Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chicago Art District Event

I had known about this open gallery event in Pilsen for months now but I never made it over there. 2j and I went last night. It was great. You walk around and look at art, which is okay. The great part is you get free appetizers and free booze. You get small samples of wine at each place, and some places gave you full cans of beer. I must have drunk 3 full beers, 4-5 wine samples, and a glass of champagne.

2j and I kept saying how the event would be awesome for a Day2 as it's free, something different that the girl probably hasn't done, and you can both get drunk.

The event is decent for meeting girls too. I like these art events because you meet girls that you probably would meet at the bars/clubs. I find a lot of smarter and/or artistic girls and I do like them better than the typical party girl. I met this U of C student that I probably should have number closed but it felt weird cause she had 2 friends and we didn't exactly hook the entire set. That set was funny because we ran into them 4 different times during the event. While we were waiting for the Blue Line at Grand, they suddenly appeared there as well.

On a side note, beast mode of going out multiple days in a row truly does change you. This event felt more like day game and while we felt that bit of hesitation initially, we quickly plowed through and opened the sets that were there. Our best set was this set at the end of the night. We were in there for 15-20 minutes.

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