Fast kiss closes:

That kiss close sticking point showed up again. I was grinding with some chubby black girl that I wanted to hook up with. I knew the move was to try to set up a kiss close. I never went for it. She ended up getting tired and sitting with her friend. I kept trying to move her to the cool air vent but she wouldn't leave her friend. The move, though, was to try to kiss close her on the dance floor. I can't believe I didn't even try to go for it. It's been so long since I had a quick kiss close (seems long since I've been going out so much) so my game has regressed.

There were two streets sets that seem really on at the end of the night. I knew I should try to kiss the girls and most of times I would have gone for it. Tonight, I felt reluctant to go for the kiss close and just stalled. I have to remember that I'm trying fast escalation on the street so I should be going for the quick kiss close. Besides, when I'm in street game mode, it's late and the girls are drunk. When I sense they are high buying temperature, I really need to go for it.

Some sets were really hooked:

I should take that fact as a positive. Even 2j said early on that we were hooking a bunch more sets than usual. The tatoo girl that I wrote about in the previous AMOG post was really into me. It's too bad that the guy barged in at that moment, but I should have been making out with my target by that point. The chubby black girl was a no brainer kiss close attempt. I almost can't believe my game has regressed to this point again. I figure now that I'm aware of it, I'll fix it when I'm out next time.

I had a tall, pale brunette into me but she was part of a bachelorette party. She wasn't the one getting married but her friends cock blocked me and said that the pale girl was engaged as well. I believe it as when I was dancing on her and getting up on her, she said, "I'm gonna get in trouble with you."

It actually surprises me how many sets were hooked tonight. I just needed to pull the trigger more I guess or make fewer dumb mistakes like walking away cause of dancing like I wrote about above.

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