Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saw a motorcyclist flip into the front of a convertible

It's crazy what you see sometimes. JW and I went to Spy Bar and decided to talk a walk as it was early and the place was slow. We were gonna check out Crescendo but my free cover deal ran out at Midnight. Anyway, we were standing near the BP by Rock N Roll McDonald's. We had just crossed the street and JW had commented about how the guy in the convertible seemed to be in a great mood.

I saw the light turn green and the guy start inching forward. Suddenly, I saw this bike rear end him. I think the rider must have seen the light turn green and he let of his brakes and didn't realize he was that close to the car. We heard a big crash and I saw the dude flip over and land head first into the passenger seat. The guy was wearing a helmet which is smart. It's not required by law in IL and I see too many idiots without one.

He was riding with friends and they pulled him out and carried him to the sidewalk. He'll live but he seemed hurt as he couldn't stand up.

The ambulance came in like 4 minutes as I was immediately on my phone with 911 about a second after it happened.

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