Friday, August 12, 2011

A spilled drink made a girl want me even more

2j opened this 2-set on the dance floor. I came into wing. One was a little larger but she had huge tits that she was showing off. The other was this short, cute brunette. I came in and started talking to the short girl. (Later I told 2j how to motion me to the other girl if I'm somehow talking to the wrong girl. I wasn't sure if I had taken his target by accident.) I introduced myself and started dancing.

This girl was in need of a purse. She was holding her cigarette and phone in one hand and a drink and lighter in the other hand. As we were dancing, somehow she dropped the drink on the floor. I think she was drunk and dropped it, but I have to admit that I was a contributing factor to the spilled drink. If I hadn't been there trying to dance with her, she wouldn't have spilled it.

I remember that my initial comment was, "OMG, look at you spilling drinks. That's a crime to waste alcohol."

She picked up the glass and looked at me and said, "I should throw this at you!"

I thought she was joking. At the same time, I didn't want to apologize as it wasn't really my fault. I just backturned her and started talking to 2j.

She put her hand on my shoulder and when I turned around she said, "I'm was just joking around."

I knew what that meant. She liked me. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking about this Manwhore podcast. He talked about how you have to not respond to the emotional drama that women give you. You have to be the man and stay centered in yourself. I think it turned her on that this BS happened and she was being a little bitchy by saying she was gonna throw the glass at me (though I did sense she was joking when she said it). I think my behavior contrasted what most guys would have done. Chodes would have apologized profusely even though it wasn't their fault and probably bought her a drink.

I started trying to dance with her. She wanted it. I went in between them as Seagull always wanted me to do with 2-sets. The friend gave me shit for going in between them. This might have been a moment where I should have ignored the friend. Instead, I backed off. 2j tried again to dance with that girl. He said she blew him out initially and she did again this time after a little bit.

I kept trying to dance with my girl. Some black dude even starting trying to come up and grind her from behind and I spun her away from him. She was dancing with me and that the friend pulled her away and positioned her near the black dude. I walked away.

Later, I saw the 2 girls plus another girl by the bar. I opened my girl again. I even spin hugged her. I tried to grab Vinny to talk to the friend and somehow he talked to my target instead. He got busted out but then the cockblock friend pulled my target away from me.

I actually approached my target again later and tried to dance with her. She gave me a cold look. I left and tried again and same thing. I figured I was busted out.

Thinking back, I think I should have ignored the cold look and just started talking to her more. She didn't want to dance and gave me that look, but so what. I know my verbal and body language is good so I should have just tried talking to her. Instead, I gave up.

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