Saturday, September 3, 2011

Totally plastered sarging Thursday

I've been talking about taking the Metra train into downtown so I could really get drunk. I'll sometimes drink and then take the Blue Line to my car but I always have to count drinks so I'm sober by the time I get to the car. I finally took the train Thursday night. I can only do this on weekdays as the first train on weekdays is at 539am, while it's like 6:30am on Saturdays and 7:20 on Sundays.

I also wanted to try this drinking protocol from the blog:

Basically, you eat almost all protein, and take in very little fat and carbs, and then you can drink as much as you want. The smart way is to drink something like spirits (Vodka & Diet Coke was my drink), so you don't get tag along carbs from say beer or from drinking Vodka & Cranberry. You shouldn't gain any fat really if you do this sparingly, like once a week a most. He explains the reasons for his protocol in the article. I know the guy is reputable because the Diet/Fitness guru I trust says the guy is reputable.

On a side note, the guru I follow is "Lyle McDonald" at I discovered him back when I used to read the newgroups. The guy always backed up whatever he claimed with actual citations to human studies. He doesn't just regurgitate the standard crap you hear from nutritionists, magazine articles etc. A lot of that crap just gets repeated even though the studies don't back it up, or new studies have come out disproving it.

Anyway, I got fucked up. I did well in that I didn't go crazy and get gyros like I normally would do when I get drunk. I did screw up a bit when I had some beers instead of sticking with my Vodka & Cranberries.

I met up with 2j and his roommate and Vinny showed up later. We started at Spy Bar for Free drinks, then we went across the street to Sound Bar for the free drinks there . The text said open bar 10-12, but 2j was right when he warned we would only get 4 drink tickets at Sound Bar.

I must have been really trashed as I have some missing memory. That happens so rarely to me: I've probably only had a blackout only a few times in my life. I just don't remember actually leaving Sound Bar and going back to Spy Bar. I just remember being back at Spy Bar. 2j took off and didn't tell me and I ended up alone at Spy Bar.

I don't really remember what I was doing except that I was opening sets. My best set was this cute black girl that I stopped and started grinding with.

I walked to McDonalds and got a Coke Zero to try to prevent dehydration. I then walked to Union Station. I always feared that it would suck to wait for the 539am train but it wasn't bad. I'll do it again but I don't think I want to get this fucked up again.

When I got back to my place around 7am, I was still drunk as I remember yelling dumb shit in the shower. I then woke up around 11am and felt like my head was spinning. I had to bring some water to my bed so I could lie down in between taking sips of it. I couldn't sleep for a few hours and the only thing I could do was surf the internet on my phone while lying down. Fortunately, I felt better when I got up at 6pm Friday.

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