Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday FR: Push sets more?

I get annoyed by how I don't have more success but I admit that my criteria for success is probably too high. As I've mentioned before, my mind likes to focus on my last pull being May 5, and somehow I ignore stuff like that crazy experience in the alley last Saturday or the near pulls I had over the last two months. Objectively, I have been doing better. Just about every night I massively hook at least 1-2 sets.

I'm trying to think about what I did wrong last night. The girl I hooked the most I had to settle for a number close. She was totally into me and I took her number. Suddenly, some guy she knew showed up and then she got all weird. She introduced me to the guy and then she just ran off. There was another girl I grinded with but nothing happened. The third set of interest was this set 2j and I opened. I showed this blonde the bathroom in the VIP area meaning I had mini isolation with her. I can say that I learned you can pull a set in there. She was drunk and walked in when the door unlocked and some dude was standing in there. He started to talk to her and I went in and put my arm around her to get rid of the dude. I see that a bathroom pull would work cause no staff said anything about more than one person being in the bathroom and in a pull, we wouldn't have the door open for a long time like in this situation.

I walked with that blonde back to her friend. 2j had left at this point. I started talking to this brunette who turned out to be married. She was my type though: she kept complimenting me, and I can't even believe this, but she mentioned the History Channel show "Ancient Aliens." I enjoy that show and can't believe I met a girl who liked it. The bad thing was that I started to ignore my blonde. I could tell she wanted my attention as she kept looking over and trying to say stuff. It looked like she wanted to feel better about herself so she started talking to some random dude who was standing near her. I kept talking to the married girl but then I busted out because I started asking her if she was sure she was happy with her marriage. She didn't want me to escalate but it was worth a shot. Thinking back, though, I should have went back to the blonde. Now I would have had the friend's approval and maybe I could have worked something with the blonde.

Stick in sets more:

I went through a stage where I persisted more. I mean that I kept going back into sets that ended for various reasons out of my control. Sometimes, you just lose the set for a dumb reason and you can go back and it will still be on. I notice I do this less now as I keep wanting to open more. This is a mistake. I could have gone back to the blonde and married brunette set. I could have tried again with that girl I was grinding with as I saw her alone several times later.

Drinking too much:

I find that I like drinking too much and perhaps I should go back to doing that less frequently. It's debatable though. My last real pull was when I was drunk on that Cinco De Mayo pub crawl. I also got two make outs when I was wasted after one of the free drink/food parties a few weeks ago. On the other hand, I was sober with that crazy black girl last Saturday. I was sober when I almost had that pull with that girl from Iowa. When I had my big breakthrough in Wrigley two weeks ago, I was sober as well.

Tonight, I'm gonna have one beer or two so I'll basically be sober so we'll see what happens. Honestly, it probably doesn't make a difference unless I'm really drunk. I do okay slightly drunk or sober.

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