Sunday, September 11, 2011

Instant massive hook & Screening out girls not DTF

I actually had a decent night before the craziness at the end. I thought the night might be shitty because things seem to go better when I'm out with 2j. I feel that he and I just mesh well as a PUA team. Seagull and I were a good team too, but since 2j and I have been going out 5+ times a week for several weeks, it's like when Seagull and I went for like 10 days straight around New Year 2010. Well, like that but on steroids. I enjoy going out with Trojan-, Vinny, and JW as well but I just feel like something cool is more likely to happen when I'm out with 2j. I suppose tonight disproves that theory.

Early long set that I screwed up:

Vinny and I started off at Republic for the usual drink deal. We got into a long 2-set that I opened. I should have number closed this thin Mexican girl. The friend suddenly had to leave and she had number closed Vinny. She told me she wanted to hang with us again. I was in the process of getting my target's number but the friend said they had to go and said she'd contact us through Vinny. I know that's a shitty lead and if it hadn't been early on and if I hadn't been drink, I would have pushed for the number.

Screening out time wasters:

We were planning on going to Wrigley but Vinny wanted to go to Lasalle Power Company as he found his first successes in Chicago at that place. Since his buddy from home was out, I told him I'd just go with the flow tonight. Usually, I would have pressed for Wrigley since Trojan- said he was gonna go out.

At Lasalle, the highlight was this blonde that I opened who was about to walk down the stairs. I stopped her and opened her hard. She responded favorably and we had strong eye contact. She said she was gonna go smoke and I said, "Can I come with?" It's strange that usually I wouldn't have the confidence to go through with it. There were several times when I persisted in this set when I have given up in the past. While she was outside smoking, we chatted for a bit. She was receptive to the kino I was doing and kept giving me create eye contact. She started to get uncomfortable with hand holding though.

When she was done smoking, I had suggested we dance. She said she had to close her tab so we went to the second floor to do that. I actually had my doubts when I was following her. I always wonder if the girl really wants me to tag along. I shouldn't doubt it cause I know that all girls, unless they screwed up mentally, know how to tell me to get lost if they aren't into me or don't want me following them. I know it's just self doubt. She already told me to come with her to close the tab, yet somehow part of me thinks I shouldn't follow her?!

Closing the tab took forever. We danced a little bit near that bar but she wanted to go upstairs to her friend. When we got up there, I met some of her friends. There were like 5 other girls. Some Asian guy came up and started grinding on her. Part of me wanted to leave, but I forced myself to talk to him and then spin her away from him. I should mention that I knew she knew him by the way she hugged him upon seeing him.

She danced with me a bit but she didn't like me holding her hands while I was dancing. That's part of my dance floor game and even a set like the beginning set at Republic was cool with that early on. I had actually talked to this girl more than that first set. She kept going back to dance with her friends. At this point, I got a text message from Vinny so I moved away from the group. I went back and tried dancing with her again and she said I was moving too fast. I replied, "I don't want you to be uncomfortable in front of your friends." Her response was basically that it wasn't that: she just liked to move slower.

At this point, I decided to leave. I felt I was wasting my time there and Vinny and his friend were about to take a cab. I literally caught up with them just as they were hailing a cab. I figured if the girl isn't comfortable dancing close to me, it's probably gonna be difficult to lay her so I should just move on. On top of that, her logistics were shitty being with that bachelorette party.

Before I left, part of me decided to go for the number close. I said, "Hey, I have to go, but we should grab drinks sometime." She said, "Sure." I said, "Here, give me your phone number." She hesitated, which made me want it even less. I ended up saying, "You know what, you can give it to me or not give it to me, I don't care." The way I said it, I knew she wasn't gonna give it, but I was fine with that.

Numbers are flaky anyway and I do a shit job of following up on them. I have been trying to give it a better effort. I actually think I saved myself the hassle here, but maybe I should have taken the number anyway.

Massive hook in the street off opener:

I love the late night street game as I always mention. This blonde was outside this bar smoking in our usual late night area. I had just gotten a Diet A&W Root Beer from Walgreen's when I saw this girl. I walked up and opened her hard. It still amazes me how I can hook sets so hard now. This was like last week when 2j saw me and said I had hooked strongly right off the opener. The strong eye contact was there and she was comfortable with me being right up on her and holding her hands.

I ended up number closing this girl. We talked for awhile outside. She is originally from Poland I she just moved to Chicago recently for school. Several times, she was thinking about going back in but I plowed and also pulled her physically back into me. Earlier in the week, I said I was gonna stop trying the fast kiss close. I kept wanting to do it in this set, though. I still think I need to stop doing it for the reasons Tyler explains in the video. I definitely am stuck in that second stage where I feel weird NOT escalating.

She wouldn't kiss me and I tried 2-3 times for it. She finally kissed the side of my lip and cheek. Like the corner of her mouth touched the corner of my mouth. She had actually given me more with that as the second time, she kissed my cheek fully when I told her to kiss me.

As I said, I number closed her. She said her schedule is usually open so I'll try to set something up next week. I have to actively try this week to set up Day 2's instead of just texting once or twice and then not following up.

I think I could have followed her in the bar and hung out with her and tried for a pull. The thing is that I didn't want to pay cover to get in.

This set in an example of what 2j said about that Polish 2-set that I left about a month ago. Recall I had this attractive Polish bartender totally hooked but her friend had a serious boyfriend and wouldn't give an inch even though she was into Andrew. I left the set and then I regretted it as I had no real sets after that. 2j said at the time that I could have stayed with the set, and it turned out I should have. He added that you can't be sure till afterward. It could also be that if I had stayed in the set, I might have missed something better.

If I had stayed with the girl, maybe I would have pulled her, but I definitely would have missed the craziness that followed this night.

Closing thoughts:

I was happy with the Polish set that I massively hooked off the opener. If I get one of those a night, I'm usually happy with my night. I'm showing progress in my game considering that happened with two other decent sets and the craziness at the end of the night.

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