Sunday, September 11, 2011

Messed around in an alley, girl wanted to charge me, and almost fucked for free

I can't even believe the crazy shit that happens to me now. Messing around with a girl I just met in an alley is pretty cool. Normally, I would write this post by reviewing the night. There actually were two other interesting sets but I'll write about that in another post. I'll get to straight to the point: the highlight of the night was this black girl stroking me in the alley and then I sucked on her tits while I rubbed her pussy. I've read about guys from the community doing stuff like this and I'm glad to finally start experiencing it for myself.

The long title already revealed some of the interesting drama that was involved in all this. There the girl trying to hint at me "taking care of her" during the walk, yet in my mind I'm convinced I can fuck her for free. When we first started messing around in the alley, she was stroking my cock, and this Mexican worker was throwing stuff in the dumpster about 5 dumpsters up the alley. I remember telling her, "There's someone there" and she said, "Fuck him, he's just some garbage man" as she continued to stroke my cock. As she was stroking my cock, she kept trying to get me to pay. When I showed her I had 65 cents in my pocket (which was the truth), I started escalating on her.

I kissed and sucked on her neck, and rubber her pussy through her pants. She was horny and pulled out her tits. She didn't want me actually touching her pussy when I tried to put my hand down her pants early on, but as she got more turned on, she let me do more. I think there's a decent chance I could have actually fucked her if these two assholes hadn't decided to walk down this particular alley. I couldn't see what was going on as I was sucking on her tits and rubbing her clit frantically, but suddenly she said, "Someone is coming" and she pushed me off and pulled up her pants. I looked up and saw two dudes walking down the alley. They were about were the Mexican guy was throwing out the trash. I pulled my pants up and we walked down the side alley. (This alley intersected with another alley near us.) I remember walking briskly out of the alley holding the girls hand. This Indian couple figured something was up as I remember hearing him make a comment about me. I remember my shirt was half tucked in and my fly was open.

$50-Final Offer:

I really analyze what happened as she was hoping to charge me, but she was also horny. She didn't want to let me touch her pussy, but then she let me. She was wet so I know she was getting turned on. The two guys ruined my chance for a free lay, though. That blew her state and she wanted to walk by to where her friends were. She kept telling me that she thought I was full of shit that I don't have money. The truth is I actually don't even have any money in my account this moment. I couldn't have gotten any money and I explained that to her while we were walking to her friends. When we got to the friends, I was holding her hands as she was facing me. Our crotches were pressed together and she could tell I was still horny. She threw out that I could bang her for $50, which actually is a good deal. That escort I met at Rock N' Roll McDonald's mentioned she charges $200. That blonde was a little cuter than this girl, but this black girl had a fine body. She had good size breasts, but I don't care about that. She had what I thought was an amazing ass.

I actually considered the offer and part of me wishes I went through with it. I would have enjoyed bending her over and spanking and grabbing that hot ass. The thing is that I wouldn't let myself do it. I don't care about the morality of it. I just don't want to spend money on girls. It's the same mentality that I have for not buying drinks. The thing is, I probably should have done it considering I've wasted more than $50 taking girls out in the past only to get nothing. Heck, that fat bisexual girl I met scammed me out of $18 worth of drinks when I was drunk in July and I didn't even get a kiss from her. $50 guaranteed that I could bang her. As I think about it now, if I had gone through with it, I would tell her conditions, "I get to cum twice and I'm coming in her mouth once."

I was tempted, but didn't do it so I walked off. I ended up meeting up with Trojan-. I had forgotten that I had told him to meet me right before I met this girl.

How I met this girl:

I already finished with the good parts. This is background on how I met her. I was walking with Vinny and his friend from his hometown. I saw a 4-5 set of decent looking black girls standing on the sidewalk. I was gonna open this girl in a dress who I found out was the birthday girl. Instead, I went up to this girl in pants who was dancing. I had opened some cute blonde, who turned out to be married, earlier in the same way. The blonde had been dancing and I just went up and did my dance floor opener where I grab their hands and start dancing with them. The black girl was receptive. We were dancing on the sidewalk and then I pulled her close and we were grinding right there as the bars were letting out.

Vinny came in and started talking to the birthday girl. It was unintentional perfect timing as that girl was trying to get me to buy her a slice of pizza. While Vinny had her occupied, I kept grinding with my girl. I was facing her and we were the right height so our crotches we the exact same level when I had her pulled in and I had my arms around her. She was telling me how it was her birthday soon and she had no money to buy a dress or get her hair done. I told her that she could go to Sound Bar for 4 free drinks and I'd repeat this free drink theme until we got in the alley. I kept telling her I had no money but I could take her out to these drink deals.

We were both starting to get horny from our crotches pressing together. I remember her asking me early on what I was doing now. I said I was going home. I didn't have my car cause I was able to use the 3day pass to get downtown. I asked her where she lived and she said the south side. The logistics were shitty. She suggested we go for a walk.

As we were walking, I kept grabbing and spanking her ass. We started making out too. We were getting into it but we were standing on the sidewalk so I pushed her off. I was trying to figure out a good alley and ultimately, we chose the wrong one. I actually should go find a good spot for the future as I'm out in that area all the time. I had thought about in the past and wish I had followed through and found a good spot.

Before we made out, she was starting to suggest that I "take care of her." She said she can't find a guy to buy her stuff. For real, the girl would have been cool if I were a guy that would bang her and pay for her hair to get done or take her out for her birthday. It was when it was clear I wasn't gonna do that and just wanted to fuck that she started actually mentioning paying actual money like I was paying for a hooker.

Again, what a fucking crazy night. I'm sure I'll bang a girl in the alley in the future like I want to do. I liked the drama of her trying to get me to pay and that I got some free action anyway and likely could have fucked her had those guys not walked by. I even liked the Mexican taking out the trash while we're obviously doing sexual shit. I guess I'm sort of an exhibitionist. I suspected that but never had empirical evidence of that till now. I just wished those two guys hadn't walked down that alley, but hey, at least it wasn't the cops.

On a side note, it's funny how this pussy smell doesn't really go away until you take a shower. I've washed my hands a bunch of times and still smell it.

I'll end by saying that this was the highlight of my night, but this was on top of some decent sets before and I'll write about that in my next entry.

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