Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tues: Number Close & Grinding with black girl

Tonight is another one of those nights were nothing much happened. I did learn that the Field Museum is free Wednesday. I was talking to this chubby girl and I found out she loves museums. I tried number closing her but I did it while her friends were dragging her away. Later, I saw here in the beer garden. She was drunk and seemed high buying temperature. Her fat black friend kept pulling her away. I had a few minutes and I think I should have went for the kiss close.

There was this other 3-set that 2j and I worked. Girl was cute but overweight. She was fun and I was quickly able to transition the conversation towards sex. The whole set had to leave early (It was like 11PM) cause they work early in the morning (like 6-7am). I number closed her and you would think this will be a girl I should be able to meet again but you never know.

The highlight was this very attractive black girl. Again, it was a black girl who was thin and had a nice ass: not the huge kind like some guys like, but a nice, smaller firm one that fit her frame. I remember seeing her standing by the bar near the dance floor. I grabbed and started dancing with her. She was all giggly. I figured she had friends around so I dragged her to the center of the dance floor. I think I could have went for the kiss close. We were face to face and looking into each others eyes after grinding for a bit and my mind told me I should think about it. I stalled and then she said she had to go back to her friend. 2j and I talked about it and we concluded I should have went for it.

Later, I saw the set walk by as I was waiting for 2j in the hallway. It was the hot black girl and this girl. We did a Gunwitch and waited for them to get settled and then I opened. Girl was all happy again. I tried to isolate her off to the dance floor again. As we were walking I tried for the number close but she said she had a boyfriend. Then, she said she was with a friend of her boyfriend.

I can be happy with the fact that I did improve her day. I saw her by the boyfriend's friend later. She looked so bored and the guy was just standing there. Guys are so full of shit. I opened her and then I opened him. I asked him, "What wrong man? You don't like the music?" He said, "She with me." Liar, lol. I just laughed and said, "Okay, what does that have to do wit having fun?" he admitted he didn't like the music.

It just amuses me that I know his story yet he lied pretending he was with her. Anyway, she had a great time when I took her on the dance floor and when I was talking to her up front. 2j got along well with the friend and she was into his sexual talk. He said she seemed interested in coming over, but then she stood up and he realized she was too large for his tastes. I told him, "Man, there's another waste of a set." Had I gone for her, I might have gotten a hook up, but of course, I wanted the hot black girl.

I saw my favorite redhead with her Latina friend. I said hi to her early on. Later, I saw her on the dance floor dancing with the friend. I went up and started dancing in front of her and grabbed her hands. The friend pulled her away and she walked away. She's weird sometimes. She'll give me a cold response like that and then later, she'll dance with me. I guess she's the typical ADD girl who's always in different states throughout the night.

2j pointed out how she walked by later in the hallway and I said, "Hey" and she stopped for a second like she was expecting to talk. He said I could have gone outside with her to the smoking area and had isolation with her. I guess I should push more in text or phone game to try to meet up with her outside of our usual spots. I tried pushing for her to come to First Fridays in Wicker but she told me she had plans to go to some club instead.

Anyway, not much really happened tonight, but I end up writing a bunch anyway. I had fun and we ended up leaving early. I should have joined this gym a long time ago. I got home and was able to go work out. It's great going at 3am as there was only one person there and I pretty much have the place to myself.

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