Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Need to be quicker on kcloses & Too much of anything...

Too much of anything is bad...even sarging. I told my wings that I need a break. I'm going out Wed-Sat and then I'm gonna focus on other things. This doesn't mean I'm gonna stop going out: there is only one path for me and sarging is a key part of that. I'm just not gonna go out 5-7 days a week anymore. In some ways, I've felt that if I'm not going out, I'm not progressing, but there is a such thing as burn out. Also, I'm not missing much on dead days. I can even go out for a few hours those days but I don't have to stay out all night.

I was positive for the most part, but I could feel myself just getting sick of doing the same shit. I had fun when I just messed around with dumb openers. Funny thing is I got busted out for once with my "No speak English opener" and I had more fun with doing that then some of the longer sets I had when I opened normally.

Last night wasn't really bad but I suppose I was triggered by seeing that Irish girl from Friday. I hate seeing her because it reminds me of how she didn't like me.

I had two good interactions. I stopped a moving blonde and took it man-to-woman. She was really into me until she had to go to the bathroom. She was on her way to the bathroom so I should have expected this. The other set was this little Irish girl. Again, I was all up on her and she was liking it.

On the ride home, I think my mistake was I didn't try to kiss close her. I tried isolating her and that didn't work, but she was responding well to all my kino escalation. I should have gone for it. The fact that I did ponder it for a second means it was time.

My kiss closing was right on just two weeks ago. Not having made out with a girl in awhile has made me hesitant to pull the trigger. I'm gonna focus on fixing that. I guess I'm too hard on myself. I did make out with that Irish girl Friday for 5 seconds till she pushed me away and said she just wanted to be friends. Prior to that, I briefly kissed that girl last Tuesday who had a boyfriend.

Again, I've been focusing on the negatives instead of the positives. It felt good to have some decent sets but they could have been better had I been ready to pull the kiss close trigger. I guess I have to go back to the old goal of trying to kiss close every set. I was starting to work on pulling, but I can't get pull practice if I'm hesitant to kiss close quickly again.

Finally, I think Wednesday I'm gonna focus on just speaking nonsense. Another reason I'm sick of my interactions is I keep telling some of the same stories. I have some good verbals but it's time to try talking about something else. Maybe I'll just try to work on sexual talk; that's a big part of 2j's game and it's something I could improve. I'd rather get busted out working at that Wednesday that saying the same bullshit that I'm sick of saying.

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