Friday, September 23, 2011

Pirate Day Pub Crawl

The barone group in Chicago had a pub crawl on Monday, Sept 19 with a pirate theme. I thought they just made it up, but I heard the day mentioned on the radio that day, and I remember playing World of Warcraft last year and being able to turn into a pirate. It's called International Talk like a Pirate Day. The Pub Crawl was for 3 hours and cost $15. It included domestic beers, some run punch, free food at each bar, and a trolley to hop among the bars. Every time I go, I get my money's worth.

Before the pub crawl, we stopped at this event for Southern Comfort promoting some new spicy spirit. The event was great and would have been good enough, but we wanted to hit the pub crawl so we left early. The event offered several free Southern Comfort drinks, free pizza, and there were hot server girls, and two girls in bikinis dancing at the bar. We warmed up on some late 20's set that we saw there.

The pub crawl was slow. The main set of the night was this mixed set we ran into that were all dressed up as pirates. Some of the bars gave pirate merchandise: I have an eyepatch and pirate hat that I'm going to recycle on Halloween. This group had their own outfits for the event. I was working on this short brunette. We ended up leaving and hopping to our last bar. The set showed up and I tried to sarge that girl. I was up on her and it was on for a bit but I probably was too drunk to make it happen.

The liquor really hit me as the pub crawl was ending. I remember 2j telling me that my game totally sucks when I'm really trashed. He said I have fun and am fun but I do too much me-it conversation. I'll talk to girls and just plow with material without responding to any of their feedback. I don't calibrate so I might as well be talking to a wall and the girls can sense that. 2j got a makeout from this mixed 4-set that we opened. I remember two guys and two girls were sitting in this booth. We approached and immediately, this one girl jumped up and was all up on 2j.

I'm lucky 2j pushed for us to get on the train. I had told him when I had to leave to be at Union Station in time. I made my train and got to Union Station. I couldn't find the right platform and had five minutes to go when I finally asked someone and realized I had to go to the other side. I ended up making the train and got home safely.

I'm glad I got home because I was totally trashed when I got home. I just laid in bed and fell asleep. I must have gotten home around 1:45am. I woke up at 3am and my head was spinning. I got water and had a hard time staying standing. I would have been miserable if I had been stuck out waint for a 5am or 5:30am train/bus ride to come home. I probably would have gotten kicked out of whatever after hours bar I went to for passing out.

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