Saturday, August 27, 2011

Drunken Sarging and Make outs

I got totally plastered again Friday because my college friends again had a free food and drink package. Nothing really happened at that bar except that 2j and I warmed up. When we got to our usual spot, we were in the zone.

Honestly, I can't see what you're doing wrong after you hook sets:
That's what 2j told me in a text today. I told him that I knew the answer. I was in a negative mood for a few days, but besides that, I sometimes just don't escalate fast enough. Sometimes I do the friendly vibe too much, but when I'm not in that zone, I do open with strong eye contact and I get right up on the girls. This is good but I think it comes across as in congruent when I don't proceed to escalate fast enough when I'm pushing it otherwise. TD/Owen said in his one video that it's one thing to purposely slow the escalation when you already know how to kiss close fast. My problem is that I want to kiss girls and they can't tell I'm stalling. I've known that if I start wondering if it I should kiss the girl, then it's time to do it.

Kclose the first set at our usual spot:
We walked in and saw JW and his date that he met from online. We got our drinks and 2j opened this girl with short hair. I came into wing him and I started talking to this blonde. It felt really on from the opener. I was up close to her and we were gazing into each other's eyes. I started to feel that I should kiss her and because I was drunk, I just went for it. I know if I had been sober, I would have stalled. You should have the girl isolated to kiss close as it's easier. I had her a little bit away from the friends but I really like to have her completely isolated to go for the kiss. I also might made another excuse by telling myself that we just walked in and it was still early so I shouldn't go for the kiss.

She liked the kiss. I made out with her several times throughout the night when I saw her on the dance floor. The logistics were shitty though. She was with two friends and 2j said the friend kept blowing him off after the initial interaction. They lived an hour away and had driven to the bar, plus my car was parked off the blue line.

So many missed kiss closes:
I thought about last Saturday and the past two weeks. I had several moments similar to the one I had with the blonde over the past two weeks. Yes, this is even during that streak where I had a negative attitude. I just have to go for the kiss if I my mind thinks about it. I know getting rejected isn't a big deal and most of the time, it increases the attraction because I'll react properly when she doesn't go for it.

Even with the cute redhead on Wednesday, I missed a kiss close. Recall that I was dancing with her and I kissed her neck. She put her hand on my chest and pushed me away slightly but she also looked at me and smiled and kept dancing with me. We were by the wall and I think the move was to get up on her, grind her a bit, and then push her against the wall and go for the kiss. I think there's a good chance that would have worked.

The bottom line is that my early game is solid now most of the time and I have to start reaping the rewards.

Opened at the end of the night & tried to pull:
We went to run street game at Division. JW wanted to walk into this one bar. As I was walking on the dance floor, this girl grabbed my arm. She was chubby but I decided that I'm not gonna waste a good opportunity. It's so rare for me to get opened that I'm gonna push the interaction. I sort of got opened Thursday and I didn't go for it because they girl wasn't attractive, but I regretted it Friday.

The girl immediately started grinding with me. Even though she was fat, I was turned on. I spun her around, and had her switch positions. Later, I kissed her neck and then went for the make out. Of course, she wanted it.

I tried to figure out logistics. Her cousin had driven her and she lived by the airport: unfortunately, the other airport and not the one I live by. My car was by the blue line so that was out. Again, thwarted by not having my car, but that's the price of wanting to get wasted at the food/drink deal earlier. I tried to get her cousin to drive me and I tried selling a food extraction. The girl told me to call her though. I'll try even though I want more attractive girls.

It's still cool to get two make outs:
Yeah, the second one wasn't attractive, but I feel like I'm back in action. Again, on many of the busy nights, I usually get several good sets. The opportunities for kisses have been there, but I often stalled or didn't pull the trigger. I even think back to the two redheads a few Wednesday ago where I didn't get to kiss because of interference from the friends of the girls. I was setting up the kiss, but those times too, I could have pulled the trigger sooner and probably gotten make outs.

Anyway, now that I'm more conscious of what I need to do again, I should be kissing more girls. Kissing more girls should mean pull opportunities again.

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